As two high school varsity wrestlers, Lance and I met at the beginning year of our junior year in high school when my parents and me moved to the city the summer before my junior year. I tried out for the wrestling team where I met Lance. I made the first string at 157 pounds and Lance was the starter at the 190 pound weight category.

Lance stood 6' 2" with a very hard muscled body. He had curly black hair with dark brown eyes. He had an athletic body that was laced with ribbed chest, stomach and abs. He had this sexy light dark trail of hair from his chest down to his trimmed crotch. His huge 8.5-inch cut cock was often semi-hard when we shared after practice.

I was smaller than Lance standing 6' and 7", weighed around 155 pounds, sky blue eyes, slim build, blond hair and a light fuzz of blond hair down my chest and stomach. I too was endowed with with a big 8-inch circumcised cock, large cock shaft and low hanging balls.

As a gay man, I lusted after this hunk who was my best friend. Night after night I masturbated dreaming about sucking his cock and getting my ass drilled with his gorgeous big cock. Unfortunately, Lance was an heterosexual stud with a girlfriend on the cheerleader squad.

During our junior and senior years, we were almost always together as we played computer games, watched TV movies, workout together, attending sports events and went fishing together.

After high school during my first semester in college. Lance and his girlfriend Elizabeth got married. I was best man. Lance became an athletic manager at the local athletic club and Elizabeth became a beautician.

I graduated from college and was hired as a history teacher at my old local high school that would began the following school year.

Near the end of summer before I began my teaching year, I got a call from Lance.

"Hi Dane, my wife is out of town for two weeks visiting her mother. Are you free on Saturday? Could you come over and I will cook dinner and then we can catch a movie. Have you seen"The Butler?"

"No Lance and I've heard it is really a good flick. Lance, I'm free and I would love to see you. What time should I arrive?"

"Dane come over around 4 PM for drinks and we'll have dinner at 5 PM and get to the 7 PM movie."

"Thanks Lance, see you Saturday."

On Saturday we had a couple of drinks and ate dinner. We arrived at the theater at 6:45 PM, bought drinks and some popcorn. Lance ushered me to our seats on the back row of the theater. He solicitously had me sat near the end of the row as he took the aisle seat to my left.

All evening Lance had seemed very affectionate and flirty. Was I just imagining this observation or was he coming on to me. He had never acted this flirty before. My libido was out of control as I lusted after my long-time friend. We were two 22-year-old hormone driven studs.

The theater darkened and the movie began. I soon learned that it was not my imagination. I felt Lance leg rub up against my left calf. I decided to test him by moving my leg away but he immediately moved his leg up against my body and pushed hard. I responded by pushing back with great force. His move was definitely homoerotic but I waited for his next move. I had lost all interest in the movie.

Almost instantly, I felt Lance' hand on my leg as he began to massage inside my hot muscled thigh. He then moved his hands across my crotch as he fondled my balls through my black dress slacks and red hot briefs. Heavens, he was actually coming on to me. My dream was coming true. Then the shocker when he began to unzip my pants, searched for my very erect pulsating cock and upon finding it, he pulled it out. He started jacking me off. I began leaking seminal fluid all over his hands and fingers.

I reached over and put my hand on his crotch. His package was rock hard and I felt a big wet spot on the front of his nice slacks.

All the nerve endings in my cock were tense and pulsating. I'd become horny as hell. I lost all inhibitions even here in public. I was about to have my best friend for the night.

As Lance continued to jerk me off and I rubbed his crotch, we began to breath rapidly. We were near getting caught that made us so excited. But at least there were no movie goers in the back row.

WOW, Lance's hand on my cock felt awesome. Then lust took charge as Lance lowered his mouth onto my cock. He licked my cock shaft, licked his wet tongue across my nuts and finally took my entire cock down his throat. He was giving me a wild blowjob in public. We might get arrested but I was so happy that I now had my best friend sucking me.

Both our faces had become flushed from the hot sex. I felt my throbbing cock in the back of his wet and hot throat. I knew I could not last. Lance sucked cock like he had been down on many cocks but I knew that this was his first blowjob. Soon my cock stiffened, my balls tightened up against my body and the orgasm was under way. No way to stop this ejaculation. My buddy was about to get a mouth full of my seed.

I shot a volcanic load of warm thick cum down his throat. The load was so big that lance gagged and I am sure was heard in the row in front of us. Hell, I could care less. I had my buddy's mouth on my cock. Somehow he managed to swallow my load and suck me dry.

When he was finished he pulled off, he rubbed his hand up and down my shaft, collected the warm cum, parted my lips with his fingers and gave me a taste.

I put my soft cock back in my pants and zipped up as Lance said: "Dane, lets get out of here and go back to my place. We'll have to see the movie some other time. I am wild with lust for your body. I've got to have that pink bubble ass of yours tonight. I want to fuck you until you are sore. My cock is so hard and aching for your ass. Man, I don't know what has happened to me but I've never wanted sex this bad."

"OH Fuck Lance, I've wanted you from the first day I met you. If you knew how many loads of cum I've shot dreaming of you and your cock up my ass, you would have had me already."

When we arrived at Lance's home, we started throwing our clothes right and left as we ran through the living room to his big bed. We soon were butt naked with our cocks standing straight out.

Lance grabbed me and put me in a hard bear hug as our nude bodies were locked together with our hard dicks rubbing against each other while we leaked pre-cum over our abs and cocks.

In the heat of passion, we began to violently thrust our tongues out as we kissed. The steamy sloppy kissing and hot skin against hot skin all the way from our mouth to our toes had turned on ever nerve ending in our bodies. The euphoria from the foreplay had our faces flushed, our nipples rock hard, our cocks like iron pipes, our breathing hard, our heart rate running wild and our bodies smelling sweaty and sexy. We were gulping each other's spit as we swallowed gobs of our buddies juices.

The moaning, grunting, yelling and sweat had us near the edge. I felt both our cocks stiffen and soon erupted with burst after burst of man semen on our locked bodies. The feel of warm cum from our cocks made the orgasm even more intense. We grabbed each other's buttocks and grind hard as the cum stuck to our pubic hair.

Lance released his hold as I got down on my knees and began licking his crotch until I had cleaned him of the cum. When I was finished, I stood up and Lance got down and sucked all the cum off my body. We kissed and tasted the cum meal.

The unexpected orgasm had interrupted our plans for Lance to fuck me. We took a shower and rested while having a drink. When we were recovered and ready to go, Lance became playful as he threw me on the living floor carpet and put me in a headlock. I escaped and we wrestled for some 20 minutes becoming sweaty again. In our tipsy condition, the wrestling match had become somewhat comical. Lance used his weight to finally pin me.

As I surrendered, he took me in his arms and carried me to his king-sized bed. He threw me on my back and began a series of kinky moves. He got some nylon cords and tied my wrists to the head boards. He took a black blindfold and put over my head and eyes as the room became totally dark. My cock was rock hard from all these kinky moves.

Then I felt Lance take a silk feeling pair of what I thought were shorts, slip them over my feet and legs, up my legs and fit them tightly over my crotch and butt. The feel was so soft and sexy.

He then spread my legs far apart. Soon I felt his entire body on top of me as he drove his steel hard cock into the silk shorts that held my dick. The feel of his big cock rubbing against my silk shorts was intoxicating. Then I got a surprise as Lance said: ""Dane, buddy, tonight you are my female bitch. You have my wife's pink silk panties on and I'm going to fuck that beautiful man pussy while you wear my wife's panties.

"Oh hell, oh fuck, Lance, you have me turned on like never before. I'm your willing female bitch tonight. Give me that big cock. Let me feel your huge manhood stiffen inside my man pussy. I want your fucking cock up my ass. Show me no mercy."

Lance put a big pillow under my ass as he had my ass high in the air for a direct entrance to my asshole with his cock. I felt him pull the leg and elastic of the panties to one side making a path for his big cock into my ass. As he began to slide in inch by inch, I felt his cock stiffen as it pressed the silk panties against my skin.

He used his rock hard legs and hips to drive deep into my guts over and over. I had never felt a more hot or sexy cock in my ass. It was so awesome. I could only lie there and enjoy his incredible sweaty body and huge dick rip my ass apart. He grunted and moaned as I felt his hot breath on my face. He began to kiss me as he drove his cock deeper and deeper into my ass.

Oh my yes; I loved that big cock in my ass. I cried out: "Oh shit, yea, fuck me. It feels so good. That's it, yea, I feel that cock pound my prostate. Don't stop. Fuck me, fuck me, year make me pay, baby."

Because Lance and I had come earlier, he lasted for a long time fucking my ass raw. He kept fucking me, kissing me and at times sticking a finger into the silk panties driving them into my ass where his cock was drilling me. It was the wildest sex ever. The silk panties felt so good. How may times had his wife worn those silk pink panties?

Then I heard him say: "OH FUCK, here I come. Take it baby."

Lance erupted with another volcanic load. He had a huge supply of semen in those balls. When spent, he pulled out and took off the blindfold and took off the cords on my wrists. He thrust his cum covered cock down my throat until I had sucked out the last drop of semen.

He pulled off the now cum soaked silk panties and rubbed then across my lips and said: "Dane, take these panties home with you and when you masturbate suck on them and smell my seed. You will get a huge ejaculation as you think of me."

"Oh thanks buddy. I will do that and get really off. Is this only a one time fling for us?"

"To be totally honest Dane, this has been the best sex of my life. I'm so confused. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I can live without making love to you. You have the best fucking butt and ass ever. My cock loves your man pussy. I need some time to think about what to do. You are my best friend. Why didn't we fuck before I got married and I would have not married. Well that is water under the bridge. The good news is that Elizabeth and I have no children to complicate the issue."

"Lance, I understand. I'll respect whatever you decide. Maybe we could fuck a few times over the next two weeks and make it easier what to decide?"

"Dane, buddy, I liked that idea. Call me and come over."


Naughty Eric


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