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I woke to the sun shinning through the window. I turned and saw Jake sleeping beside me. I couldn't believe the boy I had been lusting after for so long had given me the most amazing, and most intense blowjob I've ever had. His dark blond hair fell over one eye. I lightly brushed it away. He smiled. "Morning!" I kissed his soft, thin lips. "Morning baby!" Jake propped his head up on one hand. "Did you enjoy yourself last night?" I nodded. "You know I did." He giggled. "You were awfully loud last night." I laughed. "Well, it's just that what you were doing felt so good." I felt him reach under the sheets and gently stroke my flaccid 7 inch cock. "Wanna experience it all over again?" I laughed. "Maby later tonight."

Jake pouted. "What do you want to do today?" I sat up. Jake ran an finger down my back and poked it between my ass. "Hey, cut it out!!" I said, smiling. He smiled at me. "I just can't help myself. I want you so much!!" I leaned over and kissed him. "You'll have me soon enough." I went to take a shower. When I came back into the bedroom, Jake was gone but I smelled fresh coffee. I went downstairs and there he stood in a white t-shirt and shorts. His hair was all mussed. "Thanks for the coffee!" I said wrapping my arm around him and kissing his neck. "I was thinking while I was in the shower, why dont we go for a ride and the later tonight I'll take you to you're first gay bar."

Jake nodded. "I'd love that." Suddenly he looked worried. "What is it?" I asked. He shrugged. "What if another guy wants to have sex with me while we're there?" I took a sip of the strong coffee. "Well, if you want to, tell him you'll only agree to it, if I am there with you." He nodded. We got dressed, though Jake did everything he could to get me to go back to bed. We drove down to the warf and walked along the boardwalk looking out at the ocean. "It's beautiful!!" Jake exclaimed. I knew I was falling in love with this hot, young stud. I also knew it was going to break my heart if he chose to go back to his family.

Later that night, we dressed in our finest. Jake looked hot as hell in a white button down shirt, tight jeans and sneakers. We went to a local gay bar. Jake was so excited. "I've never seen so many hot guys in one place before!" We went to the bar and I ordered a beer and a coke for Jake. A group of goodlooking, muscular guys were giving Jake "the eye". One of the walked over and smiled. "Hi! I'm Andre." Jake smiled politely. "I'm Jacob." Andre smiled. His dark skin practically glowing in the floresent light. His head was clean shaven and he looked buff. "Wanna go somewhere?" Jake smiled. "Thanks but I'm here with someone." Andre looked at me. "He can come too." Jake nodded. "Thanks but I am a one man kinda guy." Andre nodded. "Cool, I can dig it." I watched him walk away.

Jake turned to me and smiled. "Why didn't you want to go with him?" I asked. Jake kissed me passionately. "I want to be with you and only you." I felt my heart swell with love for this hot twink seated next to me. "Let's go home." When we got home Jake kissed me passionately. "Let's take a shower together." I laughed. "Ok, you run it and I'll get ready." Jake and I walked to my bedroom and I laid out some terry cloth robes I had snagged from a hotel. I heard the shower running and steam billowed from the bathroom.

I undressed and walked into the steam filled bathroom. Sliding the glass shower door aside Jake was standing under the showerhead. I stood there and watched as the hot water turned his dark blond hair black. His smooth, muscular body glistened. He smiled at me. "You gonna get in here and join me or am I going to have to start without you?" I stepped into the shower and closed the door. Jacob looked up at me. "Before we get to the good part, I've made a decision." I looked into those beautiful brown eyes. "You dont have to tell me tonight." I lifted his chin and pressed my lips against his. Our slippery bodies fit together. I pushed Jake down gently by his shoulders. He smiled up at me as he stroked my limp cock.

"You want me to suck you?" he asked smiling up at me. I nodded. I sighed when I felt his hot lips touch the head. "MMM!! Yeah!" I moaned. He moved his lips further down my shaft taking more of me into his mouth. His lips felt awsome on my cock. I watched as he sucked and licked, occasionally stopping to suck and lick my balls. "MMM!! You taste good!" he said before sucking with reckless abandon. Soon I felt myself nearing the edge of the cliff. "I'm close!" I warned. He smiled while still sucking.

I felt my balls draw up and the hot, sperm make it's way up my shaft. "OH GOD!!" I hollered. Jake sucked like a new born colt sucking on it's mommas tit. I felt my cock expload. "FFUUCCCKK!!!" I whimpered as volley after volley of my hot cum filled Jakes mouth. I watched his adams apple bob up and down as he tried to swallow my massive load. When he had cleaned me off, Jake stood and smiled. "How was that?" I laughed. "How was that!? It was mind shattering!"

Jake turned and leaned over. "Wanna fuck me now?" he asked wiggling his smooth, round ass. I knelt down and placed both my hands on both cheeks. I kneeded them, loving their smooth feel. I pulled them apart and there in the middle, like some rare pink pearl was Jakes rosebud. "Wanna feel something totally awsome?" he nodded. I stuck my tongue into his ass and licked his hole. He whimpered like a hooker. "Do that again!!" he exclaimed, a boyish smirk on his face. I dove into his ass, flicking my tongue across his hole, feeling his body jerk and hearing him moan with pleasure

I stood and grabbed my cock by the base. "You ready?" I asked. Jake nodded. I inserted my rock hard, throbbing cock between the soft mounds of his cheeks and felt the head of my cock hit his hole. "When I penetrate, it's gonna hurt but just push out like your going to the bathroom and everything should be fine" I explained. He nodded. I pushed and felt his hole resist. I massaged it with the head of my cock until I felt it open. I pushed my cock in and felt somthing inside give way. Jake whimpered. "AHHH!" "Shhh! I just popped your cherry. It shouldn't hurt for two much longer. Remeber to breath and push out" I whispered in his ear. Again he nodded and said nothing.

I moved my cock slowly inserting more into his hot hole. When I was all the way in I stopped. I wanted to give him time to adjust. "How are you feeling now?" I asked. He smiled. "Ok, the pain is going away." I nodded. "You ready?" He nodded. I moved slowly, pulling my cock out and then gently putting it back in. Jakes whimpers turned into soft moans of pleasure. "Yeah! Fuck me!!" he moaned. Encouraged by his moans I moved a little faster, my low hanging balls slapped his ass with each thrust.

Soon we were both panting and moaning. "Fuck baby! You're ass is the tightest I've ever felt!" I exclaimed. Jake smiled. "You like fucking my twink ass?" I laughed. "You know it baby." I grabbed his hips and began ramming my cock in and out of his tight hole like a jack hammer. "OOH! YEAH! FUCK ME HARD!!" Jake screamed. I felt my balls draw up. I knew I was close to cumming. "Oh yeah! I'm gonna cum Jake!" Jake turned to look at me. "Come in my ass!!" he ordered. I rammed his ass once more and felt my cock go off like a cork from a wine bottle. "UHHHHH!!!" I moaned loudly. My loud moans echoed off the bathroom walls as I filled Jake's hot ass with my seed.

When my cock stopped twitching I slowly pulled out leaving a trail of cum that dripped onto his smooth, egg shapped balls. "Wow!!" he exclaimed. I nodded leaning against the shower stall. "I know." He kissed me and I turned him around. I wrapped one arm around him firm, muscular chest craddeling him while my other hand wrapped around his flaccid cock. I began stroking him. "MM! Yeah! Make me cum!" he moaned. I stroked until I felt his body tense against mine. "Fuck, Bill Your gonna make me cum!!" I stroked him furiously until I felt his cock jerk in my hand as long ropes of hot cum shot from his cockhead. "AHHHH!!" Jake moaned covering my hand with his hot boycream.

We cleaned off and put on the robes I had found. "So, you gonna tell me what you've decided?" I asked as we lay there side by side. Jake smiled. "I've given this alot of thought. If I return to my family and the Amish way of life, I can never see you again and I dont think I can live without you." I felt my heart thump in my chest. "So?" Jake giggled. "So I am going to move in with you as your partner and lover if you'll have me?" I opened his robe and traced a hand along his smooth body. "With all my heart!!"

The End.... Or is it? :)



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