I suppose that you could say that this is part three of my 'Trilogy' of first times. However, since it was a tremendous 'first' for my partner and I, perhaps the kind folks at GayDemon will allow me to keep it in this category. In addition, I apologize for the length of this story. However, I would like the reader(s) to know exactly how the events transpired. I believe you won't be disappointed.

At any rate, the week after Rick and Steve had given my ass such a pounding, I received a call from Rick, asking to meet me for a drink. I was a bit surprised at this since all of our previous meetings had been expressly for the purpose of sex. However, I readily accepted and we met at a bar close to Rick's house. After a few minutes of small talk, Rick came directly to his point, 'You know that I'm doing two other guys besides you, don't you?' I nodded; Rick had told me this before. I didn't mind for a number of reasons. First, I'm not the jealous type. Second, I knew that Rick was as careful as I was about staying safe, and, finally, because of Rick's intense sex drive I knew that I would be hard pressed to accommodate him as often as he wished.

Rick continued; 'You know that my business takes a lot of my time?' Again, I nodded. Rick is the sole owner of a small engineering company that employs nearly twenty people and he is quite successful at it. 'This is how it is', Rick said, 'I don't have the time to be going out every night looking for what I need and the other two guys that I'm fucking are both just chicken asses. (Rick's word for younger guys!) I'm going to ask you plain and simple: How would you like to move in with me?'

Wow! I was absolutely shocked as I had never contemplated anything like that. Although I initially had concerns, Rick answered all of them. For example, I did not want to sell my own house and I definitely needed to have my own life. In the two hours that we talked we reached full agreement. I would move in to Rick's spacious house with our rooms being at opposite ends of the structure (Rick has an absolutely huge ranch style house). In addition, I would keep my own house and pretty much still have my own life with one exception: Rick and I were going to become each other's sole partners for sex.

This was a big step for both of us. However, we agreed that monogamy definitely had an upside for us and that the sex we had been having for the last few weeks was more than worth it. We then agreed to another step: Rick could now dispense with condoms and I would accommodate him 'bareback'. For a lot of other guys, I can see that this is no big deal but to both Rick and I this was a major step. I suppose that, eventually, the years force a bit of maturity on some men. This was the case with Rick and I. Both of us have been relatively successful (I am a Senior Director in a large company here in Atlanta) and both of us see no reason to equate fucking with suicide. At any rate we decided that after living together for at least two months we would ditch the condoms.

The two months passed quickly. Shortly before the end of the 2d month, I had to go to Miami for a business conference. The first day after returning Rick picked me up at my office and we drove to a clinic not far away where we each took one of the rapid tests for HIV. As we knew it would be, each of us was negative. As Rick drove me back to my office, neither one of us spoke. We were both anticipating the evening.

I hope that my company didn't expect too much work out of me as I did virtually nothing that afternoon except to think about the upcoming evening. When 6:30 P.M. came, I made a mad dash out of the office to my car and drove over to Rick's house, not more than 25 minutes away. Arriving there, I went directly to my bedroom (I have my own entrance, in the back of the house) and began getting ready for the evening's activities; an evening that I would never forget.

Stepping out of the shower, I seated myself on the bathroom floor and placed a shaving mirror between my legs. In the bright light I looked at my asshole. It didn't seem possible that in a few short months I had gone from being bi-curious to now being a confirmed 'bottom', getting ready to be fucked by a well hung stud. As I looked at my asshole I saw that it was as tightly puckered as it had been the first time that Rick had fucked me, even after several poundings by his huge cock. When I had returned home after Rick and Steve had both ruthlessly fucked me, I had looked at my asshole and had been alarmed to see that it now had an opening the size of a quarter. However, by the next morning, it had returned to its normal size with no effects (other than being sore!) from the night before. Even now, I did not understand how something this small could accommodate a weapon as large as Rick's. During one of our sessions two weeks before, Rick had tried out his new hand held video camera while he was fucking me. Although the video was definitely not porn movie quality, seeing myself (later) being penetrated by Rick's huge cock was an unbelievable erotic sight. When Rick had put the head of his prick against my opening, the sight was utterly incongruous; there would be no way that my asshole would stretch to accommodate that huge weapon. And, it seemed that my trembling asshole was actually shrinking from even trying to take it in. However, when the head finally penetrated the opening, my asshole had seemed to take on a grotesque grin as the rest of the cockhead had gone in and that it had eagerly closed around the shaft as if welcoming it. I smiled to myself; things do change, don't they?

I reached up and took the lubricant from the top of the sink. After putting a dab on the opening to my rectum, I gently inserted the long tip as far as it would go and squeezed half the tube into my canal. I removed the tube and started to get up when I remembered that tonight might be a bit different. Before, Rick's condom had always added a bit of lubricant. However, tonight it was going to be skin-to-skin and some additional lubricant might be in order. I squeezed a generous dollop of the K-Y onto my finger and smeared it over my anal opening. It was a decision that I was going to be glad I made.

I stood up and put my robe on. I started to tie it shut when I remembered that I probably wouldn't have it on that long. I smiled to myself and walked to the middle of the house where Rick was already waiting for me.

At the middle of the house is a small room that Rick had created strictly for him and me. The room was constructed in a corner of the huge recreation room and was built the week that I moved in with Rick. (I think he had this in mind before he even asked me to move in!) At any rate, it was framed, dry-walled and finished in less than two days. The room itself is very small. Not more than eight feet by eight feet and perhaps even less. Stepping into the room, you would notice that it is barren of any type of furniture except for three or four gigantic pillow/cushions and a rectangular leather-covered article resembling an extremely small mattress.

However, this device is for one purpose and one purpose only. Early in the relationship, Rick had come across a piece of furniture which went by the brand name of 'The Liberator' (I believe they have a web site by that name). At any rate, this device is specifically for having sex and, through adjustable cushions, can accommodate any number of positions. For both Rick and I, our favorite position is me, face down, with Rick giving it to me from the back. The 'Liberator' (or something like it) is ideal because when one of the cushions is removed, my torso is slanting down, elevating my ass in the air, again ideal for Rick's purpose. The first time we 'field tested' the device there was a problem since there was really no space for my cock and balls. Since I always become fully erect when Rick is ploughing my ass, this became more than a little uncomfortable for me. Rick, being the enterprising engineer that he is, wasted no time in correcting the situation. Taking the cushion to an upholsterer friend of his, he had the cushion modified and re-covered within three days. The cushion now has a 'trough' which accommodates my cock and balls most comfortably.

There are a couple of other features of the room(other than the thick shag carpet) that you would probably notice. First, the walls of the room (and the back of the entry door) are covered, from ceiling to floor, with mirrored tile. Since Rick and I are both very visual people, we wanted an area where we could observe ourselves from every possible angle. Second, and probably the strangest feature of the room are two extremely sturdy pieces of pipe, firmly bracketed to the floor and covered with the same thick shag carpet, at the corners of the modified cushion. The purpose of these pipes is, again, very simple. When I am face down on the cushion and am in position, it exposes me perfectly for my partner's intentions by spreading my legs to their maximum limit. You'll soon see how well they work.

I stepped into the room and closed the door behind me. Rick was already there comfortably seated on one of the large pillows on the floor. When he saw that my robe was open he smiled up at me and offered me a large glass of wine. Taking the wine, I seated myself across from him and noticed that he too had his robe fully open.

But, as usual, that is not all that I noticed. Rick's large thick cock was casually draped across his thigh; looking lazy and almost benign. I remembered that the first time that I had seen it, I had tried to look away, not wanting to show how fascinated I was with it. Now, I didn't bother looking away. Rick and I are a good match in that he loves showing off his huge member and I enjoy looking at it. At any rate, we sat for awhile relaxing and talking about our day. Rick complimented me on my tan and I was pleased. During my three days in Miami, I had managed to get in a great deal of beach time and the result was a restoration of my tan from the previous summer; a deep tan that was interrupted only by the whiteness of my mid-section.

Rick finished his wine and said, 'You know, I've been waiting a long time for this; you don't know how much I'm really horned up.' My reply was a casual shrug and a smile, saying, 'Well, what are we waiting for?'

Rick wasted no time getting to his feet. He casually threw off his robe and stood before me with his hands on his hips. 'OK, it's time for you to get down on your knees and take care of me.' I didn't have to be told twice. I quickly threw off my own robe and knelt before him. His still limp cock dangled before me, gently swaying, I remembered how terrified I had been the first time I had been in this position. This time it was very different. I knew exactly what to do and exactly what my lover wanted.

Cupping his large balls in my left hand, I gently lifted his cock with the other hand and begin licking along the sides. After a bit of this, I moved my attention to the head of the thick member. Putting the head into my mouth, I gently sucked and from time to time pulled the head from my lips making a soft popping sound. In next to no time, I could feel the big rod becoming even thicker and longer in my hand. Now, I grasped the big thing with both hands working my lips over and over the soft mushroom head. Rick's breath was becoming faster and faster and now put both of his hands on the back of my head. 'That's it, That's it, Suck that big cock'. Again, I didn't have to be told twice. In less than two minutes, Rick was fully erect and more than ready for action.

Rick reached down and retrieved an article from his robe. It was one of his latest 'toys', a cock ring that he had purchased only a few days before. This particular cock ring is different from others that I have seen; being composed only of some sort of ultra-thin composite material and having a tiny silver buckling device to keep it in place. However, the effect on Rick's cock was dramatic especially with the absence on the usual condom. Putting the device around his massive member, Rick slid the ring to the base of his cock then tightly cinched the buckle into place. Immediately, the large cockhead seemed to swell to even larger proportions and the veins in Rick's cock popped out even more. The giant prick was no longer a lazy benign figure but was now threatening and, to tell the absolute truth, frightening. When I had started licking the soft head, the cum hole had been tightly shut; now it had begun to open, revealing a tiny drop of pre-cum.

After making the final adjustment on his cock ring, Rick reached down, grabbed me by my upper arms and jerked me to my feet. Spinning me around, tightly gripping my upper arms, he pushed me toward the waiting leather cushions. I didn't resist in the slightest and obediently laid face down and put my legs on the outside of the restraining pipes. Quickly stepping behind me, Rick put his hands under my thighs and roughly jerked me backward into position. I was now exactly where he wanted me. My knees were pried apart by the unyielding pipes; my legs were now spread to their widest extent. There was nothing I could do but wait for the inevitable.

I moved my face to the side so that I could see Rick. His smile had now been replaced by an almost sadistic leer; a look that I had seen a few times before. From experience, I know that sometimes Rick is so totally horned up that he is not merely satisfied by fucking but by dominating; by not wanting just to have me but to totally fuck my brains out. And that was what I knew that I was in store for. Rick was not looking into my face but at my pale white elevated ass. I followed Rick's gaze. In the mirror I could make out the outline of my tiny asshole, glistening with the extra lubricant that I had applied to it. Rick continued his leer at it while putting some extra lubricant on his fat cock; not that I would need it but as a way of showing me what I was about to accommodate.

Now, the sight gave me a mixture of fright and anticipation. The huge dark member jutted out from Rick's body pointing more at the ceiling than at the wall. Rick moved his hips slightly; the big prick swayed back and forth. Without the usual condom, glistening with lubricant, it was unbelievably erotic. 'You want it, don't you?. Come on and tell me. You want it don't you?', Rick asked. I could only put my face straight down on the cushion and silently nod my head up and down; my last sign to Rick that I had not only accepted my fate but that I welcomed it.

I felt Rick kneel behind me and then give my hips a final pull backward to insure the greatest possible exposure for my asshole. Resting one hand on the small of my back, Rick took his other hand and began moving the big cock into position for the assault on my hapless, waiting rectum. All I could do was to silently repeat the mantra that I had done before, 'Relax, Relax, Relax'. Instead of mounting me immediately, Rick slowly moved the head of his massive member down the crack of my ass, bypassing my quivering asshole, down to my balls, teasing me, making me wait for my accommodation of him.

After a few seconds of this, he slowly and deliberately centered the cockhead on his target. I began groaning as I realized it was now time for The Main Event. As was his habit, Rick gently pushed the head only partially into my waiting orifice. Without the usual condom, the huge mushroom head seemed even bigger. I struggled to relax. Finally, my asshole gave up its resistance and closed tightly behind the ridge of the cockhead. By now, my groans had increased; the feeling was the most intense I had ever felt. Rick stopped for a moment; letting my asshole become accustomed to the massive girth of his weapon. After a few seconds, my poor asshole seemed to accept its conqueror.

Rick now slowly fed his long rod into my receptacle; putting it in a half inch or so and following this with a few slow in-and-out strokes. 'Hey boy, how does it feel.. Man, your asshole is really stretching..Can you take it all?', Rick never stopped talking. His dirty talk only made me more horny and more determined to be completely impaled by the huge, demanding cock.

After a few minutes, Rick was almost totally inside me. Again, he kept up his dirty talk; taunting me, making me tell him how much I loved it, and how much I wanted it. 'Hey boy, it's almost all in; how do you like it now?' I could only moan and nod my head up and down. 'Tell me, I want to hear it..Tell me to please fuck you.' I lifted my head and began to reply, 'Please, fuck, meeeeeeeee!' No sooner had the words 'fuck' gotten out of my mouth, when Rick had slammed the last inch of the gigantic weapon into my asshole much like slamming a sword into its scabbard.

I screamed out, both from surprise and from a mixture of pleasure and pain, 'OH, SHIT; OH MY GOD!!!!!' Rick tightly held my ass; letting me get used to the entire length of his massive prick. Before I had decided that I was going to bend over for another guy I had done a load of research on the internet and in the chat rooms and I had come across an article concerning being fucked in the ass and cock size. One article (by a supposed 'expert') had stated that the length/size of the cock was not really that important since 'after the first six inches you really can't tell how much is going into you.' That, my friends, is absolute B.S.! The difference between the first six or seven inches of Rick's cock and the full nearly ten inches being stuffed into my rectum is the difference between night and day. No, I'm not saying absolutely that bigger is better. All that I'm saying is that being impaled by a well hung stud like Rick is something that has to be experienced.

But now, Rick was up to his big balls inside me. Again, his chatter continued, 'You ready for some hard fucking?' All I could do was moan and grip the sides of the cushion even tighter than I had before. 'Oh yeah.... Let's go!', Rick said as he began his rhythmic sliding of his cock in and out of my now compliant and more-than-willing asshole. Starting with short two or three inch strokes, Rick gradually increased the tempo. In a few short minutes, the only thing that could be heard in the small room was the loud slapping of flesh hitting flesh and my own loud half moan/half squealing sounds. Rick now concentrated on fucking me as hard as he could, tightly gripping my ass and popping my asshole with no regard for anything expect his own pleasure.

He needn't have worried. By now, I was enjoying taking it as well as Rick was enjoying giving it to me. The pleasure and excitement of being invaded by the huge pole was overtaking all my senses.

I lifted my face and looked over at our reflections in the mirrored tile. Rick noticed that I was looking and dropped one of his hands from my ass so that I could get the whole effect. The sight was a tremendous turn-on. I have always believed that one of the most overused terms in porn was the description of a big cock as being like a giant eel. However, for the life of me, I cannot think of a more apt description of Rick's cock. Glistening from all the lubricant, the big dark member did indeed look like a large snake or eel as it slid in and out of my ass. The paleness of my ass provided a startling contrast to Rick's cock as it utterly had its way with me.

The sight of this along with Rick's steady pounding soon took me over the edge. I had become fully erect when Rick had slammed his entire length into me. And, all through the steady fucking that Rick had given me, my cock had become hard as a brick now ready to explode. Rick sensed this and softly asked, 'Ready to get it off?' I nodded. Rick now began to take short quick strokes, his massive member rubbing steadily against my prostate. Suddenly, it overtook me. I squealed loudly as my orgasm began. Rick continued his short thrusts, content to wait for his own finale.

My cock stiffened even more as the cum began to well up from my balls. I could feel the wetness as my pole convulsed again and again shooting my load of semen onto the leather cushion.

I finally became limp. Rick again sensed this and now quickened his thrusts into my now ready and willing rectum. Even though I was spent I now wanted to insure that Rick would be totally satisfied. From his labored breathing I knew that he was close to his orgasm. I struggled to arch my back and lift my ass so that he could completely bury his huge pole inside me as he loved to do when he got off. As was his habit, Rick had now completely lost control of his movements. There was now no rhythmic movements; no controlled fucking of my asshole. He was now wildly thrusting, only trying to put his pulsing cock just one more centimetre into my willing ass. His hands tightened even more around the cheeks of my ass causing me to cry out even more. 'OH YEAH!!....OH YEAH!!!...HERE IT COMES!!' was all that he could say. I struggled one last time to lift my ass, as he gave one more loud yell, 'OH, YES!!!' By now, my poor asshole was almost completely numb. However, because of the immense girth of Rick's weapon, I could feel, and count, the number of convulsions of the big thing. One...Two...Three...Four. With each convulsion came an accompanying, almost animal-like grunt from Rick. However, this time it was totally different as each convulsion was accompanied by the feeling of warm liquid being blown into my rectum. The feeling was indescribable!!!!!!

Rick collapsed on top of me for a short time. Eventually, he pushed himself up and slowly began to pull the now limp monster out of me. Again, it was different this time as the pulling out of the head was accompanied by a discernable slurping noise. I couldn't move; still laying face down and feeling the semen from Rick's gigantic load begin to ooze out of my now stretched asshole. I eventually began to push myself up but Rick stopped me saying, 'Just stay there; I want to enjoy the show.' Obviously he was enjoyed the 'damage' that he had just done so I complied with his request. The creamy white liquid flowed down to my balls and was now dropping to the carpet. It seemed like Rick had shot a quart of cum into me. Rick laid back towelling himself off and enjoying the view. After a few minutes, I pushed myself up and gingerly lifted my legs from their position outside the restraining poles. My entire abdomen and chest was covered by the semen from my own orgasm. It was definitely not as much as Rick's load but it was definitely porn star quantity. Rick again smiled at me as he handed me a towel. I cleaned off my chest and abdomen as best as I could and sat down putting the towel under me. Rick laughed as he noted the grimace on my face as I sat down,

'So, how was it?' I shook my head, 'It felt like a telephone pole was going up my ass.' Rick laughed and said, 'You didn't seem to mind it that much, once we got started.' 'No', I told him truthfully, 'You know, I love every inch of it.' Rick laughed again and told me to lean back, spread my legs and lift my cock and balls. I complied so that he could again watch his cum oozing from my well-fucked asshole.

We sat there for the next hour or so talking about what our future plans should be regarding the frequency of sessions. We both agreed that two or three times a week would be OK. Sufficient for Rick's sex drive while at the same time giving my asshole time to recover from the pounding.

Then Rick reached for some wet towels and began slowly wiping off his limp cock. 'Uh-Oh', I thought to myself, 'He's getting ready for Round Two.' I wasn't terribly concerned; I knew what Rick expected of me. 'You know', Rick said softly, 'I was thinking that you might like to suck my cock as a nightcap.' I smiled, 'You think you're up to it?' 'Try me' was his response.

Of course he was going to be up to it. From the past few months, I knew that Rick liked to get that big cock of his off at least twice during our sessions. I expected it and, again, I knew exactly what to do.

Rick got to his feet and very deliberately stood looking down at me with his hands on his hips. 'OK, boy, it's time for you to suck me off'. I pushed myself up to my knees and placed my face directly in front of his limp cock. As before, I began by licking along the sides of the pole and finally taking the head into my mouth. And, again, the gigantic cock immediately responded by coming immediately into a full erection.

I've always gotten a big laugh by reading stories about how great and how exciting it is to suck a huge cock. It is exciting, for about a minute, then it becomes something resembling, well, work.

If you doubt what I say, then go to the grocery store and get a large cucumber or, better still, get one of those large cans that shaving cream comes in and see how much of that will go into your mouth and how long you can keep it there. Get the picture? Don't get me wrong; I do enjoy giving head to Rick. However, I don't really suck him; he, more or less, just fucks my face and I do my best to accommodate him. Truthfully, however, at times I feel like I'm getting lockjaw. The only good thing is that Rick, for some reason, cums really fast when I give him head. If it were any other way, I'd be in real trouble!

At any rate, I continued working on that big piece of meat. My technique, if you can call it that, is to grip the shaft of Rick's cock with one hand (I can barely get my hand around it) and hold his ass with the other hand while he pumps the big thing into my mouth. My mouth will barely accommodate the big head along with only two or three inches; anymore and I would be gagging all over the place. Thankfully, Rick is considerate of this and is more than satisfied with the result. Now, both Rick and I were really getting into what we were doing.

Rick placed his hand lightly on the back of my head while moving his hips slightly back and forth. For my part, I strove to open my mouth as wide as I could while tightly gripping the big pole. Breathing, while sucking a big cock can be a real challenge. I try to concentrate by taking in a breath on the out-stroke and holding my breath on the in-stroke; if I mess up on the timing, I'm choking and gagging in no time. Tonight, my timing was perfect and Rick was getting the blow job of his life. He looked down at me thoroughly enjoying the sight and the pleasure that he was getting, 'Oh, man, you suck cock so good,' Other than Rick's comments, the only sounds that could be heard were the muffled moaning and gagging sounds coming from my throat. 'Fuck, you look good sucking my cock' Rick said. I looked over at my reflection in the mirror and wondered how he could say that. My face was red as a beet from the lack of breath and tiny bits of saliva ran down the corners of my mouth. I resembled one of those scenes in a nature show when a snake attempts to swallow something bigger around than what his mouth can handle. I turned my look away from the mirror and hoped that Rick would come to his orgasm quickly.

Thankfully, my wish was about to come true. Rick's breathing suddenly became very labored and I could tell that he was close to shooting his load. 'OH, YEAH MAN!!', he exclaimed. When he did this, I immediately dropped down lower and attempted to pull his cock down a bit so that I could be aided by gravity in attempting to swallow his load. Rick now screamed with pleasure and gripped my head tightly with both hands, 'Swallow it, Jesus, swallow it!!!'. As when he had begun to shoot his load into my ass, I now concentrated on the convulsions of his big cock and Rick's accompanying grunts so that I could time my breathing with his orgasm. Again, as I had before, I repeated my mantra of 'Breath, Swallow, Breath, Swallow.' I fought to take a breath just a I felt Rick's first convulsion and grunt. As the convulsion came, I felt the first stream of his hot semen rocket down my throat. I took it without having to swallow and took another half-breath just in time to feel Rick's second convulsion and accompanying stream of cum. I repeated this one..two times more until I felt Rick's ass finally relax. I hadn't spilled a single drop of his load.

My jaw was now aching. I gratefully began to take the big pole from my mouth thinking that my night was over. 'Wait' commanded Rick, 'Now, stick your tongue out, as far as it will go.' Obediently, I did so. Rick took the big prick from my hand and began massaging it, squeezing it tightly. He then placed the still swelled cock head on my tongue putting four or five drops of his pearly liquid on it. 'Now, swallow', he ordered me. I did as he commanded, tasting the salty liquid, as I forced it down my throat. 'Again', he said. Again, I thrust out my tongue as far as it would go. And, again, Rick massaged and squeezed the remnants of his big balls out and onto my ready and waiting tongue. First one drop, then two fell on my tongue. Then suddenly, surprisingly, a 'mini' spurt of cum; maybe eight or ten drops of white liquid came out of the big member, thoroughly coating my tongue. 'Swallow', again came Rick's command. And, again, I obediently complied, this time, rolling it it my mouth a bit, savouring it before I consigned it to my stomach.

Rick was finally satisfied. However, I couldn't help myself. I reached forward and took the now limp member into my hands and gratefully kissed and sucked the head. Rick smiled at my action. 'You know, I think that you're finally, 100% broken in.' We both laughed out loud. 'Same time, tomorrow night?' Rick asked. Again, we both laughed. Both of us knew that it would be two or three days before my asshole (and mouth) would be ready to accommodate him again. I picked up my robe and began to amble out of the room giving Rick one more laugh. As usual, I was walking like a cowboy who had been in the saddle for three days. Only this time, with each step, more of Rick's prodigious load of semen would come oozing out of my well-fucked asshole. It had been a hell of a night. A 'first' that I would never forget.


Victor Anderson

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