This is a compilation of three different stories that I wrote. But they all have a common thread: the neighborhood where I grew up and lived. Some of these places I found out by chance while others I heard about through word of mouth. There were different places to have some fun depending on the situation that I found myself in at the time.

One night a buddy and I had gone to our local watering hole for a few beers but then decided that we were going to visit every 'hole in the wall' bar in the city. We would have a beer in one joint and then move on the another.- We hit places that I had never knew existed; some were dingy little dives.- We just left a Hispanic bar and were walking to another 'watering hole, when we came to a bar that I heard about before, The Golden Greek, so we went in.- We sat down at the bar and ordered a couple beers.- When my eyes adjusted to the low light and smoke, I noticed that some people were dancing above the bar.- I assumed they were you average run of the mill dancers, but as I focused on the them, I realized that they were incredibly hot guys.- We watched the dancers for a while and had a few more beers, I had to take a leak so headed for the john.- The men's room only had a commode and sink, so guys were lined up in the corridor.- When one guy came out, another went in. - I expected that the men's room in a gay bar would be the site of wild orgies. That was a misconception. I was distracted by some commotion and looked away.- When I turned back there was no one in front of me.- I figured the guy had gone in and come out, so I opened the door and went inside.- There was no light inside, the place was illuminated from the outside light coming through a small window above the commode. I started to move forward when I realized that someone was in the shadows leaning against the sink.- I made some kind of apology and was ready to leave, when the guy said to take care of my business.- He said he had had too much to drink and needed to clear his head.- I shrugged, unzipped and started to drain my willy.- As I was pissing, my companion moved closer and looked at my deflated dick.- When I saw this, I mentioned that it was small because I hadn't had any action.- I know, I lied! He said that he could get a rise out of me.- I countered with the fact that he had seen mine, but I hadn't seen his. He smiled and zipped down and took out his soft cock.- He started to jerk his cock so it would grow.- I pushed his hand aside and said I had a faster way.- I dropped to my knees and took the warm soft sausage into my mouth.- I made slurping sounds as I sucked.- In no time, his dick started to rise and stretch out down my throat.- I sucked him for a few minutes and then he pulled out and pulled me up and dropped to his knees.- He took my now hard cock into his mouth and did to me what I had done to him a few minutes ago. He was really good at his craft.- It felt so good that I couldn't hold back any longer.- With a lunge and sigh, I emptied my cum down his throat. - I regained my composure and said that it was his turn, but just as I was ready to fall to my knees once again, there was a rap at the door and somebody yelled to hurry up.- He zipped up and said that he would take a rain check.- We both smiled and walked out the door together to the astonishment of the guys waiting in line. Oh, yeah, about the buddy I had gone out with, seems that he got lucky also, but that's another story.

The next day I decided to get a haircut and then head over to the bank. I had found memories of that barber shop. While I was growing up and experimenting with my new-found sexual desires, I only had encounters with boys my own age. But one of my first adult men when I was 18, was with my barber. I needed a haircut. My barber's name is Juan. Juan had cut my hair for about ten years, since the times when my dad took me in. His shop is on the south side of the city. He runs a neighborhood shop out of his house; everybody knows everybody else and Juan, somehow, keeps us all separate. When sitting in the chair we're each individuals. Juan knows what sports team each customer likes and more personal tidbits, as well. I usually got my haircut first thing in the morning, before going to work. One day, however, I spent a long day on the job and was leaving the city late. I passed Juan's shop on my drive home. It was always dark so was surprised to still see dim lights on that night. He had come in from his home to clean up the shop. I decided to stop in and get a trim. The shop was empty at that hour and even though the blinds were closed, I could make out someone sweeping the floor. The door was locked so I knocked and a voice said that the shop was closed. I knocked again and Juan poked his head around the curtain. He smiled when he saw me and unlocked the door. I went in apologizing for coming so late but he motioned for me to take a seat. When I said that I didn't think the shop was opened so late, he said it usually isn't but he had a special customer who sometimes wanted a 'special' shave. Juan wrapped the barber's apron around me and said he would take care of me. He meticulously snipped at my hair, talking about things in general and then focusing on his last customer who he said was a looker. I noticed the outline of a lump through his pants. When he hovered at my right side, it seemed as though he was pressing his lump into my arm, but he kept his eyes glued to my head. As he stepped back to assess his progress, I brushed his lump with my fingertips, making sure to keep my touch light enough that it wouldn't arouse his suspicion and would seem, if anything, like an accident. But I left my hand in place on the armrest, open and with the palm turned upward on it. As he continued to snip away, he pressed his lump into my open palm every time he stepped closer, I heard him whisper that he liked to be touched like that and once again pressed his hardening cock into my palm. Only this time, he didn't back away but slowly rocked back and forth. I grabbed his hardening bulge through his trousers and as I did so slid my other hand down under the apron to my crotch to stoke my own stiffening dick is rhythm with his gyrations. Juan took off his smock to give me easier access to his hardening tool. And then flung off the apron covering me and reached down and unzipped me. When my cock sprang free, he dropped to his knees and swallowed my knob. He sucked me until I was on the verge of shooting. I wanted to prolong the sensation, so I cupped his face in my hands and pulled him away. He rose to his feet and told me to stand up, take my pants down and lean over the seat. He was going to give me a special shave. I did as I was told. He grabbed and spread my ass checks and covered them with the warm lather from his machine. I could hear the straight razor slapping up and down the strip of leather that hung off the side of the chair. Very carefully he shaved my ass crack and took my balls gently into one hand and shaved off all the hair off them. Then he told me to turn around so that he could shave my pubes. My pubic hair was fairly long, so first he trimmed them close with a pair of scissors. Then he covered the area with his warm lather and very meticulously shaved off all the hairs around my cock. When he was done shaving, he rubbed lotion into his palms and massaged my naked cock and balls. Then he poured oil over the area and wiped it clean with a soft cloth. When he was through, he dusted me with talc and stepped back to admire his work. He brought out two hand mirrors and showed me my front and back. When I said that it was a fine job, he directed me back to the seat and wrapped a moist terry cloth towel around my stiff cock. The cock pushed its way clear and once again, he applied lotion to his palms. Only this time, he stroked it until I sprayed his forearms with a huge load of my very own brand of shaving cream. After cumming, he cleaned off his arm and wiped me clean. After he was done, I pulled up and zippered my pants and headed for the door with a 'Thanks that was great.' As I was leaving his shop, Juan reminded me to come back next month about the same time. I really have to because my haircut never was finished!

Maybe next time we could get comfortable inside his home.

The next morning I headed of to work in a satellite branch of a major bank. The majority of our business was cashing paychecks for the different construction businesses in the area. When it was hot outside, the guys would come in skimpy cutoffs and ripped tee shirts. I would always have a hard on when one of these studs came to my window. I learned a lot of their names from cashing their checks and checking their id's. One day, this guy Tony comes in to take care of business. He's in his 20's. He's wearing light tan skin-tight shorts that leave nothing to the imagination. He couldn't even put change in his pockets. As he walked over to my window, I saw the imprint of his hard on. When he got to the counter, he smiled devilishly and said that he wanted to make a deposit. I was tempted to reach over and grab his cock, but resisted the temptation. Tony finished his transaction and left the bank. I was squirming in my seat trying to adjust my cock so that the other tellers would not know that I had this problem. Tony came in several days later. This time, wearing frayed skin tight cutoffs. Damn his cock was hard again! He wanted to know the balance of his account. After I retrieved his information, I leaned over toward him and said, 'Tony', if you ever come into this bank again with your cock showing like that, I'll reach over this counter and check out your assets.' He didn't say a word or even pull back he just looked into my eyes and smiled. Then he turned around and left. About a month later, I was working late at a desk away from the counter, alone, it was almost closing time when Tony came back. He said that he came to make another deposit. When he saw that the bank was empty he walked up to me. I reached out and put my hand on the outline of his cock. He smiled, went to the door and locked it, dimmed the lights and returned to where I was waiting. I got up and headed for the break room and told him to follow. He did with no hesitation. When we got into the room, I put my arms around his waist and pulled him close to me. I ran my hands underneath his shirt and up his chest, slowly rubbing it and pinching his nipples. Tony pressed his cock tightly against me. I ran my hand down his chest to his stomach, found a patch of hair around his belly button and gently ran my fingers through them. Then I unzipped his shorts and pulled them down. As they cleared his pubic area, I looked down to discover that he wasn't wearing underwear. I pulled them down to his ankles and dropped to my knees. He placed his hands behind my head and pulled it toward his massive cock. As he pushed his dick against my lips, I opened my mouth and ran my tongue across his slit, licking the sweet and salty precum ooze. He started to quiver a little, so I took the entire swollen cock into my mouth and started to suck. Tony pushed himself closer to me, forcing the remainder of his dick clear to the back of my throat. I ran my hands up the backs of his legs as he pumped steadily into my mouth. Tony kept this up for about ten minutes before I felt his ass tighten up and the head of his cock get bigger. Sliding my fingers down between his two luscious buns, I pulled them apart, exposing his rosebud. Tony arched his back. His cock was pulsing and I could feel his hot come hit the back of my throat. After releasing five big jets, he lifted me to my feet. By this time my cock was standing at full attention in my pants. He reached down, felt my crotch and swiftly undid my pants. He took my cock in his hands and started to jerk me off. He moved around behind me, still massaging my cock, and I felt the massive head of his dick nudging my hole. With my cock as leverage, he pulled me back with such force that he penetrated my hole with ease and told me that he had one more deposit to make. When he was trough, he pulled his pants back up, headed for the door and said, 'Thanks for taking my deposits so late. I'll be back one of these nights to make a withdrawal.'



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