My Master is very fond of humiliation in our relationship. I have been his slave for several months, ever since we met online. He lives out in a small town, in a quiet neighborhood with houses spread apart by large lots of land. Master is a beast of a man, he is commanding with a toned and impressive body and a thick, meaty cock to match. He gets turned on by making me do humiliating tasks in order to earn the right to suck his dick or be fucked by his dick. These are some of the creative things he has me do:

One night I receive the text to meet him at his house wearing normal clothes but to make sure I wear slip on shoes. I arrived on time, just as it was getting dark, and Master told me to get in his car, we were going for a ride. I got into the front passenger seat of his black SUV and he immediately told me to strip naked and put my clothes, except my underwear, in the back. I did what I was told as we drove to the outskirts of town. Master told me to give him my underwear, black Calvin Klein briefs, and I handed them to him, and I was told to put my shoes back on. I was so glad that no one had looked hard enough at Master's car to see me, naked with an erection, but now I was confused as to what Master was going to do. We were driving fast down a somewhat populated neighborhood street with a little traffic when my Master rolled down the window and threw my briefs out the window then drove for a half mile. He stopped, turned off the car, and told me to retrieve my underwear in less than twenty minutes. My heart sank and I started to get anxious and nervous because there was a large probability I would be seen. I gathered my courage and opened the door, streaking out into the freezing night. After searching for a good fifteen minutes I thought I would never find my underwear, thinking: why did I wear black briefs? All of a sudden, headlights came from down the road as several cars were headed my way. I quickly hid behind the garbage cans of a house, waiting for the cars to pass. I started to grow nervous when the line of cars would not end! There was no way I was going to make my twenty minute deadline now! When the cars passed, I searched for another five minutes before finding them. Relieved, I put them on and ran back down the road to where Master parked. I almost threw up when I saw that his car was not there. I ran to the spot where it was just twenty minutes ago and found a note that said: "Slave, you have exceeded your time limit so I have parked somewhere within a one mile radius of this spot. Find me." My heart sank again because I knew that if I didn't follow his instructions Master wouldn't fuck me for a week and I NEEDED his huge cock inside me. After thirty minutes of searching and some humiliating encounters with a group night time joggers and a car full of teenage high schoolers, I found Master's SUV. When I got inside, Master said, "Good job boy, you have earned the right to be my slave for another week." I was happy to see that his fly was open, and he let me suck his massive tool all the way back to his house where he roughly fucked me for hours.

On a cold Friday night, Master made me earn my position at his feet when he drove me out to a country road. I had similar instructions from the underwear search night, but Master did not tell me to strip. Instead he told me that a group of ten or so teenage boys from the town drive out here to get high and drink beer, and that they always drive in off road vehicles with extra headlights. I didn't understand the significance of this until he stopped on the side of the road to give me my instructions. Master told me, "You are to stand in front of my headlights and strip naked. You will wait there and when you see the boys do not cover yourself up. I have given them a message that you will be here, willing to give blowjobs to them. You are not to refuse anything they tell you to do and you must act like this is your car and I am not here. When they arrive they will ask you what you are doing here. You will respond: 'I am a kinky cock-sucking slut'." My heart skipped a beat when I realized that this was the most humiliating thing master had ever made me do. I knew that if I didn't do what he said I would never see Master again, so I followed his instructions. I stood there, naked, illuminated by the headlights for twenty minutes until I saw the trucks racing down the dirt road. They slowed down when they saw the car and the front truck rolled down its window. A boy who looked to be about 18 stuck his head out the window and asked what I was doing. I responded just as Master told me to and the boys in the truck, it sounded like five, all started laughing. I was so humiliated as the two trucks pulled off the road and the group of boys stepped out. There was eight of them in total and my humiliation began when I heard the sound of flys zipping open as the horny teenage boys prepared for their fun. The boys milled around waiting for something to happen when the biggest one, probably the leader, stepped forward and pushed his dick in my face. I knew the only way I would get through this was to think that my Master wanted me to suck these dicks and that it would make him hot and horny so that he could fuck me later. I opened my mouth and gave the best blowjob I could. To my horror several of the boys got out cell phones and started videoing my performance. I decided to suck harder so I could get it over with, but I knew my night was no where near over as I glanced at the seven other boys slowly stroking their meat. The guy started yelling oh yeah's and "I'm gonna cum" as he fucked my head rapidly. He shot his load in my mouth and told me to swallow. I obeyed. The next few guys were quickies with smaller dicks, but the fourth guy had a huge dick that choked me and he insisted that I had to swallow all of it. After he was done the first guy, who had been drinking the whole time, decided it would be funny if he made me drink his piss. I reluctantly opened my mouth as he pissed in it with terrible aim, getting the warm liquid everywhere. The other boys got their blowjobs and following the example of their leader pissed down my throat after every cum shot. Luckily none of the boys were brave enough to try fucking my ass and thankfully they decided they were done with me. They got their stuff together and drove off yelling back at me things like "hey slut, thanks for the blowjobs" and "I can't wait to show this video to..." The last one scared me because not only was the video of me going to be shown to someone, but I had no idea who or how many people were going to watch it. Then, Master rolled down the window and yelled for me to get inside. He told me I did a good job and I made him proud, and he drove me to his house where he fucked me with such passion I happily thought the night would never end.




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