I joined for by bachelor degree in a college which was far from my home town. The college was few kilo meters away from the city. I stayed in the college hostel. On a weekend evening I went to city for a purchase and was returning back to hostel. I was standing as there was no seat in the bus, suddenly when the driver applied a sudden brake, a guy hit on me from back. His hardened dick hit on my ass which felt me horny and then I turned back. I saw a guy in early twenties; he looked at me with lusty eyes. He was little shorter than me but was well built. He had strong biceps and chest which were partially seen through the white T shirt he worn. I could not control myself seeing a sexy guy who was just behind me. I turned back once again, noticed that he was wearing blue low slung jeans. At that moment he lifted his right hand up and scratched his head which exposed his naval and lower abdomen. When I looked at his face he raised his pierced left eyebrow to me, suddenly I took off my face. I am 18 years old six feet guy with a good body shape which I got through years of swimming. I know that I am attracted to men but I could not admit myself as a gay. The conflict in my mind made me to stay away from gay sex which I had many opportunities earlier. When the bus reached the stop, I got off from the bus and looked the guy once again. He was staring at me, when he found that I noticed him, he licked his right thumb.

After dinner I went for a lonely walk and was planning for a swim in the nearby river. It was a full moon day and the breeze was cold. I looked around and no one was there so I thought to swim nakedly which I like most than swimming in shorts. After sometime I heard a noise, felt somebody was swimming behind me. When I turned I saw the guy whom I saw on the bus. I felt nervousness in my body as I was totally nude. He smiled at me and introduced himself as Tony a physical instructor in a gym near our college. I looked at him astonishingly; he then splashed water on me and asked "Who are you?" I reluctantly introduced myself as Tom. He then said "Its bit cold and you are shivering". I felt so cold and wanted to get out of river. I swam to the place where I kept my clothes. When we reached there he got out of the water. He was fully naked and had beautiful buttocks, that sight gave me an erection. He started to dry himself with a towel, I saw his flaccid penis and scrotum when he separated his legs. I wished to see his frontal nudity, and then he suddenly turned towards me. A gorgeous stud, he had an eight pack on his trunk, long hands reaching his thighs and legs were like two pillars. Now he had a semi erection on dick and was curved to right. I was shivering but my dick was rock hard. He then asked why I was still in water and asked to get out. Now I am totally confused, told him that I am shy to stand naked. After my childhood none had seen my nakedness. He laughed at me and asked whether he should leave that place. I told him to throw the towel to me which I kept with my clothes. When I got my towel I got off the water hiding my erection and started to dress. He suddenly gave his towel which was now on his waist and asked me to dry myself before I dress. Now I saw him completely naked just a foot away. He smiled at me and started to dress. When I dressed I gave back his towel, he smelled it and found my pre-cum on that, looked at me with a naughty smile.

I was in a hurry to return back to hostel. He told me that he was on that way and asked whether he can join the walk. I hesitantly agreed to him. When we walked he talked a lot about our college, city and his gym. I liked his company, now I am totally relaxed. On the way we had to go through a dark alley. My leg hit on something and started to fell down at that time he pulled my body and saved me from falling down. When he touched me, I felt an electric shock passing through my body and got an erection. I couldn't balance completely and started to fell again but this time to his body hitting my manhood on his thighs. Suddenly I regained my balance and I pulled my T shirt down to hide my erection. Seeing this he asked me why I was hiding my erection. I told I have no erection. He came near to me; his exhaling breath was touching my chin. He told don't lie, caught my dick above my pants. I moved my body away from him; he laughed and shouted that I had an erection. I started to run, he pulled me from back and brought me towards him. I couldn't get out of his hands.

He looked in my eyes and asked "Are you okay?"

I said "Yes I am okay but want to return back soon"

"Tom don't hide your feelings towards me"

"Yes, I have an infatuation towards you."

In my lifetime for the first time I have to admit to a guy that I had an attraction. I was totally upset.

"Tom, relax its natural. Nature creates people gay and straight. It's not only in human but seen in other organisms also"

"I knew but none in the world knows that I am a gay"

I sat on a wood. He sat beside me keeping his hand on my shoulders, looked at me and told

"I am also attracted towards men but I indirectly show my feelings to whom I am attracted to know their response. In my life, expect for sex none were interested for a long time relation. When I first saw on you bus I had an attraction towards you but you were afraid to show your feelings. Coincidentally tonight we came for a swim. Knowing you for the last two hours I am sure you have a good soul."

I laid my head on his shoulders. Tony put his hand on my waist and dragged closer to him. Our noses were touching each other. My lips shivered, he touched my lips with him. He kissed on my lips gently which slowly became my first kiss. We stood up without breaking our kiss, we hugged tightly. He was licking my upper lip by that time I was licking his lower. His lips tasted like a red tomato. Then he bit my lower lips, I got a small pain. Slowly he put his tongue in my mouth, I got exited after that I put my tongue in his mouth. Our hardened dicks were touching each other. We were in a passion and were rubbing each other's body vigorously. I heard ringing of ten from his watch.

"Tony I have to go now, hostel gates will lock at ten"

I got out off from him and we started to walk quickly. We were silent and were passionately looking each other. We kissed once again and exchanged our mobile numbers.

When I reached hostel, warden scolded me but I was happy that I could express my feelings at least to one in this world, something was thrown away from me. I felt that I was weightless and was flying when I climbed the steps. When I reached room I was in a hurry to call Tony. When I took mobile to call, Tony called me. I was laughing and told "Thanks dear"

"For what Tom?"

"Now I am like a free bird without any fear and I have a one to share my feelings in the world"

Tony was happy to hear my words.

"I really miss you Tom, want to see you now"

I invited him to hostel as my roommate went to home but he rejected my offer as it is very risky to enter in hostel at night. He invited me to his home, his parents were not there and he was alone. I managed to get out from hostel and went to the path where Tony was waiting. We hugged and kissed each other. Within five minutes we reached his house. I felt tensed and asked some hot water to drink as I was shivering. Tony went to kitchen to make some. I looked around his room; saw his lap top on the bed. Something was minimized on it. I clicked on it to maximize, it was a hard core gay sex video. Tony entered room with water. I smiled at him.

"Do you like that Tom? I have a good collection of gay porn videos"

"Yes, I see a lot in internet".

He gave me water and I drank. Tony was in his night dress. I can see his huge bulge in that dress. He understood that I was looking at his bulge. He moved to me and sat closer so that our thighs touched each other. It gave a lightning in my nerves. He put his left hand on my left hip and took my right hand to his right hip. We looked each other and began to kiss. By that time he pulled my right hand to his crotch. I felt a huge cock under his pants and felt he was not wearing any under garments. I said

"You are well built"

"Everyone tells that, I gained through years of practicing in gym"

I was examining his body with my eyes.

"Tom, do you want to check out me?"

I nodded my head, yes I wish. He removed his shirt and exhibited his trunk which I had seen earlier in the moon light. He had very few hairs on his body but a cluster of hairs on his under arms. I saw some of his pubic hairs coming out of his pants. His dark nipples stood out on top of his magnificent chest. He turned back and lowered his pants down. Tony's buttocks were facing me. My eyes were bulging out and he turned towards my face exhibiting his frontal nudity. It was the most amazing sight that I have seen in years.

"Wow" I cried.

Tony's Dick was fully erected almost 9 inches and was thicker. It was dark wheatish in colour, uncut with lot of fore skin on the tip and pre-cum was oozing out. Balls were tightened to his body. He folded his hand behind his head exhibiting large biceps while his cock stood straight to my face. He had a beautiful smile with dimples, raised his eye brows towards me indicating do you want it. I rolled my tongues in thirsty and wiped my lips. He came closer to me. His cock touched my cheeks. Suddenly I took it in my hand and started to kiss it all over and licked his pre-cum. It tasted little salty. He was enjoying that. I tried to swallow his cock but I couldn't do it. Tony giggled and took out from my mouth. He sat beside me and we kissed passionately. Tony said"

"Now I want to see your fish shaped body"

I stood up and removed my T shirt. I had no bulging muscles but my body was strong and had a beautiful abdomen like a good swimmer. I went closer to him. He kissed my lower abdomen and hold tightly on my waist. He made me to sit on his lap, rubbing my crotch he asked

"Now do you want to show your manhood to me that you have not shown to any?"

With a smile I nodded my head and stood up by lowering my pants, like him I was also not wearing any under garments. I covered my dick with hands. My buttock cheeks were facing him. I turned and looked his face. From his eyes I saw the eagerness to see my manhood. He leaned backwards on the bed and asked:

"Are you shy?"

With a smile I removed my hands and hold it upwards with my left index finger in right hand. My hands reached just below the fan and he had a nice view of my entire body. My dick was little longer than his but thinner and was uncut wheatish in colour. My body is hairy while I trimmed my pubic hairs. Tony eagerly put his tongue on my cock and started to suck it. I started to moan in pleasure. He had a good technique and my full tool was in his mouth till his lips touched by pubic hairs. He bit my cock tip gently; it was an amazing feeling on my tool.

He laid over me on the bed and started to kiss all around my face. Gradually he moved his lips to my neck, chest and to nipples. He licked both my nipples, I was moaning with intense pleasure. After that he moved his head to my abdomen and put his tongue into my naval depression. He lowered again and pulled back my foreskin back and examined my pinkish mushroom headed dick. He grabbed the base of my cock with his right hand and began to beat to his face with it. I felt the head and the shaft slapping against his cheeks, lips and chin. He started to suck my dick while his hands were rubbing my trunk which felt me good. Tony reached down and grabbed my balls in his left hand. He increased the pressure on them which made me to moan loudly. He started to suck by balls and took it in his mouth. The hairs on my balls made sweet pain when he sucked. He kissed from thighs to my toes and made me to lie backwards. Starting from my feet he kissed to my buttock cheeks. He squeezed my buttocks with his hands and started to rub on my back. By kissing he reached my ears, gave a small bite and whispered "did you like it?"

"Yes, Tony I want to do the same on your body".

I started to kiss all over his body and he gave tips how to suck cock. I managed to put his full meat in my mouth and could reach his pubic hairs. I chocked when his shaft entered my throat. Tony suggested to do 69 so that we can play with our dicks more. Then we had an awesome 69 session with a lot of brushing and rimming. He closed his lips around my shaft I felt the wonderful warmth of his mouth. He sucked my cock with passion and my dick was hardening more and more. It was in a state that it may ejaculate at any time. I moaned its coming. Tony started to suck the fore head of my prick vigorously as I felt he was milking my prick. He knew what he was doing and it made me feel better. It didn't take long for me to explode. He took the load in his mouth and I could see my cum in it. He closed his lips and swallowed and we kissed. I tasted my own cum that was a wonderful experience.

I started to milk Tony's dick. Tony's hot cum shot into my mouth, hitting the roof of my mouth, filling my cheeks and throat. I let it to settle on my tongue, enjoying the taste for a moment before I swallowed the stud's sperm. I glanced up at his face again as my throat worked to take his load into my belly and his eyes were fixed on me, watching me swallowing his cum. I milked the last of his cum from his softening cock with my lips until he reached down and pulled my mouth off. I looked up at him again with thirsty eyes. We kissed each other. I was lying on Tony's lap, playing with his tool. He was massaging my head and was giving sweet kisses. He asked "Can I fuck you?"

"My body is yours but will it pain"

"Let us try, if it pains I will stop"

Tony made me to lie backwards, separated my legs and examined my pinkish hole. When he touched the anal region and rectum I got an intense pleasure. My hole was tight and he spit on it and entered one finger into my anal canal by gently stretching it. He did it delicately so that it didn't cause any pain or injury to me. He applied some lubricant on his two fingers and started to insert in my hole. It gave some pain but I was enjoying the pleasure in finger fucking. After finger fucking he applied some lubricant on his penis. I watched him as he rose up on his toes, his body moving forward over me. As his face settled above mine with a kiss, I felt the head of his cock pressing against my hole. I could feel my eyes widening as he began to push forward, it was paining. I groaned in pain and my eyes started to water while my breath was coming in shallow gasps.

"It hurts" I yelled.

Tony stopped but I asked him to continue as it was giving me a pleasurable sensation due to the inserted penis rubbing against the prostate through the anal wall. I moaned, not in pain this time but in pleasure. Tony slowly but determinedly sank the length of his cock into me until I felt his wiry pubes scratching my buttock cheeks. He dragged his hips backward until the dick head remained inside me, and then pushed it again. He fucked me more than five minutes. I was now arching my back to meet his thrusts to get more pleasure. I looked backwards to see how he was fucking, admiring the muscles flexing in his tight back, watched the globes of his ass raising and lowering, feeling his cock moving in me I gave a sigh. He climaxed in my ass and it leaked with his hot cum. Both of us were sweating and he whispered into my ear what a good fuck I was, how tight my hole was. Then I touched his globes of his ass and his hole. Tony with a smile applied some lubricant on my fingers and made me to finger fuck. He moaned when my fingers entered his tight hole. After that he applied some lubricant to my hardened tool and made me to fuck him. It was not easy to penetrate into his ass crack. Tony helped me and my entire shaft was completely inserted into his anus. I moved my tool in a rhythm which gave him intense pleasure. The penetration set me off and I shot my load in his ass. While removing my cock from his ass Tony grabbed my leaking cock and commented "nice fuck".

I cleaned his body while he cleaned mine. Later we slept undressed under a blanket. It was bit cold so we hugged each other tightly. We couldn't sleep as both of them were so excited. Tony said "Lets us masturbate mutually as I have not seen your cum coming out."

I agreed as I was in a great pleasure for one more shot. He took my tool in his hand and started to jerk while I took his in my hand. I rubbed on his chest, feeling his muscles while his cock was like steel rod and played with his nipples until they were as hard as his cock. Tony was moaning in pleasure when I kissed on his pubes. He was massaging my whole body and gave vigorous movements to my dick. The shot came in a large volume that I felt it emptied my entire balls. I shot my load all over his face, chest and abdomen. The milk was all over his trunk and few drops on his pubes wires. I gripped his cock firmly and gently squeezed his eggs. I felt the pre-cum of his meat on my fingers and the explosion erupting out. He then stood up and shot all over my body from my face to chest, abdomen, dick and thighs. Tony then fell on me and hugged tightly while our semen was acting as a lubricant between our skins. We cleaned again and watched some hard core gay porn till morning.

The alarm rang, it was 5 am and Tony had to leave for work in Gym. I had to reach hostel before everyone wakes up. We reluctantly parted and promised that we would meet soon. I entered in my room and pretend to sleep. I heard voices from next room and they were talking about gym. I eagerly went to the room to know what they discussed. They were going to join in a local gym and my eagerness to see Tony made me to accompany them. When I entered the gym I saw my sweet heart in red outfit. Tony was surprised to see me. The main instructor introduced us to Tony. During our practice when we touched each other a wave of passion was running in our bodies which were difficult for us to control. When the session ended Tony took me to his private room. Both of us were sweating and we kissed passionately. Suddenly he took of his cloths, stripped me and gave a tight hug.

"Tom I was missing you a lot and was in eager to meet you."

"Me too that is why I came here dear."

Tony's body was hot and his muscles were seen tighter and beautiful after the work out. He whispered in my ears "Wants to fuck in doggy style."

I agreed him and scrambled on the bed until I knelt before him on my hands and knees. I felt him behind me and the head of his dick probing my entrance. Tony's cock found my hole and slowly entered every inch of his thick cock into me.

'Ahhhhh! 'I moaned.

Tony lowered his chest onto my back and wrapped his arms underneath me, one around my chest and with another started to stroke on my cock. I was getting pleasure from both the cocks. He pinched my nipples until they were hard then ran his hands down along the ridges of my abdomen and used them to pull me up to meet his thrusting cock. The stimulation of his hands, my body twitching violently and moaning around his cock uncontrollably climaxed me to shot my load on the sheets of the bed beneath me. Tony held my body tightly with both the hands until his cum exploded in my ass. Both of us fell down on the bed with lots of sweat and cum on our body. We looked each other then I saw our reflection in a big mirror on the wall.

"I want to fuck you in-front of the mirror". I said.

Tony stood in-front of the mirror in sideways so that I got a great view of his entire body. It was a spectacular view from real and reflection. I got off the bed and kissed him while our iron rods were rubbing each other and produced lot of pre-cum. Tony was facing the mirror and from behind I grabbed his iron rod jacking off like crazy and with another hand started to play on his nipples squeezing them gently and feeling them to harden. In mirror I saw mixed emotions on his face while the cords on his neck stand out and his body was shaking in pleasure which made me hornier. My cock was between his buttock cheeks and was probing his entrance hole. Slowly I entered my cock inch by inch, started to move my dick in circular motions. I dragged my cock back out of him, making him moan with the sensation of my cock leaving him empty. He cried when I immediately entered my cock forcefully back in until he could feel my pubes scratching his ass. The friction between my dick and his anal canal became lesser when I started to move my dick quickly forward and backward.

I felt his hot thick cum when he shot his load into my hands and some onto the floor between his legs. My balls were tightening up and I was close to cum. Suddenly Tony grabbed my ass globes and made me to fuck him faster. My dick exploded filling his ass with my hot cum. He hugged me and our chests stuck together with our creamy cum. I settled my head next to him and relaxed. We bathed and he dropped me in my hostel. When I was to leave Tony called me back and asked:

"Today are you coming for a dating?"

I could not control my happiness and took his hand in me firmly and looked into his eyes. I was speechless and nodded my head. As it was a holiday I told warden that I am going home and went to Tony's home. I saw Tony in a blue see through shirt which exhibited his entire trunk. I hugged him, felt warmth of his body. Tony wore a black jacket over his shirt and we started our journey in his bike. I didn't ask him where we were going. We were in a romantic mood, Tony was riding the bike and my hands where grabbing his abs. There was lot of fun and joy in our journey. After a long drive we reached a hill top where we kept the bike. Tony told on the next hill there is a pond and few streams. We could reach there by walking. We started to walk and there was no human trace in that grassy region. I kissed him and looked into his sexy eyes. I started to unbutton his shirt, unzipped his pants. Now Tony is in his white briefs. For the first time I was seeing him in under wear. He was stunning in it. Tony took off my shirt and pants. We were both in briefs. I put my hands in his briefs, rimmed his cock and took it out. I rest on my both knees and started to suck it. He moaned in pleasure. Tony saw my hardened dick and took it out and we went for an awesome 69 on the grass. We walked nakedly and reached the hill top. There were small streams and a beautiful pond on that hill.

We swam in the pond. I swam back stroke, seeing my entire body floating and my tool upwards, Tony cried "wow". He reached near my waist and gave sweet kisses on my tool. We hugged each other and the coolness of water was pushing us to have sex. We got out off the pond and it was chilling. We set a small fire on that semi dark area and on the warmth Tony laid. I watched him for a while then I laid over him and rested my chest against his back, wrapped my arms and legs around his body. I felt his body suddenly tense at my touch, I wrapped myself tighter around him with kisses. I felt a change within him and I recognized his great strength that he kept my whole body under his control whenever he handled me. He turned his torso towards me, with one arm pushed me back and further up onto the grass while he used the other to spread my legs and made me to sit on his thighs. His movements were fast, clinical and cold which made me horny. Tony wanted to fuck in sit up position. I hugged him tightly and our chests got a new pleasure when our hardened wet nipples touched each other. He entered his hardened dick into my hole. He made me to move up and down and I felt his thick iron rod piercing into my anus. Slowly I started to move fast, he was moaning in pleasure. He exploded and his load oozed out from my holes to the grass. Tony asked me to try this in another way. He sat on my lap and I was in a position hugging him backwards and my hands on his waist. He made me to enter my dick in his hole and he started to move up and down. I managed to put my head of dick in his hole always. I was getting extreme pleasure and the anal friction was amazing when he moved up and down. It didn't take much time for me to explode but Tony moved for few more minutes as he was getting immense pleasure. We went back to Tony's home and it was hard to get us separated for a moment. Tony suggested that I should quit hostel and have to stay in his home as a paying guest.

On next morning I went to hostel took my belongings. Tony's parents welcomed me to their house and I was happy. Tony had a brother who was a sailor in a ship and rarely came to home. Those days were the happiest days in my life. We were in love and lived like a couple. When we were only in the house we walked nakedly which we were fond of. We had sex most of the days; we shared a bed either in his room or in mine. I lived with my sweet heart happily till my last college day. I got a scholarship in a foreign country and left Tony.

I was much depressed when I reached my new college and the memories of Tony were haunting me. He was a great support in my life and I needed it badly for my whole life. On the weekend I saw a gay parade on the street. Rainbow flags, semi naked bodies, music and dancing of men from all age groups. Everyone was celebrating their life. From my classmate Bobby I went to knew that it was a gay friendly town and had gay beaches, clubs and resorts. Bobby suggested that I should go outside the campus and should visit the town. Next day I went to beach, it was a gay beach and clothing was optional. The beach was clean, shallow and so many were swimming and sunbathing. There were lot of naked bodies, men with tiny briefs or thongs and guys were having fun. When I was wandering saw Bobby with his boy friend. Bobby said "Hello" and introduced me to his boy friend Jack.

"Tom, are you alone" Bobby asked

"Alone dear" I told

"Don't you have any friends" Jack asked me

I told about Tony and our days. They took me to a club near the beach. I was introduced to Mike. Mike was a joyful man in his late thirties and was the head of the club. Bobby told about my depression. Mike with a smile told "It's very easy to make me happy ". I was surprised to hear his words.

"How" I asked.

"Tony will be here" Mike told.

I was so happy. Mike owned a gay beach resort and he invited me for the party on that night.

With Bobby and Jack I went for the party. The resort was fully landscaped with a secluded pool surrounded with tropical settings of palm trees, lush foliage and serenity. A naked themed party was running. Friendly enough guy was on reception and asked whether we want lockers to keep our clothes. I was in a confusion to join or not. Bobby told its safe and I could enter the party wearing clothes also. We went to locker room and I removed my shirt and was in my trousers. Bobby and Jack were on their skins. We entered the party hall, naked guys welcomed us. Soft couches, slings bunk beds, video playing gay porn were seen. Age ranges from early twenties to sixties were present. Go go boys were present at a corner. Some were enjoying the show and were cheering when the go go boys stripped. Although no private areas for sex but people involved in public, respected whether you wanted them involved or not. Lots of sucking and wanking were seen and not much fucking. Not sure there was any danger that the place would be but a slow trickle of guys arriving throughout the evening. Fun, friendly, partying crowd with lots of hot guys and great music. I found all male staffs of the resort completely naked with a pink ribbon on their hand, to recognize them as staff as most of them were nude, enjoyed working together and ensured that all stayed with fun and memorable. I met Mike and his partner Mark. Both of them were exhibiting their entire skin and were attractive in their late thirties. Mark was managing the resort. Mark told that there is a job vacancy for Tony in health club of the resort and if Tony wish he could join there. I was so excited and informed Tony at that moment.

After two days Tony reached the Town. When we saw each other, we couldn't control our emotions and kissed in public. Tony joined the health club and we started to live in an apartment. Our happy days came back and later that week we joined the gay club headed by Mike. On that weekend there was a birthday party of a member of our club in Mike's resort. As we were new Mike told we should attend the party so that we could meet all the members of the club. We went for the party and reaching the resort only we went knew that birth day parties had dress code and it was birthday suits. I was in a dilemma to attend or not. Tony suggested that we should attend. Till date only Tony had seen my nakedness and with a shy I entered the hall. Mark and Mike were welcoming the members at the entrance with hugs. Party was rocking and we were introduced to the members and everyone greeted us. So much fun, even though everyone were naked people respected each other. In corners there were group sex and none compelled to get involved. We enjoyed the party and we met so many gay couples.

Years passed and I am working as a scientist in the town. Tony and I got the citizenship. We informed our parents that we are happy and living together as a couple. They understood us and gave blessings for our future. Our club members suggested that we should get married as same sex marriage was legal; thereby we will get support from the government as a couple. Finally the day came, me and Tony getting married legally. It was the happiest moment in our life and a party was thrown to us by our club members in Mike's resort. There was lot of fun in the party. Mike had doubt, whether we had sex in life as we never involved in sex public. Most of the couples got into sex in naked themed parties and we watched all. Tony suddenly kissed me and we went to floors for an awesome 69 while the members cheered for us. As we were versatile we fucked each other. Mike was so happy and gave us a honey moon package in a gay cruise. Our honeymoon days were so memorable, we float on the sea in naked and we had sex on the deck of ship, in room, in pool and where ever we liked. Now with Tony I am the happiest person in the world and we leave with our friends and members of club in our gay friendly town.

This is my first story. As I am new comer there will be so many mistakes in the story which I may not have seen. I wish to get feedback from my readers. Your reviews will encourage me to write more stories. You can mail me to [email protected]



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