I'm Mike Rivers. I'm a twenty-six year old accountant. I have my own house and live alone, and I'm gay, although none of my family knows.

I was a 'late-life' child. When I was born, my brother was twelve. He married at eighteen and his son was born a year later. My nephew, Hank, is now seventeen and since his mom died he has given my brother pure hell. Currently, he is on probation for shoplifting. One of the conditions of his probation is that he live with an adult family member during his probation. This is where my story begins.

My brother, Jim, works for a major oil firm and recently received word that his company wanted him to go overseas for a year, all expenses paid.

He called me in a panic.

He explained the offer and said, "Mike, it will be a nice increase in salary plus they will pay for my food and lodging. As you know, Hank has to live with an adult family member during his probation and I was wondering if he could live Worth you while I'm gone."

"Jim, with Hank's history and temper do you realize exactly what your asking of me?"

"yes, I do and I apologize, but you're my only hope. I'll start a direct deposit into your checking account for fifteen hundred a month to cover any increase in food or other expenses. What you don't spend is yours."

I told him I'd think it over and get back to him. I did and when I made my decision I drove the two hundred miles to see them and bring Hank back to my home.

When I arrived, I was shocked at how much Hank had grown and filled out. He was now a handsome, well built, muscular young stud.

I laid down my rules, knowing that my gay encounters would almost totally cease.

Hank agreed to my rules and we got him packed. Privately, Jim said that Hank had seemed to settle down some and wasn't as argumentative as he had been.

We hit the road and as we drove we talked and I told him straight out that if he gave me one minutes trouble, I'd call his probation officer and have him picked up. He promised me he wouldn't give me any trouble.

"Uncle Mike, you have my word. I've changed but I'm not sure dad has noticed."

"First off, just call me Mike. That 'uncle' shit makes me feel too old. Secondly, just how have you changed?"

"After mom died, I felt alone. I know dad had to work but I felt like I was being shoved aside. I've realized that wasn't the case. Dad tried to be a good father but I wouldn't let him. I've realized certain things about myself that have, shall we say, mellowed me. I'm not that old Hank."

"That's good to hear. I hope I can give your dad good reports on you."

"You will be, I promise."

We talked and he asked if there was a gym near me. I said there was.

"Are you a member?" he asked.

"No, but I've thought about it. Why?"

"Could we join together? I'd like to work out some and think it would be cool if we did it together."

"Sure, I guess we can if you really want to."

"I do. I don't want to get all muscle bound but I just want to get in real good shape."

I agreed and said we'd go down on Monday evening after I got home from work. But first we had to get him enrolled in school to finish his senior year. Jim had given me parental rights to Hank while he was gone.

On Monday, I took him to meet his new parole officer then enrolled him in school. After I got off work, I headed home.

When I went in, I was shocked. the house was spotless. The dirty breakfast dishes were clean and put away, the beds were made and the floors cleaned. He was just putting away the vacuum cleaner.

"Damn, look at this place. You did all this?"

"Yea. I told you I've changed."

"I just hope this is a good sign and you're not trying to trick me."

"I'm not Mike, I promise."

"Okay then, let's go sign up at the gym then go get dinner. We can start working out tomorrow and decide on a schedule."

"Great," he said.

We went to the gym and after receiving a guided tour, we both signed up, then went to dinner. When we returned home, he went to his room and started doing homework. I stepped out onto the back patio and called Jim. He said that Hank had seemed to change some and was thrilled to hear things were off to a good start.

And they were. We had a great time at the gym together and I mostly enjoyed seeing my hot nephew nude when we changed and showered. And I also noticed that he seemed to be checking me out also. but would quickly look away when I looked his way.

Three weeks passed and every day when I got home the house was in order. After we ate, he'd head to his room and study.

I checked with his school and was told he was fitting in nicely and was no trouble at all. He was making friends and his grades were good.

I decided to take him away for the weekend as a reward.

On the following Wednesday, I told him to follow me to the garage. He did and after unlocking it and going in his eyes lit up when he saw my boat.

"How would you like to help me clean her up so we can take her out this weekend."

"Fuck, man, you serious? he exclaimed, then caught himself and said, "Oh, sorry for the language. It just slipped out."

Smiling, I said, "No fucking big deal."

He laughed and punched me slightly on the arm. I looked at him and said, "It's okay with me but not around others."

"Deal," he said. "What do we need to do?"

We pulled her out of the garage and washed her down inside and out. I then had him wax the wooded parts as i checked out the motors.

As we worked, I said, "I was thinking that we could leave Friday afternoon and take the camping gear. The lake has some islands where we can set up camp for the weekend."

"Fuck yea. That sounds awesome."

"We'll fill one cooler with food and another with ice. I hope you don't mind eating sandwiches all weekend."

"Hell no, not if we're out camping."

Hank and I were getting along great and he was willing to do anything I asked around the house. I felt he had earned this weekend trip and told him so.

The weather was still hot so I told him to just take shorts and tee shirts.

I left work early and we headed tot he lake as soon as he got home from school. It was almost a two hour drive and we arrived near five that afternoon. We got the boat in the water and I parked the car and trailer. We headed out and after passing a few small islands, I spotted the one I preferred camping at. It was wooded and away from the others.

I pulled the boat up to a small sandy beach and Hank jumped out with the rope to secure it. Once I got out we pulled the boat half way onto the beach and unloaded our gear. After setting up our tent and other supplies, I grabbed the sleeping bag.

As i spread it in the tent, I said, "Hank, I'm sorry about the sleeping arrangements. I only have a double sleeping bag. I hope you don't mind sharing it."

"Nah, it's cool. I don't bite," he replied then added, "At least not very hard."

I looked over at him and he smiled devilishly. I smiled back.

Shortly later as we sat on he beach enjoying a soda for him and a beer for me, he said, "Mike, are we alone out here?"

"Well, do you see any other island close by?"

Looking around he said, "Nope."

"Then I'd say we're alone. If you noticed, I circled this island before pulling in. This spot is the only place on the island that you can get a boat tied up. This is my favorite spot."

"The reason I asked is that there is something I've always wanted to do."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Go skinny dipping. I think it would be so hot to swim nude."

"Just me and you here, Hank. Go for it if you want to.

"You don't mind?"

"Not at all. I've done it before. Besides, we've seen each other nude at the gym."

He quickly stripped off his shorts and briefs and hit the water, acting like a small kid. after a moment he called out, Hey, Mike, why don' you join me."

I smiled and after a couple of seconds stood and stripped down and went into the lake with him.

Standing in chest deep water we began horsing around, splashing each other and trying to dunk each other.

After a while I said I'd had enough and headed back to the beach. My cock was half hard and I knew if I stayed any longer it would be fully hard. As it was, when i turned to sit back in my chair, he would see my semi-boner if he was looking. He was.

He quickly followed me out and as his body became more visible, I couldn't help but notice his cock was rock hard. I decided not to mention it. However, he spoke up and said, "Sorry about the boner. Being nude to me is a turn on."

"Hey, man, it happens to all of us," I said.

"Yea and it looked like you were getting this way also."

"Maybe," I replied.

"Mike, can I asked you something personal?"

"Sure," I answered, wondering how personal.

"Well, do you ever, you know, jerk off?"

"What the fuck made you ask that?"

"Well, I do a lot when I get horny. I just wondered if you did it also."

"Hank, every man does it. If he says he doesn't, he's a liar."

"Did you ever do it with dad?"

"No, he was older than me, but we shared a room and after the lights were out I could hear him doing it. He married your mom and moved out about the time I first did it."

"I just wondered. I've done it daily for years. At least until I moved in with you. I did it at home because I knew dad was doing it sometimes."

"How did you know? Was he moaning softly?"

"Yea. did he do that when you heard him?"

"Yep. I don't guess he's changed any."

There was a pause and Hank's cock was still rock hard. Seeing it was doing a number on me and I was loosing control.

I turned to Hank and said, "Hank, if you want to jerk off, I don't mind. As a young teen I did it with some of my buds and I feel sure you have too. You won't be the first person I've seen jerk off."

He smiled and grasped his hard beautiful cock and began to slowly stroke it. Watching him, my own cock began to stiffen and soon I was jerking my cock as he jerked his. We were both moaning softly and seconds apart we stood and fired our loads out onto the soft sand.

"Damn, Mike, it looks like you needed that as much as I did. That was a huge load."

"I guess I did and yours wasn't little."

"Mike, is there a problem with us staying nude this weekend?"

"Do you want to?" I asked.

"Yes, very much."

"Fine with me, but if you hear a boat getting close go in the woods or into the tent or grab shorts and put them on. We don't want to get reported to the officials."

"Super," he said. Then after a few seconds he asked, "Mike, can we jerk anytime we want?"

"I don't see why not since we just did it, but don't tell your dad. He will think I'm corrupting you."

"Our secret," he replied with a smile.

We fixed our sandwiches for dinner and after eating we watched the sunset.

Looking out over the lake he said, "Being out here nude and no noise or anyone around is so peaceful. I hope we can do it often."

"I don't see why not, at least while it's still warm."

He turned and looked at me and asked, "Mike, can we go nude at home also when it's just me and you there?"

"Sure. Hank to be totally honest with you I lived nude before you moved in. I miss it, and since you seem to enjoy it as much as I do, then let's do it."

"Mike, thanks. You're super cool."

Later we went to bed and after getting into the sleeping bag he slid up against me. I liked it and didn't say anything. Later in the night, I woke up and found his arm over me, holding me close.

The next day we collected fire wood after breakfast and then swam. After our swim Hank spread a blanket on the sand and sat down, patting the spot next to him signaling me to join him.

I did and he lay back and grabbed his cock and began fondling it, getting it hard. As mine stiffened, I lay back and seconds later we were both stroking slowly. Then the unexpected happened. He reached over and took my cock out of my hand and began stroking me. I was shocked but didn't say anything. I simply reached over and did the same to him. We soon brought each other to a roaring climax, firing our loads out onto our stomachs. When we were drained, we hit the lake to wash off.

As we stood in the water washing cum off our chest I asked, "What brought that on?"

"I just thought it would be hot to jerk you off. I loved it when you started jerking mine."

"I just wondered," I replied.

After lunch he returned to the blanket and I immediately joined him. Again, we both began slowly stroking our cocks. Once we were both hard, Hank reached over and took mine in his hand. Before I could reach over and grasp his, he sat up and quickly leaned over and swallowed my cock and began sucking me.

I tried to stop him saying "What the fuck! Hank, no."

He paused and said, "Mike, please, I want it," then went back to sucking me. It had me so turned on it didn't take me long to climax. My cock exploded, filing his mouth with my hot thick cream. As it fired off, he hungrily swallowed every drop. Once he had me drained he slowly pulled off and looking at me said, "Uncle Mike, I've wanted to do that since I moved in with you."

"Shit! You serious? Does your dad know you suck cock?"

"He has no idea I'm gay. I love sucking cock and getting fucked. I've been at it since I was thirteen."

"Well, you certainly caught me by surprise." I said. "I never dreamed you were into guys."

"Mike, does this change things between us? You going to tell my probation officer or dad?"

"No, Hank, I'm not. It's none of their business. What happens between you and I stays between you and I, Okay?"

"Sure," he replied. Then after a second said, "I hope you will let me do it again and maybe fuck my ass some."

"We'll see. It will depend."

"Depend on what?" he asked.

I decided to tell him the truth. "It depends on whether you let me suck you and you fuck my ass or not."


"Lay back and shut the fuck up," I said.

He did and I swallowed his cock and soon was devouring his hot sweet teen cum. After I pulled of I lay over him and pressed my lips to his. Immediately he parted his lips and offered his tongue. We traded tongues and I could tell he was very experienced.

After the kiss, I looked down into his face and said, "We can do this anytime you want, preferably daily."

"Fuck yea!" he exclaimed.

We talked and he said he was introduced to male sex by a guard when he was in juvenile hall. He said he liked it and kept at it.

"I wonder what your dad would say if he knew we were having sex?"

"I have no idea. Does he know your gay?"

"No, Hank, he doesn't. I've wanted to tell him but was afraid it would ruin our relationship."

That night we lovingly fucked each other before going to bed. Then Sunday before packing up we had our first sixty-nine.

After that, we did indeed have sex daily, as well as live nude. Hank began sharing my bed every night. His ass felt like velvet when I fucked him and he knew just how to fuck me. We both loved eating each others ass for extended periods of time.

He was a model citizen. He excelled in school and his probation officer was so pleased he released him early after meeting with a judge. I sent Jim regular e-mails of his progress and said that he would be pleasantly surprised when he returned.

All too soon the year was over and time for Jim to return approached.

Jim was due in on a Saturday and said if it was alright he would like to spend the following week with me and Hank before he took Hank back home. I said it would be fine. I was going to miss Hank terribly.

The Thursday night before Jim was to arrive, Hank and I were in a hot sixty-nine when the door opened and Jim walked in.

"What the fuck?" he exclaimed. "I leave and you seduce my son?"

We both jumped up and hank quickly said "No dad, I seduced him. I'm gay and have been since i was thirteen. Don't blame Mike, uh, Uncle Mike."

"Mike," Jim began, "did he really seduce you?"

"You could say that but if he hadn't I'd have seduced him soon. He's not the only one that is gay. So am I."

"Holy shit! you too?"

"Yes, since high school."

"Damn it all," he said and began laughing. Hank and I looked at each other questioningly.

Jim quickly began stripping as Hank and I watched speechless. Once he was totally nude, we notice his cock quickly rising. He looked at us and said, "Shall we make this three way?"

Hank spoke first saying "Dad, what?"

"Son, I turned to men after your mother died. I just couldn't go with another woman so I had sex with men. I found I liked it. I'm totally gay also, so shall we have a three way. I'd love nothing better than sucking my son then my brother."

We all kissed and had wild sex for the next week. Jim was amazed at the change in Hank. They left and a week later Jim called saying his company had an opening in their accounting department and asked if I'd be interested. I said yes and went for an interview. I was hired and quickly sold everything and moved in with Jim and Hank who were also living nude and having sex.

The three of us live together and have sex daily. We have no plans to change things.




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