My brother Tom and his navy buddy Shane were home from the navy. Shane lived a few blocks away. I have lusted after him for as long as I can remember. After 2 years in the navy he has well-developed muscles and is physically fit and strong. My heart beats faster every time he walks past me. I could smell him and taste him. Just being in his company sexually arouses and excites me.

Shane is 22 years old 6' tall (183cm). 195lbs (88kg) muscular athletic body.

I'm Kris 18 years old 5' 8" (173cm). 120lbs (54kg) skinny swimmers body.

I watched them cautiously as they fooled around the pool diving and wrestling one another in the water and playing pool ball. Shane's trunks hugged a firm well-defined ass; the material disappeared up the crack between his round cheeks defining their shape. They never quite covered the tops of his black wiry pubic hairs. Now and then he would have to pull them up as they slipped down revealing more of his ass crack. I could make out a pair of large balls and the curve of his thick dick as it lay to one side, the shape of the head was clearly visible.

My brother decided he would go up north the following day and call on a buddy. My parents were away on vacation, which would mean I was home alone when Tom left. Shane said he had nothing to do tomorrow afternoon so he would call round and use the pool if that was ok, Tom said yeah feel free.

The following morning I was still in bed at 10-30 am when Tom called up to say he was off, I heard him drive off. I couldn't get back to sleep; I was too horny, thinking of Shane and his well-toned chiseled body. I had gone the last 3 days without jacking off, at eighteen my hormones were telling me I needed to cum. The need to shoot my load was occupying my mind from the moment I woke up. My dick was stiff, my balls were aching for relief, and my nipples were firm and sensitive.

I cleaned myself and lubricated my ass and got my 8" vibrating dildo. I lay naked on my back imagining that Shane was atop of me and he was stroking my naked chest and running his hands down over my thighs and licking and sucking my nipples as I moaned in ecstasy.

It took a little gentle persuading to get my sphincter to eventually relax so I could slide the 8" dildo all the way up my hole. I could feel the rubber balls rubbing up against my stretched ass. Sighing and inhaling rapidly as I imagined it was Shane's big hard dick penetrating me. The vibrator massaged my prostate. I was drifting away into my imaginary fantasy as I stroked my stiff dick. My legs were trembling as the whole length of my 8" vibrator stretched my gut. It was ecstasy. My dick was bursting. My whole body went into spasmodic shuddering as threads of pearly cum juice squirted out my dick slit. Hitting me on my nose and mouth. One, two, three four and five strong squirts of cum juice covered my face and chest. Cum juice spilled out my dick slit covering my hand and dick shaft.

I ran my tongue round my lips licking the tasty sperm laden juice and fantasying that Shane was feeding me. An inner feeling of deep pleasure and satisfaction shot through my body. I lay there in a dreamy world of tranquility.

The doorbell rang startling me out of my sexual dream. Fuck who can that be? I quickly pulled on my boxers, looking in the mirror I wiped cum juice off my face and chest.

Whoever it was at the door was very persistent and continually ringing the bell. When I opened the door my eyes nearly popped out it was Shane he was literally only wearing a very small pair of tight fitting shorts. His dick looked massive. I looked at his bulge then into his face he smiled and looked down; I followed his eyes down to his bulge.

"Your, your early," I stuttered. "No, it's gone 12 noon," he said. I looked at my watch yeah he was right I had been playing with myself for over 2 hours. How fast time flies when you're having fun!

He stepped in and closed the door behind him. "You alone?" He asked. "Yeah Tom left earlier," I replied. "I've been looking forward to a swim all morning," he said as he looked at me and smiled. "You going to join me?" he asked. Standing there looking at his glistening muscular body was too overwhelming for me to give an immediate answer, he knew I was a good swimmer. "WELL? He asked in a demanding voice, as he looked me up and down. He knew what effect he was having on me.

"Yeah, yeah," I said nervously. "Good he said," as he ran his fingers inside the waistband of his shorts. He stared at me with wide- open eyes. "What's this," he said as he ran his finger along my shoulder, then held his finger up to my face. It was cum juice. "You been jacking off," he asked. He licked his finger "mmmmmm! You taste good," he said. Then with no hesitation he unbuttons the top button of his shorts, unzipped his zipper and let his shorts fall to the ground, his hard dick sprang up at an angle.

He looked down at his hard dick that was springing up and down. "Sometimes I just don't have any control of it," he said grinning. Fuck, the blood was surging into my dick giving me a boner; it was tenting in my boxers. I could not hide it. "You have the same problem," he said, as he moved over towards me and ran his fingers inside my waistband and pulled my boxers down to my thighs exposing my rock hard dick. I inhaled deeply. "That's a nice looking dick," he said as he played with it, "Fuck the pool," he said.

"How about I take care of that for you and you take care of my dick," he said. I was trembling and shaking so much all I could do was nod my head up and down to indicate I would.

"Let's get comfortable," he said as he pulled my boxers off. He lifted me up and slung me over his shoulder and carried me up to my bedroom. He lifted me off his shoulder and lowered me down onto my bed. I was as light as a feather to him. My dildo rolled from under my pillow, he picked it up sniffed at it, looked at me and said as he held his hard dick in his hand, "you have my hard dick, you don't need this anymore." He threw it across the room. "Lay on your back," he said. He got into 69 position and straddled my face, then snaked his hard dick into my mouth, penetrating gently as deep down my throat as he could before I gagged. My whole body, legs and arms were still trembling violently out of control, which excited him to think he had such an effect on me. I reached up and stroked his firm ass, moving my hands over the parts of his muscular back that I could reach.

Then I experienced an extreme sensation as he took my dick in his mouth and moved his lips up and down the shaft of my hard dick. He squeezed my balls and stroked my thighs sending ripples of delight through my body as he slid his lips more and more vigorously up and down my hard shaft. I could not hold it in any longer my dick exploded in his mouth. He squeezed my dick in his mouth to partly control my squirts of cum juice. He lifted my legs up and spread my legs apart exposing my hole. Any surplus cum he could not swallow or hold in his mouth he spat onto and into my man pussy.

Then he concentrated on finishing fucking my face. He gradually thrusts his dick deeper. I produced copious amounts of saliva, which lubricated his dick. He continued thrusting deeper until he had the whole length of his hard dick down my throat to the hilt, making me gasp for air; I was kissing his pubic hairs. He withdrew all the way out then thrust all the way back in. I gulped for air each time he withdrew. I felt his body stiffen and his dick swell and throb in my mouth and throat. He gave out a loud deep guttural moan as he squirted warm thick sperm laden juice into my mouth and down my throat. He squirted lots, which spilled out my mouth running down my chin and over my face.

I swallowed as much as I could. He pulled all the way out and squirted strands of pearly white cum over my face. He then reinserted his hard cock into my mouth. I could sense his body was relaxing. His dick slowly softened in my mouth making it easier for me to breathe. I continued to suck on his semi-hard cock until he pulled out.

Then I felt an extreme intensity as he ran his finger round the rim of my anus, To have someone to do that was a more powerful effect on me than if I did it to myself. I just lay there limp and totally under his control. The sensation became more intense as he penetrated me with 2, 3 and then 4 fingers stretching my anus and working my juices deeper into my hole. Giving me an erotic sensation.

He positioned himself so he was laying on me and looking into my face. He looked very pleased with himself. He licked his spilt cum juices off my face and neck. Then he leaned in and snaked his tongue into my mouth licking the back of my throat and playing with my tongue, tasting his juices in my mouth.

Was this really happening or is it a dream I was thinking. He ran his fingers through my hair and looked into my eyes as he continued to kiss me. He lifted my legs onto his shoulders. I could feel his hand sliding down the crack of my ass searching for my man pussy. I felt his fingers penetrate my hole stretching it open as he pressed the head of his hard dick against my anus. I could feel his hot breath on my face as he looked into my eyes and said "Time for you to feel my hard cock inside you and for me to fuck you boy!" Hearing him say that sent my body into uncontrollable spasms.

Then I felt his wet warm lips gently kiss my face as he leaned in and with one firm thrust the head of his hard cock slipped in making me yelp and throw my head back. The effect was far more intense than my dildo. I was staring up at him as I stroked the muscles on his back and ran my hands over his firm butt. I could feel his dick sliding deeper into me; now and then he would thrust harder as my inside resisted his penetration. I lowered my legs and wrapped them round his slim waist. He used the full force of his hips to force his dick all the way into me. I had fantasized hundreds of times when jacking off thinking of him fucking me, this was more intense than anything I had imagined. His chest was sliding over my chest, lubricated by our sweat. We were both inhaling and exhaling rapidly. He raised himself up then thrust deep into me. He started fucking me gently at first; I could feel his dick on all sides of my gut as it slid up and down inside me.

He glared at me showing the whites of his eyes as the urge to fuck me more vigorously took hold of him. I dug my fingers into his shoulders and back as the intensity of the pleasure shot through my body. I could feel his dick swelling and throbbing as his sperm laden cum shot down the tube of his dick. He squirted his warm juice into my gut. He was shuddering and moaning. He held me tight and thrust deep. His juice was over flowing and squirting out my ass. This was a surreal moment for me. After awhile he relaxed and lay on me as he tried to regain a controlled rhythm of breathing.

His dick slipped out of my man pussy. He rolled off me and lay alongside me on his back. After awhile he said, "Now lets go for a swim." Tom was not due back until late tomorrow. Shane didn't leave until early the next day. We made the most of the time alone. I still have a very intense feeling for him, I hope it's mutual.



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