The story began when I was on a recruiting trip to the B State Tennis Championships in our state capitol. The winning singles state champion was Luke from a small rural high school. I met him and his new bride Doris of five months. She was expecting their first child.

I was successful in signing Luke to a tennis scholarship to join our university tennis team in the Fall.

Luke was a handsome 19-year-old well-built athlete. He stood 5' 11", weighed 155 pounds, rock hard body, deep blue eyes, curly blond hair, deep sexy dimples, upward turned red lips, prominent chiseled jaws, smooth hairless body and a great contagious personality. I would later learn that he had a thick 8-inch cut cock with low hanging big balls.

At that time, I was a 32-year-old university tennis coach and former male model. My physical stats were 5' 10" tall; weighted 165 pounds; dark brown eyes; dark brown hair; tanned body; rigged rock hard chest, abs, and stomach; thin stream of brown hair from my chest to my crotch; light brown hair on my legs; and a thick 7-inch cut cock.

During the first week of the semester, Luke stayed with me at my condo until he could find an apartment for he and his wife. As I had only one bedroom, Luke slept with me at night.

On the first three days, I think I noticed Luke masturbating in the bathroom as I heard heavy breathing and moaning sounds coming from the bathroom. On the third night, I went into the bathroom as Luke was leaving and I discovered the residue of thick white cum on the toilet bowl rim. Yes, this young horny stud was in need of daily relief.

When I came home from school on the fourth day, I found Luke having a glass of wine and he was crying. "Luke, what is wrong?"

"Coach Nicholas, my wife called me today and she asked me for a divorce."

"Luke, what in the hell is going on?"

"Oh my Coach, she told me after we got married, she had a one night stand with her former high school boyfriend and that they did not use protection. She has just learned from a DNA test that the guy is the father of her child and not me. She wants a divorce so she can marry the father of her child."

"Oh, Luke, I am so sorry for you. Lets go to bed and get some sleep and you can deal with this matter tomorrow."

As we got in bed, I was now so aroused and beyond horny. I pretended to fall asleep very soon after going to bed. I was hoping that Luke would try to comfort himself by humping the bed as I had caught him doing the second night of us together.

Well, it happened. Luke thought I was asleep. He took a pillow, turned on to his stomach, put the pillow under his crotch and began wildly humping the pillow. I waited for him to get very aroused and hot before I slowly turned my face directly into his face pretending to still be asleep. I breathed hard onto his mouth and face. I could feel his very hot breath on my face. My cock had become as hard as steel as I inhaled his wine smelling breath.

Now I made my brave and risky move as I put my lips up against his lips. WOW, his lips were so wet and silk like. He did not move away but instead he stuck his tongue out and parted my lips. I opened wide as his tongue went to the back of my throat. Our tongues began to swirl around each other as we generated gobs of spit that ran out onto our chins and chests. Oh my god, Luke was ready to make love to me.

Then the hottest thing happened as Luke took one of his very hot legs and placed it up against my burning hot thigh. He began to rub his leg up my thigh and close to my crotch. Soon he moved so that his huge cock was pulsating against my body. I then opened my eyes and Luke was staring directly into my eyes and he had a sexy smile on his face. I had this young married stud ready to fuck me.

Without speaking, I pulled my briefs down so our hot flesh could touch. We both used our feet to remove our briefs completely off until we were butt naked.

I spoke for the first time: "Luke, I am wild with lust for your body. I know you are still married but soon will be divorced. Let me comfort you with a first time gay steamy sex for you. You need to get off and I can make your ejaculation really awesome and huge. You can fuck my ass and pretend it is a woman's hot pussy."

Luke really surprised me when he confessed: "Coach, you are so kind and caring. I will confess a secret to you. Although I am married, I want to tell you about the one and only Gay sexual experience I had. On our 18th birthday at the start of our senior year in high school, I celebrated with my best friend, the really hot quarterback on our high school team. We got stoned on beer at his home while his parents were out of town. He made a move on me. We got on his parents king sized bed and gave each other hot blowjobs. We dumped our cum loads down each others' mouth. WOW, he had this monstrous 11-inch cock. I could only get about two-thirds of his slick cock down my throat. We rested for some time before I fucked his smooth hairless pink ass that felt like a woman's pussy. I shot my second load into his ass. I sucked his asshole and took my semen and spit into his mouth. We kissed and I loved the taste of hot cum. This is our secret, ok?"

"Sure Luke, it is safe with me as will this night, baby. Lets suck cock as you did with that quarterback and I want you to fuck my ass. You can pretend that my ass is a woman's hot pussy."

"Coach, I actually found that Gay sex with my friend, the hot quarterback, exciting and very hot. I confess that I am turned on by you. You are so kind to me and you are a real hunk. Could I possibly be bi-sexual?"

"Luke, lets find out if you are bi-sexual or actually Gay. I want to make you crazy for man sex."

I realized that Luke had had several glasses of wine so his true feelings could be coming out and he was loosing his inhibitions.

I grabbed Luke by the back of his neck and pulled him forward into my face. I plunged my tongue deep into his mouth and began a series of French kisses that he seemed to love. Our bodies were now intertwined with our cocks rubbing very hard against each other while leaking precum. Our bodies became slick from the sweat and precum including our cocks, pubic hair and wet balls.

We started rolling around in the bed with first Luke on top of me and then me on top. We continued the rotation for several minutes as our bodies were steamy hot.

After several minutes of our wet bodies joined in lust, I said: "Luke do you want me to suck your cock? Can I eat your ass? You are so cute and tempting."

"Oh, Coach, yes. You devour me while I talk dirty to you."

"Luke, dirty talk turns me crazy with lust, go for it."

I had Luke get on all fours on the bed. I moved under his crotch from behind and took his big cock into my mouth. WOW, it was red hot as were his balls. I took his entire cock down my throat and gave him the wildest blowjob. I started going up and down his cock shaft. I then rotated between sucking his cock, licking his nuts and eating his beautiful pink bubble asshole. He was bucking and jerking like a wild horse. My own cock was twitching and throbbing from my face being in his smelly crotch.

"Oh my god, Coach, you horny slut, eat my ass and suck my fucking cock. You horny bitch, you are such a sex addict. Give me your hot mouth. You slut, you fucking whore, you cock sucker, now finger my ass. Drive those fucking hard fingers up my ass. I might let you slut use that dirty cock up my ass. Would you like to be the first fucking whore to put your cock up my virgin ass? Answer me you bitch."

Luke's dirty talk drove me wild. I went crazy sucking his ass, his nuts and his cock. I massaged his prostate with my fingers. I was so hot that I almost fainted.

After at least 20 minutes of the hottest sex of my life, I stopped and asked Luke: "Baby, you are a slut. It is your turn to suck my cock, kiss my nuts and eat my ass. Go for it you cock sucker."

Luke put me on my back, lifted my legs up against the headboard and put a pillow under my ass. He came down on my aching cock. He kissed my cock head, slide his tongue up and down my cock shaft, and finally took my entire cock down his throat. He sucked my cock with great speed. After a long blowjob, he turned his attention to my nuts as he sucked them into his mouth. Next he rimmed my ass with his tongue thrust into my pink asshole.

"Coach, you fucking slut. Your ass and cock taste so good and they smell very manly. I love how you smell."

I could tell that Luke was so turned on that he was going to let me fuck him.

"Luke, Baby, you bitch, can I grease that ass and drive my big leaking daddy up that virgin man pussy?"

"Oh, Coach, give me that hard daddy. You and I are so clean. Fuck me bareback and dump your man seed into my inner ass. I want your juices."

I placed hot Luke on his stomach on the bed. I lubed his beautiful bubble ass and my cock. I entered his virgin ass very slowly until I got past the outer layer of his ass muscles and then I drove all the way in. I laid down flat on his back and legs as I fucked him hard and rough for 5 minutes. My ass cheeks bounced up and down, as I showed no mercy for my new fuck buddy.

"Coach, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Hell, Oh Shit, Fuck me hard and dirty. Oh, it feels so good. Let me be

your bitch. I want to be your slut. Give it to me hard. Do not stop. I love your hot cock. Go deep into me.

I felt my cock swell even more and the creme shot out of my piss slit. "OH, Fuck, I am cumming, I am cumming. Take my cum, you bitch. Here it comes."

"Oh Coach, my ass is drowning in your warm cum. I am so wet. Oh, Fuck, your cum is greasing my ass. Pull out and drive back in. Use your cum to slide in and out. Hell, yes, it feels so great.

I pulled out and got on my side. "Luke fuck me from behind. Give me your fucking hot cock now."

Luke, the perfect athlete, instantly drove all the way into my worn ass. He fucked me with great force and rough thrusts. He used his strong hips and legs to pound me. He put his hands on my thighs and drove in and out over and over. His cock rubbed against my prostate driving me wild with pleasure. I felt his cock leaking precum into my chute. Luke moaned and had short breaths as he fucked harder and harder until he was ready to come. He was so experienced on hot techniques of how to move his cock around the inside of a pussy and now my ass. What sexy moves.

After about 15 minutes, I heard him grunt and his breathing increased. Soon he dumped a huge load of cum down my ass channel. It was thick and warm. I counted at least seven major blasts followed by smaller bursts.

When spent, he pulled out with cum dripping from his cock head. He said: "Coach, suck my cock and eat my seed."

It was delicious. We kissed and shared the cum.

We showered and went back to bed. Luke said: "Coach, will you become my fuck buddy? I loved the sex tonight.

"Oh Hell, yes, Luke. Fuck me ever night. Use my ass to satisfy that big cock of yours. Let me fuck your man pussy also."

A Happy future together.



Naughty Eric


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