I was was sixteen when I came out to my dad that I was gay. He accepted it surprisingly well, telling me that if it was the lifestyle I wanted, he saw nothing wrong with it. "Find love where you can, son," he had said.

My brother, Sean, was about to leave for the Marines and I asked dad not to mention anything to him. Dad had told me that if Sean found out it would have to come from me.

Sean had always been pretty much a homphobe, calling gay men queers and fags, and I didn't want to deal with his attitude. He was hot as hell, very muscular and well built, and turned me on like crazy.

Sean left for training and a week later dad sat me down on Saturday saying we needed to talk. I could tell by the way he said it, it was serious.

We sat down in the den side by side on the sofa sightly facing each other.

"What is it, dad? What's wrong?"

After several seconds he said, "I hope nothings wrong, but there is something I think you should know."

He lowered his head slightly before continuing.

"Mark, there is something I've been hiding from you and Sean for several years, but was afraid to tell you. You were man enough to tell me you were gay. I know why you didn't want anything said to Sean. It's the same reason I never said anything to you and your brother, but, Mark, I think I can tell you. I'm gay also."

"What?" I said totally shocked. "You're gay?"

"Yes, I am. I had been what you might say was 'gay curious' for several years before your mother died but never acted on it. Then, after her death five years ago, I felt that if I tried it, I wouldn't be cheating on her."

"What did you do?" I asked.

"At first, I wasn't sure what to do or how to start. I knew about a gay bar across town, a bath house in town, and an adult video arcade out by the truck stop on the highway. I debated what to do. I decided to check out the video arcade. I went and found several of the booths had glory holes between the partitions. I knew what they were and what they were for. I waited and began watching a gay movie. I got an erection and took it out and began stroking. A few minutes later a guy entered the booth next to me and I was soon getting my first male blow job. I loved it and he seemed to be enjoying it also. After I climaxed, he put his through the hole. I was nervous as hell but knelt down and sucked him off. When he climaxed in my mouth I started to spit it out but for some reason I held it and found that the taste was quite nice so I swallowed."

He paused and sipped his coffee. As he did, I asked, "Okay, so you tried it and enjoyed it. What made you decide to continue?"

"I'm really not sure. I was still curious and decided to check out the bar. There I met a guy and we talked and I admitted to him that i had only had oral one time and nothing else. He asked if I'd like to try more and I said yes. He invited me to his place. There, we kissed and cuddled for a while. He was very gentle and caring. We had a sixty-nine and later we did anal. I met him regularly for several weeks before he was transferred out of town with his company. I went to the arcade and bar and bath house, having sex whenever I could. I found that I no longer was interested in pussy. I was very satisfied and comfortable with another guy."

"Dad, I never dreamed you were gay. You are so masculine, but you're damn good looking and I can see why guys are attracted to you. You're still young and appealing."

"You don't think forty is too old?"

"Hell no. You started your family young and now your expressing yourself in your own way. If you and mom hadn't married and had me and Sean, who knows, you might have stayed single and would now have a lover in your life."

"There is one guy I'm seeing that I care for but I'm not sure how he feels."

"I see," I said. "You need to find out."

"I will in time," he replied.

"Dad, can I be honest with you about something?"

"Well, we have been honest so for so go for it."

"Dad, I discovered I was gay when I was fourteen. I was having sex with a couple of my school friends doing both oral and anal. I had seen you nude in the shower and thought you were hot back then. My biggest fantasy, though, was having sex with you. I'd jerk off at night thinking about what it would be like to have sex with you, even if it was just one sided."

"Really?" he said. "You thought I was hot?"

"I still do. I'd go to bed with you in a heart beat."

"But, Mark, it wouldn't be right. You're my own son."

"So what? We're both above the age of consent. So if we both agree to it, what's the big deal."

"I just don't know, but I love the idea that you think I'm hot. I think you're hot also."

"Thanks," I said.

I leaned over and hugged him and asked "Do you feel better now that you've told me?"

"Fuck yes! I feel like a huge boulder has been lifted off my shoulders."

We went about the day as normal after our talk. I began thinking about dad. I was seventeen and

Sean was nineteen. Dad was still young at forty.

That evening after eating and watching TV, we headed for bed. As we did, dad stopped me in the hallway and asked, "Mark, would you like to share my bed tonight?"

"Yes, very much."

Soon we were nude in bed together and I slid over and cuddled with him before experiencing my first hot tongue kiss with my father.

That night we had hot passionate sex first, slowly and lovingly sucking each other. Then later fucking each other, followed later by a hot sixty-nine before finally going to sleep.

After that night dad and i shared his bed several times a week and other times one or the other of us would have a guy over and we'd give the other their privacy. It was hot as hell listening to my dad in his room having sex with another guy.

Two years passed and dad and I had become extremely close. Sean had come home on leave once and we kept out secret a secret. Sean had no idea that dad and I were gay and certainly had no idea we were having sex together. We had began living nude at home but relented and wore clothes when Sean was home.

Then the unthinkable happened. I was home one Friday afternoon, waiting on dad to arrive so we could go out to dinner. he was late and i tried his cell number. It went to his voice mail. I tried several times with the same response.

About seven, there was a knock on the door. When I answered, I found two police officers standing before me.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Are you Mark Jacobs?" one officer asked.

"Yes, I am. Why?"

"Do you know a Greg Jacobs?"

"Yes, that's my father. What's wrong? Is he okay?"

"Son, we're sorry to tell you but he was killed in an auto accident this afternoon."

I stood in total shock then burst out in tears, before managing to ask what happened.

I was told an eighteen wheeler ran a red light and hit him broadside on the driver's side.

"Son, he didn't suffer. He died instantly."

They told me what I needed to do and how to claim his body. When they left, I closed the door and totally broke down.

Once I could, I called Sean, telling him dad was gone and what happened. He said he was due for leave and would take it and be home as soon as possible. I asked him to please hurry.

I wandered around the house for a while then went to dad's desk and found his address book.

I found the number of his lawyer and called him at home, telling him what had happened. Knowing i was all alone, he said he'd be right over. As I waited, I called dad's boss. He, too, came right over.

They both arrived about the same time. We sat and talked and dad's lawyer said he had prepared dad's will for him and that he was made the executor of dad's estate.

"Mark, I'll take care of everything for you and Sean. Have you called him yet?"

"Yes, I have. He's getting leave and will be calling as soon as he knows something

Dad's boss said he'd get with the lawyer and arrange for dad's insurance payments.

We talked a while and they assured me that they would take care of everything. The lawyer also said that dad had already made funeral plans because he didn't want me and Sean having to do it.

The stayed with me for a couple of hours and just before they left Sean called saying he was getting an early morning flight out and would be arriving at ten Saturday morning. Dad's boss said he'd pick him up and bring him to the house.

They left asking if I was going to be okay.

"I'll be fine," I assured them.

Sean arrived as scheduled and when he arrived at the house e hugged and cried together. We went to the police station to get a full report of what happened. We were told that the driver was behind schedule and was tired. They said he might have dozed off and didn't see the light change. He was in jail on involuntary manslaughter charges and running a red light.

Sean and I talked and when we met with the lawyer told him to file a law suit against the trucking company. He said he would.

We had Dad's funeral and a couple days later met with the lawyer. He said he had filed a suit asking for five million.

He read dad's will and dad had left everything to Sean and I in equal shares. Sean told the lawyer to transfer the house into my name only.

Sean was going to be home for three weeks so that we could get everything settled before he had to report back.

We clung together for a few days then after talking, knew we had to go on with our lives.

Sean said that one of his buddies was taking leave and asked if he minded if he came to visit for a few days. I told him it was fine with me.

We had given dads clothes and things to charity and Sean helped me move my things into dad's room, now my room.

His buddy, Todd, arrived and he was hot as hell. I did take note that he and Sean seemed to be extremely close.

Being in my freshman year of college when dad was killed, I had missed several classes. One Saturday, I told Sean that i was going to spend most of the day at the library on campus working on some make up work. He said fine and that he and Todd would probably go out for a while.

I went to the library and finished way early and went home. When I arrived, I saw Sean's rental car in the drive.

I went in and immediately heard strange sounds coming from Sean's bedroom. Easing down the hall I peeked in.

To my total shock and surprise, I saw Sean and Todd, both completely nude, in Sean's bed in a sixty-nine. What was with this homophobe brother I used to have?

I watched as the brought each other to a climax and both swallowed. Then, I saw them kiss and heard Sean say, "When we can, I need your hot cock up my ass. I've been missing it."

"Sure," Todd replied, "and I want yours up me."

I quickly and quietly eased back out of the house and into my car. I started the car and left calling Sean from the corner.

"Hey, Bro, I finished early. I should be home in five to ten minutes and wondered if you and Todd would like to grab a burger then go to the football game tonight?"

"Let me ask him. We'll let you know when you get home. See you in a few."

I had to laugh, knowing that they were scrambling to get dressed before I arrived.

When I arrived, I hurried into the house and found them each coming out of their bedrooms, tucking in their shirts.

We talked and I could tell they were still nervous. They agreed to the planned evening and we had fun.

The next morning, Sean and I were having coffee while Todd showered. I looked at Sean and asked very calmly, "How long have you and Todd been having sex?"

Sean nearly choked on his coffee before asking, "What the fuck are you talking about? We're not fags."

"Sean, drop the play acting. I'm sure that in the Marines, you have to keep up a straight front."

"What the fuck are you getting at, Mark?"

"You remember yesterday afternoon when I called and asked about us going out?"


"Well, I had already been home. When I came in, I heard strange sounds and checked them out. I saw you two in a sixty-nine and heard you both say you wanted each others cocks up your ass. You don't have to play straight with me."

"Damn, Mark, I never wanted you to know your brother was gay. You've always looked up to me."

"I still do. It doesn't matter to me that your gay. If that's what you enjoy, then by all means do it. Life is too short to me miserable, but when did it start?"

"Mark, I've been gay since I was fifteen. It was hell hiding it from you and dad. That's why I referred to gays as queers and fags. It was to make you two think I was totally straight. Are you pissed at me?"

"Hell no, I'm not pissed at you,' I said, "and I have something to tell you. I'm gay also."

"What? No way!"

"Yes, I am. I have been since I was fourteen. I wanted to tell you and hopefully do you, but with the way you acted. I was afraid to."

"Holy fuck! You're shitting me. You really wanted sex with me?"

"Yea. I wanted to suck you and have you fuck me."

"Un-fucking-real!" he exclaimed. "Did dad know about you?"

"Yes," I replied and told him everything starting with my confession after he left for the Marines.

"Fuck, man, dad was gay also?"

"Yes," I said. "He was afraid to tell us."

"Mark, I've always thought both you and dad were hot. What was it like having sex with dad?"

"Awesome,"I told him, and described it in detail.

"Damn, if I had come out to him maybe it would have caused you to come out sooner and then him. Maybe the three of us could have been enjoying each other."

"It's not too late for you and I," I said.

"You serious?"

"Very. It's up to you. If you decide you want to, join me in bed tonight."

We heard Todd approaching and when he entered the kitchen Sean looked at him saying, "Do I ever have a shocker for you."

"Oh? What is it?"

"Mark knows we're gay and it's cool with him. He saw us in bed together yesterday. I just found out that he's gay also."

"Holy shit!" Todd exclaimed. "And you were so afraid of what he might think of you if he found out."

"I know. And I also just found out that our dad was gay also."

"What? The whole family?"

"Yes, and we all kept it hidden." As Todd sat down with us, Sean and I told him everything.

"That is fucking wild," Todd said.

"I have a question," I said. "After dad and I found out about each other and started having sex, we started living nude. We were both more comfortable that way. Would you two have any objections if I continued going nude since we all know about each other?"

"I don't," Todd said.

"Neither do I," Sean added. "In fact, we just might join you."

I went to my room and striped and returned to the kitchen. They looked me over and Sean smiled and said, "Damn, bro, you're hot as hell!"

I just smiled back. After a few moments they left the room and returned nude also. We went to the den and they told me how they found out about each other while on duty.

That night, Sean and Todd went out for a while and I went to bed. About eleven, I heard them come in and talk in low voices.

A few minutes later, I felt Sean slide into bed next to me. Leaning over he kissed me passionately as we shared tongues. "I love you, Mark," he said.

"I love you too."

We had hot sex that night sucking and fucking each other. It was awesome and we talked wondering what a three way with dad would have been like.

The next day, Sean, Todd and I had a hot three way with Todd insisting that he wanted to watch two brothers have sex. We put on quite a show for him.

Todd left and it was just Sean and I at home. For the remainder of his leave, he shared my bed every night.

Sex had brought us so much closer. He called me almost every night and we'd talk. We both continued sex with others and would share our experiences.

The lawsuit against the trucking company was settled for the amount we asked for. The driver was convicted and sentenced to jail.

Sean finished his enlistment and returned home. He was a military policeman and got a job here at home with the county sheriffs department. I finished college and was hired on as an accountant with dad's old company.

I sold the house and bought a new one and some property where we could have privacy. Sean and I were happy there as room mates.

Then, one Saturday afternoon after he got off patrol he walked into the house and still in uniform said, "Mark, I love you more than life itself. You may be my brother, but would you also be my lover."

"You bet I will," I replied.

We've been lovers for four years now and nothing can separate us. We agree that each can have sex with others but we never stay apart at bed time. Mostly we have three ways if we're not having sex with each other.

Sean had found several other Marines that were gay and left an open invitation for them to visit us on leave. We frequently have a gay Marine visiting us and on a couple of occasions have had more than one at the same time. Those times are really hot.





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