Hello guys, I'd like to share a story about my life with you all. But first, my name is Devin, I'm just your ordinary 18 years old boy. I'm a captain at my school's swimming team, I'm quite smart and you can see it by my look. But I'm not that bad looking, many girl has ask me out but you know what . . . I've just gone out with only one girl and that didn't work well. That's because one thing that I realized lately, I'm gay. But I've never encountered a relationship with another man because I'm quite shy and I never think about dirty things like.. you know what I mean. I'm like an innocent 12 years old kid that knows nothing. It never changed until that time, the first time I realized I'm gay.

So that time, there was this guy from the soccer team in my school. His name was William Fernand. He has spiky black hair, and muscular build. I don't know why I couldn't get my eyes away from him. I always watched him when he has a practice after school, I always watched how he looked so cute when he smiled, how his muscular body running freely on the field and how his skin glimmering because of the sunlight... but I had no chance at all. I think he's as straight as an arrow and he already has a girlfriend, that bitch named Ella. I hate her, that slut, I think she has slept with all of the guy in the school beside me. Because I declined when she asked me, argh. . . who wants to sleep with a wolf in form of human. Uhm okay, stop talking about that bitch. Let's get back to my beloved Will. I'm in the same grade as him and sometimes we have class together, one time when I have a gym together with him, something unexpected happened.

'Hey Dev, the gym is over already' Will said to me.

'Oh, really...?? I didn't realize it.' Yeah because I kept concentrating on you.

'Okay, c'mon everybody has already left for change.'

I looked around and yeah, he's right there's no one except us here.

'Let's go to Dev, don't u want to change?' he looked confused.

'Ummm.. I guess I'll go later, , ,' I don't want to go with you because I think I can't hold the creature in my pants if I go with you.

He looked at me, and started to walking over to me. He put his back palm on my forehead, oh my god... I think I'll faint, I think I'll faint.

'What's wrong with you Dev, c'mon.' he grasped my hand and started dragging me to the locker room.

'Uh.. uh will, I don't want to go now.' I struggle and try to release my hand, but he won't let me.

'Um, Dev we're already here.' Oh no, I looked around but I couldn't find anyone there.

'Will, why aren't there any people here?' I asked him, a little confused.

'You know why, that's because you're taking too long to realize that the gym is over. And you keep struggling when I dragged you here, that's why there's no one here. They're probably already have their lunch, good job on making me late for my lovely lunch, Dev.' he said.

I looked down on the floor and said 'Sorry Will, I don't mean to umm, to make you late for lunch.'

Then I felt a hand wrapped around my shoulder 'Hey, don't be like that, I'm not serious ya know.' I looked up to see his smiling face. Ahhh... how cute. Is it dream, am I dreaming now. please let it be forever..

He release his hand from my shoulder 'Let's hit the shower, you don't smell good'



I went to my locker and get the towel when I saw Will. He's removing his clothes, oh god, he's damn sexy. His muscular arm, his big pecs, and a nice six-pack. How I want to be with those body. Ow ow. . . I feel something moving on my pants.

'Oh crap!' I sweared. . .

'What's wrong dev?'

'Uh, oh nothing's wrong Will. Umm ah,, there's- there's something on my foot.' Did I say foot... oh no, he'll see that thing.

'What, where's that thing? Where, let me see it?'

I put my towel in front of 'that part' 'Eh, it's gone already, eheheh.' I walked, maybe you can say running into one of the stall. I remove my clothes and just as I thought, my dick's hard already, ahhh I need a release now. But I can't do that, Will can hear me if I do this here. Guess I have to hold it for now.

I turned on the shower and let the cold water trickle down my body. It's so fresh and I hope that my hardon will cool down a bit. *Creaking sound* I heard the door to my stall opened.

'Hey, there's someone here.' I said to the person in front of me, I turned then I saw the figure, I felt my jaw drop and my eyes feel like it would pop out of it socket. I feel all the blood on my body rushed to my face and to my dick.

'Eeeh eh, Will, what are you doing there?' I asked, feeling nervous and getting more excited, ahh stupid hormone.

He smirked and said 'What am I doing here...' then he walked until he's just a mere centimeter in front of me then he put his hand around my cock and squeeze it a little. I moaned and he said 'Then what is it doing here.. hmmm..' he squeezed again, a little harder this time.

'Ahhhh...' I moaned in pleasure.

'S-stop it W-will, wh, what are you doing?' I managed to said in the middle of his squeezing.

'You like it don't you?' he brought his face into the crook of my neck and started to nibble on it.

'Mnnnhhhh...' I tried to struggle, then I pushed him away.

'Wh, why are you doing this to me?' I panted like a person who just running for 5 kilometers.

'Don't you want it, okay. I'll just go, just forget it ever happened' he started to walk away from the stall.

'Wait, I didn't say I don't want it, it's just...'

He got back near me with a seductive smile plastered on his face. He pressed my body in to the wall behind me, now I'm stuck between the wall and his body.

'Then you really do want it right, why don't we just enjoy it, hmmm.' He said with a seductive voice. His hand's already around my dick and now he started stroking it slowly.

'Argghhhh...' it feel so good.

'Say it, you want it right, say that you want more..'

I couldn't think clearly anymore, it's just too much. The man of my dream is doing this to me, it just feels like heaven. 'Yeah, I want it Will, more.. please more..' I moaned in ecstasy.

He pressed his lips into mine, his tongue already started with it's work. His tongue already try to get the entrance into my mouth. He squeezed my cock and I moaned again, in an instant his tongue already inside my mouth exploring the whole place like it was searching for something. Then it found mine and started to play with my tongue.

'Mmmphhhh....' It just feel so good, I never felt like this before. We broke the kiss in the need of air, I looked into his face, there's a smile on his face, oh good, he's very hot. Then I feel the pressure building inside me, I'll come soon.

'Will, I-i'll come..' he stopped stroking me, I tried to catch my breath.

I looked into his face and I followed his eyes and looked down into his dick. Oh My God, he's huge! Then I looked into his face again, he licked his finger like eating a lollipop. I know what he means, he wants me to suck him.

'I, i don't know Will, I n-never do th-is be-before. I don't know if, if I can.' I stuttered.

'Just try and you will like it'

Okay, just try and I'll like it, just try, just try. I lowered myself and kneel in front of him. His dick only a mere inch from my face. I grasped it first, for you to know, I never touched other's before so I'm a little unsure about this. Then I started stroking it, it started to get hard. Then my curiosity make me move my body, I opened my mouth and licked the tip of his dick.

'Ahhh...' Will moaned, I think that's a good sign. So I try again, this time I licked the head like a child licking a lollipop, he moaned again. Getting that reaction, this time I opened my mouth wider and wrapped it around the head. I kept licking the head, Will kept moaning in pleasure. Then I started to move forward and wrapped the shaft, he's very huge, my jaw started to get sore because of it. But I'm started to enjoy it more, I kept doing it until Will grab the back of my head and pushed his dick in and out of my mouth.

'Oh fuck, this is good.' Will exclaimed.

'Mmmphhh...' I sounded with a mouth full of his dick.

Then suddenly he released my head and got his dick out of my mouth. His expression of full lust and his eyes burning with desire. 'Dev, I can't stand it anymore, can I, can I fuck you?'

I get shocked hearing that from him. 'B-but I don't think I'm ready will, i-it's my first time doing this kind of thing. And here of all places..?'

He has that determined look on his face and said 'Just trust me Dev, just trust me like you do when I ask you to suck me off, okay. This time you'll like it more.'

'But, wouldn't it be hurt?'

'Yes it would, but trust me, I'll be gentle with you. Do you trust me Devin?'

I nodded. 'Okay, I think this is the best position for you.' He sat on the floor and spread his legs. I got in front of him and started to lower myself, when his dick is nearing my entrance, I stopped and asked 'Wouldn't you use lubricant or something, I heard that you need that when doing things like this.' I asked, unsure on what I'm doing right now.

Will put his hands around my waist and grasped it, then he pushed my body downward, his dick forced itself into my entrance.

'AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!' I screamed, ah, that hurt like bitch.

'WILL!!!' I hugged Will's body and planted my nail's deep into his back.

'It hurts Will, it hurts ve-very much' I said, tears already forming in the corner of my eyes.

'Yes, I know it hurts Dev, but trust me. Now you should relax and soon you'll enjoy it baby...'

He stayed for a moment and when he thought I'm ready, he grasped my waist again and lifted me upward and pushed me downward again very slowly. I can feel it, I can feel his dick pushed in and out in my ass. When he thrust again, I felt a jolt of pleasure spread through my body.

'Ahhhh ahhhh.' I moaned in pleasure, it sure still hurt as hell, but now the pain is started to subsided with pleasure. I heard Will chuckled 'You feel that Dev?', I nodded. Then he continued 'Do you know what caused that?' I shook my head.

'That's your sweet spot, it's called prostate, it can make you come without touching yourself. Well I guess you've enjoyed it now. I'll let you take over now.' he released his grip on my waist, I moved my body up and down, up and down. It felt very very good, it feels like I'm in heaven.

'Ahhhh ahhhh' I moaned every time his dick enters me.

'Uhn uhnnnn, you're ver-ry tight Dev, i-it's tighter than any girls I've fucked before. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhh....'

'Ahhh Will, it feels s-so g-good'

Then he gripped my hand and lay me down on the floor, he raised my leg over my shoulder, then he enters me again.

'Uhnnn, fuck me Will, fuck me . . . harder. . . harder . . .'

'As you wish baby...'

He thrust harder and harder until my body rocking back and forth. It feels too good.

'Ahh, will it, it feels too good, I'll c-come Will...'

I can't hold it anymore, with one thrust, I screamed and spurted my cum all over my body. My ass clenched Will's dick very hard, , ,

'Ahhhh, I'm gonna come baby' with one final thrust, Will filled my inside with his seed. I can feel it running out between my legs. After that very moment Will hugged me like he don't want to let me go.

But unknown to me, there's someone who recorded all of that . . .




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