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My name is Matt, a 23-year-old. After graduating from college with a degree in business administration, I interviewed with the personnel office of a trucking corporation that hauled building supplies for the construction of commercial buildings across America.

Mr. Jones, the personnel director called me and said: "Matt, congratulations, you've been hired as our scheduler. You are perfect for the job. You'll start the job a week from today. But I must warn you that you may find our owner, Mr. Smith, very demanding of you."

"Thanks so much Mr. Jones. I'm so excited about the job. I've had a number of part time jobs with different bosses while a college student. I'll be fine."

My office was one door down from the owner's office. I met him the first day and he welcomed me on board.

Mr. Smith was a buffed 55-year-old hunk of a man. He had spent many years as a trucker before becoming president of his own corporation. He had a gym pumped body with very broad shoulders, strong neck and back muscles, huge arms and biceps, strong legs with bulging calves, weighed around 210 pounds, stood 6-feet and 3-inches, dark black hair, brown eyes and what appeared to be a huge manhood between his legs.

I paled in contrast to Mr. Smith. I'm 5-feet and 9-inches tall, weigh 150 pounds, slim build, strawberry blond hair and hazel eyes. I have a cross-country runner's build. I competed as a cross-country runner in high school and college.

During my first month with the company, Mr. Smith dropped by my office daily to inquire how I was doing. He seemed to linger longer each time that was unusual for a boss discussing all types of unrelated work subjects.

On the first Monday of my second month on the job at 11:00 AM, Ms. Jane, the company president's administrative assistant, phoned me and said: "Matt, Mr. Smith wants to meet alone with you today at 3 PM for a lengthy meeting. Is that time ok?"

"Yes, Ms. Jane, no problem."

When I entered Mr. Smith's office, he seemed in a very serious mood. He was seated behind his big oak desk in a chair and began: "Matt, please have a seat. We need to talk about your first month's performance. Some of my truckers have told me that you are not even handed in assigning cross country trucking trips. I'm afraid I'm going to have to let you go."

"Oh please Mr. Smith, I have been very fair with all the truckers. This is such a perfect job for me as I payoff my college loans. I'll do anything to keep my job. Please, Sir."

Mr. Smith's face brightened and I saw a twinkle in his dark eyes when he responded: "Matt, you'll do anything I wish?"

"Oh yes Sir. You just name it."

"OK Matt, get your fucking butt over here. Get down on your knees in front of me, unzip my pants, pull,out my rock hard 10-inch cock and begin sucking me off. Give me a fucking mind blowing blowjob."

"Yes, Mr. Smith. WOW, what a huge cock you have, Sir. Gee, that is such a big mushroom cock head. You are already oozing precum. How about your wife?"

"Matt, fuck her. We have been divorced for four years. She is a bitch."

I began to kiss the head of his swollen cock, grabbed the base of his huge thick cock, sucked the precum off his piss slit and spent several minutes running my cum covered tongue up and down his huge cock shaft as he spurted more precum and gobs of spit onto my face. He grabbed the back of my head and used his strong hands to force his monstrous manhood all the way down my throat. I managed to swallow the whole boner while gagging from the huge tool.

Mr. Smith still seated in his big chair used his rugged hips to rare up causing his cock to fill my mouth even more. He became so horny as he muttered: "You little bitch, that is it. How do you like big daddy's wood? Man you know how to suck cock. You must have had lots of man meat before now? My ex-wife was no match for your cock sucking techniques. You know how it feels to get your cock sucked, right? As now a single man, I need no female pussy. I have got you, you little bitch. Your ass is what I want."

Surprisingly, I had become totally primordial and lustful for this big cock and my new daddy. Between the taste, size of his cock and his dirty talk, my 8-inch cock was now at full erection. This daddy had me wild with desire for him. I sucked his cock with my lips firmly stretched around his big meat for at least ten minutes when he pulled off so he would not come. He was not yet through with me. I knew he wanted my man pussy.

WOW, this older daddy had me more aroused than ay of my cross country fuck buddies.

Mr. Smith got up and threw everything off his desk. He was making a bed for my fuck. He ordered me to undress. He took off all his clothes. Oh shit, what a man's man he was. His whole body was ripped with hard muscles; huge low hanging dark balls and a very sexy bed of dark hair down his chest and stomach. He also had a big patch of dark pubic hair. I was about to be fucked by real hairy daddy. I could hardly wait as my whole body was trembling with lust and anticipation of my wildest fuck ever.

My cock began to pulsate and bob up and down looking at this giant of a man. He was becoming my big bear lover.

The phone rang and it was Ms. Jane. I heard Mr. Smith say to her: ""No Jane, tell the personnel director I've changed my mind. Matt will continue as our scheduler. And do not let anyone disturb us for the next hour."

I wondered if Ms. Jane knew about her boss and his love for men?

Oh shit, my job was safe and I was actually so aroused thinking about sex with this hunk of a mountain style man. I was going to be his fucking bitch over and over. I was about to come just from the anticipation. I was becoming Mr. Smith's little whore whenever he wanted me.

He placed me on my back on the desk with my legs dangling off the desk. He spread my legs far apart, got down on his knees and gave me the roughest sexy rimming with his thick hot tongue grinding into my ass. I felt his hot tongue part the muscles around my ass entrance as he massaged my ass with his tongue. I felt his hot breath tingling my asshole. Man, this was so hot. I was wild with lust as blood flowed into my aching cock. Then he took both of my light fuzzy balls into his mouth while he finger fucked my ass. I felt my cum gather in my balls.

Next he firmly grabbed the base of my cock shaft and immediately swallowed my entire cock with one gulp. This was certainly not the first cock he had had in his mouth. He was a pro. As he bobbed up and down on my red hot cock, I grabbed the back of his neck and held on tight. He buried his face in my crotch as he sucked me harder and harder. I felt his hot breath on my cock. His animal appeal produced great gratification for my horny condition. His big mouth and hard jaw muscles soon literally milked all the hot cum out of my spasming nuts. I shot load after load of my seed down his throat as he lapped it up like it was a bowl of ice cream.

When he had milked me dry, he turned me over on my stomach on the desk, he got up on the desk, brought his huge body down on my back as he plunged his police like night stick so deep into my ass that it felt like his cock had exited my mouth. I was filled with this monstrous cock. As his cock drilled my ass chute, he used his whole body to thrust up and down my back and legs. He fucked me like a wild beast. The feel of his red hot steamy cock stuffed up my ass and his sweaty body on top of me was like the ultimate sexual nirvana. This was the best cock I had ever had in my man pussy.

While he fucked harder and harder and grunted like like an animal in the wild, I screamed in both pain and pure pleasure. I know Ms. Jane heard our sexual sounds.

Over come with lust, Mr. Smith managed to say: "Take my big cock, you pussy boy. I have a hot load for you. Daddy is going to breed his pussy boy. You're now mine."

"Oh Mr. Smith, fuck me. Daddy, give it to me. I love your delicious meat inside me. Fill my pussy with your hot cum. Oh shit, rip my ass with your deadly weapon. Daddy, fuck your little bitch. Daddy I'm yours."

Daddy used his entire body and steel hard cock to slam my ass one final time and then his engorged cock began multi-spurting thick gobs of semen deep into my sore ripped ass. When he was finished, he pulled out, turned me over on my back and had me lick his cock clean. We dipped kissed and enjoyed all the juice.

Me. Smith said: "Well, Matt, I think we've just revised your job description. Your job is secure."

"Yes, Mr. Smith, just call me when you need my assistance. I love my job."

We cleaned up in is private bathroom and as I went back to work, Ms. Jane gave me a huge smile. She knew what had just happened.

That night my best friend Jason who had been on our college cross country team and my long time fuck buddy, came over to my pad. I told him what had happened. It so turned on Jason and me that we spent the entire night sucking and fucking each other. We came three times from all the steamy story about Mr. Smith.

The next morning Jason asked me: "Matt, buddy, do you think Mr. Smith might like a three way or possibly fuck my twink ass? He sounds like a hot daddy."

"Jason, I bet he would. Let me introduce you two. Mr. Smith is a sex addict and I need someone to pinch hit for me at times. I think Mr. Smith will ware me out. He has no limits as to his libido."


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