When I bought the little house at the end of the cul de sac, it was more for the huge backyard than anything else. It had long been one of my dreams to have a big backyard pool, deck, hot tub, and garden. I didn't need a big house, being a single gay man. But I craved a big yard to garden in, and I love swimming. This place seemed tailor made for my dreams. Yeah, the house needed major work, but it was livable, so I turned my attention to the yard first.

I had to get the cooperation of my nieghbors to allow the workmen to occassionally use their drive to get to my backyard, but once they found out I was putting in a pool, a promise that they could use it fairly freely was all it took.

Sean and Peg O'Shane were both dark haired, blue eyed and second generation Irish American. Sean had even picked up a bit of brogue from his Da. They were both lookers and I'll admit that seeing Sean lounging around the pool in a wet swimsuit wasn't going to be a hardship for my eyes. The only obstacle I could forsee, was when I came out to them. I wasn't so sure that they would be so excited about having a gay man next door, especially since they had ten year old twin boys. It always amazes me that so many people assume I'm going to ravish any young boys in the vicinity. I have not the slightest interest in children, sexually. Now their Dads, that's a whole diffrent kettle of fish.

Fortuneatly, they were a bit broader minded them some folks. Although Peg was disappointed that I hadn't inherited the gay gene for decorating, I made up for it by introducing her to a buddy who did.

Other than an intense desire to have sex with men, I just don't measure up to the stereotype that most straight people have in their head. The closest I come is a great love of gardening. I come from farm stock and that is kind of what I look like. Fashion holds no intrest, give me jeans, boots and t-shirts. And I love tools. Along with the pool I put up a big garage with room for a workshop. Maybe I'm just a Lesbian who doesn't need a strapon!

In due course the pool, deck and hot tub were installed, finished and spruced up. Just in time for the heat of summer. I christened it by inviting the whole neighborhood to a pool party. Very few people declined, which made me feel much more comfortable about my neighbors.

Nicky and Ricky the twins and Peg became my pool's most frequent users. I saw no reason to deny them access. As long as Peg was there to watch they could swim all day if they wanted. Peg made sure they kept the area clean. Gradually I just put her in charge,gave her a key to the back gate. ( I didn't want to risk any tragic ends to small children, so I put a high fence around my backyard and kept it locked.) All of the children in the nieghborhood were welcome to use the pool if an adult was present.

It was no surprise after awhile to come home to a pool full of kids and Peg and another mother or two lounging poolside. Also weekends often had inpromptu cookouts magically convene around my pool. Sean and some of the other dads would man grills drug over from other yards, Peg and other mom's would produce salads, casseroles and deserts. Beer and soda would appear, and all I had to do was open the gate, lay back on a deck chair and enjoy good food and good comapany.

And so the years went. I watched the nieghbors children grow. Somewhere around their freshman year, Nicky and Ricky took up running and became Nick and Rick thankyou very much. By now I let them use the pool without mom. They would often finish their run and come back to cool off inthe pool. I sometimes wonder if I saw their first body hair sprout before their parents. Nick and Rick were not identical, although very close in looks. Whereas Rick was a handsome youngster, Nick looks were almost beautiful. Both had the long lean runners build. By sixteen both had chests and abs covered in black hair. And girl's flocking around like a little harem. So now Bikini clad young women were adorning my backyard too. Nick and Rick always asked if they could bring the girl's over, they knew I'd cut them off if anything untoward happened. Last thing I needed was some sweet young thing's Daddy looming in my face. Although there was that one time I came home early from a trip to hear voices and splashing coming from the pool. A quick trip out back led to the discovery of Nick, Rick and Zach their buddy, skinny dipping in the pool. Flipping on the backyard light saw a mad scramble for clothes at the end of the pool. I got a pleasant eyefull of hard young bodies, wild swinging dicks and pert backsides as they bolted into the shadows. Becuase Zach's father didn't want him any where near the fuckin' queer, I had to suspend Nick and Rick's pool priveledges for a couple of weeks. They knew the rules. I didn't want to tangle with parents. Noone used the pool without parental permission.

All too soon the boys were off to college, leaving me feeeling kind of old. Really I 'm not all that much older, but watching the boys grow up for half thier lives made me feel that way. On the other hand I didn't feel as old as Peg did. When Rick came home with a fiancee, she began to get glimmers of grandmotherhood and it didn't sit well at all.

Then came the next bombshell. Peg came over to talk to me one day. I could see something was troubling her, but she didn't seem to know what to say. I finally asked her what was wrong. It seems Nick had decided he was gay and came out to Sean and Peg. Sean was at a loss, and somehow got the idea that I'd turned Nick gay! Peg and I had talked enough for her to know I thought being gay was something you are, not something you turn in to. But she had to know, had I ever touched her son? That really hurt! As long as I had known them I'd gone out of my way to never even touch the boys! I assurred her I knew nothing about it and was just as surprised as her. But doubt must have lingered because our easy friendship of years became strained.

I couldn't quite get the fact out of my head that beautiful young Nick was gay. I'd entertained a small fantasy or two about Nick. Made me feel like an old lecher, but it happened.

Sometimes I wistfully wished I was younger, so maybe Nick would like me. Silly old fart!

Then one night I thought I heard splashing in the backyard. I looked out the backwindow and could see someone cutting through the water. Angry, because noone had asked to use the pool,I went down to kick them out. I stopped at the edge of the pool ready to ream him out when I recognized Nick. A naked, beautiful Nick! My how college had changed him. Moonlight glowed on long tanned muscles, a white ass, and wet black curls. As I stood there, Nick finally saw me and gave me a big white smile. ' Rusty! It's good to see you again!' I tried to be stern. ' What are you doing skinnydipping in my pool at this time of the night?' ' Well,' he drawled, ' Too many people might see, if I skinnydipped during the day, and I thought I still had pool priviledges!'

' Oh Nick, I'm already on your parents shit list, I just don't need them to find you over here naked in my pool!' He swam over to the edge and looked up with a troubled face. ' Why are you on the shit list Rusty? What did you do?' ' It's not what I did, Nick, It's what they think I did! They think I turned you gay!' ' What?, you never even talked to me about being gay, let alone turned me gay!' I shrugged helplessly. ' Yeah, I know, you know, but they seem to think I did! We haven't really talked in months.' I sank down on a poolside chair and studied Nick's face. I shook a finger at him, ' Dude, you coming out has caused me a world of trouble! I think most of the neighbors think I turned you!'

Nick just shook his curly head sending moonlit droplets flying through the air. Then he went real still and caught my eyes with his. ' I always had a crush on you Rusty. I wish you had touched me many a time!' He put his hands on the pool edge and heaved himself up as I watched falbbergasted by his admission. As he lithely flipped around to plant that oh so white butt on the tiles, I felt my mouth go dry and my dick go hard. I tried telling my dick to behave, but it wasn't listening. Nick rose to his feet, the moon outlining his runner body, the glistening hair on his chest, and the ample dick and balls at his crotch. He came over and knelt down on one knee by my chair. ' For the past couple of years I wanted you to touch me. I'd get hard watching you work shirtless in the garden, all that red hair on you glowing in the sun. Or seeing you get out of the pool, your wet suit sticking to your dick, wanting to see you naked. Wanting you to put your arms around me! Wishing I could touch your dick, or feel your kiss me!' He laid a hand on my chest. I stared at it like I'd never seen such a thing before. My mind was racing! Nick was coming on to me. I was all kinds of conflicted. On the one hand I was feeling like an old perv, after all I'd watched this boy grow up! On the other hand, he was a damn sexy man now, and my body wanted him !

Nick must have felt my conflict, because he suddenly took the situation out of my control! ( Not that I ever really was in control!) He stood, his naked body over mine, then threw a leg over my chair and lowered his ass onto my groin. His cock stood out from his body like a dagger, pointed at my face. He leaned forward and cupped my face in his hands, searching my eyes with his. ' Tell me you don't want this Rusty and don't lie because you think I'm too young for you! I'm legal, I'm able to make my own decisions, and this is what I want!' I closed my eyes, still troubled but my hard dick confined by my shorts under his naked butt gave me away. He began to kiss me gently about the face, slowly zeroing in on my lips. When his soft lips pressed against mine I let out a sigh and kissed him back. He let out a contented little sigh and began to grind his ass against my boner. His fingers combed through the hair on my chest, through the open gap at the neck, as he continued kissing me, slipping his sweet tongue between my lips. His hands took possesion of mine and he pulled them around to rest on the small of his back. ' Touch me Rusty!' he breathed against my lips. ' I need to feel your hands on my body!'

Somehow his hard young dick had worked it's way under my shirt and was sliding across my hairy belly. I could feel precum slicking the hair and skin. I slid my hands up his sides, feeling the hard muscles shift under his skin. I ran my hands down his arms, feeling the hair on his forearms against my palms. Then I left his arms to run my hands up those hairy runner's legs. When I stopped at his waist, he moaned into my mouth and ground his dick into my belly harder! Then he was sliding his ass up my chest til his cock was inches from my lips. I looked deep into his eyes as the head butted my lips, and opened for him. His fat pink cockhead slid across my tongue oozing salty fluid in it's wake. My hands came up to cup his hairy round ass cheeks as he slowly fed his young cock into my mouth. Using my hands I manuverred him back and forth as I worked on his hard tool. I gave my full attention to making his cock feel good, even while my fingers worked their way between his cheeks, to play with his young hole. As my fingers made contact, Nick arched his back, sending his dick deeper, while opening his ass to further probing. He reached behind and opening my shorts fished out my hard dick. He pulled his cock from my mouth and slid his ass down until it was brought up against my own dick. Kissing me wildly, he slid his asscrack up and down the length of me. I swear I could almost feel his ass hair scrape my skin. Then he reared up, spat a big gob in his hand and reached behind to slick up my cock. The wet sloppy feel of his hand around it was so good I could feel my balls churn.

Then he had the uncut skin pulled back and the head of my dick up against the opening to his body. He stared down into my eyes and gave a little push. I could feel the tip of my dick spreading his ass rim. He was biting his lip, I've a goodsized, very fat cock. I closed my eyes, all my concentration on feeling that hot tight hole opening around the head of my dick. When the head popped through he gave out a little gasp and shudder. I held very still, letting him adjust to my dick. He just held himself there rigid, his hole pulsing around me, his legs quivering slightly. Then as I opened my eyes to look up at him, he gave me a little smile and just let me slide all the way in. Firmly impaled on me, ass cheeks spread across my opened fly, he just smiled happily down at me. We just held still, me reveling in the hot furnace of his gut, the tight grip of his pucker, and the incredible beauty of his body poised over me.

Then he began to grind his hips, swirling my dick around in his gut. He raised himself up a little, then slid back down. Soon he was working out a rythm, sliding further up and slamming down harder. Each time he slid up my dick ,his tight little ring pulled my foreskin up ,just to peel it back as he slammed down.

Finally I grabbed his hips to hold him over me and began to ram my dick into him. He let out little whimpers and began chanting ' Fuck me' over and over again. So I did, ith all my strength. When we were both near the edge, I let go and let him slam down on me hard, thick ropes of cum blasted out of his pink cock slit, across my hair, my face and unto my chest and shirt. The sight of the cum shooting out set me off and I pumped my own load inside his ass. He sat there, shuddering in reaction, moonlight picking up the sheen of his sweat, outlining his heaving runner's body. Then he sank down to lay on my chest, his cheek next to mine, totally spent. I wrapped my arms around him, holding him close. Forgotten were his parents, the neighbors, our age diffrence, everything but our two hearts pounding together.

After awhile we pulled apart. He dove into the pool, I shucked my clothes and dived in with him.

We kissed and played around like a couple of kids.

I couldn't get enough of him. Finally, he climbed out of the pool and began hunting for his clothes. I did too,then we stood there awkwardly.

The doubts were back, but I didn't want him to go.

I held out my hand, he placed his in it. Simple as that I put aside the doubts and worries and led him into my house and my bed. Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow. Tonight I just couldn't let him go.




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