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"The pain of separation from you is too much to bear," my Marine whispered, sounding brokenhearted.

"Yes," I agreed, "but the joy of knowing we're in love will make it possible for us to wait until we're together again. The memory of the time we've had together in Hong Kong and, now, of our Honeymoon here in Hawaii will never dim while we're apart. I know, because we'll be thinking of each other every day, and dreaming of our lovemaking every night. I'm glad you suggested that we watch each other jack off because that image will bring me to climax, and I think you'll be doing it, too. If we make out with someone else, as we agree we should do to keep in shape, I'll be making out with you in my mind's eye, and I bet you'll be doing that, too. I mean, fuck, even when I'm making out with you, I'm thinking of YOU!" We both laughed. "So let's not 'miss' each other, let's 'love' each other."

My Marine swept me into his arms and sighed, "I love you," with such tenderness and feeling that it made my heart swell. The kiss we melted into was equal to our first kiss on those stairs at Chung's when we both felt we'd reach orgasm, and was very close to the kiss that caused the simultaneous orgasm we had in the bathroom on the first day of our stay here in Hawaii.

The passion we felt for each other produced continual sexual pleasure the night of the luau, the following day, and our last night together in Hawaii. Now, it was early morning and it was nearing time we had to get up, shower, dress, leave and separate.

"I want you to fuck me again, Jack, before we get up," he begged.

"Only if you'll let me catch your load in my mouth when you come," I replied brazenly.

We both laughed, but got serious when he handed me the jar of Tiger Balm.

Somehow, knowing this could be our last orgasm together for a while, we seemed to become very loving and giving. It raised our passions to an incredible height of sustained, full-bodied lovemaking that had us both vibrating with rare sexual exhilaration. As my stone-hard cock entered him, he groaned with deep feeling. We wanted to take our time and enjoy the coupling, but true love and overwhelming passion flooded us both with such incredible sensuality that there was no holding back. We fucked like wild men.

Suddenly, my Marine shouted, "Take it out, Jack. Quick! I'm gonna come!"

I slipped my slippery cock out at the phrase "take it out" because I knew exactly what was happening. He rolled over onto his back, flaunting his stiff, precum-leaking shaft, and I went down on it immediately. I was delighted that he didn't pop his load instantly but gave me the chance to ride that long weapon up and down until my lip reached his balls - the sac was really up tight at the base of his cock. Then he fired off as I slid up and caught his wonderful spurting sperm in my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed with very close to orgasmic bliss myself. When he sighed, "Enough," I released him, reluctantly.

He got up on all fours and pleaded, "Fuck me! Fuck me, now!"

I entered him doggy style and was fucking like crazy when the door opened and Rick entered.

"Oh! Holy shit, you guys are so fuckin' sexy! I came to wake you, but, wow!" Rick tore off his sarong and grabbed his cock, which enlarged with surprising speed. He started a full tip-to-base jack off as he watched our carnal display, and I realized that our Honeymoon had come full circle. From watching him get a blowjob and jacking off on us on our first day, to this open, friendly, but extremely sexual act on our last day.

When Rick saw that I was down to the short strokes and had a blissful expression on my face, he moved towards the bed and as I came, he came with me, spurting his jism all over my Marine's back! It was awesome!

I pulled out slowly, reluctantly, even sadly, but then my Marine said huskily, "Do me again, Jack. Suck my cock!" And he flopped over on his back, offering his magnificent cock to me again. As I sucked it in with great enthusiasm and passionate delight, I heard Rick suck in his breath with genuine awe.

My Marine was so enflamed with love that my skills at cocksucking didn't really matter - he came in a flash!

The three of us went into the bathroom. My Marine and I started to shave. Rick told us he was going to lay out our uniforms and went back into the bedroom.

I enjoyed standing next to my Marine as we shaved. He looked a little sad, so I smiled at him through the mirror and suddenly he beamed, smiling back at me like a brilliant flash of sunlight! It was a moment (with both of us partially covered in shaving cream) that I will never forget. It was moments like these that have made it so easy for me to write about him.

Rick came back and the three of us got into the shower, playing around like kids. While we were drying off, my Marine stared at my expanding dick and implored, "Let me suck it again, Jack."

As he bent down to suck my cockhead into his mouth, Rick started jacking off as he watched. I watched the three of us in the mirror, getting hotter and hotter. Suddenly, Rick started spraying the mirror with his long, white ropes of cum, and the sight raised me to a level of energetic orgasm. I filled my Marine's mouth over and over and over.

Both of us were surprised to find that not only had Rick laid out our uniforms but he had also had them cleaned and pressed at some point during the week. When he did it, I have no idea, and since we didn't dress in anything but the Hawaiian robe and sarong, we had not even looked in the closet. We were very pleased. The three of us helped the two of us get dressed in a rather ritualistic way, which made it very memorable.

We expressed our gratitude to Rick and handed him a sizeable tip.

"No, no," he insisted, "I can't take your money. This week has been the best in my life. I LOVE you guys!"

"We love you, too, man," my Marine said quietly. "We talked it over and agreed that you deserve this expression of our sincere appreciation for all you've done for us." Smiling, standing next to him, I nodded my agreement. Rick slipped the money into his sarong.

Paul, Rick's assistant, came into the bedroom and said, "I'll take your bags out to the car."

"What car?" I asked.

"It's the Boss's private chauffeur-driven limousine to take you to your plane, and then take him to his ship."

"The Boss insisted his car be used," Rick explained. "And when you return to Hawaii, the car will pick you up."

We left the bungalow with Paul and Rick leading the way, only to discover that the pathway to the lobby was lined with sarong-draped guests and employees, cheering us on. Many were saying "Good Luck," some were saying "God Bless You," and others were saying, "Aloha!" Most of them were patting us on our backs, although there was a lot of ass grabbing, too. Both of us were enchanted by the send off they were giving us.

The Boss was waiting for us in the lobby. His first words were, "Your bill has been torn up. We pray you'll come back often!" Then he embraced my Marine, and then me. We hugged him back enthusiastically.

As I started to say, "We don't know how..." my voice cracked and a tear came into my eye.

My Marine covered for me by interrupting, saying, "Man, you and your crew and your guests have all been wonderful to us. Thank you, Boss." And then he hugged the Boss again and kissed him on the cheek. The Boss beamed!

Then we left. We held hands during the short trip but said little. At the airport, to my surprise, the car was waved right through to the tarmac and stopped near the plane where soldiers were lined up and boarding. My Marine and I kissed knowing the windows were tinted, said goodbye, smiled at each other and I turned to get out of the car.

"I love you," my Marine said quietly to my back.

"I love you!" I replied immediately, but knew I had to open the door and leave. It was the last thing I wanted to do but I forced myself to do it.

The driver had retrieved my bag, handed it to me, got into the car, and drove off. I could have melted into a puddle of sadness.

I looked up and one of the soldiers in the line was waving frantically to me! Immediately I thought of my arrival in Hawaii and smiled. I walked over to him and realized that he was the soldier I followed out of the plane who had said he envied me when he learned the Marine was waving at me. He had also said that he hoped to see me again.

"I saved you a place in line, man," he said cheerfully. "I was sure you'd be coming back with us."

An officious looking man with a clipboard came over to me right then and asked, "What's your name, Son." I told him. "You must have some good connections," he said lightheartedly. "Your place on this roster was confirmed by the Commanding General's office. I've never seen that happen before. And I've never seen a limo allowed onto the tarmac before, either. Who ARE you?"

"I'm just a soldier, Sir, who's had a string of good luck." I could see he liked being called "Sir" in front of the other men.

"Well, keep it up, young man! Keep it up!" he said very delightedly, smiled at me and walked off.

Of course the soldier who had saved a place in line for me heard this exchange and, when I looked at him, he looked duly impressed. His expression made me laugh.

"Man, I've been keeping 'it' up all week!" I told him.

"So have I!" he confirmed, not surprisingly. "So have I," he repeated laughing.

I held out my hand, saying only, "Jack."

"Wayne," he said simply as we shook hands. We both had a firm grip.

He looked down at my left hand, saw the ring, looked at me with wide eyes and was about to say something like "Did you get married!?" when I shook my head without smiling. His eyes darted to the guys standing behind me, then back to me. "I see," he said vaguely.

As the line slowly started forward, he threw his arm over my shoulder like an old friend and said, "Jack, you have GOT to tell me all about your leave in Hawaii!"

I laughed and said, "It's a long, long story, but you'll hear all about it. If fact, I dying to tell someone about it and you are just about perfect."

He patted me on the back affectionately and said, "Perfect!"



The stories I've submitted to GayDemon have been non-sequentially autobiographical. They read from my age of 18 in high school and on into the Army, then my college days and then my work at various jobs and travels. Of course, "MY MARINE HUNK" took place while I was in the Army.

In my story "Louisville Sluggers," which took place during my working years after college, I made a reference to My Marine. I wrote: "I was having very strong emotional reactions to him (the baseball player). Stronger than I could remember having with any other partner, of which there had been so many. Well, except for a Marine years earlier, but that's another story."

I've now told that "another story" in this "My Marine Hunk" series. And I am now going to tell what happened next, but, again, if you don't want to know, if you'd just as soon remember the two of us together for the rest of our lives, then: STOP READING.

I was sent back to Southern California about five months after our Hawaiian Honeymoon, to muster out of the Service a few weeks early "for the good of the Service," because I was starting college. My Marine still had about five more months of service left, but he was able to get a leave of absence to celebrate my homecoming. We went back and forth by letter, confirmed with my mother-in-law, and dates were all set.

I arrived at their home, in my full dress uniform, and rang the bell. An attractive woman of about 40 opened the door, saw me, threw her arms open and said, "My Son!" as she embraced me. Tears filled my eyes, I was so happy to be with her, and I felt her sobbing as we held each other.

"Come in, come in," she insisted, and led me to a couch in her living room. As we sat down, I noticed immediately that a teapot and two cups and saucers were set on the coffee table.

"Is your other son home, yet," I asked with a smile.

"No," she said simply.

"But I thought..." I started to say when she interrupted me.

"He was killed in action, Jack," she said quietly. I was stunned. Then, as she saw my pain, she started to cry. So did I. We embraced, sitting on that couch, trying to comfort each other.

"I..." I stammered, "...I'm sorry."

"Yes," she said softly, "we both are."

"I loved him," I told her honestly.

"Yes. He told me you loved him," she said. "And he told me he loved you. It had made me very happy to know that he had found someone to love and who loved him."

I had to stifle a sob. My heart was breaking. My world had fallen apart. "Is he here?" I asked.

"No, a Marine Lieutenant Colonel visited me two days ago to give me the news."

I guess I looked surprised.

"I couldn't bring myself to tell you the news over the phone, dear. That seemed like it would be too cold and harsh. I hope you can agree," she said softly.

"Yes," I agreed. "Thank you. I find your strength, and your good sense, to be very comforting. I'll try to match your strength, but..." I couldn't continue.

"Let's have a cup of tea," she offered, breaking the heavy mood.

"Thank you," I said quietly.

We were silent while she arranged the cups and poured the tea, but once we were sipping the tea, she continued giving me information.

"The Marine Officer said my son's remains will arrive at the funeral home the day after tomorrow. The funeral and burial will be the following day. Everything's been arranged. Everyone's been very helpful. The Marines have been truly compassionate. He will be buried with full Military honors in a National Cemetery."

It was almost more than I could bear to hear news of such finality. But I took a deep breath and said, "It must make you proud that your son died a hero."

"It does," she sighed moodily, "yet when I look at you and see how much alike you and he were, realizing that it was inevitable that you would fall in love, I wish..." Her voice trailed off.

"Yes, me too," I agreed.

She sat up and sort of shook off her mood, saying in a rather sprightly, motherly way, "Now you must stay right here with me. No, no, I won't take 'no' for an answer. You can stay in your husband's room, and wear his things if you need extra clothes."

I was awed by her easy use of the phrase "your husband's room." From the note My Marine read at our exchange of rings in Hawaii, I knew she fully approved of our love. Now, being with her, it let me see how open and comfortable it was for her to speak of him as my husband. And of me as her "son." It was a wonderful moment for me to realize that I loved her as his mother. And a surprise to find that I loved her as my mother-in-law! It caused the tears to flow again.

"What is it?" she asked with alarm.

"I just realized that I love you," I admitted, humbly.

She embraced me and whispered, "I love you, too, son."

We separated, wiped tears away and smiled shyly at each other.

"There's something I want you to do for me tonight," she told me.

"Anything," I promised.

"I told a bunch of my son's friends that you were arriving here today," she said with a grin, "and they're insisting on taking you out for some drinks later. It'll probably be a drunken bash, like an Irish Wake, but I hope you will go."

"Well, sure, okay, if you want me to."

"They most likely think you're a Marine. I didn't say much about you other than you were my son's friend. I don't know how open about the relationship you want to be."

"Until I get out of the Military in a few weeks, I'm not going to flaunt it, but, after that, I am living out in the open. Just like your other son and I had planned."

"I smile when you say my 'other son," she admitted. "You can't know what a solace it is for me."

"If I had heard the news over the phone, I don't know how I would have reacted," I admitted, "but it probably would have been something bad. Your motherly concern is very comforting."

"Thanks, Jack," she said with a smile, "I figured it was the right thing to do." She was an amazing woman!

Just then the doorbell rang and someone opened the door and came in. It was a handsome, tall, young man.

"Oh, here's Alan, now," she said, getting up. I stood, too. "Alan, this is Jack, my son's friend."

Alan flashed a bright toothy smile, came over to me and shook my hand warmly, which I was happy to return.

"Uh... um..." he stammered, "...that's an ARMY uniform!"

"I'm in disguise," I said boldly.

My Mother-in-law laughed when she heard me say it.

"Oh," Alan blurted out, "You're IN the Army. I just assumed..." He stopped and thought about it a moment and then asked, "How'd you two guys meet?"

"We met in Hong Kong while his ship was at anchor," I said, as if that explained it all.

"Well, com'on, let's go. The guys are waiting," he said to me. Then he turned to her and asked, "Wanna come along?"

"No, no," she said through a laugh, "you boys go on and have fun." She gave us a bright smile that told me she'd be all right.

In the car, which Alan drove very slowly, he asked, "Did you know our boy was gay?"

There was something in his friendly, open, and relaxed attitude that made me think he was not a homophobe, so I replied, "Yes. From the moment I met him."

"REALLY?" he said in surprise. "No one ever took him for gay. How did you know?"

"I was on his destroyer and saw him in a shower. He saw me. Our eyes met, he got a hardon, watched a hardon snake down my pant's leg, and we became instant friends."

"Holy Shit! You're gay, too! I NEVER would have guessed," he seemed completely surprised. He paused and then said, "But you're wearing a wedding band, man."

"Yes, Alan," I said softly, "I married him in Hawaii!"

Immediately, I had to shout, "Look out!"

He had to veer to miss a parked car.

"Married!" he said with a sigh, "I'll be damned."

"We Honeymooned in Hawaii," I said quietly.

"I'll be damned," he repeated, shaking his head.

"My Mother-in-law knew all about it." I added.

"She... Good Lord... she's your mother-in-law! No wonder she found the strength to go on after hearing about his death. She's got another son! Man! This is spectacular!" He sounded completely delighted. "Man! Wait 'till the guys hear about this!"

"Well... uh... do they have to know?" I asked hesitantly.

"Why not?" he asked rather aggressively. "You ashamed of it or something?"

"No, of course not," I insisted. "It's just that, as you said, no one took him to be gay and, well, he's not here to..."

"Yeah, I said no one TOOK him to be gay, but all us guys, his friends, knew he was from early on," he explained.

"How?" I squeaked out, surprised by Alan's remarks.

"Somehow I think you already know how." He smiled at me in a sexy way. "He loved giving and getting blowjobs. No one was better at it. You probably know that, too," he said grinning.

He laughed when he saw me blush.

"He loved life. Sex was fun for him. We all loved him. But we never thought he would fall in love himself. It's amazing!" He seemed to turn pensive for a minute.

Then he looked right at me and said, "I'm glad it was you, Bro!" He paused and then added, "Thanks," quietly and sincerely.

I was very moved by his obvious acceptance of me. It seemed to lift a heavy burden off my heart.

"You knew him well, didn't you?" I asked.

"You did, too, I'm sure," he responded with a smile.

"He told me he had had lots of sex with guys and that it was fun. He said he believed he could not fall in love. Then he added, 'until I met you.'"

"Wow!" Alan said earnestly.

"Although I was a lot like him, always having lots of sex, I fell in love with him immediately. I longed to be with him forever. While we were having a marathon of sex and knew we'd have to separate, he told me we'd be together again soon, but insisted that we both get lots of sex in the meantime."

"Why?" Alan asked.

"He said we'd have even better sex when we got back together if we did. I said I didn't know how it could be better than it was with him, and he laughed and kissed me. But he was right. The sex we had later in Hawaii was even better!"

"Wow!" Alan repeated. "You're really open about this."

"I really love him," I said sadly. "My heart's broken." Tears started running down my face.

Alan pulled the car over to the side of the road, stopped, and looked at me with such compassion that it took my breath away. He held out his arms and said, "Come here, Bro. You need a hug!"

I slid into his arms and we embraced tightly. He was strong, smelled good, and was compassionate. I knew I liked him. Confident he'd be okay with it, I cried on his shoulder. After a moment or two I felt a tear drop onto the back of my exposed neck.

"My God!" I sighed, muffled by his body, "you love him, too!"

We both started to sob, unashamedly.

Just then the driver's side window was tapped. A Police Officer was standing there looking annoyed. Alan put the window down.

"Just what the hell are you two doin'?" the officer asked with a snarl.

"Our brother was killed in action. We're burying him as a Marine hero in three days. Our sorrow is so..."

"Oh, Jesus, boys! I'm sorry to hear that," the officer said with a compassionate expression and a softened voice. "Where're ya headed?"

Alan gave him an address and the officer said, "Com'on, Lads, an' I'll be givin' ya a Police escort. Okay?" He smiled nicely.

"Thank you, Officer," Alan said politely and wiped away his tears.

With red lights flashing, but no siren blasting, we arrived at the address in no time flat. The good Officer waved a friendly goodbye.

We entered the large vestibule of a Southern California mansion. A voice from a huge living room called out, "Hey, Alan's here," and a handsome young man came out. He stopped in his tracks. "Who's that?" he demanded. I could see why he'd be a friend of my Marine.

"This is Jack, man," Alan told him, "the friend we've been hearing about."

"I thought he was a Marine!"

"Jack, this is Gabe..."

Before Alan could go on, Gabe rushed over to me and shook my hand eagerly, a big smile on his face.

"He's married..." Alan paused, "...to a Marine!" He put a special spin on the word "Marine."

"A Marine?" Gabe asked thinking about it. He looked me over. He looked at my ring finger. He looked at Alan, who kept still. He thought it over. He looked me in the eye and said suddenly, "NO WAY!!!!" with such emphasis on each word that it made me laugh.

Gabe rushed at me, making me think he was going to attack so I tensed, but instead he grabbed me in a big bear hug and lifted me off my feet, while shouting, "This is the greatest news I've ever heard! Oh, Bro, Thank God he found you to love! Thank you for loving him!" And, with that, he kissed me on the lips!

Well, you know me. I fuckin' kissed him right back! I felt myself getting hard in my trousers. More interestingly, I felt him getting aroused in his tennis shorts.

"Ah hem," Alan grunted after a long moment of observing us.

We looked at him.

"Uh, boys? Whacha doin'?"

"Well, I don't know about you, Alan," Gabe declared, "but I find myself falling in love with this guy! If our Marine wanted to marry him, there has to be something very right about him, to my way of thinking."

"Well, yeah, but I saw him first," Alan said, sounding like a petulant child.

I laughed out loud, broke the strangle hold Gabe had on me, and told them, "Fellows, fellows, if I'm anything like your friend, and I know I am, you know there's enough of me to go around!"

Their mouths dropped open.

"You won't have to fight over me, that's for sure!" I admitted.

Gabe exclaimed, "Holy shit!" at the same instant that Alan announced, "Fuck, he IS one of us!"

"Who's one of us?" a masculine voice asked as another handsome man came into the room.

Hmm, I thought to myself. This is getting interesting.

So this is the end of the MY MARINE HUNK series. He has never left my thoughts and my love for him is as strong today as the day he said "I love you," to my back as I went to get out of the limo and told him, "I love you." And I still do.

I wanted to share this episode in my life with you for many reasons. First of all, I want men to know that a strong bond of love is not only possible but it happens every day! You have to be ready for it, open to it, and be a loving person yourself. It's not hard to do. Trust comes easily when you are trustful yourself. Love follows as easily.

Secondly, I wanted to read about my love myself, even though it usually leaves me in tears. It was good to be strong, open, young, and in love. I like reading about it.

Also, I want to explain why I never mentioned my Marine's name, nor his mother's name. I am not easy to anger, but I would be furious if some homophobic asshole would learn his name, find his honorable gravesite and desecrate it. This may seem like an unlikely worry, but, unfortunately, it is not. You know I'm right.

The names used in this series all come from the names of readers who leave comments on my stories, as my way of saying I appreciate their interest and support.


Jack Sofelot


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