After many request of the recount of my kid brother fucking my virgin ass and how it happened master decided to make me post this for you all.

It all happened a little over 2 years ago my life as a pussy boy sex slave to my master (for a little over a year at this point) was still a secret from anyone in my family and immediate circle of friends. My master who is a close friend of my younger brother had skillfully managed social time with all of us and my time serving him. It was at this time that my younger brothers career was just starting to take off for him he had done a couple of bit parts for some soap operas and a few underwear photo shoots that went into a couple of catalogs. It was after one of the photo shoots that master caught me off guard and got me to confess that I thought it was hot my kid bro strutting around in underwear for a camera. Now I'm not a bad looking guy I'm 6'4" about 180 not real massive muscles but well defined and cut with a 9" dick. My kid brother on the other hand 6'1" 210 pounds of solid he smooth sculpted muscles and a 71/2" cock that was a lot thicker than mine he definitely outdid me in looks. He knew he was hot and was now making a career of it and I knew that that was a mistake to make this admission to my master but I didn't know how big a mistake it was. A few weeks later it was my weekend to spend with master (Back then we weren't living together he was 18 I was 23 and we had to wait till his parents weren't around). When Friday came I headed over to his place let myself in stripped naked made sure that there was no stray body hair and put on my leather collar. Seven o'clock came and went as did eight, nine and ten and he still hadn't gotten home this was not normal for him on a weekend that he had me captive at his place. Around ten forty-five I hear him come in I hear him talking with someone this made my stomach drop that meant he had come home with one of his friends again. I stood there at attention waiting for him to come upstairs it was a good bit of time before he came into the room. He inspected my body running his hands and fingers over every inch I could smell on him that he had been out drinking he wasn't totally drunk but he had had a few and that worried me even more because when he drinks he tends to have some twisted and extremely degrading plan in store for me. He made me oil up and then put the leash on the collar and took me downstairs. When we got into the living room there was no one there so I figured the person had left and that's what took master so long to come upstairs. The first thing master did was strip naked and as I have said before seeing him naked always gets me wild and weak kneed he had me start worshiping his muscles. This is always a treat for me I am a complete muscle slut (And now 2 years later I am so conditioned and such a muscle slut all a man has to do is show me his muscles and I'll do anything he says live or photos it doesn't matter I can't say no to a muscular guy) as I am worshipping masters body my dick is hard throbbing and aching but I am not allowed to touch it I am begging to be fucked. He laughs and says " So my little bitch boy wants to get fucked?" I say god yes I do (Anytime he let me worship his muscles I wanted him to fuck me but he would always refuse and just laugh at me telling me that my ass was off limits many of his friends had asked for my ass it was always a no this was always a comfort to me but when I got to play with his muscles I wanted it from him alone to completely possess me) he says ok but tell me something you said you thought your brother looked hot at his photo shoot what do you think is the hottest part of him? I tell him that I think all of his muscles are hot but that his smooth hard pecs and thick muscular thighs are the hottest. He laughs at me again and tells me what a muscle whore I am. I go back to attending to his body kissing and licking his muscles and sucking and kissing his cock he goes on to tell me that he notices that when I am home that I tend to boss Chris around I say well yea he's my kid brother that stuff is normal. He says that a 23 year old being a bitch pussy slave to an 18 year old dude isn't normal and neither is lusting after my 19 year old brothers muscles and that he thinks that Chris should be in charge not me. I tell him Chris will never take the dominant role in our house. He says he knows and that's why he had an idea and while I am kneeling there kissing and worshipping his cock master says come on in here that's when the second person walks out from the kitchen it made my blood run cold as my kid brother came into view and he has a look of pure evil and shock on his face and he had been drinking with my master and I can see and smell that he has had a good deal. As I am kneeling there naked collared hairless and oiled my masters cock dropping out of my mouth tears literally start to well up in my eyes because my kid brother has seen this he has witnessed me worshipping master sucking his cock begging him to fuck me my head starts spinning my secret is gone this is a complete humiliation. Master tells Chris to come over and get undressed and flex a bit as he strips down he does this and I am transfixed on his body totally enchanted by the rippling of his muscles. Master tells me to worship Chris' body the way I do his. I beg not to be made to do this begging not to ask me to do this with my kid brother he gives me a few good hard slaps across the face and says I'm not asking you I'm telling you to obey. I start out at Chris' feet and not with the same zeal that I am when I worship master it is a little slow and not as vigorous all I can think of is this is my kid brother and what is worse is that he is enjoying seeing this happen to me then I get to those thighs that's when I start to get lost in the moment with those quads and hamstrings I manage to puit it out of my head that this is my little brother all I focus on are the muscles I start to go wild in doing this telling my brother how hot and powerful his muscles are kissing sucking caressing worshipping him the same way I do with master I'm not sure at what point it happened but after a while of working my 19 year old brothers body I am now completely lost in it I found myself sucking and slurping on his 71/2" thick as a child's wrist cock the only thing that made me realize it was master making me stop he smiled and tells me it's a good thing that I got Chris good and sloppy wet because he informs me that now my 19 year old brother will establish his dominance over me by being the first person to fuck me. I start stammering god no I've never been fucked and I had always been told by him my ass would stay off limits you yourself wont fuck me. Master tells me he has changed his mind that my virgin ass is the only link I still have to my manhood and that not only was Chris going to fuck me but he was going to shoot his load in my ass because breeding my ass would be the final breaking of that manhood. Master bends me over the arm of the couch and holds me there I struggle and the next thing I feel is my brother's hands on my hips it's in no way gentle he grabs me with a death grip and lines up his cock against my virgin boy pussy I couldn't begin to tell you how long it took for him to just get the head in but once it was in he drove the rest home no slow tender insertion letting me get used to it just driven in right to the root I remember letting out a scream it seemed like he was fucking me for hours for the longest time all I did was cry and beg him to stop the pain was unbearable he just kept on fucking me like an animal treating me like a whore slamming into my ass his balls and hips slapping against me. Every so often slapping my ass and telling me what a pussy faggot bitch I had become I don't know how long it took but at some point the pain stopped and all I could find myself doing was crying out for him to fuck me harder and thrusting my ass back to meet his thrusts wanting it deeper in me. With an animal cry and moans and grunting he fires off a steaming hot load in my ass leaving his throbbing hot cock in my sore aching ass until it got soft then wiping it off on me. When this is all over to add even more insult to the humiliation master tells me to sit there on the floor a jerk off very slowly and finger my now raw ass and beg them to show me there bodies begging for them to flex and touch their muscles they flex and I tell them how powerful they are and how hot they are and worship and praise their bodies until I am finally allowed to shoot. From that point on (2 years now) I have not only been my masters slave but also my kid brother's bitch

As always if you have a scenario you want master to make me live out and write about please email me if you wish to go str8 to master email me and I will give you his email


Jason the Faggot


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