I woke up cozy this morning, feeling Joe's breath on my back, and his hand cradled in my crotch, fingers grazing against my shortly trimmed pubes, underneath the band of my pajama pants. I was hard of course, and instinctively started to grind my hips, thrusting my shaft smoothly against his fingertips. They twitched a little, which sent an arousing jolt through my groin. I reached up behind me, rubbing his bristly face, and he stirred softly, his lips pressing lightly against the back of my neck. I felt goosebumps rise down my spine and around my chest. I leaned back, into his warm body, pushing my shaft further up, feeling his fingertips trail down its underside, grazing my tight balls. I sighed out loud, and pressed my ass against him. I felt his dick twitch against me, and continued to grind. It continued to twitch, and I felt a warm wetness against me. I stopped, as it continued to spread around my lower back, and ass. I giggled, at the thought of him jizzing his pants, and turned to kiss him. He was still asleep! I pulled back the blankets, to see a large cum spot on the front of his pj pants, and it kept growing. He turned on his back, with a snort, as his dick head appeared in the plastered flap of his pants. It dribbled out some more cum (or pre cum?) and I lifted and pulled down his pants waistband. He didn't wake up, but started making sleep murmuring sounds. I watched curiously as he continued to dribble out cum. I haven't had a wet dream in forever, and he must have been dreaming about sex or something.

We'd had a quickie the night before, and he'd fallen asleep inside me. I woke up around 3, and put my pajamas on, as well as pulling his pants on. That man could sleep through another hurricane. I didn't know you could still have a wet dream, even after having sex, so I was really interested in how this worked.

I started to run my hand up and down his shaft, as more cum dribbled out. I wasn't sure if it was just pre cum, since it was pretty transparent. He moved his hand over, lightly grazing my arm, and made more sleep murmurs. I continued to stroke him up and down, watching the constant flow of cum. It had been a few minutes now, so this was one amazing orgasm, if that's what it was. I wanted to sit down on it, and feel him fill me up, but then I would be missing the visual of it. The dribbling stopped, and I felt his dick get even more hard, as his balls rose up against his shaft. I let go of it, and watched it rise, and flex independently. He was rock hard, and at full attention at this point, and I wasn't sure if he was going to shoot or something, but I was enjoying the close up ;) I reached out and grabbed his shaft, and felt the warmth and wetness of it against my palm. I worked my fist up toward the head, and back down. "Mmm...baby, whats up?" I looked up, and he was watching me, with a sleepy grin on his face. "I didn't know you were awake Joe. You came in your sleep I think, and I was checking it out." "Whaaa? I feel like I could cum now baby, get on top." I slid up and kissed his lips, pulling my pajamas off, and straddling him. I slid down on top of him, bracing myself against his chest. My hands were trembling, as he pushed deep into me. His eyes closed and he licked his lips. I leaned forward, resting my chest against his, giving him full access to my deepest zone. He thrust in and out, moaning and breathing loudly.

He turned us on our sides, and then on my back, he raised my thighs up, cradling my legs to his sides. He slowly, and methodically pushed deeper, and deeper, meeting my prostate with the soft hardness of his dick. He was biting and kissing at my neck and chest, as my fingers ran through his shortly clipped hair, feeling his stubbly face, and caressing his neck, and ears. I moaned out loud, and felt my universe exploding with pleasure. "God, you're so fucking incredible Joe." I stammered out. He moaned in my ear, nibbling at the lobe, and pulled back to guide me to my side. He entered me again, pushing my right leg up against my chest, sliding fully in at the side, sending more jolts of arousal through my entire body.

I felt my dick spasming pre cum against my stomach, and I knew I'd cum soon. I wanted to ride this orgasm out to its fullest, but the need to cum felt so great. I reached up, pressing my hands against the head board, and feeling him bumping against my prostate again and again. "Fuck baby, I'm cumming Joe, I'm cumming." I blew straight up, hitting myself in the chin, and wetting the sheets under me, splattering cum against my chest and stomach as well. I couldn't help myself, letting out moans and groans of pleasure. He pushed himself all the way in, and I felt him spasm and throb inside, shooting cum into me. "God dammmnnnn baby....mmm..." I felt him push against me, his bush cushioning between our bodies, his balls resting against mine. He continued to throb into me, as he rested his face against mine, breathing deeply, and sighing loudly.

He flexed a few more times, before he pulled out slowly, kissing down my side, running his hand back and forth over my thigh. I turned on my back, and he pressed against me, spreading the wetness of my orgasm around our bodies. He kissed my forehead, down my nose, to my lips, as our eyes met. I felt his warmth envelope me, and I pulled his face to mine, nibbling at his lips. "Babe, we have an hour to shower." "OMG, you did not just rhyme." "Haha, I didn't mean to, but since we rappin, how bout you get that booty smackin?" I pushed at his chest, "Ok Eminem, that's enough." I scooted past him, sliding off the bed, and walking toward the closet. "Damn shorty, with that fine ass." I turned, and he was grinding into the air, with his dick bobbing around loosely. Rolling my eyes, I went in, selecting a Yohji quilted blazer, and St Laurent leather moto jeans. I felt Joe press against me, kissing the back of my neck, and turned, dropping the clothes to the floor, having a quick make out session. He was pushing me against the racks, and I had to stop him, so we wouldn't get cum all over our clothes.

He pulled my hand, and led me to the bathroom, where we continued making out, clumbsily turning on the shower heads and embracing in the fog of steam. He washed me off from head to toe, as I returned the favor. I took his freshly washed dick in my mouth, sucking out the last drop of cum, feeling him get hard again. I stood up, pecking him on the cheek, and turned to walk out. "Oh, that's how you thank the dick? After all he did for you?" I laughed as I toweled off. "We have to go, and I'll see you...and him later today." He stood before me, while I toweled off, flexing his dick at me. "Look, he's a little sad now." I playfully slapped it, and it bounced back, staring right at me. I could ride his dick til I died.

My day flew by, and Joe picked me up with a smile. I got in, and leaned over to kiss him. I noticed his Belstaff trousers were unbuttoned and open, with his dick standing straight up, resting against the base of the steering column. I laughed, and kissed him lightly, giving him a quick clench of my fist, and sitting back to put my seat belt on. He started to whistle lightly while he drove, just leaving his dick out. The windows are tinted, so I wasn't afraid of being seen, but it was exciting anyway. He was still rock hard when we arrived, and as the valet walked around, he closed his overcoat, and adjusted himself. As soon as we got in the elevator, Joe let his coat flap open. I waited, while we rode, and tried not to glance over, for fear of instinctively getting on my knees. The doors opened, and we walked out into the hall. Joe left his jacket open the entire way to the apartment, and as soon as we got inside, our clothes came off...



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