My dear mother was horrified when I told her of my latest discussion with my betrothed. 'I cannot believe that dear Betsy could possibly have asked such a thing of you.' My Leland, as usual, stood by, calm and unflappable, taking no part in the conversation, a regal dark figure in his chauffeur's outfit, dark double-buttoned jacket, and jodhpurs in shiny-black boots. I was wearing a typical spring clothing of white shirt and black vest and pants, topped with a new straw hat for it was spring and the hat was freshly-bought.

'She didn't ask me.' I confessed. 'Rather, she had assumed, and spoke in the same way.'

'The very idea, thinking you are a man of the world!' my mother scoffed. 'Does she think we run a house of ill-repute here at Cinnabar?'

'I am certain she doesn't.' I defended my wife-to-be. 'But she was appalled when I told her I was unknown to the pleasures of the marital bed, when I had expected her to be pleased that I had waited for her. She is concerned about the wedding night and fears that my clumsy hands may injure her. So she has given me her kind leave to undertake instruction for my husbandly duties. I see no other choice, for the sake of my family to come, I must immediately learn the arts of love, so that I may in turn teach my darling wife when we are wed next month. So, my dear mother, if you could possibly bring yourself to tell me what I am to do on my wedding night?' I placed myself in diligent readiness to be instructed, clasping my hands in my lap.

'Of course not!' she placed the back of her head to her dear forehead and nearly swooned. 'To think that I would speak of such things to my only son!' She lowered her arm to show once again her dear face, which with her hair bound daintily, formed the shape of a heart.

'But I need to learn what it is a man and a woman do within the bounds of matrimony, my dearest mother.' I said dutifully. 'If you do not tell me, then to whom can I turn?'

'I have thought on this, and planned for it.' My dear mother said. 'Your father should have been the one to teach you of this. Since he has passed on, I must ask my Leland to stand in your dear father's place on this.' my mother said.

I looked at my Leland with some astonishment and a good deal of hope. He was perhaps surprised by this, for my mother had not discussed it with him I could tell, but he accepted it with equanimity and a good deal of pride in this expression of trust.

My Leland came to work for my family when he was eighteen and I was but six, bought along with the rather ugly, rattle-trap automobile that he alone knew how to operate. Now he was thirty-one and I was nineteen and he had only become more handsome with the years. His hair was dark brown, his face was regular and regal, but in a servant's sort of way. It was as if his face, knowing his station in life, had carefully avoided the art that would have caused him to pass for master rather than servant, but had instead put upon itself all that would make a servant comely and pleasant to look upon.

Servants often come and go fairly regularly in a big house such as ours, they may stay for a month, or a season or a year, but they go and others take their place. But my Leland (my mother had always called him that for as long as I could remember, and I found myself using the title myself due to its long tenure as part of his name) had been with us for so long, he had somewhat passed beyond the position of servant. He was a part of our estate, which was named Cinnabar, and a part of our family. Neither I nor my mother could imagine that he would ever leave us. He had been a wonderful playmate in my younger years, playing ball with me, or taking me on excursions to the city, never passing beyond his duties as servant but also standing in temporary guardianship of me. In my teens, he had been a confidante to the many mischiefs of a vigorous young lad like myself and had helped me with some of the better pranks and discouraged those which were crude and inappropriate.

Of course my Leland would be the one to instruct me! Who else would be more natural to select for this than my Leland, the one who had always been my male role model from my early days?

'Where shall we talk?' I asked my Leland.

'We should depart from this house, I think.' my Leland replied. 'I shall bring the Austin around, and we shall take a drive into the country and find a quiet place to speak at length.'

He fetched the 1927 Austin Clifton, the very latest model and a very handsome car, it suited him well. I donned my straw hat to ward off the already-hot sun and placed myself in the back seat in the way a pupil takes his chair at school, and we drove off down the back road of our estate. As this was a Saturday, none of the farmhands would be working the lands; we could count on strict privacy there. I let myself get distracted by our crop. The hemp was growing well, the large green fronds like so many hands waving in the late-spring breeze. I regarded our crop of cannabis sativa proudly; it would make fine rope and paper and hemp seed oil; I was glad we grew hemp instead of cotton; it was such a kinder and more useful crop though requiring more cultivation to bring it to full growth. There were even those who felt you should smoke it as an aid to the pains of arthritis, but my mother scoffed at that, preferring the more well-known and reliable syrup laced with cocaine, which she purchased at the local drugstore quite cheaply and took for a wide variety of her ailments.

As we drove, I said, 'My Leland?'

'Yes, young master?'

'You're my best friend. Did you know that?'

'Yes, sir.' he said deferentially. 'Thank you, sir.'

My Leland drove us to the shade of the trees that bordered our pastures. Save for an occasional meandering cow, we would be completely alone now.

My Leland stopped the car and turned around, perching one strong leg on the seat in a way that told me he intended to speak to me from that location, so I stopped him. 'My Leland?'

'Yes, young master?'

'Come, sit in the back seat with me, so that you will not have to raise your voice.' I said, glancing around furtively, though we were only observed by a few raucous crows roosting in the trees nearby.

My Leland sat beside me with some discomfort, for I trust that this was the first time he had dared to actually sit upon the plush cushions of the back seat of the Clifton, rather than the harder front seat. He first sat stiffly, then lounged back, relaxing his body so that the side of his leg actually touched mine, and said, 'You begin to make love, young master, by taking the young woman in your arms and placing such kisses upon her lips and face and neck as your whimsy dictates.' he said. 'You should also move your arms upon her body in the manner as you would stroke a cat.'

'To touch my darling in such a rude fashion?' I was appalled. 'I hardly dare now to hold her hand or cast careful glances at her marvelously trim ankles. I have but kissed her three times and the third was the time I proposed to her.'

'The marriage bed requires a certain relaxation of the codes of proper conduct.' My Leland reminded me.

'Oh...of course.' I said.

'Then, you should make a playful game of helping her to undo her buttons. Skill with the buttonhook would do you well here, but don't hesitate to use only your fingers or to stand and admire her body as she undresses herself. Try to time your own removal of your clothing to coincide with her, so that your state of disrobing is in equilibrium with hers.'

'Indeed.' I said. 'You make it sound so very difficult.'

'It is not, young master.' My Leland said. 'You should let your passion guide you, and take your pleasure as is permitted and indeed, is an inviolable part of the marriage contract.'

'And when at last she is dressed down to her knickers alone.' I said, gaining a momentary boldness. 'What then?' My brain reeled at the thought of demure Betsy in such dishabille.

'Then you also remove her knickers, sir.' Leland said.

'Really!' I was appalled. 'Am I to leave her lying on the bed as if she were in a bath?'

'That is correct, young master. And you should be the same way. Completely without clothing.'

'Oh, this is impossible.' I objected. 'To gaze upon the entirety of a woman's flesh, even your own wife, is simply improper.'

'But young master...' My Leland persisted.

'No, I'll not hear of this!'

My Leland paused for a time. 'Then how am I to instruct you, if you will not let me tell you the proper course? Shall I drive you into the town, so that you may visit a sporting house and the maidens that live there, and with whom you may take your instruction for the price of a few dollars?'

'I could never touch my wife with a clean heart again if I touched first such a soiled dove.' I said.

'But you yourself said to your mother that you must receive instruction in how to make love to your wife, if you were not to injure her from some carelessness.' My Leland said.

'And that is what I wish to obtain from you.' I pointed out. 'Instruction in the art of making love.'

'There is much that cannot be told.' My Leland mentioned. 'Much that must be experienced, to learn by doing, the same as when you learned to ride a horse.'

'Then help me to experience it.' I said. 'We are here, alone. Touch me as I should touch my wife, and permit me to touch you so that I may practice. Then, instructed without degradation, I may go to my marital bed with all honor and a clean heart.'

My Leland looked at me steadily, then said, 'Very well, young master.'

'Now, touch me in the ways that you mentioned I should do for my wife.' I said, and I turned his words back upon him. 'Now take me in your arms and place such kisses upon my lips and face and neck as your whimsy dictates, so that I may learn how it is done. Then I shall try it upon you.'

'Very well, sir.' My Leland put his strong arms around me and I felt my body give a sudden thrill like I had never experienced before. It was like the time I'd had yellow fever, shivering although I felt hot, my blood pounded in my temples. My Leland's lips reached for mine and I felt a surge within my body, as if my very being reached up to match my body with his own.

I felt alive, as if I had been asleep for so many, many years, and now suddenly my body proclaimed with joy that I was real, I was a part of the universe!

My Leland's lips left my own and I regretted that bitterly, having not had the chance to reciprocate properly his warmth, and he kissed my cheek, my ears and my neck, and I found myself panting, my heart quickening, my pulse racing, every time his lips pressed against my body.

He laid back, and I saw his own chest heaving beneath his dark chauffeur's uniform. 'Now it is your turn.' He said and offered his strong-jowled face to me.

I took him in my arms with clumsy eagerness, his body felt so broad and firm and my lips pressed hard against his and I mauled his mouth with my own. Unbidden, my hands roamed over his back, feeling the well-developed muscles there, the body that filled out the coat so well.

'Mmh! Mmmph!' my Leland protested, and I released him, abashed.

'I'm sorry.' I said.

My Leland smiled. 'You were doing well, only I couldn't breathe.' He said. 'You must let your partner take breath at times.' He licked his lips dry of my childlike spittle and swallowed hard, his Adam's apple bobbling discretely in his throat.

'May I practice my kissing on the rest of your body, then, while you breathe?' I begged him.

He smiled and I took that as permission and I dived for that Adam's apple like an arrow to its target. His throat was tender and soft-skinned, I pulled at that apple as if I could pluck it with my lips in the manner of the harvest festival game of bob-for-apples, I bobbed for this apple but it eluded me.

'Ah, ahh!' My Leland sighed. 'You need no further lessons on this!' He gasped out.

'Oh, please!' I begged him. 'Show me once more, for I dare not be anything but adept on my wedding night. Pray, show me all of it, all! Take me once more and this time, show me how to remove the clothes.'

And while I had prayed he would remove my shirt, he only mimed doing it, then his hands reached down to touch me through my vest and shirt. 'You should stroke her body as you reveal it.' He lectured me. 'Make each part of her revealed body be glad to be bare, so that she will crave to reveal more of herself to you.' His hand clutched my breast, and I dreamed of how much better it would feel were my clothing not in the way, if only flesh touched flesh!

And his hands moved over my body and I could not help but reach for his with my own. But my Leland did not protest and my hands felt his body, strong and warm beneath the chauffeur's jacket. My Leland reached out and with firm hands on my shoulders, he lowered me to the seat of the Clifton, and he reached for the fastening of my trousers. His eyes were ablaze from within, his manner was aggressive, not the demure servant, his breaths were loud and deeply animal in nature, the panting of a tiger! This time he did not mime, he caught and unfastened me, and I was glad he was, for my manhood had become extremely uncomfortable, it was as if it were swelling, and while the sensation was pleasant, the constriction of my clothing made it painful.

He opened my fly and fished inside and I nearly swooned in the manner of my mother, one of my arms coming up to cover my forehead, and his hands, hard and horny from his maintenance work on our three automobiles, these hands were gentle upon my percival, and he brought it into the light.

'Always stroke a revealed part.' I gasped out.

'Yes.' He murmured and his hand gripped me firmly and pumped on my willy. I groaned, for I had never dared touch myself, ever since I had been caught in that very act by my mother at a tender age and lectured sternly by my father of the evils of self-abuse. Obeying my elders had been agony in my teens, and now, while I thought I had tamed the beast, it had merely gone to sleep, and now it was aroused and growling through my throat, glad to be freed at last!

When my Leland leaned over and put his mouth to it, I hardly knew what was happening, I looked down as I was covered in warm moisture, and it was my Leland's mouth, he had taken my willy into it and was stroking me with his lips, with those wonderful, wonderful lips!

I was utterly lost to decorum, I threw myself now totally into the abandonment of lust, and I hunched upwards into him as frivolously as a dog mates on the street, so was I grinding myself into my Leland's adept throat, while electrical thrills like the nearness of lightning on a stormy day, danced through my skin and traveled over my body, all of them originating from my crotch which was being massaged by my Leland's clutching mouth.

'Ah, ah, so this is love!' I moaned as my body lit up all over.

To my dismay, my Leland released me. 'No, young master, there is more to it than this.'

'Ah, show me!' I groaned. 'Show me, lest I perish here this very day, unmarried and unmourned. Rescue me, my gentle knight, from this burning flame into which you yourself have cast me!'

'I shall.' He promised me. 'But you must aid me in showing you the rest of the art of making love.' His chest was heaving like a savage animal, and I suddenly wanted him to ravish me utterly, take me in any way he chose! Now I understood how a woman could 'surrender' herself to a man, submerge her will in marriage, to obey her man in all things for the rest of her life. Such a fate was no curse, but a blessing, if such a man commanded such obedience!

'Teach me!' I begged my gentle professor of love.

He straddled my chest and fished at his crotch, and when I understood, I reached up and undid his trousers, knocking away his hands and replaced them with my servile own. I found his manhood, a long pulsing rod that seethed within one trousers leg, and I brought it out into the light the way a newly-crowned king is brought out from the castle to greet his adoring subjects and I gave a silent huzzah to my monarch of love upon his ascension, the lithe, regal rod of office, brown and solemnly erect, and I welcomed it to the throne of my lips and there it sat and entered, and made itself to home. His cock slid into me and I felt once again how alive I was at this moment, for this prong in my throat throbbed with the very essence of life and it would be mine if I could coax it out of him.

I was untrained, I agree, but I think my Leland found great pleasure in my mouth that day, for he let me have my way with his cock for a long spell, him sitting atop me and running his fingers through my hair, rescuing my straw hat which had been knocked astray, placing it atop the Clifton's convertible top, and then those strong fingers aided my head to the rhythm of caressing my Leland's sturdy rod, relishing and savoring its strong aroma which filled my nostrils with the drumbeat of resilient life, my tongue tasted the salty clear pre-come which oozed out onto it, and I craved more of it, more and more.

But as my Leland's gasps became more frequent and soon his cock was thoroughly coated and lubricated, and strongly erect, like a steel pillar covered in velveteen cloth, my Leland pulled away from me.

'Now, young master, rise up so that I may give you the last of the instruction.' my Leland ordered. And I, his apt pupil, eagerly rose and at his further silent bidding, turned and knelt on the Clifton's seat, resting my hands on the convertible top, brushing my straw hat and placing it on my head as a means of getting it out of harm's way once more.

My Leland pressed against me from behind and at first I did not understand what he was about. Then I felt his hardness as a pressure on my anus and I realized that he intended to penetrate my body with his rod. So this, this was true lovemaking! I had never dreamed it would take this form, for I was utterly innocent until that day, and so I learned the most divine way, as I lost my innocence to my Leland's tumescent virility and he plunged into me, and only joy traveled in the wake of that powerful clipper ship of his masculinity.

'Ah, good teacher.' I said. 'You have taught me so well. I know now how foolish my hesitations were before, and I regret how I delayed you in your adroit instructions.'

'I am not yet done.' my Leland panted out, and I understood once and for all when his body began to move and his cock slid in and out of me.

I had known this man since my early youth, I trusted him utterly, and so when he took my body for his own, he did so with my total acceptance. I fought him not in the least and neither did my body, and so no pain arose from his thrusts into me, only happiness and peace and tranquility and love.'

'Ah, my Leland!' I gasped out. 'I love you, my Leland! I love you!'

'Ah, my young master.' my Leland panted to me as he humped against me. 'I have wanted to take you in this way for many years. Thank you for giving yourself to me, for I have always loved you, young master.'

'And I you!' I groaned. 'Such fools we were to wait for this. You should have come to me at night. I would not have turned you away!'

'Nay, for you were a child then. But you are a man now.'

'Yes, a man!' I sobbed. 'But I am your man now, my Leland. I belong to you! Take me now, take me once and for all time!'

His thrusts became a pile-driver with its rapid hammering against my nether regions, and my Leland clutched at me and held onto me as a desperate shipwrecked sailor clings to flotsam, I bouyed him up in this way and was rewarded by his aggressive pummeling of my anus, and he took me completely and my body succumbed to his once and for all.

And in that submission there came the concomitant joy, my body sank to compliance only to rise again, this time a deep and powerful welling from within that crushed my very life into a flat slime against my inner skin, for all the rest of myself was filled with this joy, and as the joy contacted my brain, my body burst into fireworks of pleasure, and I was making incoherent sounds of lust-driven joy, and in that stormy tempest-tossed ocean of desire, I felt my cock focus the energy thus generated, and transform it into liquid that it jetted out of my body and splattered the plush cushions beneath me.

I was moaning helplessly and my Leland leaned over and caught one of my ear lobes in his teeth and grunted as he held onto it, and his grunts took a frenetic edge, and then I felt his manhood burst its seed into me and he planted himself within me with that seed, and so I became his fallow field in truth, my Leland groaning and choking, loud explosions of sound in my ears, so that I was surrounded by him, by his warm body against mine, by his arms which held me tight, my his breaths that I breathed in, so that I was filled entirely with him.

And it all slid away again at the end, the joy transformed itself into salty slickness that stained my clothes from within, and we were just two sweaty, passion-spent men lying in the back seat of the Clifton, and all I could do was hold to my Leland, and all I could hear was the noisy rough calls of the crows in the trees as they laughed at our preoccupation.

My Leland caught his breath and rose up, saying as he adjusted his clothing, 'And that is how you make love to a woman.' and his tone was that of servant once more.

'I have been very well taught.' I agreed.

My Leland looked at me. 'You must soon go to your wife's bed.' he said tentatively. And there was sadness in this observation.

'That is true.' I agreed. 'But I think that I should ask my Betsy for more time before we wed. Our courtship has only gone on for four months, and her father is unhappy at that, he feels I should court her for at least two years before we tie the knot. And Betsy knows I am untrained and she wants only the most experienced man to take her body. I am far from being well-trained yet. I beg to remain your pupil a while longer.'

My Leland laughed and took me in his arms, and he was servant no longer, and never would be again. 'I shall be careful to instruct you most carefully. For there is indeed a great deal to learn.'

No, never my servant again. He was my teacher, and I would be learning for many more days and months and years.



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