My mom separated from my dad 3 years ago. I decided to live with her. My mom has several men friends, some she has dated some she has not. Some are the same age or older than her, some are younger. I was attracted to one guy in particular, Dave he is 38 years old, 2 years younger than my mom. Dave is 260lbs (118 kg). 6'6" tall. (198cm) He had been a professional boxer in the past and he still has a gorgeous well-toned body. Dave to me is masculinity itself; he is all man in my eyes. You can taste the testosterone in the air when you are near him. He has beautiful eyes and a very masculine jaw line with the most beautiful lips you ever wanted to kiss. I feel so relaxed and comfortable around him.

I'm Ivor, 18 years old. 140lbs, (64kg) 5'8" (178cm) tall. Athletic toned body. Out that I'm gay to my family and friends.

Dave and my mom have a casual sexual relationship. I walked in on them having sex once, from that day on having seen Dave naked and pounding my mom had really turned me on to him. When I jerk off, Dave is always in my sexual fantasies. Sometimes I jerk off several times in the day making my cock sore. I'm lusting for him all the time.

Out of all her men friends Dave was the one that spent more time with me. Playing ball games and fooling about. I felt a genuine friendship between us. He's easy to talk to about anything. I revealed my inner thoughts to him about my gay feelings. He said he had similar feelings and was told he would grow out of them. I assumed he must have done after seeing him with my mom.

Dave now and then does jobs about the house for my mom. It was the day after my 18th birthday. I was 18 years and one day old. Dave was due to come and do some work in the house for my mom while she was at work. I liked it when Dave came to do some work and there was no one else in the house.

I would normally take Dave a coffee and chat with him for awhile. This day would be different. Dave had been working for a couple of hours and I had been looking forward to taking him his coffee. When I entered the room my eyes nearly popped out and I nearly dropped the coffee. Dave had his back to me he was naked all but for a very small tight pair of shorts. He usually wore overalls. At first I thought he was naked. I found myself in awe of his hard chiseled muscular frame as he spun round and looked at me, What also got my attention was the large bulge in his shorts. I tried to tear my gaze from his magnificent form, but it was no use, and the handsome features of his face shifted into a knowing grin as he saw me staring.

"Coffee," he said as he reached out and took it from me. I was in a trance, my whole body was trembling. He could see the mesmerized look in my eyes. Which made him grin even more. He knew the reason why. That gave him the confidence to ask as he looked down at his cock, "I know you like guys, you want to suck this?" He popped the buttons of his shorts so he could slide his hand inside the waistband. I could see his dark wiry pubic hairs as he fondled his cock and balls. I stood there frozen to the spot with a fixed gaze and wide-open mouth. "You want to suck it and taste my cum?" he asked as he reached over and stroked the side of my face. "I'm offering to blow my load into your sweet mouth boy." Looking into my eyes he said in a raised voice. "WELL!!" I had fantasized about him fucking my face with his hard cock, now he was offering to do it!

"Hell yeah," I said. With one final gulp Dave swallowed his coffee. Then let his shorts fall to his ankles, he stepped out of them. I was still in a sensual daze as I looked at his semi-hard cock, at least eight inches in length and thick. His big hairy balls with the ability to produce copious amounts of thick man juice hung very low between his hairy muscular legs. Instantly my mouth started to fill with saliva I was drooling over him

I was super nervous as he pulled my T-shirt off over my head and looked at me with his lustful eyes. He unbuckled my belt then unzipped my zipper, pulling down both my shorts and briefs at the same time. They fell down to my ankles; I stepped out of them. I stood there naked, my hard cock pointing up at an angle. He ran his hands down my naked chest down to my thighs. All the time looking me up and down. He ran his hands over my hips then onto my ass. He cupped the cheeks of my ass in his hands as he leaned forward and licked and sucked my nipples. Making them sensitive and hard. I was trembling all the time.

After about 5 minutes sucking my nipples he wrapped his arms around me, holding me tight, pressing his naked chest against me. It was then that he kissed me, snaking his tongue deep into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around him running my hands down his muscular back. My heart was beating faster. I was aroused in a way I have never been before. I was shaking with excitement, awesome feeling. We stood there hugging and kissing, exploring each other's bodies with our greedy hands. "Mmmmmmmmm I'm gonna enjoy having you boy," he said as he inhaled deeply.

Eventually he moved back from me and sat down. He sat with his legs wide apart. He looked at me with a smile on his face, "On ya knees and get between my legs boy," he said. I moved closer and knelt down so that his massive cock and balls were dangling in front of my face. "You never done this before?" He asked. "No," I replied as I looked up at him. "I've had a few guys suck my cock and my balls," He said as he held his semi hard cock in the palm of his hand and moved closer. His massive cock was centimeters away from my face. He then gently wiped the head of his cock across my forehead and nose. Threads of precum smeared my face. I inhaled deeply as my whole body shuddered. I sensed a musky smell with a mixture of cologne. His strong scent was like an aphrodisiac sending me into a state of insatiable lust.

"Open your mouth boy." He rubbed the head of his cock over my lips. My lips tenderly caressed his smooth cock head. "Open wider," he said as he snaked his semi hard cock into my mouth. I had an instant salty taste in my mouth. I let it slip in further caressing it with my tongue as I looked up at him. He had his hand on my head as he gently thrust more and more of his cock down my throat forcing my mouth to stretch wider.

He looked down at me and said, "wow my cock looks and feels good in ya mouth boy." I could feel his cock growing in my mouth making me gag and my mouth ache. It was getting too big for me to take anymore. I was taking his hard cock as deep as I could. My virgin throat could not take it any deeper. He made a mark with a pen on the shaft of his cock then withdrew it all the way out my mouth. "Look that's how much you have taken," he said as he pointed at the mark on his cock and then moved his finger along the shaft to the end of his penis. "When I worked ya throat some more y'all take it all. Boy." I had taken about 4 or 5 inches of his 8-inch plus hard cock. He told me to suck and lick his balls. His balls were too big to get both in my mouth at the same time. I sucked and licked each one in turn, this was all new too me and I was enjoying every moment. I never knew pain could be so pleasurable

He let me suck and lick his cock and balls for 10 minutes while he laid back and enjoyed the sensation. Now and then he would throw his head back, shudder and inhale deeply. Without touching my cock it suddenly squirted copious amounts of my seed sperm, some of which I caught in the palm of my hand. I smeared it over the shaft of his cock. He looked down at me as I smeared his cock. "Fuck that's awesome You sure you not done this before?" "I seen it done on porno," I said. His rock hard precum dripping cock told me he was excited. It rippled with bulging veins. A steady stream of precum poured out his pee slit into my mouth and down my throat as I sucked on his hard cock. I gulp occasional to empty my mouth and clear my throat.

Holding his thick hard cock in his hand he looked at me and said, "lets see how much more I can get down ya tight throat." He had his hand on my head as he made a few gentle thrusts back and forth with his hips. He was slowly penetrating my throat deeper. I was surprised how more easily it penetrated my throat. Copious amounts of my saliva mixed with his precum, dripped of the shaft of his cock and my chin. The mark he had made on his cock had disappeared down my throat. Which told him his hard cock was now deeper down my throat. Now and then he would almost pull all the way out my mouth so I could gulp for breath. Then with each thrust he would attempt to get his cock deeper down my throat. "Damn boy, your mouth feels so fucking good on my cock", he said.

He held my head firmly between his hands as he gently continued to fuck my face. Trying with each thrust to penetrate my throat deeper. I continued to suck harder and harder. I gagged a little but relaxed my throat muscles as best as I could. I knew I could not take it any deeper. It was then I heard him, "OHHHH FUCK, DAMM, "I can't hold it any longer, you ready to drink my cum? I"M Gonna blow my load in your mouth boy". He grabbed the back of my head and blew his load in my mouth. The cum just kept coming and coming. Squirting too much for me to swallow. It spilled out my mouth and dripped onto the floor off his balls. He was breathing rapidly as I pulled away from his squirting cock. The warm ropes of his sperm seed sprayed across my face, nose, and lips. It smelt good. His whole body was shaking.

I licked and swallowed as much as I could. Cum continued to trickle out his pee slit. I licked around his pee slit and down the shaft to his balls making him shudder. After a while he slid his cock back into my mouth, and I gently sucked it until it softened. I felt completely submissive. He ran his hands through my hair and looked down at me as he sat back and relaxed. "You want me to fuck ya virgin ass?" I looked up at him with submissive eyes and said in a trembling voice, "Yeeaaahhhh" Looking at his cock I knew I wanted that cock to take my virginity. "You come and spend the day with me tomorrow," he said.

As he stood up he pulled me up to a standing position. We stood locked in an embrace for a while enjoying an erotic lustful cuddle. With both of his hands he took my face and kissed me hard. A man full of lust and pleasure had never kissed me before; it's an awesome feeling. Our tongues wrestled and our bodies began to grind against one another.

Dave suddenly pushed me away. "NO, NO!! Not here, you come and spend the day with me tomorrow at my place. What's your cellphone number? I'll call you tomorrow to confirm it's ok. I have to finish off here I don't have the time and this is not the place to fuck you. Your mom could walk in on us. I want to spend some time enjoying you I want your first time to be good. My place we can have fun." Even though I wanted him to fuck me there and then, he was right even though my ass was hungry for his cock, mom could walk in on us. He pulled his shorts on. I dressed and went and lay on my bed savoring the taste of him in my mouth.

The next morning I was up very early I knew from watching porn films and chatting to guys on social media that I needed to be clean. So I spent more time in the shower than usual. When I came out my mom with raised eyebrows asked, are you ok? "Just couldn't sleep," I replied. She had a bewildered expression on her face as I closed the door to my room.

The thought of being fucked for the first time made me both excited and nervous as I stood looking at my naked body in the mirror. I was so eager to have Dave fuck me that I was experiencing a few anxious moments waiting for his call. I dressed putting on my Skinny fitting jeans and T-shirt. I wanted to look my best for Dave. It was 9.30 am my mom had gone to work and Dave still had not phoned me. Shit I hope he hasn't changed his mind.

My cellphone lit up it was Dave. My hands were trembling as I took the call. "You still want me to fuck you?" "HELLLLLLLL YEAH!" I screamed down the phone. I could hear him laughing as he said, "then get ya butt over here boy."

It was a brilliant sunny and warm morning as I drove over to his place. By the time I got out my car he was already standing in the doorway wearing just a bathrobe. He must have just showered. "I was looking out for you," he said as he closed the door behind us. I was feeling seriously nervous by now, shaking more than ever. "Why you shaking? You excited at the thought of me fucking you?" he asked as he slowly opened his bathrobe and peeled it off letting it drop to the floor. He was naked underneath. I gulped nervously as I gazed at his magnificent body. His large cock and balls dangled between his hairy thighs. He placed his hand on my forearm and gave it a squeeze. Instantly my cock stirred in my pants. He held my hand and led me to his bedroom

He undressed me with ease, first pulling my T-shirt over my head then stripping off my jeans. I gently groped his biceps and his torso. He was looking at me intensely with his lustful eyes as he ran his hands over my naked body. I was trembling all the time. He spun me round so I had my back to him then he forced me down onto all fours. He knelt down behind me. I braced myself ready to be fucked. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks making me jolt. He stretched them apart. I felt the tip of his coarse tongue flick between my ass cheeks "Mmmmm that virgin hole taste good," he said as he licked around my anus. Pre cum was dripping from my pee slit. He scooped it onto his finger tips and then rubbed it into the middle of my hole, slowly penetrated my hole with just one finger, shoving it in and out of my ass and massaging my prostate. Scooping more of my precum onto his fingertips I felt him slip a second finger in stretching and working my hole. I was lost in raptures of ecstasy. Suddenly he shoved both his fingers all the way up my ass, I could not help myself, and I let out a small gasp. With his free hand he stroked my hard cock

He licked and sucked on my balls. He then pulled my cock between my legs. I felt his lips on my cock as he started to suck and swallow the head of my cock. Sucking so vigorously that I soon shot my load into his mouth. He let my juices dribble out of his mouth onto my hole. He then penetrated me with 3 fingers, moving his fingers around the inside and stretching open my anus. He spat a mixture of his saliva and my juices into my hole. Working his fingers all the way up my ass. My whole body trembled and I gave out loud sighs as he continued to massage my prostate and lubricate me ready to fuck. He slapped my ass and stood up. Looking down at me he said, "I wanna feel that tight hole wrap round my cock, and you want to feel my hard cock in ya." He lay on his back on his bed. "Come sit over my cock and feed it into ya tight warm hole." I straddled his massive hard cock while he held it up for me to ease down on and penetrate my ass. His precum that was oozing out his pee slit and running down the shaft would help to lubricate my ass some more. I slowly lowered myself onto the thick head of his hard cock. He had his free hand on my hip helping me to press down. I pressed down gently at first then with more force. The head stretched my anus to the limits then suddenly popped in There was a brief moment of pain making me yelp.

His hands were on my hips. "Take it slowly," he said. I moaned as he guided me down his shaft. My first cock, never in my life had I experienced anything like this. My toes curled and my legs trembled as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through my body. He penetrated me inch by inch with his hard cock, stretching my inside. He stopped and looked into my eyes, "Are you okay to take it all the way to the hilt?" I nodded my head to indicate I was. He had his hands on my hips and gently forced my ass down onto his cock as he thrust up with his hips. Penetrating me as deep as he could possibly go. My sphincter gripped his cock making him moan in appreciation.

I had my hands on my head stretching my naked chest. Dave ran his hands up and down my chest and over my butt squeezing my ass cheeks. I gyrated my ass on his thick hard cock as he Looked at me with glazed eyes enjoying the sensation of my tight ass riding his massive hard cock. He reached out and placed his hands firmly on my shoulders. He was moaning and grunting as he pushed up hard on me matching his thrusts with mine. My ass was slapping hard down on his groin. We were both sweating and moaning. My hard cock bouncing up and down as I rode his hard cock. Dave held me tighter as his cock throbbed inside me. He was thrusting and holding as his whole body shuddered. I felt a warm sensation in my gut as he squirted copious amounts of sperm juice into me. His juices spilled out my ass onto his thighs. Squirts of pearly white cum shot out my pee slit all over Dave's naked chest. We had both cum at the same time.

I felt his cock shrinking inside me as he reached out and grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close flipping me over onto my back and rolling on top of me. Pulling his cock out of me as he did. Smearing cum off his body onto me as he laid a top of me. There was a smell of sex and cum in the air. Looking into my eyes he said, "That was fucking awesome." He continued to stroke my naked body as he looked at me with lust in his eyes. He kissed my lips, his warm fleshy wet lips melting into mine. His tongue penetrating my mouth and deep down my throat. He licked my neck and shoulders licking down to my nipples. I could feel the warmth of his body as he lay on top of me. I lay shivering with excitement as he continued to suck my nipples. I stroked his muscular back and ran my hands over his firm butt. Enjoying the sensual feeling.

Dave was soon horny agen. "I'm gonna fuck you agen" he said in a raised voice. He lifted my legs up in the air and rested them on his shoulders. I felt the head of his cock pressing against my hole. With a gentle thrust he re-entered me. Slipping his warm thick hard cock deep inside me. It stung a bit and made me inhale deeply as it entered my wet warm hole. "That feel good?" He asked as he licked my face. "Mmmm hell yeah!" I sighed. I felt his hands stroking my inner thighs then with a firm grip of my legs he raised them further up in the air, making my ass raise up even more. Putting me in an easier position for him to fuck. He could now get up on his toes and use the full weight of his body and the power of his hairy legs to fuck me. I really liked the feeling of him taking control of me.

I dug my fingers deep into his shoulders, as he started to fuck me in gentle short deep strokes, stabbing his thick hard cock deep into my gut. I could hear and feel his balls slapping my ass as he started to fuck me more vigorously. The whole of his body convulsed as he used the whole weight of his body and the power of his legs to thrust hard and deep into my hole. I could hear his deep-rooted grunt as he unloaded his juices, filling me up, making my whole body shiver. Suddenly I felt an electric jolt rip through the whole of my body from my head to my toes. It was an awesome overwhelming deep sensual feeling to have Dave on top of me with his squirting cock inside me. I relished the thick warm wetness that trickled out my ass and down the small of my back. His cock was still inside me as I lowered my legs and wrapped them around his waist. We stayed locked in a tight embrace for a long time after that, kissing and enjoying the feel of our bodies in a sensual cuddle.

As we lay there he whispered into my ear "We still have time for me to fuck you agen." He told me to get in doggie position. Next thing I knew I was pushing my ass up and spreading my legs ready to take his cock again. I felt his cock head sliding up and down my smooth wet butt-crack. Covering his shaft with cum juices seeping out my anus. I stretched my ass cheeks apart and aimed my asshole at his beautiful veiny cock. He had his left hand on my shoulder and held his hard cock with his right hand and pressed it hard on my hole as he leaned over me. Sliding his rock hard cock deep into me. I was relishing every moment. He gripped me around my hips for better leverage and used his hips to slam hard into me. I wriggled my ass and worked with him, matching his strokes and sticking my ass up to make it better for him to fuck me. I could feel his cock throbbing as he fucked me like a dog on a bitch. He was sweating profusely. His sweat was dripping onto my back as he pounded my ass continuously for 20 minutes or more before he squirted another load up my ass. Then he slumped down on me with his whole weight. Laying on me, licking and kissing my shoulders and neck.

We eventually showered and had something to eat then played some pool. Looking at me he said, " I want to fuck you agen can you stay the night?" I called my mom and told her I was sleeping over at a buds house. He fucked me

For as long as he could that night, each fuck taking longer before he shot his load into me. Eventually he fell off to sleep. I sucked his flaccid cock until I fell off to sleep. In the morning he fucked me again before I showered and drove home.

I'd been fucked for the first time, my ass was numb and sore from all the fucking it had taken. My gut was full to overflowing with his sperm juices. I was feeling ecstatic.

Dave continued to fuck my mom and me on and off for years.



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