Part 1 - My Marine Hunk

'Wait right here,' the Chief Petty Officer whispered. 'Right here' was a narrow passageway aboard a US Navy destroyer sitting at anchor in Hong Kong harbor. 'Right here' was also exactly at the entry of a head, and showering, not ten feet from me, was a naked man in a narrow, curtain-less stall. He had a powerful body, gleaming in the bright lights of the room, with muscles so well defined and so finely sculpted I figured he had just finished working out. The sight of him was both unexpected and stunning. I tried not to stare, but he was so sexy, as he danced under the water spray, turning and soaping his magnificent, perfectly proportioned body, I couldn't force myself to look away.

His eyes caught mine as he turned towards me. The contact held for what seemed an eternity. I wanted to turn away, shift my gaze, feign good behavior and disinterest, but I could not. He simply was too handsome to insult with pretended indifference. Eye contact was finally broken when he shifted his hands to his crotch, drawing my eyes down by the movement. He began fondling a huge cock! It looked uncut, but he skinned it back, revealing a shiny red cockhead of giant helmet-shaped proportions, and began a lathering massage of the mammoth tube. It was mesmerizing. I watched that extraordinary cock enlarge in mouth-watering display, causing a reciprocal reaction in my own groin, which he could plainly see as my cock engorged with matching rapidity inside my form-fitting tan slacks. His two-handed masturbating massage was awesome as his oversized ballsac bounced erotically beneath the expanding dick.

I glanced at his face, feeling my own face flush with excitement, and wondered what he'd do next. He winked! I grinned.

'How're ya doin'?' he asked in a sexy, low voice. He smiled, playing with himself openly, breathtakingly.

'Better, now,' I answered with a grin. 'How are you doing?'

'Much better, now,' he replied with a toothy smile. His erection was almost complete. It was astonishing: one of the largest I've ever seen. He was jacking the big thing boldly, showing it off proudly. His big balls were squirming in response to his intimate fondling.

'It's a great...' I paused, looked down directly at his amazing cock, and then back up into his eyes, ',' I finally said.

'Ya like it?' he asked.

'I love it!' I said sincerely. We both knew what we were talking about.

His smile grew. He drew himself up, even taller, expanding his chest, preening for me, thrusting out his hips, drawing one hand down to the base of that fantastic cock and pointing it out at me, lasciviously. Then he asked, quietly, invitingly, excitingly, 'Want some?' He looked at me, then down at his big cock, then back at me, making the offer absolutely clear.

The question sent waves of lust pounding throughout my abdomen, making me feel like I'd been hit in the stomach by a fist. My eyes opened wide with interest, but before I could reply, I heard someone coming down the passageway towards me. I turned my head to see the chief returning. He was grinning. I quickly turned back to look at the bather. He had watched my movements and, knowing instinctively that someone was coming, had shifted to hide his arousal and was now looking over his shoulder at me. 'See ya around,' he whispered, and he winked at me again. I said, quietly but fervently, 'Oh, I hope so!' He gave me a heart-melting smile.

The Chief reached me a moment later. He pushed his head past me and looked into the showers to discover what I had been staring at. He pulled back, grabbed me by the elbow, leading me down the passageway, and whispered, 'He's the sexiest marine on the ship!'

A Marine! I thought to myself.

* * * * *

How I'd come to be aboard this compact naval vessel is a tale in itself. I was a nineteen-year-old soldier on leave in Hong Kong. An Air Force operations officer I'd met had helped me arrange the no-cost trip to Hong Kong aboard a military aircraft - they called it 'taking a hop' - and he had told me how to arrange the return 'hop' back to my Post.

On my first evening in Hong Kong, I was in a bar populated mostly by American sailors, many of them in uniform. I wore civvies. I easily struck up a conversation with a really good-looking white-uniformed seaman, about my age, whose name was Bill, and in short order we were joined by that Chief Petty Officer. That's how we met - in that bar. The Chief was in uniform, too.

We had a couple of drinks together, talking and laughing. Sexual innuendo kept sneaking into the conversation, and I was convinced they were on the make, so I did what I could to fan the flames of their interest. Somehow the conversation turned to blowjobs and the three of us agreed that American men knew how to give the best blowjobs.

The Chief asked if I could do them a favor.

'Sure,' I said without hesitation. 'What can I do?'

'How about comin' back to our hotel room and spendin' the night with us?' His expression was one of lust, his intentions unmistakable.

I looked at Bill. He looked equally lustful. 'Shit, that's a great idea!' he said enthusiastically, adding, 'I'm so horny!'

'Well... I mean...' I stammered, wondering how I could handle this without shouting out 'YES!' After a dramatic hesitation, I said, '...we gotta help each other out, right?'

'Wow!' Bill exclaimed excitedly, 'I'm gettin' a boner! I had a feeling about this the moment I laid eyes on you, man. You're so sexy I know we won't be disappointed.'

'Let's drink up and get the fuck out of here,' the Chief growled.

Now, what happened that night was wild. Bill and the Chief were both well endowed and proved insatiable. I've got it all written down, but the details will have to wait for another time.  I had asked the Chief if he knew a Paymaster and the next morning, the Chief stopped with me at my hotel where I picked up my Military pay records, and he took me out to his destroyer. I just wanted to make clear how I came to be aboard a destroyer. I'm anxious to continue this recollection of the Marine. He's at the heart of this memory.

* * * * *

So, there I was, on that destroyer, with an obvious erection extending down my trouser leg, standing in front of the Paymaster. That Marine had so completely turned me on, and the Chief had whisked me down to the paymaster's office so fast, I had had no time to concentrate on its deflation.

The office was cramped, as I suspect was everything on the compact fighting ship. The Chief had introduced us and then disappeared. The officer very leisurely filled out the forms for my money as I stood in front of him. My erection refused to deflate because it was tweaked, now and again, over and over, by his more and more overt glances at it.

As he finally stood and handed me the money and returned my pay records, he said, in a fatherly manner, 'As I hand out script to our men, when we're in ports like here in Hong Kong, I always say, 'Keep it in your pants.' It's good advice.' He smiled.

'Thanks,' I said smiling back at him, 'but sometimes it's just too hard to follow good advice.'

He laughed. 'Well, my only other piece of advice, then, is, 'Don't do anything I wouldn't do!''

'Okay,' I said laughing with him, 'but I sure hope that's a very short list.'

Grinning, he asked, 'Need someone to show you the way out?'

'No, I'll be all right. And, thank you, Sir.' I backed out. As I went down the passageway, I heard a shower running and couldn't stop myself from looking in. A slim, cute, young sailor was facing the doorway, naked, alone in that same shower stall and I couldn't help being disappointed. But as the guy saw me looking in, he took a bold glance at my still bulging crotch. He gave me a sexy smile, waved and asked, 'How're ya doin', man?' completely unembarrassed by his nudity, which is normal in the military, but also seeming even prideful of it, almost like he was strutting in place for me, showing off his sexy, naked body.

I smiled, waved back and said, 'Great! How about you?'

'Hot and horny, man,' he said with a grin, sliding a hand down into his crotch and grabbing his balls, sort of flaunting his assets at me, 'Hot and horny!'

'Yeah,' I agreed, flashing him a friendly smile, 'Ain't we all!'

* * * * *

On the motorized launch ride back to the pier, I felt both pleased and agitated. I had taken voyeuristic pleasure in the sexy marine, but was worried I'd never see him again, because I wanted to see him again so very badly.

As I climbed up onto the dock, there he was! He was leaning casually against a waist-high stone wall, in profile to me, his buttocks pressed against the wall, one knee bent and his foot up on the wall, about mid-calf high. His arms were folded across his broad chest, and his biceps looked massive in his short sleeved cotton shirt. He wore a pair of tan slacks, very much like my own. He was a study in handsome good looks and muscular perfection. My whole body churned with longing for him.

His head raised slightly in an almost imperceptible nod when he saw me looking at him. It was such a minuscule gesture of recognition that I wondered what to make of it. Was he just acknowledging my presence, or was he saying 'Hi' in a very subtle way? Was it possible that he was waiting for me? No! That was too good to be true.

Feeling very self-conscious, I walked directly over to him. 'Hi,' I said quietly.

'I figured you'd show up here, soon enough,' he said with a grin.

'You did?' My face lit up with delight. He was waiting for me!

'Sure, I knew you didn't belong on that can out there.'

'How did you know I'd be back here so soon?'

'Hey, I asked the Chief. I saw that you were with him.'

'What did he tell you?' I asked, my heart in my throat. You just never know what people will say about you.

'He said you'd be back here on the next launch after the one I took, and if I played my cards right, you'd show me a real good time.' He paused. 'Now, just what do you suppose he meant by that?' he asked, and then he laughed. It was one of those infectious laughs that grow up from the belly and tickle anyone nearby. I joined in happily. He took my arm, and said, 'Com'on. There's something I want you to take a close look at. You were standing too far away from it, this morning.'

As I strode beside this vision of a perfect man, unaware of my feet even touching the ground, I wondered excitedly what making out with him was going to be like.

We walked into what looked to be a cheap, slum-like, nondescript flophouse on the outside, but what turned out to have a clean, attractive sitting room for a lobby.

'G'mornin', Mr. Charlie,' the desk clerk greeted my friend in singsong, heavily accented English, 'Welcome back!'

His name is Charlie, I said to myself, and he's been here before.

'Oh! Hi, Chung,' he said casually, 'Give us a good room.'

'Got nice big bed. You see. Very comfortable for two,' Chung told him with a big grin. 'How long you stay for?'

I was waiting there next to the big Marine, wondering just what kind of a 'hotel' this place was, when he turned to look at me. With bold theatrical gestures, leaning way back to look at my ass; bending around to look at my crotch; looking me up and down as though sizing me up; and finally looking me in the face with great seriousness; he paused dramatically and then said, audaciously, 'I'd say, about three weeks!'

Chung burst into a fit of giggles. A twinkle appeared in the Marine's eye, and we both started laughing.

'I think so,' Chung said. 'This one good for three weeks. And when you finished, maybe he stay with me for three weeks.' Then he giggled some more, as the Marine joined him in laughter.

Yes, my Marine had stayed here before. With men! I might have felt uncomfortable, like a handy piece of meat, but since he and the clerk acted like old pals, their obvious friendliness and casual banter put me at ease.

'I'll pay for all day,' my Marine told Chung, 'and send up some lunch in about two hours. Okay?' He handed the clerk some local paper money.

'Ah! All day! That long time for you, Mr. Charlie! Very good. Lunch later. Okay.' The clerk handed us a key and smiled broadly right at me. I gave him a friendly smile in return, wondering why I didn't feel at all self-conscious. After all, this guy knew exactly what the two of us would be doing in his 'big bed.' But then I realized I'd just met my first Oriental soul mate.

'Is your name Charlie?' I asked as we were climbing several fights of stairs. I noticed that everything was very clean.

'Naw, he calls everybody Charlie.'

'What is it?' I asked quietly.

He stopped, two steps above me, and looked down. I stopped. God, he was so handsome!

'Come up here,' he said softly.

I stepped up, level with him as he slid a hand around my waist and pulled me into his strong body. With lips close enough to kiss, he whispered, 'Hello!' His eyes burned into mine.

'Oh!' I said, just before his lips settled gently against mine. I kissed him! His crotch pushed against me and I felt the stirrings of his arousal through the thin material we both wore. He could no doubt feel the rapid response in my crotch as he pressed against it, while returning the kiss. The kiss grew more and more complex, more demanding and more giving, more yielding and more insistent, more heartfelt and more loving. Both of us grew rigidly erect hardons that pressed against each other, side by side. I slowly opened my lips and sucked his tongue into my mouth. It pushed in forcefully, slashing against the roof of my mouth and sending lightening bolts of erotic currents throughout my entire body, causing me to vibrate with passion. Our tongues toyed with each other, testing strengths, tasting heavenly fluids, tickling each other. And then his strong mouth sucked his tongue, and mine, into his mouth and the cycle renewed with different tastes and wonderful sensations. My tongue strongly swiped at his palate and I felt his body tremble with pleasure. His mouth was everything I had ever wished for: hot, clean, tasty and inviting. He groaned softly, emanating vibrations onto my tongue. I moaned with lustful passion.

We slowly separated. I opened my eyes. His face was rapturous. His eyes burned into my very being. 'I... I...' he stammered.

'Yes?' I whispered.

'I didn't think I could fall in love!'

'Yes!' I hissed with overwhelming fulfillment.

'Do you feel it, too?' he wanted to know.

'From the instant I saw you in the shower!'

'Yes! I felt it, then, too.'

'I saw it in your eyes,' I told him.

'Yes! I saw it in your eyes.'

'And in your body, too,' I added.

'There, too. And I saw it in your body as you looked at me.'

We stared at one another silently for a moment.

'I...' I was hesitant, not from fear but from excitement. 'I love you!' I whispered honestly, lost in his loving expression.

'Yes!' he sighed, triumphantly, and bent his head towards mine as we melted together into such a passionate kiss that I expected to ejaculate right there on those rickety old stairs. As if reading my mind, he broke the kiss and in a husky whisper asked, 'Think we'll make it up to the room before we come?' Then he chuckled softly, in a knowing and caring way.

The intensity of the moment was broken. He was rubbing my back and ass briskly with both hands as we held the tight embrace. 'Man, you feel so good, I want to eat you up! Let's go to bed!'

'Yes. Bed!' was all I could say, I was so elated. My arms were around his strong body and it was only with great reluctance that I let go, dropping my hands to my sides. He took one of my hands in his and led me up the stairs to our room.

At that point, I didn't care what the room would be like, but when he opened the door, I was surprised. The room was sunny, well decorated and inviting, large and clean, with a giant double bed in the center of the long wall in front of us, and I saw us standing there, reflected in a three-foot high mirror that was the bed's headboard.

'This room was made for fuckin' around in,' I blurted out without thinking.

'Damn right!' he said agreeably, pulling me into the room with the hand he held. 'And I think that's just exactly what we should do. What do you say?' He looked at me questioningly.


He laughed and grabbed me again around the waist and pulled me into himself. His strong body felt wonderful against mine, and then I realized he must feel the same about mine. After all, I was in great shape, too.

He stretched out a hand and pushed the door shut. Still holding me tightly, he whispered, 'If you want it dark in here, we can pull the blinds.' His tone gave no indication of his preference, so I knew he was allowing me to make the decision.

'Oh! No! Please. I want to see everything!'

'Perfect,' he sighed. 'So do I!'

Boldly, without invitation, I began unbuttoning his shirt. He smiled, dropping his hands, taking a step back, and letting me have free access for the removal of all of his clothes. Although I'd seen him naked and gleaming in the shower, I wasn't really prepared for the impact his aura of perfection had on me. Unveiling such a treasure remains to this day one of the most memorable sexual highlights of my life.

I put his shirt on the back of a chair, knelt before him and removed his shoes and socks, and then, still kneeling, unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. Like me, he wasn't wearing underpants, and immediately his stunning, rampant, stalwart cock came into view, vibrating with lust. Staring at it, swaying slightly as he raised one foot, then the other, as I removed his pants, I saw that he was right. I had been too far away from it when I saw it in the showers. Up close, it was even more breathtaking. My first perception had been that it was uncut. But now, up close and in full engorgement, I saw that, like my own, although cut, it retained a generous amount of foreskin which was fully drawn back beneath the very wide, full curved flanges of the thick cockhead. Like mine, the skin would move easily when drawn up and down the very thick shaft, making it a perfect tool for jacking and sucking, and for fucking.

I happened to glance at the mirror and was struck by the sight. I saw my head and upper body in front of his profiled nude body, the huge cock standing tall before my face. A wave of carnal pleasure surged through me as I realized this man was as eager to make love as I was.

His eyes caught mine in the mirror. His expression took my breath away. 'Wow!' he sighed, 'you look so sexy down there, like worshiping me. Why don't you strip off your clothes and let's start, naked, like this? Okay? I'd really like to feel your mouth on my meat.'

Wordlessly I removed my shirt as I rose in agreement and undressed for him. His eyes never left my body as I quickly stripped off my shoes, socks and pants. I was standing nude, inches from him. My cock was as stiff as I can remember it ever being. It glowed in the sunny lighting of the big room.

'It's taking all my effort to keep from grabbing you, but kneel, again,' he demanded breathlessly.

It was easy for me to comply. It was what I wanted to do. As I went down, I slid a hand onto his muscular thigh. The flawless flesh felt firm and strong, the skin smooth and hot! He hissed with pleasure as my hand slid upwards until my fingers touched his balls. His sac churned with delight and tightened into such crinkled, thick, richly patterned skin that I knew he was ready for an orgasm and hadn't had one in a while, maybe at least a day. It told me he was hot! It told me he was horny!

My hand wrapped itself around the oversized nutsac and toyed with it, tugging and rubbing. I love balls and their sacs! This sac was hairless, full and responsive, alive with sensations, and stuffed to overflowing with two jumbo testicles. He groaned with pleasure as I played with them, and as my other hand grabbed his stiff erection at mid-organ, tugging on it, testing its strengths. As I knew it would, the skin moved smoothly on the giant shaft. The cock was so beautiful, and feeling him in my hands was so fulfilling, that I could have jacked him off to orgasm right then and there without any effort, watching up close, like this, as I played with it. That would give great joy. But I knew we both wanted more than that. He wanted me to suck his cock. And I wanted to suck his cock. So that's what I did! I pointed the long weapon at my mouth and suddenly lapped at it, lashing my flattened tongue across the fat cockhead while looking up at him. His eyes opened wide as he saw my lascivious movement and felt the heat of my tongue on his meat.

'Yeah,' he sighed, 'suck my cock, man!' He humped his hips at me, poking the long cock into my lips. I opened my mouth to his assault. A giant-sized cockhead forced its way between my lips and into my mouth. I loved it! I sucked with all my might, causing him to groan, tug back, and thrust forward hard, sending more of the huge cock into me. I took it, gratefully. Sensing I could handle it, he humped again, and again, and again, and again, each time getting more of it into me. I worked with him, sliding my hands onto his buttocks and pulling him into me forcefully, letting him know I could take everything he could feed me. Letting him know that he didn't have to hold back for fear I'd choke on this big dick of his.

I caught a quick glimpse of myself in the mirror. What a sight! With more than half of the long tube disappearing into my wide-stretched mouth, much of it obviously already in my throat, I looked like the classic cocksucker on his knees in front of a perfect specimen of extremely well-endowed young male. The sight thrilled me to the core. I was exactly where I had hoped to be, with exactly the cock I wanted to suck, deep in my mouth, now, and fighting to get in even deeper. I loved it!

His eyes caught and held mine in the mirror. 'Ooh! You look fine down there. Look at you suck my big dick!' he whispered excitedly. 'Oomph!' he grunted, jabbing his hips and forcing more of the cock into me, 'take this cock, man. Oomph! Take it all the way! Man, what a sight!'

He was serious! He wanted in! So we began really working together, him humping, me bobbing, all the time watching ourselves and our progress as that mammoth spear slowly sank itself deeper and deeper into my throat until it had gone deeper than any other ever has. Until it was in all the way. Until cockhair surrounded my strained upper lip and balls cradled my stretched lower lip, while my nose flattened against bone and my forehead pressed tightly against solid abdominal wall. Until I could no longer see myself in the mirror because I was so completely close to his magnificent body, almost becoming a part of it.

'Oh, God!' he cried out. 'Look at that! When I told you I wanted you to take a close look, this is exactly what I had in mind, but I didn't think you could take it. No one ever has, before. This is fantastic! Look how deeply I've entered you! Fuck, I can feel you on every inch of my meat! It feels incredible! I feel my balls at your lip, against your chin! This is much better than I had dreamed!'

I felt great! It had been necessary to rise up into a half-squat to be able to accommodate such a huge weapon, in order to get all of it down my throat, but I had done it. Now, I began an ideal deep-throated blowjob, putting all my skills to work, bobbing and sucking, swallowing and tongue twirling, making love to his cock. To him! My hands caressed every reachable part of his body, toying with his hard nipples, rubbing his pecs, massaging his buttocks and the backs of his thighs, as I luxuriated in the feel of him and his sexual responsiveness. It lasted an exquisitely long time, but when I rewrapped my hand around his balls and tugged, his entire body stiffened.

'Oh! Man! This is the best blowjob I've ever had! I don't want it to end. But that's got it! Touchin' my balls has put me over the top, man. I'm gonna shoot my load!' The warning wasn't necessary. I knew he was ready to explode. I kept right on working his meat as hard as I could, trying to work up higher and higher on the long tube, but then he ejaculated! Jism sizzled in my throat till I swallowed. I was able to get his cockhead into my mouth for the next explosion, and was so filled with semen that I thought I'd drown. Some of the heavenly liquid was forced up my nose. I swallowed. Immediately, my mouth was refilled with his thick, hot, delicious fluid. To me, it was the best tasting cum I've ever had - the elixir of perfect manhood! I savored its flavor and texture, its heat and syrupy almost ropy thickness, its odor and taste. I was in ecstasy, diving down again to the base. Of all my sexual memories, this moment of his first orgasm into my mouth, with his strong-statured, wide-legged stance with his balls pressed against my chin, his hip thrusting lunges, his gasps for air, his grasps on my shoulders, as he pumped his love into me, will always remain among the strongest and most vivid. And, perhaps not too surprisingly, as I closed my eyes with enjoyment, the picture of him naked in that shower danced in my mind. I was ecstatic!

As his volumes reduced, I sucked the long tube into my throat and drew out every remaining droplet of cum. We remained in that position for a long, long moment - until I had to come up for air.

'Oh, fuck, man, you can really handle cock! That's the best blowjob I've ever had,' he repeated with sincerity, 'and, I'll tell you, I've had more than my fair share of blowjobs.' His still hard cock remained in my mouth, but I just held it there without sucking, knowing it was extremely sensitive after such a complete orgasm.

'How do you feel?' he asked solicitously, tugging the cock out.

'I'm ready to burst!' I told him excitedly. 'This is the best experience of my life!'

'Come here,' he said, gently, and reached down and straightened me up. He saw how vibrant with passion my cock was. It was ready. We both knew it.

'It was difficult for me to hold back,' I told him, honestly. 'I almost shot all over your legs as you came in my mouth.'

'Wow, that's nice. I'm glad you held back for me. I'm very choosy, and seldom reciprocate, but with a guy as handsome as you are, and with a cock that looks as good as yours does, and is so big, I don't mind goin' down on it at all. But let me suggest that you lie on the bed. Okay? You can watch the action in the mirror, up close. Wanna do that?'

'Oh! Yes!' I sighed, and we moved onto the bed together, his hands guiding me and caressing me at the same time. I lay on my back parallel to the mirror, and he knelt next to me, near my shoulder. I was looking up into his crotch. His erection had hardly deflated at all. His scrotum, too, still looked fresh and ready. It pleased me to realize that he was not one of those come and leave kind of one-time guys. And neither am I.

Right away, his technique was better than any other I've ever known. He leaned in from my shoulder, leaning down towards my crotch, grabbing my erection in one hand and sliding his mouth over the crown with no hesitation, instead of getting in between my legs from below as most men would do. This gave him better angles to handle my cock. As I saw his handsome face devour it, and felt the pressures he exerted immediately, I was struck with overwhelming emotion. Here was a man who knew how to please another man. Here was a man who liked cock just as much as I did. Here was a man who could enjoy himself without embarrassment as he sucked my cock. Here was a man who loved what he was doing and did it right, just as I do. I appreciated how rare that is. My love for him grew.

I was looking down my body as my cock began to disappear, but movement at my side caught my eye and I looked into the mirror. The completely different view of what I'd been looking at was breathtaking. I saw his whole body over me. I saw how aroused he was and how aroused I was. His head was going forward and back as more and more of my cock was taken into his throat. I hadn't expected this. The scene caused such reactions in me that I almost came. But I did not want to reduce his enjoyment. He wasn't choking or gagging, and he had me in way past the point that most men do gag and choke. It dawned on me that, like myself, he must feel that to get a deep-throating blowjob you must be able to give one. And he was as good as I am.

'Fuck! Look at that!' I groaned uncontrollably. He was able to shift his head sufficiently to catch my eye in the mirror. He raised and lowered his eyebrows indicating his enjoyment.

'God, you do that so well! It feels so terrific, I want to come, but I also want to hold back, letting you get all you need.'

He winked, then shifted his hips and tapped me on the temple with his cock. I turned my head to see the giant cockhead less than an inch from my eyes. I raised my mouth, as he eased the cock forward, and I engulfed the entire cock. At that moment, feeling his dickhead swell in my mouth, I reached climax! It made me suck frantically as my body stiffened and my guts tightened, and then I pumped what felt like a gallon of cum into his hot, suctioning, demanding, unrelenting mouth. Jolt after jolt after jolt of orgasmic bliss rocked my entire body. With his cock in my mouth, I spurted my love-juice into his mouth! It was unforgettable!

Slowly, he pulled himself back up to his knees. He was careful to tug his cock gently from my mouth. He was looking down at me. As I looked up, past his muscular belly and chest, past his thick neck, square jaw, sexy mouth, and straight nose, into those piercing eyes of his, I saw that he loved me. He saw that I loved him. His cock had popped out of my mouth and stiffened straight up above me. God, it was a great cock! It looked completely reinvigorated.

Once again as if reading my mind, he said, 'Drinkin' your cum has got me all hard, again. See? See my big hard-on?'

I lay there, beneath him, looking up at his balls, his cock, his magnificent body, and I writhed with passion. 'Wha'cha gonna do with that big hard-on?' I asked teasingly.

'There's a jar of Tiger Balm on the table, here,' he said, holding his breath expectantly.

'Oh? What's it used for?'

'Some guys use it as a jack-off cream. It makes your dick nice and hard and you don't shoot off right away.'

'Hand me the jar,' I requested. It wasn't out of his reach, so he leaned over and grabbed a small wooden jar, handing it to me. I opened it and smelled the pleasant ointment it contained. It was like pomade, thick and rich looking. I smiled up at him as I scooped some of the ointment out onto my finger. He grinned. I think he knew exactly what I'd ask him next. 'What do you use it for?'

Before he could answer, I reached up and smeared the ointment onto his cock, and then I used my fist to spread the cream over his cockhead and down the shaft. As I did it, delighting in the torrid touch, his cock swelled and gleamed, becoming very rigid and beautiful. He watched from above as I watched from below. It was a moment of great arousal for both of us. I continued massaging the cream onto his pulsating, mammoth shaft until he whispered, huskily, 'It's the perfect lube for fucking!'

My hand slid easily to the base of his erection and I pointed it outward slightly. It was so large that it almost blocked our view of each other. 'And this is an instrument for fucking, isn't it?' I asked.

'I haven't met many men who can handle it. Do you think you want to try?' he asked in a tension filled voice.

I removed my hand from his cock. It sprang back to rigidity. I scooped some more ointment out and smeared it lovingly on my own erection. He watched, fascinated, even a bit puzzled. I said, 'I love to jack off as I get fucked. Don't you?'

He grinned. 'Damn, you're sexy! You sure you want me to plug your ass?' He looked very excited. He was already walking on his knees down alongside of my body. His cock hardly wavered with his motions it was so stiff.

'I'm sure I want you to fuck me,' I said, spreading my legs apart.

'From the front?!' he asked in a voice filled with amazement.

'It's the most intimate way, isn't it?'

'I love it that way, but no one ever lets me do it like this.' He raised my right leg in the air after crawling over to get between them. Then he raised my left leg, holding them both in a wide 'V.' With his muscular arms spread wide, his torso between my legs, and his erection standing boldly ready like a huge flagpole, he looked at me with great tenderness. 'I'm all set,' he whispered. He presented one of the sexiest pictures of turned-on masculinity I have even seen.

'I'll help,' I said, scrunching my body down, raising my hips, and reaching down to grab his now sticky column. I pushed it down, with difficulty, to aim it at my hole. He flexed his hips and adjusted to the angle of penetration. 'Let me do the work,' I cautioned, distractedly. Then I glanced up into his face. Bliss was written all over it. This is really what he wanted to be doing.

I held the giant cockhead against my asshole for a long while. At first he looked puzzled, but then realized that I was heating the ointment with my body, making it slipperier, while slowly adjusting my own tissues to prepare for the onslaught of such a humongous fuck-stick. His ability and willingness to withhold forcefulness was admirable. I was glad I'd been able to give him a blowjob, thereby taking the edge off his lustiness.

In this position, I was able to wiggle and rotate my ass against the ramrod that was his cock, and very slowly I opened up to him. The tightness of the whole area squeezed his cockhead, making the tip smaller, and it partially entered. The heat inside me then caused the cockhead to re-expand to even larger size and that too helped allow a bit more cock to enter me. A sort of "squeeze-then-expand" routine helped draw in more and more cock, until finally, as I shifted into him, the entire cockhead popped in and was captured by my clenching sphincter and ass muscles.

His eyes opened wide. 'It's in!' he said excitedly.

'Just the head,' I said through pants of rapid breathing. This was a gigantic cock. It was hitting the extremes of what I was able to withstand. He could see beads of sweat break out on my forehead and neck, and he saw the strain my entire body was under. As he was looking down at my cock in a moment of admiration, I said, through clenched teeth, 'It would be easier for both of us if I lost this fuckin' erection.'

'Yeah, it would. How come it's still so hard? Every guy I've ever tried to fuck lost his hard-on. Why haven't you?'

'Because I'm in seventh heaven! Because I want you inside of me! I want you inside of me bad. All of you! I want you inside of me to enjoy this, and to fuck the shit out of me, too. It may take us a while to get there, but we're gonna enjoy this fuck!'

'I'll tell you, it's been taking every ounce of self-control I've got to keep from getting all excited and taking charge, man,' he admitted, breathing with difficulty, himself. 'I see you sure know what you're doin', so I'll behave myself, but this is already a great fuck for me. You're hotter than anything I've ever felt. You're tighter than anything I could imagine. You're sexier than anyone I've ever met!'

I had been trying to get my rectum to relax and allow further penetration, dizzy with concentration, but on hearing his words I looked up into his eyes. He was as frazzled with concentration as I was. I smiled. His eyes focused on me, then, and he smiled back. Suddenly, his expression relaxed as I felt mine relaxing. We had both been trying too hard. Amazingly, as we looked at one another, a good six inches of his dick slid smoothly into my bottom. My eyes crossed, I think, when the big organ directly massaged my prostate gland as the cockhead slid by, because he sighed, 'Geez, you like this!' I strained to look down at the connection. 'Man! Look how far in you've gone!'

He glanced down immediately, looked at the amazing penetration, and said, 'Wow!' He looked into my eyes. His were bright with exhilaration. 'We're doin' it, now, man!' His face glowed as he gave me a full-toothed smile. I was able to relax even further. Pains from the assault were endurable and would subside, I knew from experience. Relaxing would be important to our mutual pleasures. Now, I would let him take over for a while and allow him to develop the fuck at his own pace. Words weren't necessary. He took charge. Not heedlessly, ruining what we had so carefully built, but patiently, knowingly, with the skill of a true craftsman, a genuine butt-fucker. He pushed my legs, which he was holding near my ankles, further forward towards my head, which rolled my ass upwards, giving him an easier angle. The movement caused another inch or two to penetrate. I remained calm. Each further penetration, widening my ass-lips even more, caused problems for me, but I ignored them. Some pain was small price to pay for later rewards. And the rewards were coming, I knew that for sure.

He glanced at the mirror and his eyes widened. 'Look!' he sighed, huskily. The sight was something to see! As we watched a phenomenal scene of breathtaking carnality, his cock began to slide slowly forwards into the stretched dark crevice that was my asshole. As we watched, with sweat now breaking out on his forehead, the long connector made its final plunge into me until it disappeared completely. All we could see was his crop of fine pubic hair gleaming in the bright sunshine of the room, some of it tickling my scrotum. He was in! In all the way!

'Oh, God! Oh, God!' he sighed, breathlessly. 'Look! I'm in to the root, man! In all the way! In to the fuckin' bone! Oh Fuck! Look at this.' He said it with such excitement that I wondered if it had ever happened to him before, but before I could ask, he added, 'I've never felt such sensations on my cock! You seem to be just lying there, but your insides are doin' something to my dick. Suckin' it, or squeezing it, or something, man. It feels incredible!'

I gave a slight rotation to my hips. Waves of pleasure passed across his face. I pulled in my stomach and pulled back a bit, tugging against his cock. Again, I could read his pleasure in his expressive face. As I continued, grabbing some of the control of the fuck from him, beginning to show him how a well trained ass can really pleasure a man, lengthening the small strokes and moving erotically, I watched his expression change to all out craving. He wanted this. He loved this! Suddenly, he humped his slightly withdrawn cock back into me hard. Pile-driving it into me; slamming his meaty thighs up hard against me, measuring my reaction with narrowed eyes.

'That felt good,' I told him, so he did it again. Withdrew further, and did it again. Even further, and again, harder! Again, and harder! Again and harder! Out further yet and harder! And harder! And harder, until he was fucking like a machine! Until I was meeting each hard thrust with counter-thrusts of my own, so that the combinations shook us both and rattled the fucking furniture.

He slipped my calves onto his shoulders, fell forward with his outstretched hands near my shoulders holding himself up, his chest pushing against the backs of my thighs, rocked my ass further upward as he slid his legs straight out behind himself, and, his whole body stiff, he really began to fuck me!

His face was about a foot above mine. We were locked into each other's eyes, serious now, going for the prize. I broke the eye contact to glance at the mirror. The sight of him fucking me was incredible, indelibly burning itself into my memory, as he knifed his body into a long 'L' shape, and then humped that huge cock back into my ass. His pile-driving ass was a magnificent sight to see - all tense muscle and keen purpose.

I looked back into his face to see that he'd been looking down at my cock. He looked up, saw that I was looking at him, and said in a husky, deep, emotion-filled voice, 'Don't you want to pump yours some? I'm about to shoot the best load of my life!'

'I'll come with you, don't worry. Right now, I trying not to shoot until you do.'

'Then here it is, babe! Here's my load!' he cried as his entire body stiffened rigidly over me with one final, big, thrust deep into me. I felt his ballsac tighten against my ass, his manroot swell at my ass-lips, and his whole cock pulsated inside of me. He was coming, and instantaneously, as he was looking down at it, my cock shot a gigantic glob of sperm right into my face. I didn't have to touch it; it came off by itself!

Cum clung to my cheek as he looked into my eyes in astonishment. At the height of his orgasm he just couldn't say anything, but my simultaneous, unassisted orgasm was probably the best gift I could have ever given him. Excitement, gratitude, and just plain lust colored his features.

We both kept coming. It seems we came more, this second orgasm for both of us, than ever before. My second shot hit my chin, but the rest of my cum landed on my chest. I could feel him unloading in my rectum. The shocks and after-shocks lasted an amazingly long time for both of us.

Finally, he lowered himself onto my body, as my legs slid off to the sides. I could feel his heart pounding. So was mine. But, interestingly enough, his long erection did not fully leave my ass. A good length of it remained in me, and remained hard. I was impressed! And the weight of his strong body, pressing against my dick, kept it hard, too.

We lay like that for an endless, perfect time, my hands lightly, absently, caressing the flesh of his muscular back. Our hearts stopped pounding. Breathing returned back to normal. Most of my senses returned. The strong smell of semen increased our bliss, and its sticky texture cemented us together. His head was beside mine, but then he raised it and looked at me. His expression was serious. He slowly, wordlessly, brought his lips to mine and he kissed me. Without exaggeration, it was the best kiss of my life! In post-orgasmic bliss, every cell in my body responded to that kiss. My nipples felt like they would burst. My balls re-tightened up against the base of my cock. My arms hugged him to me as roughly and tightly as I could make them. My cock throbbed. My asshole went crazy. It felt like it was sucking cock. It was the first time in my life that I was really aware of the independent strengths in my ass. I felt his erection revitalize in my ass during that kiss. I was thunderstruck with emotion.

He rolled his head and sighed, 'Oh, Baby!' It was said with such intensity, and he immediately rolled his head back and resumed the incredibly passionate kiss, that I didn't mind the name. In fact, I liked it. We grew even more passionate after that. Then, it became apparent that we wanted to fuck, immediately, again, but our positions weren't right. He lifted his head, smiling romantically.

'I gotta fuck ya, now!' he whispered with a hoarse voice. 'Again! I can't stop. I don't know what you've done, but I want more of it!' He looked deeply into my eyes hoping for a positive response.

'Yes! Fuck me, again!' I sighed. 'I want it! Tell me how you want to give it to me.'

'Doggie-style, in front of the mirror, so we can watch better this time,' he said with a plea in his voice. 'Okay?'

'Yeah, doggie-style,' I agreed immediately. 'Let me up.'

'Oh,' he groaned, sounding very disappointed, 'do we have to disconnect?' He was lying heavily atop me. I said, 'No, we just have to do it carefully.' And I guided our movements through an elaborate and athletic ballet. First we rolled over so that I was on top. Then I maneuvered to sit on him, as his cock became re-lodged completely up my ass as I faced him. I spun around on that amazing pole, facing his feet, and then laid back down against his body. Then, we rolled over again so he was on top, and finally I rose up onto hands and knees, lifting him with me. We had done it. We were ready.

This time he was in complete control and I loved it. Oh, I controlled my ass and hips and body, but he controlled the fuck. And what a fuck it became! He grabbed my hips and pumped away, slapped my buttocks red and kissed my back, nibbled my neck, pulled that long dick out to the extreme, even out all the way sometimes, and plowed it back in to the hilt, while we watched ourselves in the mirror. Fucking and playing at fucking at the same time. Cavorting before that mirror for our carnal pleasures. And the ointment was working. The fucking was lasting an unimaginably long time. If fact, time was the last thing we on our minds.

Suddenly, the door opened and Chung walked right into the room carrying a large try with several bottles and many covered dishes. He didn't even try to knock, and he left the door wide open.

'Oh!' he said in feigned surprise, 'you two not sleeping. You two fucking!' Then he started to giggle. But he kept his eyes on us, studying our conjoined bodies with obvious delight.

'Com'on, Chung,' my Marine said in a voice that sounded amused, 'you could at least close the fuckin' door.' But he continued his steady fucking pace, nonetheless, apparently completely unembarrassed by the intrusion. Somehow, strangely, it reminded me of the cute, naked sailor in the shower this morning who was also unembarrassed by his nudity. But this was more that just nudity. We were fucking like dogs. And we weren't stopping. Hell, we weren't even slowing down! And the strange thing is I didn't want to stop or slow down! And my erection didn't diminish.

Chung ignored the open door and set the heavy tray down on a large table by the big windows, keeping his eye on us. 'You stop fucking soon,' he instructed with giggles, 'or lunch get cold!' As he was talking, he approached the bed. He watched us for a few moments, both directly and through the mirror, and amazed me by developing an obvious erection down his white cotton pants leg. It looked like it was a big one!

I looked up into his face and he giggled, again. 'Your friend fuck good, yes?' he asked me.

'God, Chung, he fucks great! Better than anyone I've ever known.' I saw no point in anything but an honest answer.

'Oh, good. Very good! But no forget. Stop fucking soon. Eat lunch. Then fuck more. Remember. Need strength. No food - no fuck.' He giggled and headed backwards to the door, still watching us fucking.

My Marine called out, 'Thanks, Chung,' as the door closed, and he never slowed the pace. But tissues rubbing together create friction, and friction creates heat and heat will burn unless it's doused with liquid, and the operative liquid here was semen.

My Marine was coupled tightly with me, and was jacking me off with the same steady rhythm he was using to fuck me. It became clear to me that I was inexorably reaching climax.

'You're getting ready to shoot a load, again, aren't you,' he whispered.

'Oh, yes. I am,' I admitted.

'I want to come in you ass, right now,' he told me in tense tones, 'but I want you to hold off, and then come in my mouth. Can you do that for me?'

The question, itself, damn near put me over the top. Suddenly, I had to make every effort, try every technique, to prevent my orgasm, while he went crazy, pounding into me, and raising the level of his mission to the maximum. I didn't think I could last, but I knew I wanted to please him, so I knew I'd try my damnedest. As he started to pump cum into me, jarring me to my teeth, thrilling my whole being, it was almost impossible.

At the last little spurt, he popped his long cock out of me unceremoniously, flopped over onto his back next to me, almost under me, and quickly guided my leaking erection into his hot mouth. As I felt his thick lips slide over my cockhead, nerves exploded throughout my body and I started to come. By the barrel-full! Gushingly! Wonderfully! And he sucked it all up, every drop of it as we watched ourselves in that mirror.

Part 2 -  Afternoon

From two big open windows, my Marine and I had a splendid view of Hong Kong harbor as we sat eating lunch at a large table in our room. Classic Chinese cuisine, kept hot in an array of attractive covered bowls, was spread before us. We ate ravenously, sharing each different dish until everything was gone. We had been famished. Not from hard work, but from very hot sex! We had just spent over two hours making love.

Lunch had arrived in a memorable way. The clerk, a handsome young Asian named Chung, who had given us our room key, had simply barged into the room without knocking, carrying a large tray of food and drink. My Marine was fucking my ass at the time, but Chung didn't blink an eye, although he looked us over lustfully. He told us to stop fucking soon or the food would get cold. Basically, he said if we didn't take time to eat, we wouldn't find the strength to keep on fucking. It made sense. But his casual approach to finding the two of us in so compromising a position had intrigued me.

'Tell me, is this a hotel we're in?' I asked the Marine as we were eating. After all, he had brought me here, so he should know. I had seen no sign of any kind on the outside of the building.

He grinned and shook his head, looking like he was keeping a devilish secret from me.

'What is it, then?' I asked, filled with curiosity.

'A brothel!' he whispered, breathlessly, trying to surprise me.

'You're kidding! ' I couldn't believe it.

'No, honest. It's the truth,' he said very sincerely.

'Well, I didn't seen any women,' I said, naively, with a sense of having caught him fibbing.

'Not a brothel of women; a brothel of MEN. Young men!'

My mouth dropped open and I put a hand to it. He had managed to surprise me. 'But you don't mean to tell me, you're a...' I couldn't go on. I couldn't say it.

He threw back his head and laughed. 'No! No, I'm not,' he struggled to say through his laughter. He calmed down and said, 'But any Asian boy you see in here will most certainly be a paid-for-services escort.' He paused. 'Even Chung,' he added.

I shook my head in disbelief. It seemed so strangely foreign to me. But then we were in another country, weren't we. So I asked, 'How were we able to get a room here?'

'Chung rents out rooms by the hour,' he instructed, 'only to men, mind you, and only, of course for sex. If you come in alone, he'll help you find a local to your liking - mostly Asian, but a few White Russians, and Europeans. Maybe even an American. If you bring someone, some male, that is, like I brought you, he'll let you rent a room. He's extremely helpful, as you've seen, if you treat him right, pay up front, and cause no trouble like fighting or getting drunk. But, you see, he brought us up these beers, without being asked to, so he doesn't mind if we do some drinking.'

Beer is a popular drink in a tropical climate like Hong Kong. We left ours untouched, preferring tea. I'm sure we both wanted to keep our senses honed; we were having too good a time to dull the experience with alcohol. Oh, don't get me wrong, alcohol can help break down inhibitions and overcome shyness, thereby making trysts more enjoyable, but the two of us had neither inhibition nor shyness. What we had was just plain lust for one another, which, miraculously, was transforming itself into deeply stirring emotion, which for me was starting to feel a whole lot like love! I wanted to ask him how he had discovered this place, but however I tried to phrase my question, it seemed impertinent. I figured if he wanted me to know, he'd tell me.

Suddenly, he straightened up, stretched his arms way out, leaning against the chair back, thrusting out his bare chest, and, through a yawn, said, 'I think I'll rinse off and then lie down for a nap. Wadda ya think? After eating I feel sleepy.'

'Good idea, go ahead. While you're showering, I'll clear up the table. Should I put the tray out in the hallway?'

'No. No. Don't do that. It's considered impolite here. Chung enjoys entering these room on any flimsy excuse, like bringing in or taking away trays, always hoping to catch us guys in action, so cleaning up the table and readying the tray for him is more than enough.' He smiled and got up. He was nude. His cock, which was so large anyway that I had difficulty being sure it was starting to inflate, looked extended. As I stared at it, he came over and slid the long, fat weapon against my bare flesh.

'Sure you don't need to rinse off, too?' he asked in husky, rich tones. There was an invitational longing in his voice. He was smiling down, fully aware of where his cock was, and, as I looked up at him, he pressed his balls and thighs against me, too. It felt great.

Before lunch I had found, to my surprise, a very large adjoining bathroom. It was modern and even had a bidet. He had pumped so much cum into my bowels that morning, it acted like an enema and I needed to relieve myself on the toilet, after which I discovered how pleasant a bidet can be in rinsing and cleaning the bottom. I had thought it to be a very European convenience, but now I realized that it was simply an extremely handy apparatus for us guys here to use. Then I had taken a shower, dried off quickly, wrapped a towel around my waist and joined him for lunch. My point being: I didn't need a shower right now.

'Yeah, come to think of it, I guess I do need to rinse off,' I agreed with a smile. 'I'm a sloppy eater.'

He leaned over me, grabbing my head with both his large hands, and whispered, 'Not so sloppy that you spilled any of MY juice, man!' And then he kissed me. Hard. Full on the lips.

His kisses inflamed me. This one no less so than the others. The full meal had given me a satisfied feeling in my stomach. The kiss gave me an overwhelming feeling of arousal in my gut. My cock pushed on the terrycloth towel, tenting it.

He never missed a thing. 'Com'on,' he growled in sexual heat, slipping a hand down my skin to my waist and grabbing the towel. 'Let's shower together.' As he tugged, and I rose up, the towel came off in his hand. Now, I was nude, too. And Erecting!

He dropped the towel and took me in his arms. We embraced. His growing erection rose parallel to mine, sliding erotically against our firm abdomens. Standing there with him, in front of the big open windows, I was incredibly aware of what a beautiful, sunny day it was; of what pleasant odors wafted in the winds that stirred gently in the room; of what strength and firmness his frame held; and of what magical passion he could raise within me. It was one of the best moments of my life! Standing there together in the nude. Erect. In love.

Often, looking back on that afternoon, I imagine I'm able to look in on us from a window in another building. And I see two handsome, young lovers enjoying the day. Enjoying each other. Enjoying life. Giving love openly to one another the way two vigorous males can, and accepting love with pleasure. And how it gives me a wonderful feeling of contentment to remember how free I felt at that very moment in front of those windows with him. How happy I was. And how aroused.

We turned to go into the bathroom and he swooped down to grab my towel off the floor, never releasing me from his grip. In the bathroom, he got behind me, grabbing my hips, and aimed me into the shower stall, coming in tightly behind me. We lathered up one another with a Chinese soap delicately perfumed with what I subsequently discovered is sandalwood but, at the time, I only knew as an exquisite scent of the Orient.

We stayed hard, moving about in the shower, him scrubbing my back, and now me scrubbing his back. But while I was behind him, he began sliding his ass against me lasciviously, pressing my hardon between the bubbles of his well-muscled butt, humping back into me in a clearly stated message of wanton availability. I found the invitation so stimulating that at one point, when first recognizing his intentions, I almost misfired, almost shooting a load prematurely, even after a morning of such vigorous sex.

Just imagine my excitement! All morning, he had taken the lead, letting me suck him, sucking me in return, sixty-nining, then fucking me twice and sucking me again. I had felt he was in charge and I accepted it. Now, he was offering me a chance to take charge and it was too exciting to pass up.

He felt my cock quiver with lust. 'Slip it to me man!' he whispered intently. He wanted it!

My hips swiveled back, my cockhead was drawn downwards to the meatiest point between his ass cheeks, and I thrust inwards. Even before I reached his puckered portal the heat and pressures of his body delighted me. I was leaking lube and we had lather on everything, so as soon as I poked at his entry it opened to me. My cockhead slowly penetrated. The heat turned to fiery intensity inside of him. He groaned. I groaned, holding his hips for added leverage, and rammed my big dick home. Immediately, he stopped me.

'Oh! Christ, man! Hold on. Oh! Stop!' He tensed from head to toe. 'You're too big. Bigger than I realized. Bigger than I've ever had before, and I've only allowed this to happen once or twice. I thought I could handle it. I wanted to handle it. But wait! Let's let me get accustomed...' He stopped talking.

At his first words, I eased up, holding everything in place. I knew he was not saying, 'Take it Out,' so I waited. The wait was interesting. Slowly he relaxed, both outwardly and inwardly. I felt a welcoming response in his rectum. An acceptance. An easing of tissues and muscles.

To distract him, I reached up and aimed the shower spray at myself, rinsing off the lather and spraying his back and backside. We shifted so we could spray ourselves off completely, and as we did so, my organ was silently and slowly easing itself into him, deeper and deeper. It was difficult to control myself but I was determined to focus on our mutual pleasure.

He was partially bent from the effort to accept me into himself, but he reached back, grabbing a check of my ass, and said, huskily, 'Com'on, let's go watch this in a mirror. If I'm gonna get fucked, I wanna see it!' And he led us, connected together, out of the shower into the bathroom.

Two large mirrors gave us competing views. I don't know which was more exciting: the view from the front, with me behind him, or the view from the side. But he reached out and slid the door partially closed, revealing that the back of the door was a full length mirror and so we were caught from every angle. It was awesome! Here I was, a nineteen year old soldier fucking a hung hunk of a Marine buck. Most of my sexual experience had come necessarily from quick sex. Handjobs, blowjobs, usually where I was the object of someone else's interest. Sometimes, just every once in a while and only often enough to let me be able to take it, I got fucked. I had learned to suck cock because I liked being sucked, but few chances to fuck someone in the ass had been offered me, even though I found great pleasure in being fucked and wanted my partner to experience that same pleasure. So, here, all of a sudden, I was watching myself fuck this stud of a fucker, himself, and the sight of it was overwhelming. The FEEL of it was overwhelming! Even the IDEA of it was overwhelming!

'Oh, yeah! Do it, Fucker! Fuck me good!' he suddenly demanded as he caught my eye in the mirror. Then he began a series of hip movements and stomach muscle maneuvers with bumps and grinds that had my head spinning. Before long, we were fucking in front of those mirrors like two stallions, with horse cocks plunging and being pumped. We didn't have to move to see ourselves but we did so anyway, repositioning to display ourselves from every possible angle. It was phenomenal!

For me, somehow the diversion of watching ourselves was sufficiently distracting to keep me from blowing my wad too quickly. The result was a long and satisfying fuck, with full strokes and loving exchanges.

Suddenly, the mirror moved and the door opened. It was Chung, again. He had come to remove the lunch tray, and as before had not knocked. But, not finding us in the bedroom, he looked for us. His eyes were bright with excitement when he saw us doing a standing butt fuck in front of the mirrors. I felt he was a little surprised to see that I was the guy in the rear.

'Oooh! You two not shower,' he said with a giggle. 'You two fuck...' He paused. '...again!' he added. 'Very good. Food help you fuck. Food was good, yes?'

My Marine didn't stop gyrating his ass. Didn't stop humping his hips back at me. 'Fucking great food, Chung. Thanks,' he said breathlessly. 'See what it's done. Got us both hot, again.'

'Hot! Yes. Very hot!' Chung said. I noticed he'd stopped giggling. No, that mask had been dropped. Now, he was serious and seriously rubbing the front of this white cotton trousers as he watched us both directly and in the mirrors. I felt a twinge of envy as I realized that he could walk in on any of the guys fucking around, and must see some excellent examples of great sexual escapades. But none better than he was seeing right now!

I was rhythmically jacking my Marine off as I fucked him. Chung saw this, too, and unbuttoned his own pants. Out came a cock. A big cock. A very big cock! Bigger than a man his size ought to be allowed to threaten people with. A real man-sized dick, which he started stroking as he watched us.

The idea of being intruded upon never occurred to me. He fascinated me. I'd never seen an Oriental cock and had made the silly assumption that it would be small, or dark, or even ugly. Was I wrong! This cock was wide and handsome, looking very much like my own except for richer hues. He beat it like I beat my own, and I liked what I saw.

Breathing hard, the three of us danced together in front of those mirrors. The two of us intimately connected, and Chung watching in fascination as he jacked off. Then, my Marine, sensing that Chung was close to climax, said quietly, 'Why don't you lean over and suck that big thing for 'im, Jack? Give 'im a thrill! Show him what a great, world class cocksucker you are. I think he'd like that.' The words rebounded against the tiles and into my brain loudly, sending waves of lust throughout my entire being. It seemed such a lascivious idea - sucking a guy off right in front of my one true love. While I fucked and jacked my one true love.

Immediately, Chung moved closer to us, hoping my response would be positive. The cock he offered up close looked spectacular. As I shifted to lean towards it, my eyes caught my Marine's in the mirror. He smiled broadly. He was telling me he liked what I was going to do.

As the cockhead brushed my lips, it smelled of exotic, unfamiliar Eastern scents - perhaps jasmine or ginger - which inflamed my lust like an aphrodisiac. But thick syrup oozing at the tip was familiar, and pressures as the big cockhead entered my mouth were identical to pleasures I'd felt as other big cocks had entered me.

This was a great cock! I sucked. He groaned. I sucked harder, more excitedly as I got more and more stimulated. And my Marine became more and more animated at the sight of us three in those mirrors, so I fucked him harder, pumping my big dick into him fully, pumping his big meat faster and faster, sucking cock energetically, when - KA-BOOM! - like bolts of lightning, a massive three-way orgasm hit us, and we all came together! It was incredible!

In the midst of this euphoria, my Marine suddenly demanded, 'Take it out, man! Show Chung you're coming!'

'Yes!' Chung hissed while spurting his hot cream into me.

Dizzy with excitement, I withdrew quickly, harshly pulling out of my Marine's tight ass as he pulled away from me, and I shot cum up onto his back as he at first sprayed his cum at the mirror and then turning, sprayed me as I sprayed him. All during which, Chung was trying to drown me with an amazing load of rich, thick juice of his own. The load tasted manly, sexy, and familiar. I'd had it before, whenever I'd sucked cock!

After the three of us had remained in position for the longest time catching our breaths, Chung pulled back and washed his cock off at the sink. My Marine hugged me to himself. 'That was fantastic, man! Thank you,' he whispered, loud enough for Chung to hear, too. 'I'll never forget watching you suck him off. I've NEVER had a better fuck and I doubt I ever will.'

I hugged him back.

Chung opened a wall cabinet. 'Here. Clean, new toilet things. Razor, shave cream, aftershave, two toothbrushes, shampoo, deodorant. You use. Okay. No charge.'

'Thanks, Chung,' I said smiling at him.

He smiled at me for the first time, really. It told me I had made a friend. It told me he had really liked the blowjob, and liked being so clearly accepted. 'How long you stay for?' he asked softly. 'You want supper, later?'

My Marine looked at me, suddenly saddened. 'I gotta be back aboard at 1900 this evening. It gives us only a few more hours together.'

'Can I see you tomorrow?' I asked, holding my breath.

'We're leavin' Hong Kong tomorrow,' he said quietly. 'I won't be allowed off the ship.'

For the first time in my life, I felt the true, sharp pangs of loss. I did not want to be parted from him. And, from the look in his eyes at the moment, I knew he felt the same way. Somehow, instinctively, I knew I would only make matters worse by being maudlin or by carrying on.

'Com'on,' I said, taking his hand as if not hearing what he had said, 'let's rinse off and take that nap you promised.'

He smiled, if a bit sadly, and moved with me into the shower.

Chung's expression told me he'd fully understood the exchange. He smiled, genuinely, and told us, 'You rest. Then you fuck more. You fellows fuck good. I bring tea. English style tea and tea cakes. Four o'clock. Yes?'

'Thanks, Chung,' I said softly, stepping into the shower with my Marine. The spray was on and I put my head under it, pressed against his body, my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes, we were alone again. Chung had discreetly withdrawn.

* * * * *

Sleep was the last thing I wanted. But my Marine cuddled behind me as we lay on our sides spooned together, wrapped an arm around me, and promptly fell asleep. As we lay there, nude, in the warm sunny room, I watched the sky and studied the view, contentedly snuggled against his strong body. Time floated by, but I remember every moment of it. I was where I wanted to be: wrapped in the arms of the man I love.

After fifteen or twenty minutes, I felt a stirring. His cock was beginning to come back to life. Mine reacted. His grew quickly, pressing itself against my ass. It felt huge. Wonderful! I figured he was dreaming since his breathing remained constant, slow and pleasant against my neck. He drew back his hips, straightening the cock between us, and slowly forced it inward between my cheeks. The erotic movements were heavenly! At my hole he just waited. Lubricant slowly oozed from his hot cockhead, moistening my pucker and exciting me. I opened to him. The giant glans pushed in slowly, causing amazingly pleasurable currents of passion to flow throughout my entire body. Gooseflesh covered me.

'Umm!' he groaned with pleasure. I thought he was asleep, making a noise through a dream, but then he whispered, 'Man! This feels so good! Entering you like this. Feeling your heat, your tightness. Sensing your pleasure. It's so thrilling!'

I moaned from enjoyment, completely relaxed, letting him proceed at his own pace. The head of the pulsating connector swelled to its maximum but stayed just inside my entrance at the most stimulating location in my entire body. I've always felt that the first inch or two of the rectum is the most nerve-receptive part of the body, exceeded only by the head of my cock during orgasm , and, of course, by my prostate gland as a big cockhead massages it well. So lying there with him, feeling the big cockhead pulsate in my rectum was an exceptionally memorable delight.

'Man, I don't know what it is that you do with your ass,' he said huskily, as if he were hardly able to talk, 'but it's like it's sucking my dick, trying to pull it in further. How do you do that? It feels so good!'

'I'm trying to remain still and calm,' I told him honestly, quietly. 'Trying to let you enjoy this without pressure. Yet, it feels so good to me, I think natural reactions are overtaking me. I want you inside of me. All of you. I want to feel you inside of me. It feels so good to me, too!'

'Geez, you are sexy,' he whispered right into my ear, thrilling me. His arm tightened its grip around my chest and he pressed his body strongly against me, forcing a few inches of cockshaft in after the head. I pushed back against him just far enough to force another inch or two inward, just enough to cause the cockhead's hard flanges to slide up against my prostate. Waves of carnal pleasure surged through me.

'Umm! You like that, don't you?' he whispered, nibbling at my ear, pulling the cock back an inch or so and pushing it forward, feeling the response in my body to the direct massage of my prostate. The hand on my chest toyed with a hard nipple, rolling it though rough fingers. He was fucking me while playing me like a bass fiddle, strumming me. Not yet full out, but calmly, assertively, raising me to absolutely blissful levels of sensual eroticism. Slowly raising me higher than I had ever been before. And not only by what our bodies were doing, but also by what my mind was doing as I felt the love that had developed so strongly between us.

This had all started with a glance at him as he showered aboard his ship this morning. He caught me looking and stared into my eyes in such a way that I got an erection immediately, just as he did. From that point onwards, my reactions to him became stronger and stronger and at each step along the way, his reactions proved he was experiencing similar feelings. This had developed into love, there was no doubt about it. It's just that it was such a new experience for me, fearing I was misreading it, fearing it to be so fragile that just the mention of it would ruin it, that I was frightened to say anything too clearly about it. I needn't have worried. He came to my rescue.

'Look!' he whispered.

I looked up to the bed's mirrored headboard. He was grinning at me. Our bodies looked spectacular in the glowing colors of the afternoon sunlight. His face looked blissful as his body pressed against mine.

'I think those two guys in the mirror are in love,' he whispered, adding, 'What do you think?'

'Oh! Yes!' I exclaimed as I saw my erection swell, 'I love you!'

'I thought so! It shown in your eyes, your expression and your body. And what you see next to you is a man who has fallen, unexpectedly and completely, in love with you!' As he was talking his dick stiffened in my ass and slid in completely, right to the hilt. He groaned with pleasure.

'No one has ever said that to me. I thought no one ever would.'

'I love you!' he sighed.

'I love you!' I whispered almost simultaneously. Emotions tore through me like tornadoes. My eyes were raised to the mirror, looking into his, and I felt he was looking into the core of my being.

He humped forward hard. His eyes glazed over. 'I'm coming!' he grunted.

Immediately, we saw my untouched cock shoot a long stream of white liquid up the sheet towards the mirror, almost hitting it. It glistened in the sunlight. As we both watched, more and more cum shot out of me, much of it hitting his arm, as he jetted fountains of jism into me. Then he grabbed my cock and pumped it for me 'til we both finished erupting. It left me dazzled.

As I lay there, catching my breath, staring at him through the mirror, I realized that he was still hard as a rock in my ass. Then I saw that pressure he exerted, or simply my own excitement, was keeping me hard, too. This was the first major high point in my love life. Nothing I had done to this point - jacking off, circle jerks, blowjobs, ass fucking - nothing compared to this moment. They'd all been orgasms. Great ones, don't get me wrong. But this was orgasm with love! It was something completely different. It was astonishing!

For the longest time, we lay there thrusting against one another, not seriously trying to reach climax again, but playing at fucking as I like to call it. Having a good time. Enjoying our strong bodies and delighting in the moment, mindless of everything but our love and our carnal pleasures together.

'You know,' he said, 'it felt great this morning when you sat on my cock for a moment. Do you remember?'

It had been great, occurring as I maneuvered to reposition our bodies. So, without comment, I pushed against him, rolling him onto his back as he helped carry me up to lie on my back on top of him. Then he helped me sit up, and his cock was really in deep. I slowly twirled on the thick cock, raising a leg, to face him, and then I knelt, straddling him with his cock deep inside me.

'Ooh! Yeah! That feels great! It looks great, too! Look at your big cock!' And he grabbed it at mid-shaft and began pumping with firm dexterity. I was looking in the mirror, now, and saw the top of his head, his powerful body, and myself atop him. I raised up and saw the big pole connecting us. That looked nice and felt great so I started to raise and lower myself, allowing the movement greater and greater distance between bodies. Then, as he continued to jack my dick, I repositioned my legs and feet and began squatting on his great cock.

He saw me watching the fucking in the mirror and said, 'Let's squirm around so I can see, too. Okay?' And in an effort that drove his cock deeply into me, we repositioned ourselves. It was worth the effort. From a better angle, not completely parallel to the mirror, we could both watch the action of our conjoined bodies. It was incredible! With huffs and grunts, humps and parries, jabs and jerks, we fucked ourselves into a state of ecstasy.

I could feel his cock in the pit of my stomach, it seemed. In this position, every move seemed to suck on his cock and tighten my rectum around it. I believe that only with a cock as huge as his would this overwhelming feeling of total, exquisite passion be possible. We were humping like crazed porno-stars, going all out for our maximum enjoyment.

Just then, the door opened and Chung walked in again carrying another large tray and leaving the door open just as he had done this morning. This time it was partly expected, although I hadn't realized it was already four o'clock, but here he was with the tea he'd promised.

'Oh! You still fuck! Never sleep,' he declared. The giggle was back, as was the subservient act. It was an amusing caricature of himself and he used it to hide his sexy nature. 'Oh! You two fuck so good. So many new position I never see before!' He giggled and I knew somehow that he could easily show us positions we'd probably never have another chance to see in our entire lives if we'd only have the sense to ask to be shown.

I kept raising and lowering my body on the flagpole stuck up my ass, as my Marine maintained his steady humping and masterful jacking.

Chung set the tray on the large table in from of the windows and came over to the bed. 'No let tea get cold. Stop fucking in maybe two hours,' and then he giggled some more, I saw the familiar bulge down his pants leg as he took in the scene of us fucking in front of the mirror. By any measure, we looked breathtaking!

Suddenly, I saw movement at the open door. A lithe, nearly nude Asian boy was leading an American sailor who was already partially undressed and had a large erection sticking our of his uniform fly. I recognized the sailor! He was the one who had taken my Marine's place in the shower this morning just before I left the ship!

I smiled and waved at him, just as he had done to me, and I repeated his friendly greeting from this morning, 'How're ya doin', man?'

'My God!' he sputtered, shaking his head to clear it and focusing on me. 'It's you! Hey, how're ya...' he cut himself off. 'Hey,' he repeated, 'I see you're doin' just fine. Real fine! Man, the two of you look perfect!' His erection stiffened.

'Com'on in and join us,' my Marine invited in a low, warm, friendly voice, adding, 'plenty of room on this here bed, man.' They didn't seem to know or recognize each other. The invitation made me grin. It was very sexy.

The cute sailor's boyfriend was tugging on his arm, trying to get him to leave. 'Love to, man. That's about the sexiest offer I've ever had. But Lee, here, wants to show me how he can down this fucker...' and with that he grabbed his outsized erection and shook it in display, '...while standing on his hands, or some such shit, and I don't want to miss that, man. Thanks for askin', though. See ya around.' And he flashed that rakish grin at us again and allowed himself to be tugged away. It's a small world, for sure.

Chung left shaking his head, giggling, nonetheless, but watching us intently as he backed out of the room, as my Marine called out, 'Thanks, Chung!'

'I get a charge out of being watched while we fuck, man,' he told me in an emotion-filled voice as the door closed. 'It makes me proud to see how guys react to seeing me in action with you.'

'I know just how you feel,' I agreed. 'I love watching us do it, myself. I can imagine how those guys must feel when they see us fucking. I'm proud I'm part of this, I'll tell you.'

'You turn me on,' he said smiling. 'You always say the right thing.'

'I love you,' I sighed with a catch in my voice.

'Oh, yeah! That's the right thing!' he confirmed huskily.

Through it all we maintained a constant rhythm. I was slowly raising up and then lowering myself down on his enormous dick as it throbbed in my chute. It was so long,I had no worry about letting it slip out inadvertently. He kept up a syncopated beat on my cock with a clever fist, sticky with my lube flow.

More and more I found myself simply looking into his eyes. They captivated me, holding me in their spell. They seemed to be pools of intensity into which I let myself drown. They seemed to capture my soul.

'I've had lots of lovers,' he told me as he stared into my eyes.

I nodded.

'None of them prepared me for you!' he sighed.

My throat made a strange gurgle as I sucked in my breath in surprise.

'You draw my inner strength to the surface,' he strove to explain, 'and I've never stayed this hard for so long, nor have I had this many orgasms in so short a period before. My whole body is thrilled as you ride my cock like this, and as I pump this great cock of yours. I want to stay like this forever.'

'Yes,' I agreed quietly, 'so do I. Forever!'

He crunched his muscular abdomen and raised his upper body partly off the mattress, stretching his face towards mine. 'Here. Come down from there and kiss me.' It was a voice filled with passion.

I settled down on his body sliding my legs behind me and brought my mouth to his. My hardon was pressed tightly between our bellies. He crushed his lips against mine and we kissed. His lips parted and his tongue tickled my puckered lips. I opened my mouth and his tongue darted in swabbing my palate. I opened my mouth further and drew in my breath excitedly.

'You like this,' he whispered directly into my moth, the words carrying wisps of his breath into me. Then his tongue flayed my palate, again.

'Yes!' I insisted when I was finally able to whisper back, directly into his mouth. Instantly, I found that I could shove my hard tongue into his mouth and duplicate the exotic sensations for him to enjoy. It felt terrific!

With a groan, he rolled us over, put a hand on each of my pecs raising his upper body, and really began to pound cock into me, as I spread my legs and shifted my hips to assist him. This was not timid lovemaking. This was hard and fast fucking, with full-length strokes, jangling balls, slapping skin and all-out effort. As we thrust at each other, I grabbed my cock and continued the jack off, only now with deep emotion, going into the sprints before blastoff.

'Man, look at us doin' it!' he cried, vibrating at the height of lust. 'I can't hold back any longer, I'm gonna shoot!'

'Yeah, fill my ass, man,' I urged, 'and I'll shoot with you.'

'NO! No!' he insisted. 'Hold back and let me suck up your load, man. Okay? It tastes so good I don't want to lose it again.'

'I'll try, but it ain't gonna be easy, I'm so close,' I grunted.

'I want to...' he couldn't go on for a moment he was so aroused. ' suck it, man, but...' he paused again, '...I'm gonna come... NOW!' His contortions were spectacular. His expression was blissful yet twisted by rapture. His muscles combined in blasting off to vibrate his entire body. I felt the throbbing of his spurting orgasm at my ass-lips and knew he was filling me up again.

Swiftly, he grabbed my hips and lowered his head, but the action caused his cock to slide out of me. He didn't even care that some remaining jets of cum shot out and bathed my balls. Nor did he care that the giant cock made sucking sounds and a popping noise as it withdrew. All he cared about was drinking my cum and getting my cock back into his mouth before I shot off, and he made it. But just barely.

The exquisite feel of his thick lips and tongue on my engorged, inflamed cockhead put me over the brink and I came instantly, spurting wildly into his mouth. I had assumed that so many orgasms over a period of only a few hours like this would persistently reduce the strength and pleasure of each succeeding orgasm but once again assumptions proved wrong. My cock was reddened but not sore, amazingly stiff by not tender, and aching for release but not hurting. This orgasm was awesome, knowing he wanted me to come in his mouth, knowing he loved taking my load and drinking it down, and, best of all, knowing he loved me!

Part 3 - Evening

We were back at the table in front of the two big windows, enjoying the tea and teacakes Chung had brought up on a big tray. We had rested a bit, freshened up, and now sat, naked, at the table. It was the first time I'd been served a formal, English-style afternoon tea. There were cucumber sandwiches, warm scones, butter, jams and jellies, an amazing assortment of extremely rich, creamy cakes and, of course, large pots of an aromatic English tea, steeped and filtered, not processed from teabags, and taken with cream and sugar. I thought it was way too much for two people to eat, but we finished every bite. I found it very pleasurable to eat with my Marine. It somehow gave me a distinct feeling of togetherness and trust.

"I don't want this day to end," my Marine sighed as he put down his teacup. He looked completely satisfied.

"Nor do I," I agreed, biting my tongue. I longed to tell him I didn't want him to leave, knowing that he had to be back aboard ship by 1900 hours, and that his ship was leaving Hong Kong tomorrow. I felt like making a scene and carrying on, but instinct told me that would be wrong. We were both trapped in the Military. Nothing could change that. Making an issue of my feeling unhappy about his leaving could not help, and yet I felt he was feeling unhappy, too. But it was difficult to hold my tongue.

"When will you get out of the service, Jack," he asked.

"About a year from now," I answered. "How about you?"

"I've got almost a year and a half," he told me, "and there's no way I'm gonna re-up. Here, I want to give you my address..." He got up and fished a pencil and small piece of paper from his clothes. (I couldn't help it, I was captivated by the supple movements of his handsome body, his agile steps as his nude figure moved about confidently, and the masculine beauty of his swaying equipment.) He started writing, saying, "...This is my APO address, and on the other side, here, I'm putting my home address in California. It's my parents home so take care what you send me." He grinned. "Their phone number's here, too. I want you to call me as soon as I'm back home. We'll keep in touch in the meantime. Okay?" He looked at me questioningly as he slid the slip of paper over to my hand.

I was trembling as I picked it up and read it. There was his name, in full. I realized immediately that, until then, I had not known it. I was thinking of him as "My Marine," and I still do. "You know I'll write. I'll be waiting for you when you're discharged. Let me give you my address, too." I started to get up.

"Here," he said, sliding another paper to me. I hadn't seen it in his hand. I guess he didn't want me to think he was demanding my address. I wrote both addresses carefully. "Here," I said, giving him back the slip of paper.

"I feel we belong together," he whispered.

"Yes. I feel the same way," I admitted simply, but I felt like singing!

"Then you'd better take good care of yourself, you Fucker," he said with a grin. But I saw a sadness behind his eyes and I knew he was being very serious.

"You, too," I said, barely able to speak.

"I love you!" he said softly.

"I love you!" I said, grabbing his hand and squeezing it, feeling myself falling into the depths of his being.

"Do me a favor?"

"Of course. Anything," I agreed fervently.

"Get as much cock as you can!" he said sincerely, staring into my eyes.

"You really want me to?" I was surprised, in a way. Hiding the hurt I already felt at our pending separation, I had already imagined myself being celibate just for him. Oh, it was immature romanticism, I guess, but I felt completely attached to him.

He nodded. "It's our strength, yours and mine. While we're separated, we should work to improve our lovemaking so when we're finally together again, it will be even better than today. If we don't, we'll get rusty." He chuckled.

"Jeez, I'll try," I said, sort of in a daze, "but I don't know how anything could be better than today!"

He laughed loudly, grabbed the back of my neck with a big hand, and pulled me to himself, kissing me as our lips touched. I kissed him back. His mouth tasted sugary.

The kiss became more and more exciting. I felt myself getting hard under the table. Suddenly, his hand slid over my thigh and captured my erecting organ, groping it knowingly and helping it to enlarge.

"Let's go back to bed," he whispered in my ear as he broke the kiss. We got up and walked together, arm in arm, to the bed.

He sat down, his big erection conspicuous in his lap, and, looking up at me, said, "I don't know what I want more: to sixty-nine with you or have you fuck my ass again. What would you like to do?"

"Oh! Let's sixty-nine! Then, if we've got time and I'm up to it, I'd love to fuck you again. Damn, you're so hot, so..." He grabbed me and pulled me down atop his body as he fell back on the bed.

We tickled and tapped, rubbed and pinched, pumped and pulled, and really got to know each other's body as we re-inflamed our passions. I felt a freedom to explore his body I'd never felt before. I felt an enjoyment in touching his body that I'd never felt before. I felt a confidence in my own body's ability to give him pleasure that I'd never felt before. It was thrilling! It was love!

We both did what we wanted to do and, before you knew it, we were sucking each other's cock in an incredible sixty-nine in front of that headboard mirror like the most talented cocksuckers on the planet, working, now and then, to watch ourselves in the mirror. It lasted an extraordinarily long time.

We rolled over, now him on top, now me, now side by side. But most of all, we sucked cock. Deeply. Both of us deep-throating to the bone. Sucking cock. Slurping, swallowing, sucking. Hands everywhere. We fit together perfectly. I began to feel a oneness with him, a desire to give him my love, an anxiousness to please him with my load, to fill him with my love-juice. And as that feeling overtook me, my cock grew as stiff and as steely as I've ever known it to be. In response to my extreme stiffness, his cock got iron-hot in my throat.

He wrapped a hand around my balls, and then I wrapped a hand around his. Instantly, we both began to hose cum down each other's throat. Jolt after jolt fired into me, as jolt after jolt fired out of me into him. We were both good! It was a monumental sixty-nine!

Immediately upon withdrawal, he repositioned himself so that we were lying on our sides next to on another, face to face. He leaned in and kissed me. Tongues lashed at one another, exchanging spit and sperm. It was very exciting. And tasty! In fact, the tastes and smells got me all hard again. He didn't miss a thing.

"Poke it in me, Jack," he begged. "I want to feel you inside me before I leave. I want to remember you inside me! I want you to fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me good!" As he spoke he turned over on his stomach, flashing those twin orbs of meaty ass in my face, spreading his legs apart for easy access. And I mounted him. This time it was only slightly easier than the first time, but in the lying position, the classic male-to-male fucking position, it felt even better. His heat was intense, and the tightness superb, and in no time I was pumping vigorously into him as he raised up his ass to meet my every thrust. We both watched ourselves in the headboard mirror, memorizing every line of our conjoined bodies, preparing to remember every long thrust of this fantastic fuck. We were enjoying this equally.

Once again, the door opened and Chung walked in, leaving the door open behind him. He had come to fetch the tray, but, ignoring it, walked right up to the bed, standing inches from my Marine's face as the two of us fucked parallel to the mirror. "Oh!" he said with that disarming giggle, "You two fuck again. Very good. Very sexy. I never see two sailor fuck more."

"We ain't sailors," my Marine said through halted breath as I kept on plowing his tight behind.

"No? Not sailor?" Chung asked, surprised.

"He's a Marine," I said with a grin as I humped his ass, "and I'm a soldier."

"Marine and Soldier! I never see before." His eyes grew very large with amazement. "Very sexy. You both very sexy! Too sexy!" His big cock was poking the fabric of his pants leg, obviously growing larger and larger.

To my surprise, my Marine reached out and fondled the growing bulge. Knowingly, he worked it upwards so it could become fully erect inside the pants. Then, he slowly unbuttoned the white cotton pants and out sprung this handsome, large cock. Without comment, my Marine went down on it. Watching it from above was very exciting. I knew how well he handled cock, knew how good it must feel to Chung, and saw it both directly and through the different angle of the mirror. It was stimulating! I felt no pang of jealousy because he had, in effect, authorized and even insisted that we both work to improve our sexual abilities, so I looked upon his sucking cock in front of me like this as a demonstration of his affection for me. It was great! I kept right on pile driving into his incredibly receptive, hot butt.

"He is good!" Chung sighed, looking me straight in the eye. We smiled at each other knowing he was right.

Then, wouldn't you know it, there was movement at the open door. I looked over and standing there, once again stopped in his tracks by the power of the erotic scene, was the sexy sailor with the rakish grin. He was watching us with amazement written all over his face. He was still only partially clothed. Bare-chested, well-developed musculature, pant's fly open, blouse over his shoulder caught on one finger, he looked a prize specimen of cocky naval cocksman.

I waved and once again greeted him with, "How're ya doin', man?"

"Fuck!" he exclaimed. "You guys are really sexy! Don't ya ever stop?"

"Not if I can help it!" I answered with a grin.

He grinned back, rubbing his crotch erotically with his free hand.

"Com'on in and join us." I repeated the earlier offer.

"Gotta get back to the ship," he replied with a disappointed look.

"So does he," I said, looking down on the strong body I was fucking. "Com'on in and have a quick one with us, and you two can share a taxi ride back to the launch."

His eyes lit up and he slowly entered the room, coming towards us. "He's on the same ship I am?" he asked me.

"Sure is."


"He's a Marine," I explained.

"Oh! They keep to themselves," he said pensively.

"Maybe not after this," I said and reached out to slide a hand over his muscular chest, pinching a nipple in the process and watching him suck in his breath with sexual pleasure.

"How was the upside-down cocksucking?" I asked.

He looked puzzled.

"You know, the guy who wanted to stand on his head and suck you off."

"Ah, the little fucker choked on my big prong. I finally ended up jerking off all over the little prick-teaser. For that, I coulda stayed aboard ship."

"Well, bring that 'big prong' out and lemme see what I can do for it."

Chung, standing there next to the sailor and humping his hips into my Marine's face, suddenly said, " Oh, yes! Bring out big prong!" He reached over a grabbed a cheek of the guy's ass and began fondling it. The sailor's reaction was a quick grin. He liked it. A lot! He opened the one button holding his pants together, and as Chung removed his hand momentarily, the pants fell to the floor. In effect, the sailor was naked. And hard! We'd seen his erection from the doorway earlier, but up close it was spectacular. It easily matched my Marine's for thickness and beauty, lacking at most maybe an inch in overall length.

I leaned in, forcing cock up my Marine's ass to the hilt, and sucked in the plump head of the terrific dick. It tasted great! Like most military men, he had cleaned it off after coming, but as I sucked I drew out what felt and tasted like sperm from his earlier orgasm, although it might just have been prompt lubrication for this blowjob. Either way, its tastes really excited me and I sucked for all I was worth, working to get that giant fucker down my throat. I was good. So was the sailor, who worked with me, jabbing his hips, pushing down on my head with strong hands, and getting rock-solid hard. It was phenomenal! Fucking ass and sucking cock simultaneously, while my Marine got fucked and sucked cock below me!

Chung had been playing with the sailor's ass, getting into it, putting fingers up the kid's chute and making him squirm. Suddenly, he tugged his cock free from my Marine's mouth and cried, "Must fuck! Must fuck!" With that he positioned himself behind the sailor and started to ease his big cock into the young man.

It amazes me when a young man simply accepts an assault on his butt, like this sailor did now. I guess I always expect a demure, "Oh, please, I can't take it," or something. But this guy had been hoping for some excitement. So here, at the end of his shore leave, he was finally getting what he wanted.

"Christ!" my Marine sighed. "What a fuckin' sight!" He was inches from my cock-stuffed face and the sailor's balls. He could easily see Chung's dick plowing the young stud, who, overwhelmed by the pleasures of getting his ass invaded, was seriously humping that giant dick into my face. "Lemme suck it, too, Jack," my Marine whispered.

I popped up off the big cock. I watched my Marine take it like a sword sallower downing a pocketknife. He deep-throated it for a few moments and popped of it. Immediately, I went down on it for a few wonderful full strokes, and then exchanged places again. We went back and forth, alternating on that delightful hard cock for the longest time. It was growing stiffer and stiffer, being humped tighter and tighter, as Chung fucked his ass.

"Oh!" Chung called out, "Orgasm!" Then he said something excitedly in Chinese, that sounded to me like he was really enjoying himself.

My Marine and I were practically kissing atop the huge cockhead when the sailor started blowing his wad. He got the first spurt; I got the second. The hot sperm flooding into my mouth caused me to soar into orgasm, and I started to shoot off into my Marine's demanding ass, as he finished sucking up the great cock's load. It was awesome! The three of us, me, Chung and the sailor, were coming together in powerful thrusts of orgasmic energy!

When Chung pulled out, after making a noisy deposit, he went into the bathroom to clean up. My Marine kept sucking the sailor until he staggered back a few steps and looked at us with unfocused eyes.

I pulled out and climbed to the side, just as my Marine rolled over. A red, leaking gigantic erection stood proudly, ready to explode.

"Want some?" I asked the sailor with a grin. His mouth dropped open as he stared at the huge organ.

"Take me, Jack, I want you to," my Marine said huskily. "He can always get me later, on the ship." He smiled at both of us.

As I slowly engulfed the giant weapon, again feeling heady from being watched as I suck cock, I noticed the sailor's meat start to rise, again. He took it in his hand and began jacking it as he watched. He was a terrific sight! Big balls, thick thighs, strong body, handsome face, and this great cock that he was pumping as he watched us.

My Marine looked down his body to watch me sucking his cock, but he also kept an eye on the sailor's well-practiced jack off. It made him hot, too.

We weren't in a hurry. It all felt too good to rush through it. Chung returned from the bathroom, looking all spruced up and ready to leave, but when he saw the three of us, that bubble butt he had fucked looked too good to pass up. As the sailor stood there pumping his cock with legs spread apart, Chung crouched behind him, grabbed his hips and pressed his face between those great cheeks. As he started slurping and chomping, the sailor looked like he'd been raised to a state of complete bliss! "Oh, Fuck! He's eatin' my ass, man!" he whispered directly to me as I looked up at him with my mouth filled with cock. "And it feel terrific!"

For a while, all I heard were sucking sounds, the sailor's groans, and skin slapping jack off sounds, and the slurping sounds being make by Chung. In that early evening sun-lit room, it was magnificent! Sex at its finest! Sex at its best!

But it couldn't last. The sailor suddenly shouted, "Oh, God, I'm coming again!" and a long string of white jism flew out of the big cockhead and sailed over to splat onto the chest of my Marine, inches from my nose. I had been almost unaware that I was jacking off as I sucked cock, but suddenly I splattered cum onto his chest, too, right next to the sailor's jism. Instantly, my Marine started to come in my mouth.

Jism from the two of us coated my Marine as he writhed in ecstasy humping cum into me, while we shot our heavy loads. It was astounding! When his cock was finally tugged from my mouth, I slid forward and lapped up the delicious hot cum on his chest and belly. He rubbed my head affectionately as I cleaned him off.

I looked at the mirror and saw that several guys had been captured at the open doorway by the lusty scene and were looking in. They all were almost nude, too, and one of them looked to be an American. I wasn't upset. I figured if I'd be out there in that hallway, I'd stop to take a look, myself.

"Com'on," my Marine said enthusiastically, "let's shower off, get dressed and get the fuck out of here." With that, he acrobatically flipped himself off the bed. Then, he grabbed me off the bed, and hugging me and the sailor, who walked stiff-legged with his uniform pants down at his ankles, led us into the bathroom.

The shower was just barely able to contain the three of us, but we got clean, bumping and laughing, giggling like Chung, who was watching us. As we toweled off, with clean towels from a huge supply, Chung asked me if I had to return to the ship, too. When I said "No," he asked, "Why no stay here?"

"That's a terrific idea," my Marine blurted out excitedly. "Stay here and fuck yourself happy! How much more leave time do you have, Jack?"

"A little over two weeks," I admitted nervously. "Sixteen days."

"What's your hotel like?" someone asked.

"It's a real fuckin' dump," I answered honestly.

"Stay here," Chung insisted.

"Yeah, stay here, Jack," my Marine advised. "You'll love it!"

"But... well..." I stammered, "...I thought you had to stay here with another man, not alone."

Chung giggled. No, this time it was more like a sophisticated chuckle. "You stay here. You leave door open, sometime. I think you not alone!" All three of them laughed.

"Shit," the sailor said with that rakish grin in place, "I sure wish I could stay here with you, man." He sounded sincere.

"So do I," my Marine said quietly. He moved to stand in front of me, took me in his arms and kissed me. The kiss made me feel faint. The others went out, politely leaving us to ourselves.

"We'll get together soon, you'll see, he whispered in my ear, "I ain't gonna lose you. Remember, I love you!"

"I love you!" I confirmed, while emotions tore through my chest.

He took my hand and we went into the bedroom. We were both sporting growing rods, evidence of our continuing passion for one another, but my Marine slowly got dressed.

"I feel a little guilty leaving you all alone in a whorehouse, but I know you'll be well taken care of. D'ya need some money?" he asked. I shook my head, surprised at his kind offer. Almost more than any other single thing, it told me of his heartfelt affection.

"I'll be all right. I'll even try to have some fun, just for you!" I told him.

He grinned and embraced me. The now fully dressed sailor patted me on the back warmly and then the two of them were gone. I heard them bounding down the stairs. I knew they had to hurry to be back on time. I felt an overwhelming sense of loss. But Chung, arranging the soiled tea dishes on the tray, said softly, "You two special. You not separate. Be together long time. I know." Then he picked up the tray and headed for the door. "Meantime, keep fucking. Later, bring supper. Then send boy. He good to fuck. You see." He grinned.

"Thanks, Chung, you're a good friend."

He beamed. I guess I had said just the right thing.

"Two weeks here," he said with a gleam in his eye, starting to pull the door closed as he left. "We lucky. Like your Marine say: You become happy fucker!"

Well, that was putting it mildly. Think about it: 16 days in an all male whorehouse. I figured I was just exactly where I wanted to be if I couldn't be with my Marine. As I stretched on that big bed to get some rest, I noticed I had already sprung another hardon in anticipation. I closed my eyes and immediately pictured my Marine preening for me in that shower stall where I first saw him.

I heard a light rapping on the door and opened my eyes. It was dark in the room, illuminated only by reflected lighting from outdoors. I had fallen into a deep sleep and didn't know what time it was, but I knew for sure where I was. And I woke with a hardon. The light rapping started up again. I knew it wasn't Chung because he never knocked. I figured it might be one of the "boys" Chung said he'd send up, so I got up and went to the door.

When I opened the door I got a real surprise. Standing there was a tall British sailor in full summer uniform, wearing a smile. The smile grew and grew as he took in my naked body and stiff cock, his eyes darting all over me lustfully.

"Uh..." I stammered. "Hello?"

"I'm Ian," he announced softly.

"Well... um... com'on in," I invited hesitantly, moving aside. My mind was a jumble of thoughts and questions, but he was making it clear that he liked what he was looking at - my cock!

As he moved gracefully past me, I heard and then saw Chung coming up the stairs carrying a very large tray. Behind him, two young men were each carrying a tray.

"Time for supper," Chung explained as he came in and set the tray on the big table by the windows. The two boys set down the other trays and, grinning as they eyed my erection obviously, they left. "So let's eat!" Chung enthused.

You know, sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Suddenly, I realized that, yes, I was starved and whatever was under those plate covers smelled delicious. I sat down, Ian sat down, and Chung turned on some pleasant lighting and then sat down with us. It surprised me at first, but then I realized that we had become fast friends and fuck buddies and having dinner with him would be a good time to learn what living in an all-male whorehouse would entail.

"Ian, here, is an old friend and a good customer every time his ship drops anchor here," Chung stated in very clear British-accented English. He uncovered his plate and I saw a large porterhouse steak, fried potatoes and beans.

Ian and I uncovered our plates too. The smells were mouth-watering! We all began eating.

"His ship came in yesterday and he got an overnight pass today," Chung continued between bites. "I thought he might like to fuck you!"

Ian made a surprised guffaw while his mouth was full and had to work to keep from spilling food. It was very amusing. I laughed loudly. When he got himself under control he joined in the laughter. Chung, too. Laughter put all of us at ease, comfortable at being together, and understanding exactly why we were here. It sure was better than beating around the bush. I admired Chung for his manner of handling things. Ian's knee moved to press against my thigh! He wasn't going to beat around the bush, either! My cock, having relaxed as I ate, sprung back to life!

"So I thought this might be a good time to answer questions, explain some procedures, and set your mind at rest, Jack," Chung stated. For example, I settled your hotel bill and your things will be arriving later this evening."

"Gee, thanks, Chung," I said sincerely, "that takes care of that."

"Yes, "Chung continued, "and I explained to Ian, even though he mostly knew it already, that when he arrives alone he must pay for the boy he stays with and that, for you, the price is much higher than normal. You understand, don't you? You are a rare commodity and the rate goes up." He paused. "Way up!" he added.

I look at Ian. He wore a sort of self-satisfied expression, as if to say, "I paid for you, and now that I've seen you, I'm glad I did!"

"Wow!" I exclaimed softly. "I'm a prostitute!" It was an amazing idea in itself!

Both of them laughed softly at my outburst.

"With such a handsome stud as Ian, here, I thought I'd have to be the one to pay!" I admitted.

They both laughed harder.

"No," Ian said gently, "Chung let me know I'd get more than my money's worth, and seeing you, I know he's right." His hand slid under the table and he rubbed my thigh near his knee.

Suddenly, Chung's hand rubbed my other thigh! "Oh, I'm right, alright!" he sighed.

We focused on eating the generously proportioned food for a while. As I did so, I realized that my Marine had known what staying here would mean.

I looked at Chung and said, "I'm going to fuck myself Happy!"

"Just like your Marine told you," Chung agreed with a big smile.

"What Marine?" Ian wanted to know.

I smiled and said, "I'll tell you later." And to Chung, I asked, "What will I have to pay to stay here?"

"A tally will be kept of what you eat and drink, what laundry costs, and any extras you need, like newspapers or snacks, etc., and at the end we'll subtract those things from what you earn," Chung said matter-of-factly.

"Earn?" I questioned.

"Certainly! What you earn," Chung repeated. "This establishment has a very large clientele. Word will get around quickly that an American Soldier is available while on leave and loves lots of sex!

I can't say that you'll be overwhelmed, but, trust me, you'll be kept busy! You'll become a happy Fucker! You'll love it, and so will my customers. You'll leave here with an interesting amount of money. You're not worried, are you?" He seemed concerned.

"Worried?" I replied with a smile, "Fuck no! I just hope I can keep my end up!"

"Your cock up, too!" Ian said with a laugh.

"We supply our boys with a great vitamin supplement that can keep things working," Chung suggested.

"A Chinese herb?" I asked.

"No, it comes from Finland!"

Somehow that seemed funny and we all laughed, but I thought the idea was intriguing.

"Well," Chung sighed, stretching out his arms and yawning, "I think I'll get some rest. I'll take this tray now, and come back for the others later."

I smiled.

"Why the grin," Ian asked.

"He likes to come in without knocking, catching us in the act."

"Oh, right. I remember. It's..." he hesitated, "...unusual."

"Memorable, too!" I pointed out with a grin.

"That, too," Ian agreed with a smile. His hand was back on my naked thigh and he looked into my eyes. He was ready! So was I!

"Enjoy!" Chung said softly as he closed the door behind himself.

I reached over and ran my palm over the sailor's chest, tweaking a nipple through the material. "We should get you more comfortable. Wouldn't you like to get out of these clothes and see what comes up?"

His agreement was more like a gurgle of pleasure as he rose up and pulled off his jumper. Once again, I was struck by the beauty of the male figure - shapely arms and shoulders; rounded, strong breastplates with large, hardened nipples; proportionately narrow waist with fine hair on the belly; and large bulges at the crotch promising erotic delight. My mouth watered.

I stood and offered my hand to him. He took it firmly and we walked towards the bed.

"Wow!" he sighed softly, "You've a mirror for the headboard. That's terrific!"

I knelt and opened his pants and undid his boxer shorts. Up popped a man-sized erection, uncut, with foreskin almost covering the amazingly fat crown. I helped him out of his clothes, shoes and socks. He was naked and horny.

"Man, you're beautiful! I want to suck your cock while it's so fresh!" I sighed, looking up his strong body into his handsome face.

"Aye," he sighed naturally, "but let's do it on the bed so I can watch."

"Yeah! I love to watch, too!"

As I rose up slowly, my hands caressed the sides of his thighs, the sides of his hips, then the sides of his chest. When I slid my hands and arms around him and pressed our bodies together in a full body embrace, he embraced me back strongly. It was wonderful, but very masculine. I looked at him and he smiled. It told me that we would have sex and we'd both enjoy it, but we wouldn't make love. Somehow that understanding gave me peace. I'd be where I wanted to be. I'd be having sex, following my Marine's request to "Get as much cock as you can!" And I'd love my Marine all the more for urging me to do that.

Ian and I moved onto the bed. He stretched out on his back parallel to the mirror, as I crawled up and took the hard, large cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue into the tight folds of his tasty foreskin. But I wasn't content to simply suck his cock. I switched around, leaning in over his head to deep-throat his cock from the best angle, and I let my erection tap his forehead and nose. He pushed his head back and opened his mouth to my cockhead. He was good, too. We quickly sunk each cock in down to the balls. He gave as good as he got!

Sure enough, as we were really getting into it, rolling over, lying side by side, pumping cock into each other, Chung walked in.

I sensed that Ian wanted to pull out, but I just kept sucking his cock and fucking his mouth as if nothing were amiss. Chung giggled, took both trays and as he was leaving said, as expected, "Ooh, sailors suck good!" The phony sing-song cover was back, and calling me a sailor made my smile (with a giant cock in my mouth.)

Part 4 - Reunion

Nervous excitement is all I felt as our plane, carrying soldiers to an R&R leave, touched down in Honolulu. I had been given a nine-day Leave of Absence and permission to ride along, there and back. Letters I exchanged between my Marine had let us work out a schedule for a one-week tryst in Honolulu (1day to Hawaii, 7 days there, I day return.) The US Navy Destroyer my Marine served on was in Pearl Harbor for repairs and refitting. Its schedule for a three-week period overlapped our rendezvous, so he was able to get a 7-day leave matching my time there, too. Every part of me seemed alert as I stared out the window hoping to catch sight of him, knowing he'd be there waiting for me.

I had to bend my head down as I followed the soldier in front of me through the plane's doorway, but when I looked up and saw a crowd at the bottom of the ramp, I immediately saw my Marine, resplendent in his Dress Uniform. He saw me at the same instant and raised his arm in an exuberant wave. It gave me a thrill I will never forget! I waved back! It made me feel happy. Even as I waved I felt that everyone watching us would easily notice the sexual electricity that zapped in the air between him and me.

The guy in front of me looked up and saw me waving. "I wondered who that marine was waving to," he said quietly. "You're a lucky guy!" He smiled knowingly. "I envy you," he added. I nodded and smiled back at him. His smile broadened and I knew then that he was one of us. At the bottom of the ramp, he turned to me and whispered, "Hope to see you again, man." "Me, too," I replied quietly.

Immediately, my Marine called out "Jack" and embraced me in one of those hardy, macho, back-slapping tight holds that I returned with enthusiasm. Onlookers could have thought we were brothers, we were so well matched. But we both knew we were faking a macho-type embrace. What we really wanted to do was kiss and then fuck right there on the goddamn tarmac. I caught sight of the smiling soldier standing a little ways off, carefully studying us. I nodded to him and he laughed, waved and headed off.

We had hardly spoken during the taxi ride. We had reservations for a private bungalow at an expensive, exclusive but discreet resort. Every employee was male. No reservations for females were accepted. Men arriving with female escorts were turned away. The pool was private, and nude swimming was allowed. We learned later that the resort advertised in gay magazines and papers, which made us wonder if the military kept track of the clientele, but nothing ever came of it.

A sexy, tanned bellhop, dressed only in a small, low-slung sarong, helped us to our bungalow, stowed our bags, smiled, and withdrew.

"Let's get out of these uniforms," I urged.

"Yeah," my Marine grunted. He moved over to me and started undoing my tie. I untied his. There was a sexual urgency in undressing yet a need to keep our uniforms in good condition. We sort of slow-danced around each other, moving to and from a closet to hang up clothing, brushing against each other as we did, and generally got so aroused that by the time we got down to our undershorts, we were ready and eager to rip them off. Naked, we were both hard!

"Man, I've missed you!" my Marine sighed sincerely.

"I worried it would be an even longer time before we'd be able to come together," I said with equal sincerity, using "come" with its double meaning. Through our letters we had cheerfully admitted that we jacked off thinking of each other.

"God, I want you!" he cried, grabbing me and joining us into a full-body embrace, our erect cocks pressed between our strong bodies. I melted against him, feeling ecstatic, breathless, and nearly orgasmic.

I lifted my head slightly. He lowered his slightly, and we kissed! Memories flooded my mind: watching him get hard in that shower on his destroyer where I first was struck by his perfection; undressing him in Chung's "hotel" and giving him an awesome blowjob; getting the first blowjob from him; fucking, eating, resting, showering, fucking, sucking. All of it came back in wave after wave of carnal strength as we kissed. My breast swelled with the extraordinarily strong feeling of love that had so completely developed between us. It seemed like time had shifted and it had only been a few days since we were separated, when actually it had already been seven long months.

The kiss broke and he looked at me and said with a gentle laugh, "I want you in every way we did it in Hong Kong, and I want it right now! But that's impossible. What should we do first?"

"We're both ready to pop. Let's sixty-nine!" I recommended.

"Perfect!" he sighed, and together we flopped athletically onto the bed. Quickly we adjusted ourselves into the classic position. He was above me. His magnificent cock, the cock of my dreams, shown beautifully in the bright light of the room as it pulsated and leaked, pointed at my mouth, right in front of my eyes. I paused to stare at the throbbing organ as a feeling of complete sexual joy coursed throughout my entire body, and I delighted in the realization that he too was paused above my cock with apparently the same incredibly aroused feeling. We were ready to come. It was obvious from the way our balls were up so tight against the base of our erections. I couldn't move. I wanted this moment to last.

A large bead of his precum dripped onto my lips! He licked at my wet cockhead. We moaned and simultaneously sucked the cocks into our mouths. It was one of my life's finest moments - feeling his great cock fill my mouth as I felt mine fill his. I sensed that we both could have shot our loads instantly but held back in order to give each other the pleasure of fucking cock into our throats completely and really enjoying the overwhelming pleasures of this carnal contact. But we were so good that we quickly reached that mutual plateau of mindless ecstasy where mind-blowing, gut-churning, cum-blasting, complete orgasm could no longer be withheld and we flooded ourselves with our hot, fresh semen! "Sensational" hardly describes our feelings, as we filled each other with torrents of sizzling jizz.

We seemed reluctant to release the prizes we held captive in our throats. For a while it felt like we were going to go for a second blastoff, but he rose up off my cock, we shifted onto our sides, and I pulled free, too. Then he flipped his body and nestled his head against mine.

'Hi" he sighed.

"Hi," I said back to him quietly, but added after a pause, "I love you!"

"Man, you always know the right thing to say," he said with an affectionate chuckle. "I've waited a long time to hear it from you again, and to say it to you. I love you!"

His words worked like an aphrodisiac, causing my cock to stiffen back to full erection. I look down at it and then looked at him. I was startled! There were tears in his eyes!

"What's wrong?" I whispered with concern.

"Nothing," he answered quietly, adding, "it's been so long since I held you, and I've missed you so much, that suddenly my emotions just overflowed, and I've never felt happier in my life than right at this very moment, holding you."

The words so overwhelmed me with joy that I found my eyes tearing up, too, and I embraced him as tightly as he embraced me. It felt like neither of us wanted to let go but wanted to stay in this embrace forever. In that moment, all the bottled up emotion, all fear of losing him, all longing at missing him during those long months of separation, all concern that he might have changed in the meantime, vanished from my thoughts. He loved me. I loved him. That's all that mattered. Period!

"Look at us!" he said with an affectionate smile. "Grown men weeping." He laughed softly. "Guess it is proof we're in love - if making love immediately upon being alone wasn't proof enough!"

I laughed quietly with him. Tensions were broken. We were together again! I knew we would both make the most of it, picking right up where we had left off in Hong Kong, as if no time had passed at all. It was a great feeling.

"Com'on, let's take a shower and then see what the pool is like," he suggested, poking me in the ribs affectionately, and pulling away. We jumped off of the bed together and went into the large bathroom.

Our bungalow was surprisingly large, with a patio and garden, a powder room at the side of the enclosed entrance hallway, a large living room, a dining room, a large kitchen, and two large bedrooms. But when we went into one of the two large bathrooms, we laughed. Among the various soaps, lotions and fragrances, was an array of condoms, lubes, candles, and sex toys. They really knew what their guests wanted.

We went into the oversized shower together and started lathering up each other. In that deep masculine voice of his, he said, "I wanna fuck you, man, and want it 'cause I know you enjoy it so much, but ever since you fucked my ass in Hong Kong I haven't stopped thinking about it. I let a couple sailors on board try it, including Curtis - that's the name of the sexy sailor we met at Chung's - but it just wasn't like it was with you, man. Wadda ya say? Wanna fuck my ass?"

He was lathering up my hardon as he spoke and he realized from its immediate engorgement to iron-hard stiffness that my answer was yes!

"Wanna rinse the soap off and get out to stand in front of the large mirrors as we do it?" I asked. I knew that was exactly what he wanted to do. And I wanted to, too!

Without replying, he took the shower hose and rinsed us both off hastily. Dripping wet, both cocks rigidly erect, we went to stand in front of the mirrors. We looked spectacular!

"You've grown some, Jack," he said passionately. "You look terrific."

"I'm trying to match your physique," I admitted. "I work with a goal now, rather than just going through the motions of keeping fit. I've been doing it for you. Know what I mean?"

"Oh! Man! It shows!" he said with enthusiasm. "And to think you're doing it for me! Wow!" And as if checking me out, he got behind me and looked over my shoulder at our images in the mirrors.

I leaned back against his wet body. The feel of him was electrifying. His giant cock pressed against the cleft of my ass and I moaned with lustful pleasure.

"Look!" he sighed excitedly, "they've even left us a jar of Tiger Balm like we used in Hong Kong." It made both of us aware of the rich Oriental influences in Hawaii.

I grabbed and opened the jar and swiped some of the thick cream with two fingers, while he watched me with interest.

"What ya gonna do with that, man," he asked with a leer.

I turned around to face him and began to lightly smear the balm on his giant erection. He looked puzzled.

"Now," I sighed with eager emotion, as I spread some balm on my own rigid cock, "I'm gonna fuck you in the ass, man, just the way you want it - just the way you like it - just like you need it!"

"Yes!" he hissed, turning sideways as I turned to face his back, parallel to the mirrors. Those muscular meaty mounds of his hot ass were burning to be invaded. As we both watched, my already leaking cockhead slowly plunged in between them. The welcoming heat and extreme tightness of his anal channel aroused an incredible feeling of perfect erotic enjoyment in me, thrilling me to the very core of my being!

We moved cautiously at first, unwilling to inflect more pain than can be tolerated, as my oversized prick proceeded to push into him. I felt his prostate as my cockhead slid against it tightly.

"Ooh!" he sighed softly, stringing out the sound with obvious sensuality. "This is what I WANT!" He shifted his hips, forcing more dick into his fiery hot rectum. "Give it to me, man! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Fuck me!"

Obeying his carnal chant, I slid my hands from his hips to encircle his body. As I tightened my grip I raised the level of my fucking to the extreme, mindless of his discomfort, starting to pump in and out, in and out, faster and faster. I was giving him what he wanted, and he took it all like a man, groaning with pleasure, while watching us in the mirrors!

The level of pleasure I took with this coupling was so far off the charts as to be unimaginable! For one thing, I came twice! He knew I was coming, but I didn't stop and I didn't want to. After a moment, he realized what I was going for, groaned, and got back into it himself, shifting hips, pushing and pulling, and generally improving the point of this fuck: helping me reach my second orgasm without dismounting! When I say it was memorable, believe me - it's like it happened just yesterday!

"Lemme do ya now, Jack," he pleaded with a strained voice of complete arousal, after I had calmed down, and withdrawn.

"That's music to my ears, Marine. I want it!" I sighed and aimed my ass at him. "Give it to me!"

He turned around, his giant cock strained to the maximum, looking beautiful in its engorgement, leaking precum down the shaft and dripping off his big balls. He slid his arms around my chest and tightened his body against mine. His upright cock pressed tightly between the cheeks of my hot ass.

"Hmm," he hummed, "you feel so good! You're so sexy and hot I want to fuck you hard!" Yet, he made no move to relax his tight, affectionate hold on me. "Yeah," he sighed, "so sexy!"

"Fuck me," I urged as I yearned to feel him inside me again. It had been too long. I bent forward slightly, pressing my ass against his stiff, long, hard pole. He knew what I wanted and was letting me beg for it. That made both of us hotter!

"Give it to me! I NEED it!" I insisted. My ass was eager for his cock! I pressed my butt against him even tighter.

"Man, you DO want it, don't you. I'm gonna give it to you, now. I'm gonna shove my big, hard dick into your ass so far and so good it's gonna make you love it!" he whispered directly into my ear, causing my whole body to tingle with delight, knowing I was going to get plugged, but good! The wait only made this sexual contact richer and more arousing. Even after three orgasms in such a short period of time, my cock stood at rigid attention - in his hand!

"God, you look good, you smell good, you feel good, and you taste so good I want to eat you up!" He said enthusiastically. It gave me another thrill as I remembered him telling me that he wanted to eat me up when we were embracing on the stairs in Chung's hotel. My brain is my second favorite organ (a Woody Allen quote from his movie "Sleeper,") and it stores overwhelmingly sexual memories like this fuck that I keep recalling in moments like these. (And also, fortunately, when I'm jacking-off and/or writing.)

Well, I had given my Marine one hell of a prostate massage and his need had become urgent. He drew back his hips, aimed his fat cockhead and punched it home! I believe he thought that with all of my experience in the Hong Kong male whorehouse I would have loosened up, but he got a surprise. I was very tight.

"Oh, man! Loosen up for me. Relax. I'm not going to hurt you. Trust me," he whispered gently into my ear. It did relax me and I opened to him, letting his large organ slowly enter me. The exquisite sensuality of the entry thrilled both of us. We groaned with pleasure together. And we worked together so carefully and so well that by the time the head of his cock struck my prostate I knew I would be lifted to yet another orgasm with this fuck! That knowledge caused me to become wanton in my eagerness to please him with all the skills I had picked up during my stay in Hong Kong so that we could come simultaneously. With tugs and pulls, thrusts and parries, pats and rubs, humps and bumps, we fucked our way to bliss!

"Man, this is perfect," he said breathlessly. "I want this to last. I don't know how you do it, but you have raised me to a level of lust, of bursting energy, of total sexual enjoyment, that my load will be wrenched out of me the moment you say 'Cum!' I'm only able to hold on out of love for you and out of my desire to give you what you need. So enjoy this fuck while I can still hold on." He was pumping my cock during this entire, lengthy fuck.

I grunted, "I'm gonna CUM!"

That word was the trigger for both of us. A long rope of sperm shot from my cock. Immediately I felt an expansion at my ass lips and knew he was coming with me, in me. He jarred me roughly for the longest time, fucking his cum, shot after shot after shot, deeply into me, while my load sprayed all over the place. It was awesome!

He collapsed over my back, sucking for air, hanging on, depleted, exhausted, yet he never let go of my cock! I put my hands on my knees and bent over, supporting him as he slowly recovered from such a complete orgasm.

After a while, we both turned our heads to look into the mirror. We laughed when we saw how depleted we both looked. How dazed we seemed. How content we knew we both felt.

"Man," he softly urged, "fuck the pool, let's rinse off and take a nap!"

I laughed and straightened up, lifting him as I stood. He very slowly withdrew his spent but still hard erection from my hole. He released my cock with seeming reluctance. We faced each other.

"I love you," he said quietly, his face a mirror of my emotions.

"I love you," I confirmed softly. He could read my sincerity in my loving expression. We embraced! It was magical!

Lying next to each other, comfortable on the bed after rinsing and drying off, body touching body, talking quietly of "sweet nothings" as the Italians say, enjoying being together as lovers, friends, equals, men, warriors, human beings, was, for me, as memorable as the love making. This was true love. I was smart enough to realize how rare a gift it is, how lucky we were to have it, how easy it is to cherish it, but how fragile life can be. So it is that a natural resolve grows to make every moment count, and to focus on what's at hand so that it can be stored securely in memory. And lying naked on that bed with him is one of my best memories!

There was a light knocking on the door. We looked at each other and grinned. We were in a bedroom. It meant someone had entered the bungalow with a key.

"Who should get it, you or me?" one of us asked.

"Should we put on some shorts?" I asked, still grinning.

"Naw," my Marine answered as he rose from the bed, "I'll see who it is."

I rolled over onto my side, one bent arm holding my hand up to support my head, and admired this perfect specimen of naked manhood as he casually strolled to the door and opened it.

Standing there was a tall, tanned, handsome, young man. He was dressed in that almost immodest low-slung sarong the staff wore. He seemed momentarily shocked when he saw that both of us were nude, but quickly recovered with a smile and a careful once over of our bodies. I could see that he liked what he was looking at. He cleared his throat.

"Ah... I'm here to welcome you to your stay with us," he sort of sputtered. "I'm, Richard, but call me Rick, your personal bungalow concierge and butler." He seemed to stop, as if waiting for some response from us. Without one, he continued. "If there is anything at all that you gentlemen need to make your stay more comfortable or enjoyable, you need only ask."

"How about a blowjob?" my Marine asked with mock seriousness. I was forced to give a slight gasp. You never know how guys will react.

"Giving or receiving?" the handsome guy responded without missing a beat.

They looked at each other for a moment and then the three of us started to laugh out loud! Tension was broken. We were friends from that moment on.

"Com'on in," I call quietly.

The two of them walked together to the bed.

"How are you," I asked.

"To be honest," Rick replied nervously, "I'm a little intimidated."


"Well, I guess you two aren't aware of it, but you caused a sensation when you walked into and through this gay place wearing full dress uniforms of both the Marines and the Army," Rick announced effusively.


"Well, it's never happened before. We've had military personnel here, of course, but they've always dressed in civilian clothes. You know, trying to keep a low profile."

"Ah, fuck a low profile!"

"The boss was blown away - delighted. He wants to meet you. I think your stay here will be memorable," Rick declared.

"It already is!" I volunteered enthusiastically.

"It is?" Rick asked in surprise.

"It is!" my Marine announced firmly.

"Wow!" Rick sighed. "May I ask why?"

My Marine grinned at me and asked, "Why don't you tell him? Give 'im a thrill."

"I already came four times," I told him with pride.

He looked completely startled. Then he looked like he was trying to figure it out. "But..." he began hesitantly, "...but, you've only been here for an hour or so."

I smiled.

Rick looked at my Marine questioningly.

"Oh, I only came six times," he said smugly.

"What!?" Rick grunted in amazement.

"I'm kidding," my Marine said with a laugh, "I only got off twice. He's..." he nodded towards me, "...oversexed."

"Oh," Rick said as if understanding. Then he said, "Oh!" as if the idea of six orgasms between two men in such a short time was amazing.

I noticed during this exchange that the flimsy garment he was wearing was beginning to display an active bulge.

"But if you'd like a blowjob, I'd be only too glad to give you one," my Marine offered.

Without responding to the offer, Rick asked, "Are you Army or Marines?"

"I'm a Marine!" he answered proudly, straightening up, standing tall, looking powerful - and powerfully sexy!

In surprise, Rick put a hand to his bare chest and sucked in his breath. "Oh my God," he sighed in awe. The bulge in his sarong was growing rapidly and looked like it would rip through the cloth.

My Marine shot me a grin, saying, "I think this guy wants a blowjob, Jack. What do you think? Should I give him one?" He knew what my reply would be as he saw my erection coming to life.

He turned his back to me, moved down towards the end of the bed so as not to block my view of the event, and sat down, staring at the bulge in the sarong.

As if hypnotized, Rick slowly walked towards him. He stopped at my Marine's side, rather than standing in front of him, and I realized that he wanted to be angled enough so that I would have the best view of the fireworks. And I was sure there'd be fireworks.

A hand reached out and touched Rick's knee. He drew in a breath. The hand slowly slid up the firm flesh and disappeared under the hem of the sarong.

"Oh!" Rick sang out.

I saw the hand grasp the hidden object of desire and watched Rick tremble with pleasure. The hand moved the cloth as it rose and lowered itself on the tube it was playing with. It rose to the top of the shaft and kept going, a movement that forced the sarong open. It fluttered to the floor. The hand withdrew. Both my Marine and I stared at the remarkably handsome erection and big balls displayed before us.

"Wow!" I sighed. "Go for it!" I encouraged.

My Marine needed his enchantment broken as he stared at the superb organ, but he didn't need encouragement. He leaned in to take the taste of a new cock. That moment of contact between his mouth and that cock once again reinforced my love for him, because we had agreed to clear authorization that sex should be open and fun. And above all, continual. I smiled as the cockhead slid in between his thick lips, feeling only a slight tinge of envy that it wasn't entering my mouth, or of jealously that it wasn't my cock getting the blowjob.

Rick had been staring down to the penetration when he suddenly looked over to me and sighed with feeling," Jeez! He is GOOD!" Then he stared at my cock for a long moment, before looking back down at the disappearance of his entire cock. He was in down to the balls.

"Oh, Man, this is good!" he almost shouted. Looking below the head in his crotch he saw a cock being pumped with vigor. "Man, he's jackin' off!" he said to me in astonishment. And then he said in surprise, "Fuck, so are you! Oh, God, this is too much. You two are so arousing that I can't hold back, as much as I'd like to, and I'm gonna come. Now!"

My Marine started gurgling and swallowing and I knew a big load was being pumped into him. Rick's orgasm lasted a long time. When he finally pulled out, my Marine fell back on the bed, his feet still on the floor, looked at me and pleaded, "Take me, Jack, I'm about to come." I was already moving at the word "take" and had the head of his cock in my mouth by the time he said, "come." I had crawled over and I dived onto his cock from behind his head, presenting my hard cock to him over his face. He went for it!

As Rick stood there staring down on our sixty-nine, he started beating his meat even though he had just come. Later he told us that watching the two of us strong, macho military guys in action was the most erotic thrill he had ever experienced. I could believe that.

And my Marine and I were really going at it. When Rick suddenly cried out, "I'm coming, again!" my Marine heard and I felt a big splat of cum hit my back. It put both of us over the top and we had another simultaneous orgasm! I spurted my love into my Marine's mouth, he overfilled my mouth, and my back got really splattered with Rick's cum. Three-way orgasms are always great!

The three of us washed off in that oversized shower, fooling around like kids, bumping each other and feeling around erotically, all in good fun. As we dried off together Rick talked about their restaurants and bars, saunas and steam rooms, gyms, pools and beaches, room service, and the guided tours they offered. Listening to him go on and on took our minds off sex for a while, but I knew it was always in the back of our minds - well, my mind anyhow.

Rick then told us that, from time to time, orgies developed, almost spontaneously, in various locations in the complex.

I told him that I didn't think I'd be interested. I said I didn't mind the diversion of an orgy, but the two of us were here for ourselves, the blowjob notwithstanding.

My Marine nodded his agreement, but there seemed to be an element of interest in his expression. He was such an alive, active, sexy animal, I figured we'd probably find ourselves in the midst of an orgy right in our own big bedroom at some point. I mean we'd been here less than one full morning, and look what we'd already done! The two of us had eight orgasms, and Rick had two. Ten is an impressive number for our first half-day in Hawaii.

I yawned, rather impolitely, and said to my Marine that I felt we really should rest for a while. He agreed. Rick gave us a big smile, adjusted his sarong, and hospitably withdrew.

We nestled together on the big bed, dozed, and then fell fast asleep.

I awoke to a light tapping on the door. My Marine was still sleeping, so I slipped carefully from the bed and padded to the door, aware of my stiff erection leading the way. I was rubbing an eye with my fist as I opened the door.

Rick sucked in his breath as he saw my hard-on.

"What's up?" I asked quietly, grinning. We both knew what was up!

"You've been asleep for about three hours. It's almost two, and I wondered if you'd like some lunch. I put out a spread for you on your patio. You need to eat to keep up your strength."

I stifled a laugh.

"What is it?" Rick asked with concern.

I stepped out of the room, closing the door behind me, and said, "Oh, it's nothing. It's just that a friend of ours in Hong Kong used to say the very same thing to us. Keep up our strength, and all."

"Hmm, he probably knew you as well as I do," Rick observed, grinning. I just nodded. His grin turned into a big smile, as he led me to the patio.

My dream-stimulated erection was relaxing, pointing more out and down than up, and I wondered if I should go out onto the patio with a partial erection. Then I thought, why the hell not.

An impressively displayed array of fruits and vegetables, along with covered dishes and pitchers of fruit juices greeted my eye. I realized that I was hungry and instinctively felt that my Marine would be too.

"Thanks Rick, this is great," I told him. "I'm going to wake the Marine before he finds me gone." As he was leaving I said, Thanks again," quietly.

I snuggled up against my still sleeping lover. It felt so good to be with him so intimately. He made a sound and then slid his arm around me. "Umm, you feel good," he sighed sleepily.

"Rick brought us a nice spread for lunch," I told him. "You must be hungry, too."

"Umm," he sighed again, "the only thing I want to eat is you!"

I laughed and said, "Com'on, Rick said we had to eat to keep up our strength."

"He said that?" my Marine asked, suddenly alert.

"Yep", I responded, "just like Chung. They must be related."

That made us both laugh, so we got up and went to eat, our erections leading the way.

We discovered that we were ravenously hungry and dug right into the excellent offering of soups and sandwiches, those fruits and vegetables, and several deserts. As we ate, enjoying the pleasure of doing it together again, we noticed a strange happening. Guests, all of them male of course, kept walking by on the grass in front of our patio, even though there was no path. They seemed to stare, smile, and even wave at us.

"Do you get the feeling that we're a couple of apes in a zoo, and these fellows are looking at us like we're specimens?" my Marine asked.

I laughed out loud. "No," I struggled to say through my laughter, "Rick told us that we created a sensation when we arrived and I think he enticed us to come out here for this fine lunch, and then told a few guys where we were, and this stampede began. I think we should be flattered."

"Flattered, hell," he groused. "It's annoying." But I sensed a rather lighthearted tone in his voice. And the array of handsome men parading by, some in swimsuits and some naked, was both pleasant to observe and very stimulating.

We refocused on the fine food, and enjoyed relaxing together in such a nice environment on such a beautiful day.

Part 5 - Reunion 2

After finishing an energizing lunch on the patio of our bungalow on the first day of our stay in Honolulu, my Marine and I relaxed in our chairs. We were together. That's all that mattered. We asked each other how things had been going since our last exchange of letters, and generally had a very pleasant conversation. Then sex raised its head, again!

"We know we can't write what we want to tell each other because letters might be opened and read," my Marine said, "but I've had a nagging guilt-feeling about leaving you alone in Chung's 'Hotel.' You must know I'm overwhelmingly curious about what happened after I left you. Your letters saying, 'having a nice time, wish you were here,' didn't help, but they did made me laugh. Really, how did it go?" He sat up and leaned towards me. He was seriously interested.

"I knew you'd ask, so I prepared a separate journal for you to read detailing everything that happened - guy by guy and cock by cock - with the completeness you'd expect from someone as anal as I am," I said with a laugh. He smiled.

"But the most important thing you should know is that Chung took great care of me, teaching me all he knew about positions, techniques, and exercises like the Kegel system and breath control. If your ship ever gets back there, give him a big embrace and tell him it's from both of us. Without his careful oversight, the whole thing wouldn't have worked out so well. After you and the sailor left..."

"Curtis," he said, interrupting quietly.

"Oh, yeah, that's what you said his name was," I said agreeably, but went on, "...I took a nap. Later, a sailor in a British uniform woke me and Chung followed in with three trays. As we ate dinner together, me, the Brit, and Chung..."

"Chung ate with you?" he asked, sounding both surprised and pleased.

"Sure, he ate with me at least every evening, and often in the morning, too. But..."

"Did he SLEEP with you all night?" my Marine asked like a kid eager to learn something dirty.

"Sometimes, buy jeez, if you're gonna interrupt all the time, we'll have to stay here all month!"

We looked at each other and laughed. Whatever minor tension might have been building, immediately dissipated. A feeling of complete relaxation and contentment overtook me as I realized for the first time in my life that our love was being given freely and being taken freely without constraint. An irresistible desire to somehow express this feeling to him came out as a softly but earnestly spoken, "I love you!"

He sort of gasped in surprise. He began to shake his head as he looked at me. "I don't know how you do it," he sighed, "but you just said to me the perfect thing at the perfect time!" He reached his hand out to me. I grabbed it tightly as he said, "I love you!" in the most passionate way.

"Let's make love," I insisted, feeling heat in my loins.

"Yes!" he said enthusiastically, pulling me up as he rose, our hands clasped together.

We started chuckling when we saw that we both had stiff boners already.

Two guys walking by were stopped in their tracks - one whistled and the other said, "Wow!" They both gave us big smiles when we turned towards the sounds. We smiled back because they were both so handsome. I'll bet all four of us wondered at that moment what it would be like to get together for some hot fuckin' around.

But the two of us went inside into the living room just as a key was rattling in the lock and the front door was opened. Rick came in followed by another sarong-wrapped sexy young man. They both froze in wide-eyed surprise, staring at our erections.

"Oh my God," the young man whispered, "they're even more spectacular than you gave me reason to imagine. Look at those big..."

Rick smiled as if embarrassed and said, "This is Paul, my assistant. We came in to see if you had finished lunch so we could clean up."

We smiled and nodded.

"Don't mind him," Rick added, "he's a horny little fucker." Paul did not look little, but he probably was a horny fucker all right! And a cute one at that!

"We're going to... er... lie down. But you two go right ahead," I told them. "And use the other bedroom if you're, well..."

"No, no," Rick interrupted, "That's not allowed..."

"But we can make out with guests, if we're invited!" Paul cut him off with an enthusiasm that confirmed his hot horny nature.

"This is our first day together here," my Marine explained, "and in fact it's only the second day we've been together. The first day was seven months ago and we were together for less than twelve hours, so we want to stay alone today. I'm sure you understand."

"But..."Paul started to say, and was quickly cut off by Rick, who declared, "Seven months! Of course you want to be alone. Go ahead. We'll clean up quietly and leave quickly."

"Thanks," I said, starting to move.

"There's just one other thing," Rick said. "The Boss is inviting you to have dinner with him and a few friends tonight."

"No," my Marine said firmly. "Please give him our regrets, but as I just told you, we want to be alone tonight."

"He'll be disappointed."

"Tell him the truth," my Marine continued. "Tell him we are in love and we view our stay here as our Honeymoon!"

I gasped! Rick and Paul gasped! I turned to my Marine, embraced him and, as our still erect cocks touched and then pressed together, I kissed him with all my passion, receiving his passionate kiss in return. I was on fire!

He broke the kiss, momentarily, and said to Rick, "And if that doesn't pacify him, tell him to go fuck himself!"

Rick looked surprised and Paul stifled a laugh.

"No, no," I urged, "give him our sincerest thanks but explain that we are completely in love, on our honeymoon, and have the "Do Not Disturb" sign hung up for tonight. I'm sure he'll understand and not be offended."

"He's a nice gentleman. I'm sure he'll understand," Rick agreed, adding, "and respect your desire. I'll set up dinner for you later in your dining room and knock on your bedroom door to let you know it's ready."

"Thank you, Rick," I said.

"I have to tell you," he insisted, "that when you guys say you consider your stay here as your Honeymoon, it's the most romantic and exciting thing I've ever heard. Imagine, a Marine and a Soldier in love, honeymooning! Here! The word will get around in this gossipy, gay place- if not by me or by Paul, then by the Boss. You are already the talk of this place. Now you'll become instant celebrities!" Rick seemed very excited.

They turned towards the patio to retrieve the lunch dishes, as we headed for our bedroom hugging each other. "Our honeymoon suite," they heard me say as we entered the room. I was enraptured by the thought of it!

"Yes," he sighed, "this is our honeymoon suite and this is the second day of our eight-day honeymoon! What a thrill!"

"It was thrilling without a name, but, wow, our honeymoon!" I cooed.

"Our honeymoon," he repeated. "I want you to fuck me, man!" he implored.

"That's what I want to do," I sighed, hugging him tightly, "but I want to do everything else, too. Suck, fuck, sixty-nine, lick you all over - well, everything! I want to MAKE LOVE to you!"

"Yes, MAKE LOVE! Let's do it," he whispered into my ear. Then he led me towards the bathroom mirrors so we both could watch.

I am convinced that the IDEA of this being our "Honeymoon" raised our libidos to an inconceivable high! Every part of my body vibrated with exquisite sensitivity. I became exceptionally aware of every touch, every smell, every sound, every taste, and best of all, aware of everything I saw. And he was so perfect that at this very moment of total awareness of his perfection, and of his love for me, I could have had an overwhelmingly spontaneous orgasm! But he interrupted my rapture in the most wonderful way.

"Man," he sighed with obvious feeling, "just looking at you and holding you makes me feel like I could cum without touching myself!"

"My God," I sputtered, "I was thinking the very same thing! In fact, just now your voice stopped my orgasm by diverting my attention away from myself to you. It's like, for the first time in my life, I really know what I mean, what IT means, when I say 'I love you!'"

"I love you!" he repeated immediately with an emotional voice.

We hugged tightly, our stiff cocks pressed against one another, and we kissed. It was THE most passionate kiss of my life - even better than that memorable first kiss on the stairs at Chung's! Our tongues twirled and thrilled us. I was delightedly aware of every part of my body and of every part of his body pressed against me. The kiss raised me to a height I never thought it possible to reach.

Kissing, we both hummed. Immediately both cocks forcibly shot hot semen up our bellies, causing our bodies to hump strongly together. We continued shooting fresh hot cum for an amazingly long time - in fact it was as though time had stopped and cum just kept jetting out as we continued this full bodied embrace, holding on tightly during such a miraculous expression of our love!

When it was more or less over, I said, "I want to lap up the cum on your body!"

"Yes, quick, lie down! I want your cum, too!" he cried enthusiastically.

We quickly formed a sixty-nine and licked cum from our bodies. I relished the taste more than any I could remember. Then we drew in the cocks and sucked like crazy - overcome by the desire to give more and to receive more. To what we later agreed was mutual complete amazement, by the time we got our cocks down our throats to the balls, we had a second simultaneous orgasm. It was a frenzy of sucking and gulping down hot cum. It was absolutely blissful!

I was on top, so I twisted around, moved up, and kissed him with passion, exchanging our semen and saliva in an incredibly sexual way.

After a remarkably long period of easing down from such a high, feeling our heartbeats slowing, our breathing less labored, he said with a laugh, "These fuckin' tiles are hurting my ass! Let's move." But he did not release me. We wanted to stay attached to each other regardless of discomfort - or anything else.

Finally I rolled off to the side and he shifted with me so that we were lying on our sides but still embraced.

He looked at me and again I saw tears forming in his eyes. This time, I didn't ask. I knew. He loved me, and the emotion of it was so strong it brought tears of joy to him. And then tears of joy to me, too! I couldn't help it. Joy in life is so rare, and so welcome, that we both let the tears flow unabashedly. Even proudly! It was such an intimate expression of our love!

But we separated slightly, wiping away the tears, feeling sheepish and childish, smiling awkwardly, knowing we should be manly and stalwart and all that ingrained shit, when he raised up and said, very gently, "Here, let me help you up." I took his hand and we helped each other up.

We glanced in the mirrors and laughed. He had the pattern of the tiles imprinted on his back and his ass.

He still held my hand as he led us into the shower. We spend a long time washing each other, relaxing under the spray, rubbing each other, moving around almost like dancing in the fine spray. Then, as we adjusted the spray to very cold, we moved more quickly. I wanted to get out, but he told me that very cold water is an excellent way to refresh the balls. We got 'em real cold!

As we were drying each other off, we saw that even after such overwhelming double simultaneous orgasms, both cocks still looked puffy and interested. We started for the door to the bedroom when my Marine grabbed the Tiger Balm and, with a glint in his eye, whispered, "We're gonna need this!" That sent a wave of lust through my abdomen and into my cold balls.

As I snuggled against him on the bed, we embraced. It was more loving than passionate, and yet very pleasurable. Our bodies needed some recovery time. We relaxed and slowly drifted off to sleep.

I dreamt I was fucking him in that tight shower on his destroyer; on the dock in Hong Kong; on the stairs in Chung's and on the table up in our room in front of the open windows; on the tarmac in Honolulu; and on our patio. All of them were places of strong sexual meaning to me, and in the dream all of the fucking was done in very public view. It seemed my mind was telling me that I wanted everyone in the world to be aware of the intensity and extent of our perfect love.

As I slowly became conscious of where I was, awakening from such a strongly erotic dream, I realized that my Marine had shifted his body to cram his ass against my raging hardon! That woke me up! I couldn't tell if he was awake because his breathing was so steady and unlabored. But then I felt his ass muscles constrict and relax, constrict and relax, as if trying to capture my cock in a tight carnal embrace, and I figured he was either awake or he was having as sexual a dream as mine had been. I didn't so much as consciously begin to thrust my hips and hump my cock up and down in his ass cleft, as much as I simply reacted to the incredible carnal pleasure his ass movements were causing in me. He kept up the clamp and release pressures as I kept dry humping his ass cleft. It was more like playing at fucking than fucking itself. It was completely enjoyable and delightfully erotic.

Slowly his arm lifted and shifted back towards me. "Here," he said huskily, sounding sleepy, and he handed me the jar of Tiger Balm. I took it happily, glad that he was awake, opened it, and swiped some balm onto my fingers. I leaned against him and sought his cock. It was so stiff! I sensuously wrapped my hand around the big shaft and smoothly slathered the sticky thick cream up and down, up and down, up and down, the rigid column.

"Ooh," he sighed with feeling, pushing his ass even more tightly against me.

I pulled my hips back only far enough to be able to slide my hand between us to apply the ointment to my own inflamed erection quickly. He moaned as he felt the back of my hand rub up and down tightly against his ass while I prepared my weapon for the assault he knew was coming. And he wanted it! And I wanted to give it to him!

"Now," he begged quietly, puling away from my embrace to open enough space between us for me to straighten out my cock and begin penetration.

It was more than my cock that entered him. It was my Love! My Being! My Self! I was giving up everything of myself to please him. I used every sexual technique and position that Chung had taught me, or shown me. It raised both of us to such incredible levels of energetic lovemaking, lasting such a long time, and being such a thoroughly athletic fucking, I would not have been surprised if the building had collapsed around us from the shaking it was receiving.

He was groaning and grunting all through this incredible experience, but, finally, as we were positioned face to face, he whispered in an urgent, hesitant, husky way, "Man... man... this is so good... I can't hold back. You're fuckin' the jism right out of me! I'm gonna CUM!"

Again the word 'cum' triggered our mutual orgasm. An electric spasm tore through me causing my first spurt to shoot deeply into his body. At that instant his untouched cock shot a thick rope of sperm up onto his face. A look of astonishment crossed his face. He told me later that he had been amazed when he had seen me do that in Hong Kong, but that this was the first time in his life that he came without his cock being touched. He said it added immeasurably to his pleasure.

As we continued shooting off together, he began wiping up his cum and licking his fingers, and wiping more and feeding it to me, going back and forth, sharing the fruits of his orgasm. By the time I collapsed on top of him, he was dry!

Deeply satisfied, we untangled, snuggled together, and fell asleep.

Hours later, there was a light tapping on the door, and my Marine bolted upright in bed and said urgently, "I gotta be back aboard by 1900 hours!"

"No, no you don't," I said with a laugh. "You must have been dreaming of being together with me in Hong Kong. You have a 7-day leave. Everything's okay."

"Man, what a dream. What woke me," he wanted to know.

"I'm sure it's Rick, letting us know that our dinner is ready. I'll go check." I got up, pleased to note that my hard cock was reinvigorated, and opened the door. Rick was there carrying some kind of cloth lain over his outstretched arms. He entered the bedroom.

"Dinner is ready and we thought for your first evening in Hawaii you two might like to wear these native ceremonial robes used on Hawaiian wedding nights. They're traditional for a honeymoon."

My Marine bolted off of the bed and came over to us. Wordless he took a robe off of Rick's arms, opened it with a flourish, and to my great surprise, put it over MY shoulders not his own! Wordlessly, I took the other robe, opened it with an equal flourish, and draped it over his shoulders.

"It's an honor, my friend. Thank you!" my Marine said sincerely.

Rick looked delighted. "Come," he urged.

We followed him to the dining room and were stunned. The entire room had been transformed into a tropical garden, with candles and rows of tiny lights. Flowers everywhere. The large table beautifully set up for two, and enchanting music softly playing. A buffet table was set up and looked to be holding enough food for a month.

As I looked at my Marine, I'm sure his expression mimicked mine - complete delight! I didn't know what to say!

"This," my Marine said as he waved his hand around the room, "is unbelievable!"

"Thank you," Rick said softly. He went to the table, picked up a chilled bottle of Champagne, opened it, filled two glasses and handed them to us. "Enjoy your Honeymoon!" He started to leave.

"Won't you have a glass with us?" I offered.

"No, this is your night! Enjoy! Good night," he said and went out.

"Wow!" Rick said, awed by this unexpected feast.

I raised my glass and said, "To us, on our honeymoon!"

"To us! And may our love remain true all of our lives," my Marine added.

We clinked glasses, sipped the wine, and then kissed.

"All in all," he said, "I get the feeling that they like the idea of our honeymoon. Don't you?"

"And they've gone to some trouble to demonstrate it!" I agreed.

We ate heartily, trying to taste a little of everything that was laid out. It was a marvel of international cross-cultural cuisine. And as we individually moved from table to buffet and back, sampling the array of foods, the unusual robes seemed to highlight our otherwise naked bodies and give them a particularly sexy power.

I knew the meal was over when my Marine turned to me and said in a love-strained voice, "I want to make love to you on this table amid all these fuckin' flowers."

"Ooh, what a great idea!" I agreed.

As he entered me face to face, with equal measures of lust and love, I felt sure that no love could ever have been greater than the love that swelled in my breast for him at that very moment. A love that would last a lifetime and could never be diminished! And as he humped away with deeper and more energetic strokes, his hands massaging my pecs erotically, he eyes lovingly fixed on mine, I had to say it again, as if I couldn't say it enough, "I love you!"

He grunted, and sucking for air, struggled to say, "I'm gonna... put... all of my love... into you... right now!" And his face contorted into an expression of bliss as he eyes closed and I felt him pumping his love into me! It was the best fuck I ever received - because it was love!

He collapsed upon me, breathing hard, still jutting spasms of hot cum into me, as he felt my erection pressed between us. I rubbed his back and neck with great passionate feeling.

He raised his head, looked very serious, and whispered, "Somehow I knew it would come to this, to this love, when I saw you looking at me as I showered on the destroyer. And every step of the way convinced me that we have a perfect love."

"Yes, a perfect love," I repeated softly.

"Now, I want something to refresh me..."

"My jism?" I asked with a smile. My hardon pulsed between us.

"My God! How did you know I was going to say that?" he said, awed.

"I didn't know," I told him, "I just figured you'd find it refreshing!"

We both laughed - until he rose up over me, withdrawing his long cock from my ass as he moved, shifted back awkwardly, grabbed my hot shaft, leaned down and swallowed it with gusto. He rode the whole length of my cock with great energy and knowing technique.

It was wonderful to lie there on that table with a room full of flowers and watch his head bobbing on my meat. I was split between wanting to shoot my load into him immediately, or letting him enjoy the pleasure of raising me to overwhelming lustful levels that would drag the cum out of me even more forcefully. I let him enjoy it!

Part 6 - Reunion 3

I woke lying naked next to my Marine. The sight of his strong, nude body sent a wave of euphoria through me. At that moment, it was clear my life had changed. When he stirred, letting me know he was awake, I whispered, "I feel that I've matured, grown up, because I am in love, and I know I am loved, and that knowledge has changed me."

My Marine sighed softly and said, "This love that I feel for you is so strong - stronger than any emotion I've ever felt before - that it makes me happy! I told you on the stairs at Chung's that I didn't think I could fall in love. But I did! Completely! And this love seems to grow deeper each time I touch you, each time we make love. It amazes me! Oh, I knew I liked sex with men from the start, too. It's just that then it was fun, just sexual relief, nothing more. Until I met you!"

"This night, our Honeymoon's first night, has been incredible!" I sighed.

"Fuck, yeah!" he said enthusiastically, "What's better than sex, rinse off, nap; sex, rinse off, nap; sex, rinse off, nap; sex..."

My gentle laughter cut him off. "Man, I never imagined I could reach this extraordinarily repetitive level of pure orgasmic potency. Or be able to maintain it for so long." I stretched out languidly, virtually writhing with lustful pleasure, my erection growing strongly.

"I've been told by a few married guys that their honeymoons caused an unending passion. I figured it was just macho boasting, but now that it's happening to us both," he said earnestly, "I see that it is real!"

"Um hmm," I hummed in agreement. "I'm so delighted it's happening to both of us at the same time. We're matched so perfectly!"

"Yeah, perfectly," he sighed.

I rolled over and our cocks touched. It was like striking a match. We grabbed each other and embraced excitedly, strongly.

"This may seem strange, but I'd like to do something different," he said quietly.

"Anything," I agreed wholeheartedly, holding my breath expectantly.

He chuckled at my response and said, "No, it's nothing kinky. It's just that we both jack off thinking of each other..."

"Sure," I interrupted.

"...and I'd like us to jack off lying next to each other so I'll be able to better picture you when I..."

"What a terrific idea!" I interjected. "It's such a good one I'm surprised I didn't think of it myself!" I grabbed my cock in obvious agreement.

"Then I want to lick up my own cum while watching you lick up yours, so I'll have this real picture of you to hold onto in my memory," he explained, adding, "then I'll really know what you're doing as I do it, too."

I rolled onto my back and started beating my meat just the way I always do - right handed, tip to balls action, ankles crossed, ass flexing, hips humping, and my left hand alternating between my nibs and my nuts. Starting off slowly and building passionately to orgasm.

He smiled, rolled over onto his back and joined me in the jack off. His technique was only slightly different than mine in that his legs were spread somewhat, his left hand at his balls with its fingers sliding towards his ass. I sensed his passionate pleasure.

We weren't looking at each other's face; we were studying our handicraft. His sexy movements burned into my memory. It was the most exciting mutual jack off I have ever seen, and the very best I've ever been part of!

My cock was leaking a constant stream of liquid onto my belly, and so was his. We were both getting down to the short strokes.

I looked up at his face. A split second later he looked up at mine.

"I love you!" he breathed sincerely.

I sucked in my breath and a spurt of cum sailed right into my mouth. His mouth opened in surprise and a spurt of his cum sailed right into HIS mouth. Amazement colored his features as we continued to pump out our love, both of us hitting our chins, throats, chests and bellies with our own semen. It was incredibly exciting. I don't know how we could have done it any better!

After we had pumped out and squeezed out of every drop of cream, we simultaneously began to swipe up our own juicy residue with our fingers and lick them clean until our bodies were almost dry. Watching ourselves at this sexy clean up was wonderful!

"I've never shot right into my mouth before!" he said excitedly. "You cause amazing excitement to rage though my body!" he sighed.

"I know exactly how you feel because I feel exactly the same. You cause amazing excitement to rage through MY body."

A feeling of great sexual pleasure seemed to be tangible between us.

"At this point," I said softly, "I usually reach for a sock and wipe myself dry."

He laughed and admitted with glee, "So do I, man! So do I!"

We laughed together for a long moment of mutual delight. God, it was so good being with him!

We rolled together and pressed our somewhat moist sticky bodies together and embraced warmly.

"Let's just stay this way until we fall asleep," he recommended. "We can rinse off later, Okay?"

Um hmm," I sighed, basking in the aura of him and in the smell of cum enveloping us, growing tired and falling into dream-filled sleep.

I woke to a light tapping on the door. Bright sunlight filled the room. I must have been asleep for several hours, and my Marine was still asleep. I got up and with my erection leading the way went over and opened the door.

Rick, the concierge/butler, said "Good morning."

I smiled and came out of the room, leaving the door open.

"I've set up breakfast for you gentlemen in the dining room," he told me, adding with a sexy grin, "the table was sort of messy."

"Yeah," I agreed, "after we ate the delicious meal you served, we fucked on the table amid all those flowers."

Rick sucked in his breath in surprised laughter.

"Couldn't help it." I admitted.

"You two are amazing!" Rick enthused.

I smiled broadly at him.

"The Boss wanted me to ask if you will join him this evening."

Now, my reaction to such a polite invitation is to be agreeable, but suddenly my Marine called out, "No!" jumped off the bed and came to the doorway. Of course, he was naked and hard.

"Rick," he asked, "have you ever had other honeymooners here?"

"I asked around and no one had heard of it before you two came here. That's why it has created such excitement for everyone," he admitted.

"Well, we've discovered an urgent, lustful need to be together, to be making love together, again and again and again, like I've heard it happens to honeymooners. We don't want to leave the room. In the almost 24 hours we've been here, we've only left the bed to eat, and, as they say in the military, to 'shit, shower and shine.' The rest of the time we don't want to stop holding each other and making love. We told you how often we came within the first hour or so, remember?"

Rick nodded his head eagerly, remembering.

"If Jack, here, were to tell you the number of orgasms we've had since our little romp with you yesterday, you'd be shaking your head in disbelief. So," my Marine continued, "until we reach the point of needing to stop to recharge our strength, I'm not going to leave this bungalow." He smiled as I slipped my arm through his, standing close against him, confirming my agreement.

Then I added, "We'd be honored to meet the Boss, but the way things are going, it won't be possible very soon. Let's plan for sometime before we leave, though definitely not on our last night here. That night we'll be way too busy!"

"He'll be disappointed, but I'll let him know..."

"Tell him," my Marine interjected, "it will be either two nights or one night before our last night, and we'll keep that as a promise. Until then, let him know we're just gonna keep on fuckin.'"

"Man! You guys are amazing!" Rick sighed, basically repeating himself, and he stretched out his arms, came up to us and embraced both of us enthusiastically. We returned the embrace with pleasure. I love group hugs! Rick, on the other hand, seemed to love rubbing his crotch against our boners!

So, true to our word, that day and for the next two days we continued at it like lusty minks, ravishing each other and ourselves (read that as fucking, sucking, and jacking off.) It was rhythmic, like my Marine said, sex, rinse off, nap; sex, etc., etc. It was thrilling! We never left the bungalow. We never wanted to leave the bungalow! It was four straight days of lovemaking, while Rick kept us well nourished to keep up our strength. And my Marine and I kept taking those funny little Finish supplement pills that Chung supplied to me. They did not cause an erection; they helped to enhance the orgasm itself.

On the morning of the fifth day, Rick knocked on our bedroom door and came right in. In the interim, we had become casual friends and, since we had been candid with him about our Hong Kong adventures, he took to walking in on us like Chung did, hoping to catch us in action, which, to our apparent mutual delight, he did four times. We'd see him getting puffy in his low-slung sarong, but he realized the blowjob he got on our first morning there was a fluke, because he knew my Marine and I had become a committed couple.

"I hesitate to bring this up again," Rick admitted, "but the Boss sure would love to have you join him and some friends for dinner." He paused, but before we could say anything, he added, "He knows that your last night together is in two days, so he's hoping for either tonight or tomorrow night." He held his breath waiting for our response.

What do you think, Jack," my Marine asked.

"I'll leave the date up to you, but, Rick, I want it agreed that there will be no cameras, no hidden filming. Just a casual dinner with friends," I insisted.

"I discussed this with the Boss and he agreed wholeheartedly. Everyone here, staff and guests alike, knows the risks you've taken to be so open about being on your Honeymoon, and they have all agreed. No cameras, no filming," he assured us. "The reason is quite simple actually," he added. "Even after you're gone, we'll still be talking about you guys. New guests will even be told of your stay here with us. But, you know, no names, no ranks, no Services, just robust tales about two sexy Military male lovers staying here for their honeymoon. It's so fuckin' romantic! It's already become a part of our history. So, please, don't be concerned. Just have a good time."

"What do you think, Jack?" my Marine asked.

"He already knows we won't do it on our last night, and, honestly, I don't want to do it tonight," I answered. Since both my Marine and Rick looked puzzled, I continued. "There are several reasons. One, I realize that I don't want our lovemaking to be interrupted just yet, and, two, if we go tonight, they'll just probably insist on doing it again tomorrow night, which is out of the question. Three, if we do it tomorrow night, it will give us a break to recharge our strength so that our last night will be even better than planned."

"Excellent!" my Marine exclaimed, and turning to Rick he said, "We'll do it tomorrow night."

Rick actually looked relieved. At least we had agreed to have dinner with the Boss before we left. "You're going to love it!" he enthused. "Have either of you been to a luau?" When we both shook our heads, he went on excitedly, "It's a big Hawaiian feast, with a whole pig roasted in Hawaiian fashion, and great dishes, drinks, Hawaiian music and dancing by a Hawaiian and Haole group of men, and..."

"What's a Haole?" I asked.

"Oh, it's the Hawaiian name for a guy... uh... a white guy," he explained. "The group is really professional, using native instruments and twirling flaming torches. It's great entertainment."

"That sounds wonderful," my Marine sighed.

"You might as well know. It's being held in your honor," Rick said quietly. When we sucked in our breaths in surprise, he went on. "All of our guests are invited plus a number of the Boss' friends. The luau goes on for hours and hours, but guests tend to dwindle down as the evening progresses. There's no constraint about arriving on time, staying, or leaving. You'll have a good time."

"Will you be there?" I asked.

"Yes," he said with excitement in his eyes, "both Paul and I have been invited because the Boss knows we've become your friends. The rest of the staff, though, will be kept very busy. It requires lots of staff attention."

"What's the dress code?" I asked.

"Everyone's hoping you'll arrive in sarongs and wearing the Hawaiian wedding robes from your first night here. It would cause tremendous excitement. Okay?"

"Certainly," my Marine said in a hushed voice reflecting the deep pleasure we both felt.

"I'm going to tell the Boss. A luau requires lots of preparation. We haven't had one here in over a year," Rick told us excitedly and rushed off.

"Once again," my Marine sighed, "I get the feeling that they really love the idea of our honeymoon."

"Once again, they're going to a lot of effort to show it," I agreed.

Not surprisingly, the idea of a feast in honor of our honeymoon really revved up our engines. As soon as Rick was gone, my Marine grabbed me and said, "Let's suck cock!"

He led me into the mirrored bathroom and went down on me, taking me in quickly to the balls. Watching him, and feeling his fiery hot mouth and throat on my meat, was enhanced by the thought that the whole resort wanted to honor us two gay honeymooners. I couldn't hold back. I came and came and came, enjoying the orgasm as much as any of my very best orgasms.

My Marine came off my cock with a pop as soon as he knew I was sucked dry. He straightened up, looked at me with lust in his eyes, and I leaned over, staring at his shiny cockhead as I plunged down and smoothly slid it into my mouth and throat. He was certainly feeling the same emotions as I had felt, because after only a few lusty humps he came as soon as my lower lip touched his balls. I quickly slipped up to his cockhead and savored blast after blast after blast of his energetic orgasmic outpouring, drinking it down with overwhelming sexual pleasure.

He straightened me up when he knew he had given me his full load, and then embraced me passionately, receiving my passionate embrace in return. God, our love had become so intense and complete it astounded both of us!

That day and night, and the next day, continued its pattern of, as my Marine liked to say, sex, rinse off, nap; sex, etc. Heightened by the expectation of the luau in our honor, and nourished by Rick's timely meals. While I skim over time in the telling of our Honeymoon, both of us were living in the moment, oblivious to the past, and unconcerned about the future. We were burning every moment into our memories.

But the moment of the feast arrived. Rick showed us how to adjust the matching sarongs he brought. They were somewhat larger than the one he wore, but were still skimpy and felt sexy to wear. Once again, my Marine put the Hawaiian robe over my shoulders and I put the robe over his. Then Rick led us out the front door of the bungalow and, in the deepening twilight, led us toward the beach. Up ahead we saw a large bonfire, a surprisingly large group of men all dressed in sarongs or sarongs and colorful Hawaiian shirts, and, at one side, a raised stage looking like a thatched hut, with a number of men on it awaiting our arrival.

As we approached, my Marine and I were startled by the sudden burst of enthusiastic applause, which grew louder and louder as we neared. We looked at each other and knew we were both blinking back tears of joy. We smiled at each other and then laughed aloud, tamping down our emotions, but knowing they were right there under the surface. We were led to the stage as the applause continued to grow to an even louder level.

On stage, an older man, probably in his fifties, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, pants, and sandals, came over to us, smiled, and hugged us, first my Marine and then me. We hugged back because, as you know by now, we loved hugs. He picked up three small microphones, handed one to each of us, raised his hand to silence the crowd, and said, "I'm the Boss and I am delighted that you handsome young men have graced this place by spending your Honeymoon with us!"

The crowd roared its approval! It was hard to get them quieted down.

"In honor of your honeymoon stay, and as a wedding gift," he was finally able to continue, "I am making both of you honorary lifetime members of our club, with all its rights and privileges, whether you're still in the service or not. This includes free accommodations every time you visit Hawaii, together or by yourself, meals and everything included."

My Marine and I looked at each other in amazement!

"Just make reservations in advance so we can be prepared," he added quietly, just to us over the even louder cheering.

I stepped forward and my Marine moved with me. I raised my hand and brought the microphone to my mouth. The crowd hushed.

"Are you the soldier or the Marine?" someone called out.

I smiled and looked at my Marine. He smiled, too.

"It doesn't matter if I am the Soldier," I declared and the crowd grew silent. "Or if I am the Sailor, or the Airman, or the Coastguardsman, or if I am the Marine. We represent, today, what we believe will be the future. Men and women marrying whomever they want to with no governmental interference, religious intolerance, or ignorant homophobia. Denmark allows gay marriage. Homosexuals are conscripted into the Israeli military. The day is not far off that we all will be able to marry the man of our dreams. I know I did!"

A huge cheer went up.

"But now, I must let you know that the two of us are in love, though in the eyes of the government or of any religion, we are not married even as we enjoy our Honeymoon." The crowd started to applaud, but stopped when My Marine raised his hand.

"I was going to wait to do this until tomorrow evening, but..."

To my amazement he went down on one knee in front of me, saying into the mic, while looking me in the eye, "My Love, will you marry me?"

I had to take a deep breath so I wouldn't cry or choke up, and proudly said, "I will."

As the crowd went wild, my Marine rose, took my hand, raised a gold band above his head, and then slipped the ring onto my finger. I looked at it in awe!

Then he did something equally amazing. He slipped a second ring into my hand! It reminded me of the exchange of addresses we'd made in Hong Kong, when he surprised me with a second scrap of paper.

Immediately, I went down on one knee in front of him. He smiled as I looked up at him and said into the mic, "My Love, will you marry me?"

There was a brief intake of breath through the crowd, but when my Marine said, "I will," pandemonium broke out. I ignored it, rose up, raised the gold band he'd given me above my head, and then slipped the ring onto his finger.

The two of us handed our mics to the Boss, and had a full-body embrace and a deep kiss. The noise from the crowd was deafening.

My Marine took a mic back from the Boss, raised his hand quieting the crowd and told them and me something I found absolutely astounding.

"I did not tell Jack that I wrote to my Mom, asking her to send me a gold band because I wanted to marry Jack. She sent me two rings with a note saying, quote, 'One is for you my Son, and the other is for my Son-in-law!' That's the kind of Lady she is! She knows we are married, and, now, so do you!"

There was a brief moment of silence as the crowd took in what had been said, and then they went wilder than before. I don't believe they heard him say to me, "Hello, Husband!" nor heard my reply, "Hello, Husband!" but at that moment I knew we were married in the eyes of God!

I looked at the Boss and knew he had heard because he had tears in his eyes, too! Everyone gets emotional at a Wedding! And this was ours!

Suddenly, with a flurry of activity, large tables were brought out, set up, covered, and as chairs were set up, the group, even while still applauding, quickly took places at the tables. The whole roast pig had been resting after being pulled from the pit it was cooked in and was now uncovered. Three chefs immediately began carving. The efficiency of everyone involved was remarkable. Large trays of food were set at each table as the roast pig was quickly served, too.

On the stage, a table was pulled from the side and quickly set up. Five chairs were put in place and the Boss took the middle chair. He asked us if he could sit between us. I didn't have to answer because I knew exactly what my Marine would say. He said with a laugh, "It's our Wedding Night. No one's going to come between us ever again." The good-natured laugh from the Boss confirmed what I had already come to know about him. He was a Gentleman! His two friends sat on one side, I sat next to him and my Marine sat next to me. But adding "ever again" to his comment had taken my breath away. It made me want to sing!

The entire evening was magical. The food was incredibly good; the entertainment delightful; the moon, the sea, and the night air; everything including the wonderful guys with us, all combined to give me the most warm-hearted feeling I've ever known. And later when I told my Marine, he immediately agreed that that's how he felt, too.

After dinner, the Boss leaned towards me, and my Marine leaned in also.

"I was told, you know," the Boss said, "that one of you gave Rick a blowjob on first meeting him. I've been puzzled about that."

"Did he tell you that after the blowjob my husband and I went right into a sixty-nine and Rick got so excited he jacked off over us, covering us with his cum, even though he had just come moments before?" my Marine asked him. I enjoyed the racy details he used.

The Boss gasped. "Uh, no. He didn't mention that. Good Grief! You guys are amazing. But now I'm even more puzzled. It is so completely obvious that you are in love, so why the blowjob?" he asked.

"Rick told us, right after meeting us, that he felt 'intimidated' by our presence in full dress uniform in 'such a gay place.' One of us decided to put him at ease and the quickest way was a friendly blowjob. But it got Jack and I so excited that after the blowjob we had to sixty-nine or squirt all over the place. Any thoughts that we might have been some kind of military plant to spy on your guests disappeared."

"Man, it sure did! What a great way to 'handle' it. I'm truly impressed," the Boss said. "In fact, I'm more than impressed," he added. "I am absolutely delighted that you two chose this resort for your honeymoon!"

Suddenly his eyes lit up. "Ah, here it comes. A glass of Champagne for everyone to celebrate your marriage!"

The full glasses were quickly dispersed to everyone. Even the serving staff and entertainers were given a glass. Then everyone stood, as my Marine and I sat frozen in amazement, glasses were raised, including ours, and the Boss called out, "To the newly married couple!" and everyone there, as if on cue, shouted, "Congratulations!"

We all drank from the glasses. My Marine and I were in tears. We couldn't help it. At that moment, we were both happier than ever before in our lives! The crowd put down their glasses and broke into a remarkably loud applause.

"Jack and I have been saying that we believe everyone here likes the idea of our being here for our honeymoon," my Marine said to the Boss. "Now I believe they like the idea of our wedding even more."

"I know I do, man," the Boss responded, "and I can't tell you how surprised and grateful I am that you chose this evening to exchange rings in front of us all. I wish you all the joy and happiness of a long life together."

My Marine and I grabbed each other's ring-fingered-hands and held them as we said together, "Thank you! For everything!"

The Boss beamed. With a big smile, he said to the crowd, "The best, most successful honeymoons in Hawaii are the ones where the couple leaves with no sunburn or tan. Look how pale these Haoles are!" Everyone laughed and cheered. The he asked, "Why don't you dance. It's traditional, the music is romantic, and everyone would love to see it."

We looked at each other in surprise. The idea of dancing together had never entered our heads. But suddenly, as our expressions changed to delight, we realized that dancing was exactly what we wanted to do together. We got up, went to the side of the table and a bit closer to the front of the stage, and melted into a graceful dance. The crowd erupted. I'm sure most of them went to bed that night with sore hands from clapping and sore throats for cheering so loudly and so often!

Well, we both should have known better, but holding each other and dancing, while shoeless and almost naked, wearing robes that only covered the back, the shoulders and the arms, we both started to get erections. We had become unaware of the crowd, or of anything else, as we held each other, when suddenly both sarongs came apart from the pressures of our rapidly expanding erections and fell to the ground, just like Rick's had on that first day.

The audience went ape-shit, breaking out in hoots and hollers, applause and cheering, and an awful lot of crotch grabbing.

"Take it all off!" someone shouted out. Everyone laughed, even us.

They quieted down when they watched me bend down and pick up both sarongs.

"No! No! No!" the crown chanted. "Leave 'em off! Leave 'em off!

Understanding what was taking place, the Boss handed my Marine a microphone.

"My friends..." he started saying but was cut off with a tremendous cheer. It turned out that using the term "My friend" or "My friends" is a very often-used term in Hawaii, and they were cheering him for its use.

"...apparently Nature wanted you shown evidence of our love. Well, here it is!" He opened his arms fully displaying the front of his body and his huge erection. I followed his example immediately. Then the two of us held hands as the crowd roared its approval.

"But, now, I'm certain you will understand," he continued when the crowd quieted down somewhat, "that Nature has plans for this evidence of our love. So with our heartfelt thanks for making this our lives' most memorable evening, we are going to go to our bungalow and..." he paused, "...fuck our brains out!" He handed the mic back to the Boss, who was grinning from ear to ear, and who said something we couldn't hear over the delighted lewd shouting and applause from the crowd.

As we walked down the stairs and onto the path leading to our bungalow, the entire group started singing a well-known Hawaiian love song. It was, for us, a magical ending to a magical evening.

Part 7 - Reunion 4 - Departure

"The pain of separation from you is too much to bear," my Marine whispered, sounding brokenhearted.

"Yes," I agreed, "but the joy of knowing we're in love will make it possible for us to wait until we're together again. The memory of the time we've had together in Hong Kong and, now, of our Honeymoon here in Hawaii will never dim while we're apart. I know, because we'll be thinking of each other every day, and dreaming of our lovemaking every night. I'm glad you suggested that we watch each other jack off because that image will bring me to climax, and I think you'll be doing it, too. If we make out with someone else, as we agree we should do to keep in shape, I'll be making out with you in my mind's eye, and I bet you'll be doing that, too. I mean, fuck, even when I'm making out with you, I'm thinking of YOU!" We both laughed. "So let's not 'miss' each other, let's 'love' each other."

My Marine swept me into his arms and sighed, "I love you," with such tenderness and feeling that it made my heart swell. The kiss we melted into was equal to our first kiss on those stairs at Chung's when we both felt we'd reach orgasm, and was very close to the kiss that caused the simultaneous orgasm we had in the bathroom on the first day of our stay here in Hawaii.

The passion we felt for each other produced continual sexual pleasure the night of the luau, the following day, and our last night together in Hawaii. Now, it was early morning and it was nearing time we had to get up, shower, dress, leave and separate.

"I want you to fuck me again, Jack, before we get up," he begged.

"Only if you'll let me catch your load in my mouth when you come," I replied brazenly.

We both laughed, but got serious when he handed me the jar of Tiger Balm.

Somehow, knowing this could be our last orgasm together for a while, we seemed to become very loving and giving. It raised our passions to an incredible height of sustained, full-bodied lovemaking that had us both vibrating with rare sexual exhilaration. As my stone-hard cock entered him, he groaned with deep feeling. We wanted to take our time and enjoy the coupling, but true love and overwhelming passion flooded us both with such incredible sensuality that there was no holding back. We fucked like wild men.

Suddenly, my Marine shouted, "Take it out, Jack. Quick! I'm gonna come!"

I slipped my slippery cock out at the phrase "take it out" because I knew exactly what was happening. He rolled over onto his back, flaunting his stiff, precum-leaking shaft, and I went down on it immediately. I was delighted that he didn't pop his load instantly but gave me the chance to ride that long weapon up and down until my lip reached his balls - the sac was really up tight at the base of his cock. Then he fired off as I slid up and caught his wonderful spurting sperm in my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed with very close to orgasmic bliss myself. When he sighed, "Enough," I released him, reluctantly.

He got up on all fours and pleaded, "Fuck me! Fuck me, now!"

I entered him doggy style and was fucking like crazy when the door opened and Rick entered.

"Oh! Holy shit, you guys are so fuckin' sexy! I came to wake you, but, wow!" Rick tore off his sarong and grabbed his cock, which enlarged with surprising speed. He started a full tip-to-base jack off as he watched our carnal display, and I realized that our Honeymoon had come full circle. From watching him get a blowjob and jacking off on us on our first day, to this open, friendly, but extremely sexual act on our last day.

When Rick saw that I was down to the short strokes and had a blissful expression on my face, he moved towards the bed and as I came, he came with me, spurting his jism all over my Marine's back! It was awesome!

I pulled out slowly, reluctantly, even sadly, but then my Marine said huskily, "Do me again, Jack. Suck my cock!" And he flopped over on his back, offering his magnificent cock to me again. As I sucked it in with great enthusiasm and passionate delight, I heard Rick suck in his breath with genuine awe.

My Marine was so enflamed with love that my skills at cocksucking didn't really matter - he came in a flash!

The three of us went into the bathroom. My Marine and I started to shave. Rick told us he was going to lay out our uniforms and went back into the bedroom.

I enjoyed standing next to my Marine as we shaved. He looked a little sad, so I smiled at him through the mirror and suddenly he beamed, smiling back at me like a brilliant flash of sunlight! It was a moment (with both of us partially covered in shaving cream) that I will never forget. It was moments like these that have made it so easy for me to write about him.

Rick came back and the three of us got into the shower, playing around like kids. While we were drying off, my Marine stared at my expanding dick and implored, "Let me suck it again, Jack."

As he bent down to suck my cockhead into his mouth, Rick started jacking off as he watched. I watched the three of us in the mirror, getting hotter and hotter. Suddenly, Rick started spraying the mirror with his long, white ropes of cum, and the sight raised me to a level of energetic orgasm. I filled my Marine's mouth over and over and over.

Both of us were surprised to find that not only had Rick laid out our uniforms but he had also had them cleaned and pressed at some point during the week. When he did it, I have no idea, and since we didn't dress in anything but the Hawaiian robe and sarong, we had not even looked in the closet. We were very pleased. The three of us helped the two of us get dressed in a rather ritualistic way, which made it very memorable.

We expressed our gratitude to Rick and handed him a sizeable tip.

"No, no," he insisted, "I can't take your money. This week has been the best in my life. I LOVE you guys!"

"We love you, too, man," my Marine said quietly. "We talked it over and agreed that you deserve this expression of our sincere appreciation for all you've done for us." Smiling, standing next to him, I nodded my agreement. Rick slipped the money into his sarong.

Paul, Rick's assistant, came into the bedroom and said, "I'll take your bags out to the car."

"What car?" I asked.

"It's the Boss's private chauffeur-driven limousine to take you to your plane, and then take him to his ship."

"The Boss insisted his car be used," Rick explained. "And when you return to Hawaii, the car will pick you up."

We left the bungalow with Paul and Rick leading the way, only to discover that the pathway to the lobby was lined with sarong-draped guests and employees, cheering us on. Many were saying "Good Luck," some were saying "God Bless You," and others were saying, "Aloha!" Most of them were patting us on our backs, although there was a lot of ass grabbing, too. Both of us were enchanted by the send off they were giving us.

The Boss was waiting for us in the lobby. His first words were, "Your bill has been torn up. We pray you'll come back often!" Then he embraced my Marine, and then me. We hugged him back enthusiastically.

As I started to say, "We don't know how..." my voice cracked and a tear came into my eye.

My Marine covered for me by interrupting, saying, "Man, you and your crew and your guests have all been wonderful to us. Thank you, Boss." And then he hugged the Boss again and kissed him on the cheek. The Boss beamed!

Then we left. We held hands during the short trip but said little. At the airport, to my surprise, the car was waved right through to the tarmac and stopped near the plane where soldiers were lined up and boarding. My Marine and I kissed knowing the windows were tinted, said goodbye, smiled at each other and I turned to get out of the car.

"I love you," my Marine said quietly to my back.

"I love you!" I replied immediately, but knew I had to open the door and leave. It was the last thing I wanted to do but I forced myself to do it.

The driver had retrieved my bag, handed it to me, got into the car, and drove off. I could have melted into a puddle of sadness.

I looked up and one of the soldiers in the line was waving frantically to me! Immediately I thought of my arrival in Hawaii and smiled. I walked over to him and realized that he was the soldier I followed out of the plane who had said he envied me when he learned the Marine was waving at me. He had also said that he hoped to see me again.

"I saved you a place in line, man," he said cheerfully. "I was sure you'd be coming back with us."

An officious looking man with a clipboard came over to me right then and asked, "What's your name, Son." I told him. "You must have some good connections," he said lightheartedly. "Your place on this roster was confirmed by the Commanding General's office. I've never seen that happen before. And I've never seen a limo allowed onto the tarmac before, either. Who ARE you?"

"I'm just a soldier, Sir, who's had a string of good luck." I could see he liked being called "Sir" in front of the other men.

"Well, keep it up, young man! Keep it up!" he said very delightedly, smiled at me and walked off.

Of course the soldier who had saved a place in line for me heard this exchange and, when I looked at him, he looked duly impressed. His expression made me laugh.

"Man, I've been keeping 'it' up all week!" I told him.

"So have I!" he confirmed, not surprisingly. "So have I," he repeated laughing.

I held out my hand, saying only, "Jack."

"Wayne," he said simply as we shook hands. We both had a firm grip.

He looked down at my left hand, saw the ring, looked at me with wide eyes and was about to say something like "Did you get married!?" when I shook my head without smiling. His eyes darted to the guys standing behind me, then back to me. "I see," he said vaguely.

As the line slowly started forward, he threw his arm over my shoulder like an old friend and said, "Jack, you have GOT to tell me all about your leave in Hawaii!"

I laughed and said, "It's a long, long story, but you'll hear all about it. If fact, I dying to tell someone about it and you are just about perfect."

He patted me on the back affectionately and said, "Perfect!"



The stories I've submitted to GayDemon have been non-sequentially autobiographical. They read from my age of 18 in high school and on into the Army, then my college days and then my work at various jobs and travels. Of course, "MY MARINE HUNK" took place while I was in the Army.

In my story "Louisville Sluggers," which took place during my working years after college, I made a reference to My Marine. I wrote: "I was having very strong emotional reactions to him (the baseball player). Stronger than I could remember having with any other partner, of which there had been so many. Well, except for a Marine years earlier, but that's another story."

I've now told that "another story" in this "My Marine Hunk" series. And I am now going to tell what happened next, but, again, if you don't want to know, if you'd just as soon remember the two of us together for the rest of our lives, then: STOP READING.

I was sent back to Southern California about five months after our Hawaiian Honeymoon, to muster out of the Service a few weeks early "for the good of the Service," because I was starting college. My Marine still had about five more months of service left, but he was able to get a leave of absence to celebrate my homecoming. We went back and forth by letter, confirmed with my mother-in-law, and dates were all set.

I arrived at their home, in my full dress uniform, and rang the bell. An attractive woman of about 40 opened the door, saw me, threw her arms open and said, "My Son!" as she embraced me. Tears filled my eyes, I was so happy to be with her, and I felt her sobbing as we held each other.

"Come in, come in," she insisted, and led me to a couch in her living room. As we sat down, I noticed immediately that a teapot and two cups and saucers were set on the coffee table.

"Is your other son home, yet," I asked with a smile.

"No," she said simply.

"But I thought..." I started to say when she interrupted me.

"He was killed in action, Jack," she said quietly. I was stunned. Then, as she saw my pain, she started to cry. So did I. We embraced, sitting on that couch, trying to comfort each other.

"I..." I stammered, "...I'm sorry."

"Yes," she said softly, "we both are."

"I loved him," I told her honestly.

"Yes. He told me you loved him," she said. "And he told me he loved you. It had made me very happy to know that he had found someone to love and who loved him."

I had to stifle a sob. My heart was breaking. My world had fallen apart. "Is he here?" I asked.

"No, a Marine Lieutenant Colonel visited me two days ago to give me the news."

I guess I looked surprised.

"I couldn't bring myself to tell you the news over the phone, dear. That seemed like it would be too cold and harsh. I hope you can agree," she said softly.

"Yes," I agreed. "Thank you. I find your strength, and your good sense, to be very comforting. I'll try to match your strength, but..." I couldn't continue.

"Let's have a cup of tea," she offered, breaking the heavy mood.

"Thank you," I said quietly.

We were silent while she arranged the cups and poured the tea, but once we were sipping the tea, she continued giving me information.

"The Marine Officer said my son's remains will arrive at the funeral home the day after tomorrow. The funeral and burial will be the following day. Everything's been arranged. Everyone's been very helpful. The Marines have been truly compassionate. He will be buried with full Military honors in a National Cemetery."

It was almost more than I could bear to hear news of such finality. But I took a deep breath and said, "It must make you proud that your son died a hero."

"It does," she sighed moodily, "yet when I look at you and see how much alike you and he were, realizing that it was inevitable that you would fall in love, I wish..." Her voice trailed off.

"Yes, me too," I agreed.

She sat up and sort of shook off her mood, saying in a rather sprightly, motherly way, "Now you must stay right here with me. No, no, I won't take 'no' for an answer. You can stay in your husband's room, and wear his things if you need extra clothes."

I was awed by her easy use of the phrase "your husband's room." From the note My Marine read at our exchange of rings in Hawaii, I knew she fully approved of our love. Now, being with her, it let me see how open and comfortable it was for her to speak of him as my husband. And of me as her "son." It was a wonderful moment for me to realize that I loved her as his mother. And a surprise to find that I loved her as my mother-in-law! It caused the tears to flow again.

"What is it?" she asked with alarm.

"I just realized that I love you," I admitted, humbly.

She embraced me and whispered, "I love you, too, son."

We separated, wiped tears away and smiled shyly at each other.

"There's something I want you to do for me tonight," she told me.

"Anything," I promised.

"I told a bunch of my son's friends that you were arriving here today," she said with a grin, "and they're insisting on taking you out for some drinks later. It'll probably be a drunken bash, like an Irish Wake, but I hope you will go."

"Well, sure, okay, if you want me to."

"They most likely think you're a Marine. I didn't say much about you other than you were my son's friend. I don't know how open about the relationship you want to be."

"Until I get out of the Military in a few weeks, I'm not going to flaunt it, but, after that, I am living out in the open. Just like your other son and I had planned."

"I smile when you say my 'other son," she admitted. "You can't know what a solace it is for me."

"If I had heard the news over the phone, I don't know how I would have reacted," I admitted, "but it probably would have been something bad. Your motherly concern is very comforting."

"Thanks, Jack," she said with a smile, "I figured it was the right thing to do." She was an amazing woman!

The doorbell rang and someone opened the door and came in. It was a handsome, tall, young man.

"Oh, here's Alan, now," she said, getting up. I stood, too. "Alan, this is Jack, my son's friend."

Alan flashed a bright toothy smile, came over to me and shook my hand warmly, which I was happy to return.

"Uh... um..." he stammered, "...that's an ARMY uniform!"

"I'm in disguise," I said boldly.

My Mother-in-law laughed when she heard me say it.

"Oh," Alan blurted out, "You're IN the Army. I just assumed..." He stopped and thought about it a moment and then asked, "How'd you two guys meet?"

"We met in Hong Kong while his ship was at anchor," I said, as if that explained it all.

"Well, com'on, let's go. The guys are waiting," he said to me. Then he turned to her and asked, "Wanna come along?"

"No, no," she said through a laugh, "you boys go on and have fun." She gave us a bright smile that told me she'd be all right.

In the car, which Alan drove very slowly, he asked, "Did you know our boy was gay?"

There was something in his friendly, open, and relaxed attitude that made me think he was not a homophobe, so I replied, "Yes. From the moment I met him."

"REALLY?" he said in surprise. "No one ever took him for gay. How did you know?"

"I was on his destroyer and saw him in a shower. He saw me. Our eyes met, he got a hardon, watched a hardon snake down my pant's leg, and we became instant friends."

"Holy Shit! You're gay, too! I NEVER would have guessed," he seemed completely surprised. He paused and then said, "But you're wearing a wedding band, man."

"Yes, Alan," I said softly, "I married him in Hawaii!"

Immediately, I had to shout, "Look out!"

He had to veer to miss a parked car.

"Married!" he said with a sigh, "I'll be damned."

"We Honeymooned in Hawaii," I said quietly.

"I'll be damned," he repeated, shaking his head.

"My Mother-in-law knew all about it." I added.

"She... Good Lord... she's your mother-in-law! No wonder she found the strength to go on after hearing about his death. She's got another son! Man! This is spectacular!" He sounded completely delighted. "Man! Wait 'till the guys hear about this!"

"Well... uh... do they have to know?" I asked hesitantly.

"Why not?" he asked rather aggressively. "You ashamed of it or something?"

"No, of course not," I insisted. "It's just that, as you said, no one took him to be gay and, well, he's not here to..."

"Yeah, I said no one TOOK him to be gay, but all us guys, his friends, knew he was from early on," he explained.

"How?" I squeaked out, surprised by Alan's remarks.

"Somehow I think you already know how." He smiled at me in a sexy way. "He loved giving and getting blowjobs. No one was better at it. You probably know that, too," he said grinning.

He laughed when he saw me blush.

"He loved life. Sex was fun for him. We all loved him. But we never thought he would fall in love himself. It's amazing!" He seemed to turn pensive for a minute.

Then he looked right at me and said, "I'm glad it was you, Bro!" He paused and then added, "Thanks," quietly and sincerely.

I was very moved by his obvious acceptance of me. It seemed to lift a heavy burden off my heart.

"You knew him well, didn't you?" I asked.

"You did, too, I'm sure," he responded with a smile.

"He told me he had had lots of sex with guys and that it was fun. He said he believed he could not fall in love. Then he added, 'until I met you.'"

"Wow!" Alan said earnestly.

"Although I was a lot like him, always having lots of sex, I fell in love with him immediately. I longed to be with him forever. While we were having a marathon of sex and knew we'd have to separate, he told me we'd be together again soon, but insisted that we both get lots of sex in the meantime."

"Why?" Alan asked.

"He said we'd have even better sex when we got back together if we did. I said I didn't know how it could be better than it was with him, and he laughed and kissed me. But he was right. The sex we had later in Hawaii was even better!"

"Wow!" Alan repeated. "You're really open about this."

"I really love him," I said sadly. "My heart's broken." Tears started running down my face.

Alan pulled the car over to the side of the road, stopped, and looked at me with such compassion that it took my breath away. He held out his arms and said, "Come here, Bro. You need a hug!"

I slid into his arms and we embraced tightly. He was strong, smelled good, and was compassionate. I knew I liked him. Confident he'd be okay with it, I cried on his shoulder. After a moment or two I felt a tear drop onto the back of my exposed neck.

"My God!" I sighed, muffled by his body, "you love him, too!"

We both started to sob, unashamedly.

Just then the driver's side window was tapped. A Police Officer was standing there looking annoyed. Alan put the window down.

"Just what the hell are you two doin'?" the officer asked with a snarl.

"Our brother was killed in action. We're burying him as a Marine hero in three days. Our sorrow is so..."

"Oh, Jesus, boys! I'm sorry to hear that," the officer said with a compassionate expression and a softened voice. "Where're ya headed?"

Alan gave him an address and the officer said, "Com'on, Lads, an' I'll be givin' ya a Police escort. Okay?" He smiled nicely.

"Thank you, Officer," Alan said politely and wiped away his tears.

With red lights flashing, but no siren blasting, we arrived at the address in no time flat. The good Officer waved a friendly goodbye.

We entered the large vestibule of a Southern California mansion. A voice from a huge living room called out, "Hey, Alan's here," and a handsome young man came out. He stopped in his tracks. "Who's that?" he demanded. I could see why he'd be a friend of my Marine.

"This is Jack, man," Alan told him, "the friend we've been hearing about."

"I thought he was a Marine!"

"Jack, this is Gabe..."

Before Alan could go on, Gabe rushed over to me and shook my hand eagerly, a big smile on his face.

"He's married..." Alan paused, " a Marine!" He put a special spin on the word "Marine."

"A Marine?" Gabe asked thinking about it. He looked me over. He looked at my ring finger. He looked at Alan, who kept still. He thought it over. He looked me in the eye and said suddenly, "NO WAY!!!!" with such emphasis on each word that it made me laugh.

Gabe rushed at me, making me think he was going to attack so I tensed, but instead he grabbed me in a big bear hug and lifted me off my feet, while shouting, "This is the greatest news I've ever heard! Oh, Bro, Thank God he found you to love! Thank you for loving him!" And, with that, he kissed me on the lips!

Well, you know me. I fuckin' kissed him right back! I felt myself getting hard in my trousers. More interestingly, I felt him getting aroused in his tennis shorts.

"Ah hem," Alan grunted after a long moment of observing us.

We looked at him.

"Uh, boys? Whacha doin'?"

"Well, I don't know about you, Alan," Gabe declared, "but I find myself falling in love with this guy! If our Marine wanted to marry him, there has to be something very right about him, to my way of thinking."

"Well, yeah, but I saw him first," Alan said, sounding like a petulant child.

I laughed out loud, broke the strangle hold Gabe had on me, and told them, "Fellows, fellows, if I'm anything like your friend, and I know I am, you know there's enough of me to go around!"

Their mouths dropped open.

"You won't have to fight over me, that's for sure!" I admitted.

Gabe exclaimed, "Holy shit!" at the same instant that Alan announced, "Fuck, he IS one of us!"

"Who's one of us?" a masculine voice asked as another handsome man came into the room.

Hmm, I thought to myself. This is getting interesting.

So this is the end of the MY MARINE HUNK series. He has never left my thoughts and my love for him is as strong today as the day he said "I love you," to my back as I went to get out of the limo and told him, "I love you." And I still do.

I wanted to share this episode in my life with you for many reasons. First of all, I want men to know that a strong bond of love is not only possible but it happens every day! You have to be ready for it, open to it, and be a loving person yourself. It's not hard to do. Trust comes easily when you are trustful yourself. Love follows as easily.

Secondly, I wanted to read about my love myself, even though it usually leaves me in tears. It was good to be strong, open, young, and in love. I like reading about it.

Also, I want to explain why I never mentioned my Marine's name, nor his mother's name. I am not easy to anger, but I would be furious if some homophobic asshole would learn his name, find his honorable gravesite and desecrate it. This may seem like an unlikely worry, but, unfortunately, it is not. You know I am right.

The names used in this series all come from the names of readers who leave comments on my stories, as my way of saying I appreciate their interest and support.


Jack Sofelot


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