Written by:  Bill Hudley

I turned in the doorway for one last look. I'm leaving the apartment that has been my home for the past five years. Joshua moved in with me when I had been there barely two months and stayed for five years. Back then I thought we would be together forever, but this the past year I knew that we were changing, becoming friends instead of lovers. Then Joshua met someone else and we split up. Our relationship and our friendship all ended at once. Three months later on my birthday, my job was eliminated when we were bought out by America's Bank.

That's when I decided to change my life. I'm Robert Horton, 33 years old, with no job and no prospects, I left my apartment in Indianapolis and moved back to the town I grew up in. My Mom is over the moon having me home again, even if it is to be for just for a short time. I'm certain that I will be leaving for another city soon.

Small town life doesn't suit my lifestyle at all. Four years ago my Gran left me her house in her will, it has been rented out most of that time but it is vacant now and I moved in. The house was almost directly behind my Mom's on the next street over. We can visit by walking across the back yards and in the back doors.

I have money saved up for those rainy days we are all warned to be ready for, plus besides the house, Gran left Mom and I enough money to feel comfortable and be able to weather out hard times if we should find ourselves without work. Back here at home I knew I could live well for an extended period if need be.

My intention was to find work in either of the cities about a hundred miles away in four directions. Close enough to get home to see Mom more often and far enough away to lead my life as the Gay man I am.

Mom works as the executive assistant to the President of a local wholesale food supplier. Their main clients being restaurants, school systems and hospitals. She has worked there for twenty three years, moving from the warehouse to the front office when the Secretary had her first child, the Secretary happened to be the Boss's wife.

Mom seldom took time off and her 'vacations' were normally spent at home. The office always called with a question whenever she wasn't there. Their business had grown fast in the past few years and it wasn't odd for Mom to work six days a week and ten or more hours on many days. On her late nights I insisted that she come to my place for dinner.

If you've ever been single and out on your own, you know how hard it is to cook for one. But mostly I wanted to get nourishing food into her. She loved not having to cook and I was certain both of us would be eating much better than when we were eating alone.

The second week I was home, I ventured out to see the changes in the ten plus years I've been away. With Christmas just 29 days away, Holiday Decorations were every where. The stores and shops around the Courthouse Square have all changed but there were new shops in their places and from the Square to the West Side shopping district, they all seemed to be thriving. I'm surprised that some of the landmarks stores still stood, some still had the long ago business signs and marquees old still there marking the spot where a stalwart of the community once stood when I was a kid.

The old railroad depot is now a museum, it's the perfect place for a Grandpa to take the grandkids. The hardware store on the Square is now a coffee shop and restaurant; The College Cafe, the oldest restaurant in town, just across from the Depot Museum on the West Side, bought the lot next door when the building burned and turned the ruin into a garden for outdoor dining.

The city 'Leisure Services' Department has put up old pictures of today's buildings from the 50's and 60's along with a few older ones when a picture could be found. All this serves to promote walking tours for both new visitors, children returning home for visits and the fast growing retirement community.

Our town is the home of a Prominent State University; both the City and University populations are growing and the entire town is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan. A City Symphony and Community theater are thriving as well.

Most of the retail growth has been toward Interstate Highway that runs East to West just a mile or so South of the Town Square. A new Shopping Center has grown up on the southwest side of town.

I pulled into a parking spot and ventured into the coffee shop that is housed in a former Hardware Store. For many years the hardware store was owned by the father of a classmate of mine. There was a cool wind blowing and none of the coffee shop patrons were outdoors today.

I sat at the bar, leaving the tables for couples or groups. I got an odd look from the server when I asked for plain black coffee, no sugar. I reached over and picked up the local paper that was a couple of stools away and mostly read the Headlines of the articles.

In section two, the Want Ads revealed the need for a Car Wash person at the local Chevy dealer, a sales position is open at Adams Used Cars & Trucks, an empty Stylists chair at Brenda's House of Beauty and amazingly a last one that I was certain my experience would qualify me for in the Admissions Office at the University. I wrote down the number and description making a note to call about the accounting position today.

As I was taking a sip of coffee, a most handsome man passed by behind the counter. He nodded and smiled, causing me to spill coffee in my lap. The smile was as bright as he is beautiful. I know him! Something, somewhere in my memories of living here made me certain that I know that beautiful specimen of manhood.

Jeez, who is he? I know that face, not nearly as well as I would like, but I'm certain he's local and near my age. I gathered up my notes and refolded the paper and rose to go. As I turned to walk away I heard a voice wish me a good day and to come back soon. I turned and was almost blinded by that 1000 watt smile again. Who can he be?

Back at my house I opened my laptop and pulled up my resume and cover letter then called the University about the open position. I learned that the Students are due to start a Holiday break in three days and that I should send my resume first by email, then a hard copy if I should be called in for an interview at the first of the year.

The assistant I was speaking with assured me that I was qualified for the position, perhaps even overqualified. After a brief rundown on the duties, I was excited that I could actually have a great chance of getting the position. What a trip it would be working at my college alma mater, I graduated back when I was barely 21 years old. (I skipped a grade in grammar school.)

Working here was not my intention but with free housing and the low cost of living the town offers I knew I could stash away a lot of money in a short period.

There was nothing else I could do but wait until the Holiday break was over. I turned on the TV but I wasn't interested in anything I came across. My mind wandered back to the coffee shop and just who Mr. Wonderful could be. Thinking that maybe there was a website and just maybe it listed the employees.

I keyed in the name of the coffee shop, 'City Perk', and was at first surprised, then very impressed, when a professionally done website came up on my screen. I immediately went to the About Us tab and there it was. The man with the thousand watt smile was the owner, Jerald Shipley.

I smiled to myself. Jerry Shipley! Voted best looking guy all four years in High School, I remember he had a younger brother that promised to be as handsome as Jerry. I was a year ahead of him and we both kept the bench warm on the basketball team, Jerry also played football, a Tight End if I remember correctly, and a good one at that. Hmm a good ight End is just what I need now!

One thing I did remember, quite vividly, is Jerry's hairy body. In High School and only at age 17 he was already covered with a thick mat of chest hair as well as his arms and legs. A mental image of him long ago in the showers with all that hair on his body wet and slicked down,his V-shaped torso tapered to a perfect bubble butt, had me squirming in my chair. The sight of him shirtless and in jeans could make a grown man weep. That mental image gave me an erection that lasted for a long while.

Pushing hard on the lump in my pants, I flashed forward to today and recalled that my memories of him in school were just the wishful thinking of a kid who wasn't at all sure why Jerry held such a fascination for him. I didn't know I was gay then but I knew what I felt for Jerry was not what I was supposed to feel. Just looking at him made my cock get hard, his face fascinated me. He had a little crooked grin that drove me insane with desire.

I decided I would go back to the Coffee shop tomorrow. I went into my kitchen and pulled out a frozen meal to thaw that Mom had brought over; then to my closet to pick out what what I will wear to the coffee shop tomorrow. I want to make a good impression on Jerry Shipley when we renew old acquaintances.

I chose a Navy Turtleneck, Navy slacks, Cordovan shoes and belt with a Camel Blazer. I practiced spiking up my hair a bit, a desperate bid to shave a couple of years off my looks, and was satisfied that I did look younger than my 33 years. It was more than I could have hoped for considering my circumstances.

I read for rest of the evening and continued again in the morning, eating my breakfast, engrossed in the novel I was reading. Around 10 AM I headed for the shower and slowly made myself presentable to meet the the best looking man in town. The best I've seen anyway. I parked facing the Courthouse and had to cross the street to get to the coffee shop.

I heard the clanging of bells as Salvation Army Santas gave out Holiday greetings while collecting money for the less fortunate. Entering the shop I told the Hostess that I was alone and would sit at the counter if that was okay. She ushered me to the bar and gave me a menu. A server filled my order of black coffee, and a bagel with Pineapple Creamed Cheese with a smile. I reached for the daily paper again just as Mr. Wonderful walked past behind the bar. About four steps past me he stopped and came back to me.

Excuse me, you look very familiar to me and I'm certain we've met before. I'm Jerald Shipley."

He said extending his hand. I gave him my best and brightest smile as we shook hands.

"Jerry? Jerry Shipley? The best looking guy four years running at good old Central High? It is a small world! I'm Robert, uh, Robbie Horton, Jerry. Wow you've still got it man, so did you marry a local girl, kids?"

"No I married a girl from up state when we graduated college, but we divorced after four years, no kids. Damn, Robbie Horton! I knew we knew each other. You were here yesterday too. I was going to come introduce myself but you were already walking out. Jeez Rob, you look great, you sure have matured well, very well indeed. Are you back home or are you just visiting for the Holidays?

"I do wish that were the case but no, my company was bought out and my job eliminated, I'm starting over again."

"That's rough man, been there, done that myself, that's how I ended up here at this place. If you have a few Minutes, I'll buy you another cup and we can chat and catch up a bit."

"Sure thing Jerry, You're the first person I've seen from the good old days. Ha! That's funny, they weren't so good when we were living them if I remember right. Teen angst and yearning for what we can never have is what I remember most. But you, all the good looking girls were after you."

Jerry blushed crimson, surprising me and I apologized not wanting to make him self conscious or put him off. He laughed it off saying it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. At my urging he told me what he had been doing since High School.

"I lived in New York for five years, then Seattle for two, a three year stint in Colorado Springs and back here to take care of my Mom before she passed away. After Mom passed, all the people we've known all our lives made such an effort to console and comfort my brother and me, I came to realize that right here is where I really wanted to be.

I could make more money in some big Restaurant in a large city, but I've done that, it isn't me. This little shop here, this is mine. I did this. The business is finally growing and I'm mostly happy and content here. So Rob, what about you? Married, children?"

Joking, I held out my hands with my index fingers making a cross to 'ward off evil'.

"Never! Once burned, I learned and steered clear of that particular evil, so far."

We both laughed .

"That's great Rob, we don't have many bachelors here, we'll have to go out for a drink some night. Dinner too. My biggest turn off about being single is eating alone. Ugh."

"Sure thing Jerry, I agree, eating alone is the pits. Lately I've been having my Mom come over. Our houses back yards touch so I see her quite a lot. Congratulations Jer, this place is is really nice and it's all yours! Great Man, way to go. I really like it. You've kept the old oiled floors! I can almost see Mr. Adams at the cash register."

"Yeah it's mine alright. It was really touch and go for two years but we seem to have caught on. Expanding the menu by adding breakfast and Lunch to our pastries really helped, and now I'm thinking about adding dinner service for Thursdays through Sundays.

Our Customers have begun to ask if we serve dinner. I think we can give those places down on Interstate Drive a run for their money. I just have to find the right menu items to keep them coming here to eat."

Jerry said he had to get back to riding herd on the kitchen staff and we rose to say goodbye when he handed me his Card.

"Give me a call Rob, we'll have drinks and dinner soon."

I asked for my check but he refused, saying it was his pleasure. I fished out an old card from my now defunct bank and wrote my number on the back for him.

"Call anytime, heck come over we can have a drink and hang out at the house if you ever feel the need for company or to talk. I've been talking to myself lately."

Jerry laughed, "I did that just this morning! Hey, it's really great to see you again Rob, we'll get together soon."

As we shook hands I could swear I saw him wink at me. Gee, maybe he's guessed I'm gay Oh well, I could definitely be persuaded to service him whenever he wished. Most times the ones that were great looking in High School have lost their hair and waistline by their early thirties, Jerry is the exception to that rule. He looks much better now, a grown, drop dead gorgeous 32 year old man. WOOF, WOOF, WOOF! I sure spent enough time daydreaming of him naked and on my bed when we were in school.

I finished my tour of the older part of town and drove out toward the College and was absolutely stunned at the size of the Hospital. The one story, 50 bed hospital that I knew was now eight stories tall and a Regional Hospital. I drove a few block more and realized that the College and Hospital have grown together, swallowing up the homes and business between them. When I lived here there were only 10,000 people in town and that included the College students, now the City has 40,000 and the College is nearing 20,000 students.

I never dreamed I could get lost in my hometown but I did that day, I did managed to regain my bearings but I was truly amazed at the size of the town. I told my Mom about my day and meeting up with Jerry. She told me that his Mom grew up just down the street from us at the 'Old Stanton Place" she said.

On Friday, Jerry called and asked me to Dinner, we went to the College Cafe, after eating we talked about which bar to go to when I suggested drinks at my place.

"That place will get noisy and drunk by midnight. I've sort of lost my desire for the chase lately and would rather watch TV or read or talk." I said.

"Great Rob, I know what you mean, it's nearly impossible to talk in one of those places, what with the noise and the ladies trying to get you to dance and buy their drinks. Its been awhile since I've had a guys night out. I usually flop in front of the TV or occasionally drive to the nightlife in the City about an hour away."

I laughed. "Even as much as the town has grown, I'll wager that it is still hard to keep your life private here. Everyone always knew everyone else's business when we were young and I'll bet they still do."

Jerry laughed too. "Yeah, that's why I make the hours drive when I get the urge. That and the lack of...

Jerry was interrupted by my cell phone ringing on the kitchen counter. I went to get it and answered.

"Hi Robbie, gee it's good to hear your voice again, how have your been?"

As soon as I heard 'Hi Robbie' a cold chill ran through me. It was Joshua, my ex, the one who moved on. I was silent for a moment, not knowing what to say.


"Josh, unless your calling to tell me someone has died, this conversation is over. Do not call this number again, please."

I turned the phone off and placed it back on the counter.

"Sorry Jerry. Why is it that the people you try to get away from are the ones that always manage to find you, sorry for that. You were talking about driving into the city for"

Jerry blushed, then laughed.

"Yeah I guess that is what I meant. But I was trying to be more delicate than that. You're right about the town, few secrets are kept here, still. That phone call Rob, is everything alright?

"It's a long, story for another time. But yes everything is alright, that was someone I once trusted and cared for but that is all over with now. Tell me more about driving an hour or so to get relief, better yet let me know where to go. I'm at the climbing the walls stage myself these days."

"I'm not so sure you would like the places I've been too. Uh...can we change the subject...I'm not ready to chat about our sex lives or lack of one with you as yet.

"Sure thing. I want to hear about the coffee shop anyway. How did that all happen, I would love to find some sort of small business venture I could get into instead of Finance or Banking."

Jerry started telling me how he got started in the shop and the more he talked the more animated he became. I wondered why he wasn't the spokesperson for the chamber of Commerce, the man could sell an Eskimo snow!

We had several drinks and when Jerry went to the bathroom he was woozy, and nearly fell. I rushed to steady him and led him to the bath and shut the door behind him, telling him to use the washcloth and cold water on his face and neck.

I didn't hear any sounds of his being sick thankfully, but I did go and turn down the bed in the guest room. He emerged from the bath apologizing profusely but I told him not to worry, it's happened to all of us, lucky for him he was at a friends place.

'I've turned down the bed in the guest room. You're sleeping it off here Jerry. No driving. You promise?"

Damn him, he gave me that crooked little grin I remembered from High School. My cock stiffened in my jeans. I had started to go when he started undoing his belt. I froze, I wanted to turn away but I wanted to see him without his pants on more.

"Rob! Thanks dude. You're a cool guy, and damed cute too!"

He said this as his jeans slid to his ankles, I had remembered right, his legs were hairy as could be and his CK briefs were packed, front and rear.

I turned quickly before he saw the throbbing in my pants.

"Sleep Well Bud. I'll wake you at 6." I said.

I was a few steps down the hall when he called my name again. I stopped and slowly turned and nearly passed out. Jerry was wearing only his briefs and leaning forward with a hand on each side of the doorway. I will never forget that image.

"Thanks again Rob, I owe you for this."

I was trying to avert my eyes lest they pop right out of my head. He is the most perfect man I had ever seen.

"You'd do the same for me, don't worry Jer. Sleep well."

But the time I reached my bedroom I was hyperventilating. The image of Jerry naked except for the CK tightie whities and that thick body hair, had my cock so stiff it ached. I practiced breathing exercises to get myself back to normal. I closed my eyes and fell back onto my bed, I groaned aloud when the image of him in the doorway played on the inside of my eyelids.

After a few minutes I was able to get up and go straighten up from our drinking and talking. When everything was done I just sat on a bar stool at the kitchen island and stared off into space. I knew that after seeing him in his CK tightie whities, I'm in big trouble here. The crush in High School was nothing compared with the full blown man lust I feel tonight.

I was up at 5:30am, digging through the cabinets until I found a couple of samples of Keurig Coffee and made it in the French Press. After the coffee got going it was only a few minutes until Jerry came down the hall in the robe I had laid across the foot of his bed this morning.

Jerry is either completely oblivious of the effect he has on others or he's a calculating, conniving devil. He strolled into the kitchen with the robe open, his hairy chest, those tighty whitey's showed a bulging basket and his hairy legs there for all to see. Damn him! Even his feet are beautiful!

He looked at me, his hair mussed and that crooked grin, melting away any will to resist him that I thought I possessed.

"Thank you Rob, I appreciate your taking care of me last night."

He stepped to me and hugged me to him. I felt faint. Then as he broke away he kissed me on the neck just below my ear.

"You're a great guy Rob, I hope we will be great friends."

We drank the coffee with peanut butter toast and Orange Marmalade. We sat at the island, his beautiful body showing and I fought to keep from staring at him. We talked a bit and soon he had to dress and head out to his shop for the breakfast crowd.

Later I stumbled to the shower and took my time, trying to think of things I needed to do today. Around eleven the phone rang and I immediately thought of Joshua's call last night. I was surprised to see it was Jerry calling.


"Hey Robbie, just wanted to thank you again for last night, and offer you a free lunch at the shop if you're interested."

"Sure thing, what time is good for you Jer?"

"Anytime after one o'clock is fine. I can join you then, see you later guy."

Holy Crap! IF I'M INTERESTED!! If I get anymore interested in him I won't be able to function. I went to my closet to pick out something that would show off my assets best. I settled on fresh pressed, tight Jeans, a red Cashmere crew neck pullover covering a white oxford cloth, button down shirt, with a Brown leather Bomber Jacket and Cordovan Weejuns.

Jerry was behind the counter, I saw him do a double take when I walked in. At first I thought that he didn't recognize me but then that sexy crooked grin of his spread across his handsome face. He waved, motioning me to the bar. He placed a covered plate and glass in front of me and I carried it to the table he directed us to, in the back of the room, near the kitchen, away from the patrons eating their lunch, no one was near us.

He told me I was his guinea pig, trying out a dish for his dinner trade, when he starts it up in a few weeks. He reached over and lifted the cover off my plate, the most wonderful aroma rose into the air.

"For you, my friend, Chicken Marsala."

He uncovered the same on his plate and beaming a bright smile he said.

"Bon Appetit Mon Ami."

"Oh my, what a treat, the presentation and the aroma all say it's a smashing success Jerry. I can hardly wait to taste it."

The dish was perfect, I asked who his Chef was and he blushed again.

"You! Really? This is so wonderful. Is there any other place in town with food like this.?

"No, not to my knowledge, and I think I can get it on the table priced at or below the chain store restaurants down on Interstate Drive."

"How are you going to advertise Jerry"

"I haven't worked all that out yet but the paper for sure. You have any good ideas Mr. Finance guy?"

I smiled at him. "Actually I do, I saw this done in Indianapolis. Throw a New Years bash with a couple of good wines for a buck a glass and have all the new menu items for your dinner service set out as a free buffet. Put up signs and maybe a radio spot on the local PBS and be sure that the Faculty at the College gets wind of it. They will spread the word if you impress them. Dress the male staff in Tuxedos and 'little black dresses with a strand of pearls' and frilly little aprons for the ladies, and people will talk about it all year."

"Jeez, Rob, that sounds perfect. You want a job!"

"Tell you what Jerry, give me the numbers on what your food and drink will costs are and I can work out a budget. Maybe on second thought it should be an Invitation Only affair. You can control your costs much better that way. Invite your regulars, all the suppliers the restaurant does business with, the Faculty at the College, your Bankers, neighboring businesses that are not in competition with you, the Mayor and various City Councils and Committees. The City's Leisure Services staff. You'll think of more. I'm sure.

You will need extra staff too, you can get that from the students at the college I bet. I'll help if you want, sort of a Maitre 'd to welcome and guide the guests. I know you will be busy in the kitchen most of the night. Oops, we need to add the Sheriff and Chief of Police to the guest list"

Jerry was giving me the strangest look, his mouth open like he was going to speak but he kept silent.

"Uh, it was just an idea, didn't mean to get so carried away there. Jerry?"

"Rob, uh, Rob you're just one big surprise after another. How do you know all this? Your plan sounds perfect. The Invitation thing will make the ones who don't get invited want to come to see what we're all about later. AND YES! I think we can pull this off. With me cooking I will need someone to greet everyone. You're perfect for that. You look fantastic today, I can only imagine how great you'll look in a Tuxedo."

After we ate Jerry took me back to his office to get the numbers on food costs. As I looked around I saw a diploma on the wall from the Culinary institute of America.

"JERRY! The CIA, really?

"Yes, I told you I lived in New York for five years. The CIA is why I was there."

"Jer, that diploma needs to hang by the front desk so your customers will see it when they come in. It needs to be on your Business Card, the Menus and in any advertising your do."

"That all makes perfect sense Rob, I love the cooking but I'm not much of a businessman. I know I need someone but finding one I can trust is the hard part. Can I trust you Robbie?"

I laughed. "I'll be glad to help you out Jerry. Gratis. You won't have me on your payroll. I'll be glad to teach you the little tricks that I know to help get a business going or change directions."

He had that look again. I couldn't figure it out.

"What is it Jer, you're kinda freaking me out the way you're staring at me."

"Oh, uh, sorry, it's just that I've realized that I really can trust you, Robbie. I said it earlier but sort of as a joke. I've known you a long time. I know you're a good man, I saw that first hand last night. I will be glad for any help you want to give me, but I really won't feel right not paying you.

There are some things we should get out in the open, talk about if we're going to be working together. Want to come over to my place tonight and we can plan out this party idea, we have known each other for a long time but really we're almost strangers, we need some bonding time too."

"Sure, but I don't know where you live."

"Meet me here and we'll drive there."

I left his shop floating on air, excited about the New Years Eve Party and maybe more excited about going to his place tonight. Driving home I thought of little gift boxes filled with Petite Pastries for the guests to take home. Just a bite or two to make them want to come and sample more later.

Mom called about three pm and I told her about going over to Jerry's for dinner tonight. She told me that Joshua had called her, begging her to get me to talk to him. I told her I would take care of it.

As soon as we were off the phone I looked up his call and dialed him. When he answered I lit into him about calling my mother and ended telling him to never, ever call me or her again. Nothing he had to say interests me in the least.

Joshua was sobbing when we hung up, he kept crying that he was sorry. I was sorry too. I had loved him but he killed it. It was gone, over. I have moved on.

I started making a list of items and ideas for the party at Jerry's shop. I visited Jerry's competition. I didn't come across anyone that knew me and I learned that there was only one other shop on the West Side that even came close to his place. I noticed the sign announcing that they would be closed on New Years Eve and smiled. Jerry's place will be the only show in town with any luck.

I talked with the Police and Sheriff Departments and told them of the plans and that there would only be wine, tea, soft drinks, coffee and mineral water served as drinks. I told both departments that they would be invited. I Phoned the College and inquired about inviting Staff and Faculty and I was eagerly received.

Jerry called at 4:30 saying to come on over, he was closing up. He was waiting just inside the door and came out with a huge smile that I felt in my crotch. I knew I had to learn to ignore the attraction I have to him. Nothing good could come of it. I have to control my emotions and libido. Who was I kidding? I needed to have sex. That's the only cure for my problem.

We had a Taco Salad for dinner that was out of this world, this man is a fabulous cook. We sat and talked for hours, I told him about the 'take away gift box idea' which he had done before in New York. He new exactly what to put in them.

At midnight I rose to go home, neither of us had been drinking very much, both wary after last night. But Jerry offered to have me sleep over. I thought about it and decided not to, explaining that Mom had me taking her to Church every Sunday since I came home.

"Rob, do you remember us both singing in the youth choir at Church?"

I had forgotten about that.

"Remember we were up in the Balcony and we could see the first few rows turning to look at us."

"Gee, I do, but I hadn't thought of that in twenty years."

"Robbie, I mean it about the room, please stay if you want to, I like your company. I hope it doesn't bother you. It's just that I really don't know many single people here. I always feel like a third wheel or the sucker of the day as 'friends' set up 'blind date' encounters. A single lady to offset the single man at the table. I've quit accepting those invitations and have stayed pretty much to myself. Either way you're welcome here anytime Robbie."

Touched, I put an arm across his shoulder and halfway hugged him to me.

"I like you too, Jerry. I really do."

He stood at the door until I drove off. I sort of felt bad leaving him, but I wasn't ready yet to test my will power again by seeing him in his CK's briefs again. I would get control and I would be his friend. He would never know how much I wanted to make love with him.

As Mom and I were leaving church Sunday we ran into Jerry, he made a proper fuss over her and enough eye contact with me that I felt warm and fuzzy inside. Jerry was all Mom could talk about on the way home. As we pulled into her garage she put her hand on my arm.

"Robert, you and Jerry would make a fine couple. He's a good man Son. You could do a lot worse than him."

I sat there, mouth agape not believing what I was hearing.

"Oh Robert, just stop it! I'm your Mother, I've known you're different since you were twelve years old. I know you prefer the company of a man. I also know that it doesn't matter who you love, but it's how you love that counts. It's not so new to this town either. We've had men together as a couples here for years."


"Hush, you don't have to say a word. But you know that whatever you do is fine with me. I Just want you to be happy Son. That's all I ever want."

"Mom, I don't know if Jerry is like me or not. Please don't say anything to him, I'll be working with him a good bit into the new Year.

"Oh pooh! You know I won't say anything to him , but Robert, Jerry is like you. I see the way he looks at you. Now let's go check on my pot roast."

We had our dinner. Here in the South the older generation calls the mid-day meal Dinner and the evening meal is Supper. I did the clean up after her fantastic pot roast and she packed up most all of the leftovers into containers for me to take to my house.

Back in my own kitchen putting away the containers of food, I was still amazed at the things that my Mom had said to me in the garage. She's always known I am gay? She thinks that Jerry and I should be a couple and she's certain he is gay too! Absolutely mind boggling!

I was flipping through the TV channels, stopping for a few minutes of the Falcons/Giants game. When I lived in Indianapolis, the Colts were my second team, I grew up watching the Atlanta team with my Pop, for years they were the closest pro team to us and they always were underdogs until the past three or four years. Pops would have loved to see them winning regularly like they do now. Watching the games isn't much fun now without him yelling at the TV . Gee, it seems impossible that it's been 12 years already since he passed away. I kept checking in with today's game and they whipped the Giants 34-0! WOW!

At three o'clock my cell vibrating in my pants woke me as I dozed in my chair. It was Jerry calling to say hey. I asked if he had dinner plans and offered to give him Mom's pot roast and veggies. He readily accepted and was at my door in less than half an hour.

I opened the door and he stood there wearing that crooked grin that rendered me incompetent in his presence. I took a deep breath and let it out as a long sigh as I ushered him in. One of these days, I'm going to snap and jump his bones, I just know it. He wore a white dress shirt and jeans that hugged his perfect little butt so well. I noticed the bulge in front and had trouble tearing my eyes away from it. Jeez, I gotta get a grip.

"Hey Jer, how was your day."

"We did a big lunch today, business has picked up this Holiday Season much more so than last year. Maybe it's you Rob, you may be my good luck charm. This New Years Party idea of yours just keeps getting better. I moved my CIA diploma to behind the front desk and it has generated quite a buzz among our regulars. I've mentioned the party idea to a few of them and they are very excited about it. I think we need to get the Invitations done and mailed very soon before people commit to other r parties."

"Good thinking Jer. I'm excited too. This town has never seen a party anything like what your shop is going to put on. When I visited with the police department I asked for a one night variance on the occupancy limit and I got the word today that the Fire Dept. has granted our request. They need to be on the invitations list too."

We sat and talked, drank sweet tea all afternoon then switched to wine around dusk. By the time we ate the pot roast we were both feeling no pain and just a bit tipsy. We went back to the sofa and soon both of us were dozing off. I woke and got up, put a pillow under Jerry's head and lifted his legs and feet onto the sofa and put a throw over him. I went to my room, toed off my shoes and lay on the bed, still dressed and on top of the covers.

I woke at two a.m and went in to the family room to check on Jerry. He wasn't there so I went to the guest room, I eased the door open and there he lay, snuggled up in the covers, his clothes on the chair and on the floor beside the bed lay his CK briefs. I know I gasped aloud seeing them on the floor, he stirred and opened his eyes, and sat upright startled.

"What's wrong? what is it?" He asked.

"Sorry Jerry, it's nothing. I just woke and went looking for you, first on the sofa and then in here. I didn't mean to wake you."

He stretched and yawned. "What time is it."

"Just a bit after two a.m., go back to sleep."

"Uh, okay, but I, uh, I need to pee Rob and I'm kinda naked in this bed. Not only that but I've got a little wood problem too, it you know what I mean."

I laughed and leaned against the door frame.

"Hmm, if I remember correctly when I saw you in just your briefs the first time you stayed over, it's much more likely that you have a large wood problem Jer."

He blushed again then that crooked grin spread again..

"Well, regardless of who is right, you're about to see it first hand if you don't get out of the way. I gotta go!"

He was kicking off the covers as I retreated down the hall. I heard him laughing.

"Chicken! Robbie! You're not afraid of my woodie are ya"

I said quietly, under my breath not even thinking if he could hear me or not.

"More than you could ever imagine Jer!"

Yikes, I shouldn't have said that. He'll want me to explain that comment for sure. Jerry dashed into the bath and I hoped he would forget it. But when he came out he had a towel wrapped around his waist and I could clearly see his cock draped along his right thigh. It was not a small wood problem he woke with, of that I am certain.

"Whew that was close, I'm glad your looking in woke me, if I had pissed the bed I'd have to finish out the night in your bed with you."

I know I had that 'Deer in the headlights look' I swallowed hard and started to say something but just let it die in my throat.

"Speak up Robbie, I can't hear you."

"Never mind Jerry. Please, let's drop this now Jerry. We shouldn't be talking about your woodie at all. Please, let's drop it okay."

"It's just us Rob, we're friends, we should be able to talk about anything. Even morning wood! I was just joking around, you're not pissed at me are ya? Jeez Robbie, I didn't know it would be a sore subject with you. I'm sorry."

"Jerry it's past 2 a.m and you have to work tomorrow. You're standing here with only a towel covering you. Go back to bed."

"Okay I'm going. Jeez."

I apologized to Jerry first thing this morning as we had coffee before heading out. He nodded and said it was okay, we're good. But I could tell he was still puzzled or pissed. Either way I just had to drop it, I wasn't ready to explain myself to him. I know that I have to find a way to put aside my attraction and carnal lust for him so that we are able to work together.

Number one on the list is that we need to stop drinking together, number two is we sleep in our own beds. No more stay overs. I want him so badly it physically hurts sometimes. Not Good.

I told him that I would be working from home, getting the invitations done and he had already sent out the shops customer email mailing list. I added the others to that list and I dropped by the coffee shop and got his approval on the invitation and I took it and the email list to the Office Supply store for printing.

When everything was done we had 116 invitations to mail. That means food and drink for 232 people! My Mom and I got them into the envelopes and and I headed off to the post office. I talked with the a local dry cleaner that rented Costumes and Formal Wear and gave a list of the employees that would come for fittings. The men would wear black Waist Coats with tails,black pants and shoes. White winged collars with hand tied Bow Ties. The ladies would wear black dresses, black mid heel pumps, a string of white pearls with a white lace apron and Gardenias in their hair. Next I sent an email to the Office of the Dean of Students asking them to publicize our need for ten experience servers from the new Hospitality Management Program at the college.

State wine and Liquor Laws require that we charge for all the alcohol consumed. We cannot just give Wine or Liquor away. One way around this is to charge a 'Cover Charge' per guest for the evening with a 'split' of Champagne included. My initial cost guesstimate for the party was $2,068.00. With a $5.00 cover per guest that would leave the Shop with about $1,008 expense for the evening.

When I shared these numbers with Jerry he was very pleased, a 30 second radio ad running 3 times a day for one month was twice our cost.

He enthusiastically agreed and with the Party now just nine days away we ordered the food and drink.

Without my knowing it My Mom called and invited Jerry to come and enjoy Christmas with us. I'm glad he's here, but I put on my best show of friendly aloofness as we laughed, exchanged gifts and ate a wonderful traditional Christmas meal. Jerry produced a Red Velvet Cake for dessert, My Mom's most favorite cake ever. He was great with my Mom but I could tell that he still wasn't over the incident last week when we were drinking.

With only six days to go we hired the last of our temporary serving staff and got them fitted for their Tuxedos and black dresses. Jerry made trial runs on all of his new menu dishes and planned out the buffet tables and dressed them with the empty bowls, platters and left spaces for floral arrangements. The day before the party the florist arrived at closing time to set up the floral arrangements, Jerry and I stayed late three nights that week. On New Years Eve I woke to the phone ringing and picked it up, half asleep.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR! Today's the day Robbie, drag your butt out of that bed and get down to the Coffee Shop A.S.A.P, it's Party Time Robbie!"

He hung up without giving me a chance to protest. I managed to get a cup coffee and a shower and was on my way fifteen minutes after his call. I went straight to the office and turned on the computer and double checked the food orders from meats to Champagne; We have received everything we ordered

The New Years Bash was scheduled to start at 8:00 p.m. The staff had arrived at 6.00, I gathered them, briefed them on our goals here and what we wanted from them. They were to give these guest the best service imaginable. I explained to them that we were doing something that has never been done in this town before and we wanted it to be remembered for a long, long time. Jerry had plenty of help in the kitchen and we stayed out of his way as much possible.

I opened the front doors at ten til eight when I saw the first couples headed our way. From that moment on the evening was a blur of activity, with everything running smooth as clockwork. The guests were very much impressed with the decorations and gave exuberant praise for Jerry's new menu items.

Our wait staff impressed me. They were very smart looking in their evening attire, and attentive to our guests without being obvious, they were very near perfect in my estimation. At a quarter till eleven Jerry left the kitchen to his Sou Chef, donned his Tux and came to join his guests. When I saw him in his Tux and winged Collar shirt I nearly swooned. A tuxedo makes an ordinary man look fantastic. Jerry looked like he had stepped out of the pages of GQ magazine. He is movie star handsome, and I could see the effect he had on the ladies, who could blame them. I was already crazy mad for him and now seeing him dressed so fine I was both elated and sad. He blushed when his guests broke into applause as he walked to the area we had made into a dance floor.

He thanked everyone involved from the guest to the staff singling out the Police and Fire Departments as well as the Mayor and Council. He even introduced me and told the guests that this party was all my idea. He had heard enough praise for the new menu items to know that he would start up the Thursday through Sunday Dinner service soon, Telling the guests that it would likely begin on February first. Again there was applause and a line formed quickly at the front desk making reservations for that opening night.

We had our own New Years ball drop to count off the last few seconds until the new year, the guests all sang Auld Lang Syne and by 2: 45 a.m. Jerry and I were sitting at a table having our first glass of Champagne.

The staff had all the glasses and dishes removed to the kitchen and were gone by 2:30. We were tired but both of us over the moon with the success, I had phoned the local paper and alerted them about the big party and the photo op with the local movers and shakers.

We were surprised later to see front page coverage with great pictures of our party guests, group pictures and even some of couples dancing. The dance floor had turned out to be a big hit with the guests and I mentioned to Jerry that he should consider having dancing and maybe hire the student band or combo from the college to play the music. He could do a piano player for three nights and have dancing on Saturday

It was time to leave and Jerry just grabbed me and pulled me into a huge hug, It wasn't the hips held back guy hug either, it was thigh to thigh and it made me bone up instantly. He pushed back a bit and thanked me for all I had done to help him and he hoped that I would settle down and stay here.

"I need you here as my friend Robbie and we work well together, we're a good team."

"I will always be your friend Jer. Always."

A few days later Jerry called and asked me to drop by for lunch, he wanted my advice on the new evening dinnerware and flatware. It had been a bit strange for me, not being with him everyday like we were up until the party. I took care to be dressed nicely, still wanting to make an good impression on him. Silly I know, but I'm vain that way. Mom taught me to always 'present yourself' as you want others to see you, you only get one chance to make a first impression.' Heaven knows I wanted him to see me as his future mate and companion. Pipe dreams I know, but a guy can always hope.

I wore jeans, Weejuns, a burgundy turtleneck pullover and my grey London Fog wool car coat. As I walked in Jerry did that double take again then that crooked smile of his, like he knew something no one else does. As I walked to his table I saw his eyes go from my face to my shoes and back up to my face. He blushed slightly when he saw me watching him.

"You always look so together, Rob, Everything about you is always just right. Sometimes I want to muss your hair just so you won't be so perfect. Have a seat Bud."

I slipped out of the coat and, draped it over an empty chair and sat beside him to look at the catalog of dinnerware. It didn't take very long, everything I liked and pointed out he ordered, dinnerware, glassware and flatware for 75 place settings. We talked some more and when he got a phone call, I said I'd catch up with him later. He didn't smile as I left like he usually does.

The next day I got a call from the University and went in for an interview in the Admissions Office. I was pleased that it went well and I was called back on Friday and was offered the job. I was both happy and sad, I had wanted to settle in a larger city but I also wanted to be near Mom and now, my friend Jerry.

It was the middle of January and I woke on Saturday morning knowing that I had to have sex! I told Mom I would be away tonight and back home tomorrow, she could get to church with one of her friends. By noon I was on my way to the city. I found a nice Hotel downtown and checked in. I took the Gay Club and Bar guide from my carryall and looked up the places to go here. I had an early dinner and caught a movie and went back to my room to get ready for the club.

The first place I went was sparsely populated and I asked the barman where I could go to dance. He told me of a place just around the corner called Club Blu. I had another drink and walked to the dance club.

Inside I was pulled onto the dance floor before I could get to the bar. The kid I was dancing with was in his early twenties and very cute. After twenty minutes or so I begged off and went to the bar. I chugged the first drink fairly fast and took the second and went to the end of the bar and sat down to catch my breath.

The crowd was growing steadily and I was rested enough that I began to look around for a possible bed mate for the night. It wasn't very long until I felt the urge and had to go to the restroom and after waiting in a long line, at last I got to relieve myself and started back to the bar when I collided with someone. We slammed into each other fairly hard and I almost went to the floor, when I gathered my wits and turned to apologize I was stunned. Someone who looked a lot like Jerry stood there looking just as shocked as me. It took a couple of seconds but his sexy, crooked little grin spread across his face and I knew it was him.

I stood facing him, mouth agape staring at him. Without saying a word he took my face in both hands and kissed me so very gently. My very first thought was 'Mom was right, he is gay!' Then everything clicked into place and I put everything I had into our first kiss. He broke away for a moment and just stared into my eyes then he kissed me again. This time he drove his tongue past my tonsils, I moaned as he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me tightly to him while our kiss continued. My arms went around his neck; the feel and taste of him melted any reserve I had, right there in a crowded gay dance club, we shared the kiss that would change both our lives forever.

When we were desperate for air we pulled apart but still held each other close. I fought the tears brimming in my eyes, he smiled and wiped them away with his thumb and leaned over to my ear and said.

"Are you ready to come with me, Robbie. We have some very personal business that needs our urgent attention. Tonight we end this constant frustration that we both have felt, hoping but not knowing that we both want the same thing. The way that you returned my kiss told me you feel the same as I do. I want to make love with you Rob, I have since that second day you came into the coffee shop. This is going to be so good. We're going to be perfect together. I know it. Are you ready to let me love you?"

I couldn't speak yet I was absolutely stunned to see him here. I just nodded yes and held him tightly.

"Come Robbie, it's time. You know this isn't just a one night thing, I've dreamed of this night and how we would be so good together. It's now, it's time. Come make love with me. Rob and Jerry starts now"

We walked out arms around each other, my room was closest and we found Jerry's car and drove it to my motel. Before the room door closed we were locked into a another passionate kiss, Jer was undoing my shirt and I was opening his pants. We broke apart and finished taking off our clothes and fell onto the bed, I swear I could have ejaculated just feeling his hairy body against me.

We were frantic for each other. I turned and we each swallowed as much of the others cock as we could manage. Jerry had nearly all of me in his throat while I could only manage about half of his very substantial cock. It was long and thick and I wanted it in me, the very thought of this beautiful man, my friend, with this cock inside me made me twitch and moan in anticipation.

His cock was a challenge, I was determined that I would get all of him into my throat. It took three tries but when his corona slipped down into my throat he roared and started spewing his cum in me. I had to pull back to taste him then plunged him deep into my throat again. He fucked my face until he was too sensitive to tolerate it further. I shot my load into him when he cried out my name while he was ejaculating. I turned again and we lay facing each other, arms and legs entwined, our bodies touching wherever possible. Stroking his hair back off his forehead I said.

"I'm still in shock, you are my Jerry right? This is just about the biggest surprise I have ever had. I had no clue you could be gay, let alone be interested in me like this, I mean sexually."

"Robbie, you have been the star of my masturbation sessions since the second day you came into the shop in those jeans and the red pullover. You excite me in ways that surprise and amaze me, the way our genuine friendship has developed in just over a month. Your ideas for our big New Years party absolutely amazed me, I have people calling every day wanting to know when we will start serving dinner. We are already booked solid for the first week-end we start dinner service. I owe all that success to you.

You always look so handsome and well put together, I get hard watching you walk to the bar at the shop. I've been amazed that you can stir such emotion and desire in me. I've only had one gay relationship, while I was in New York, and it lasted two years.

In only one month I have stronger feelings for you than I had for my lover and companion of two years in New York. I want you sexually, you drive me to distraction in your jeans and I almost cried when I saw you in your Tuxedo the night of the party, You are so perfect and I feared, no I was certain, that I would never have you the way I want you.

Then tonight, here you are, my most unexpected surprise, my heart raced when I saw you there. At first I thought it was just someone who looks like you, but when I came closer, I knew it had to be you. I'll never forget the look on your face when you turned to face me. It was like it took a second or two for your mind to process the fact that it was me standing there."

"I'm a little scared now Jer, I want you and I to work out, I want us to have it all. We've just begun our fantastic sexual journey here tonight. I know that our first sex was just blowing of the steam we've generated this past month.

Later, maybe in just a few more minutes, we'll get to the making love part. That's what I want most right now. To make love to my Jerry, to show him how much I care already, to let him know just how much I want him. Right now I feel like I'll have this woodie you've made forever. We might as well put it to good use, what do you say?"

"I say we do it Robbie, show me how you love me. I've never been fucked but I've never felt like I do for you, before now. I already know I want you inside me Rob. I want to possess you and be possessed by you. We'll be together. We will make it happen."

"Umm I'm gonna do just that Jerry, but we may be awake all night. I've built up a lot of loving over the last month and it's all for you."

I moved to suckle on his right nipple, bringing moans from deep within him, he thrashed his head and legs, grabbing fistfuls of bedding as I sucked, kissed and laved his nipples. My right hand traced down through the thick mat of hair that covered his chest and abs, with my hand full of his fat cock I jacked him slowly while I bit and sucked at a nipple. I let my hand slide down and my forefinger and thumb circled his scrotum above the testicles and I slowly pulled the sac taught. He moaned and I pulled harder, squeezing his testicles gently as I pulled. A roar came from deep inside him.

My mouth left the nipple and traced his ribs and over his hips then in to inhale the scent at his crotch. With my lungs full of his scent I looked to his eyes and slowly guided his cock into my mouth, never losing eye contact with him. Jerry whimpered and moaned as I took him to the root, deep into my throat. He bucked and thrust trying to get more cock down my throat. I pulled off his cock and pushed on his legs to raise him up to gobble both testicles into my mouth. Closing my lips I pulled back hard making him scream my name. As I let a testicle slip from my mouth I moved lower and let my tongue trace over his furry butt cheeks.

After minutes of kissing and licking his cheeks I turned him onto his stomach and I stretched out atop his perfect body, my cock wedged in his crack. It didn't take long for him to be pushing back against my cock. I moved lower and rose to my knees and looked at his perfect body, broad shoulders, his torso tapered into a small waist anchored by the most perfect bubble butt imaginable. I placed a hand on each cheek, spread them slightly and buried my face into his butt, my tongue stabbing at his entrance.

Jerry screamed then rose to his knees and pushed back hard against my tongue and face.


It was evident that no one had ever done this to him, he kept looking over his shoulder and pushing back. Once he reached back, put his hand behind my head and pushed me harder into his butt. I enjoyed his reaction as I licked and laved him at his opening.

"Jeez Robbie, I've never felt anything like that before. I would have never guessed that to be sexy, but DAMN! It's not fair, now I want something there, touching me there."

Knowing he was sloppy wet there I eased a finger inside him and his eyes opened wide. I kissed him and took his mind off my finger in his butt, or so I thought. I swirled my finger a bit, stroking, pushing, then I crooked my finger and felt for his prostate. Once I stroked over that magic button he went wild. He wanted more fingers, more stroking the gland then finally he was asking for me to put my cock in him. The foreplay and build up was slow and deliberate. Sometimes I would get aggressive and swallow all of his cock while my fingers were moving in and out of his ass, probing, stroking and I would press the head of my cock against his anus, making him moan loudly,

When I had lubed him and my cock liberally, the next time he pushed his butt back the head of my cock slipped inside him. His eyes went wide as saucers, then slammed shut as he grimaced in pain. I leaned down and kissed him deeply, then cooed and sweet talked him, telling him how good he felt, how much fun we were going to have now that we didn't have to pretend anymore, how I was so crazy, madly in love with him. Kissing him, my tongue in his ear.

It wasn't long until he was pulling on my thighs, wanting more cock deeper inside him. I made sure that I was slow going in, letting him stretch and accommodate my steel hard cock. I could see he seemed to enjoy these new feelings coursing through his mind and body. When I ground hard against his pelvic bone his eyes opened and he yelled.


The slightest change in my position had me rubbing against his prostate with every thrust of my hard cock. It only took seconds for a steady stream of pre-cum to flow from his cock, then in just a few seconds more, Jerry's eyes rolled back and he was gone into that place where the only thing he wanted was more cock, deeper and harder than before. He was lost to everything but the unbelievable sensations traveling from his butt to his brain as my hard cock pumped in and out of him.

He was so into my cock fucking him that he flooded his chest and mine with his semen, unable to tell me he was at the brink. He tensed his entire body and all I heard was an animal like growl from deep within him. He showered both of us in his semen while mine filled his guts and ran out of his butt down onto the sheets. I collapsed into his arms and we lay silent for what seemed like hours, but in reality was only moments.

When we were breathing normal again he slowly opened his eyes and the crooked grin that always gets me spread across his face.

"Thank you Robbie. I love you too. I know you love me, I could feel it. Trust me Rob, it's mutual, I'm yours for as long as you want me. What we just did, that was the most unbelievable feeling, I've never had such an orgasm before. It's like you've overwhelmed me with your love, bodily and emotionally all at once. You're going to be doing that to me a lot Robbie, I never had a clue making anal love could feel so wonderful."

He pulled me into the softest, most tender kiss imaginable, I felt so filled with love tears seeped from my clinched eyelids, my entire body trembled from the love I felt flowing into me from his kiss. We fell asleep, each holding the other tightly to him.

When I woke, Jerry was spooned against my back, his arm across my chest hugging me tightly against him. I nestled back against him wriggling my body to get more of him against my skin. I felt his cock thicken against my butt, I could feel it lengthening against me, I wiggled more, pushing back harder. I knew I wanted him inside me but it would really be a stretch for me. His size was more than I've ever taken and it's been months since I've had sex. Never the less. I will have him. I pushed back against him, he moaned lightly and kissed my neck.

"Mmm you feel so good, I love waking in your arms. Why don't you put that hard cock of yours where it belongs, babe. I want you, make love to me Jerry, fill me with that fat cock. Mmm you feel so good"

I felt the cool lube against my hole as he probed me with his fingers. I had to turn and lay on my back. No way was I going to miss watching his beautiful face as he made love to me this first time. While it had been some time since I last had sex, my desire and lust for him made me open easily for his hard, probing cock. He gasped aloud and his eyes went wide when I locked my ankles around him and pulled him hard into me. His fat cock went halfway into me in one plunge.


Almost immediately he recoiled and plunged deeper into me. It only took three hard strokes and we were grinding against each other hard, trying to get more of him into me. His eyes were closed and his face twisted in a pleasure grimace, I began throwing my hips up to meet his downward thrust, making both of us grunt deeply. Sweat was pouring off us, as we increased the pace, we were into the rhythm of the fuck. I pulled him down to kiss while his hips were only a blur as he drove into me, my feet bounced in the air with my toes curled so tightly they hurt.

It only took a few moments for him to send me away, I reached that place where there was only one thing in my world right then, satisfying the need deep inside me for his hard cock. It's never enough, no matter how deep the penetration nor how large the cock, I wanted more, now,deeper, harder, faster.


Suddenly Jerry Froze on the plunge in, pushing down hard while I pushed up hard. Semen streamed from my cock, the first volley went over my head, then next onto my chest and finally puddling in the ripples of my abdomen. The veins and vessels in Jerry's neck were bulging, then he roared with a growl like I have never heard as his hot semen filled me to overflowing. Two more hard thrusts, and another hard grind and he collapsed atop me, as we both gasped for air.

I'm not sure how long we napped but the cum between us was dry, gluing us together. There is a delicious ache in my testicles and my butt. The sheets were covered in puddles of semen. I wanted to open my eyes but the lids were just too heavy now. I snuggled closer to Jerry and rested; I guess we napped again. I woke to a gentle shaking of the bed and realized that Jerry was laughing softly. I forced my eyes open to look at him.

"Hey there Robbie, we did that pretty good, don't you think?"

"Yeah, a little more practice and we'll have it down pretty good?"

Now I was tickled and began to giggle with him. We both ended up laughing so hard there were tears in our eyes. Finally the giggles subsided and we lay together, staring into each others eyes. I knew without any doubt that here was the man of my dreams. I've never felt anything like those feelings when we were lost in the act of love, the animal like rut was simply beyond words. I can hardly wait to do that again.

"It's weird how things work out. Fifteen years ago we were sitting on the bench together on the basketball team and I had the biggest crush on Jerry Shipley, just like the girls did. Now here we are starting a life together. Who would have ever guessed that I would be the one to get you."

Jerry leaned over to kiss me and said.

"Good things come to those who wait, as the old saying goes. It looks like you and I have hit the lotto in the partner department. I can't get over how good this feels Robbie. God knows I've spilled out a bucket full of cum thinking of you and I together this past month. Come, lets shower babe."

He pulled me up and out of bed and we staggered to the shower and let the water wash us off while we kissed and hugged. He had his arms around me as we kissed and my hands were on his cock and testicles.

He was rock hard again in less than a minute, I turned in his arms, rose on my tiptoes, guided his cock to my entrance and settled back down as he slipped in easily, filling me again. I leaned forward, hands against the shower stall, my back arched offering up myself for his pleasure, he took me again. All the same fantastic and familiar feelings were there as we climaxed again but there was very little semen again so soon.

I had to sit down in the shower, my legs couldn't hold me up any longer. Jerry sat and pulled me up to rest against his chest and between his legs as we lay there with the water raining down on us, I turned to lay on him, chest to chest, we were in absolute and complete emotional and sexual bliss.

After a few minutes we managed to rinse off all the semen, we dried each other off and fell back into bed. I woke to the phone ringing; it was the front desk reminding us of check out time. We managed to get dressed and headed back home, I followed him and I know I smiled the entire trip. We arrived back at my place just before four p.m. and I called Mom to let her know I was home and asked her to come over for supper with Jerry and I.

When I hung up the phone I looked and Jerry had his head in the fridge and he came out with his arms full and started in on our supper. Mom came over and She and I sat at the island and the three of us chatted while Jerry whipped up a Lemon Chicken Stir fry with sugar snap peas, carrots, scallions, red, yellow and green bell peppers over flat noodle pasta with a delicate lemon cream sauce with a dash of lemon zest. I am continually amazed at the man's cooking skills, it all looked so effortless for him and it was so delicious. My Mom asked for the sauce recipe, she wanted to take the dish to her office for their next buffet.

After we finished I sent Jerry and Mom to the family room while I cleaned up. Done with the clean up I turned on the dishwasher and went to join Mom and Jerry. I found them deep in discussion about his Mom's family and how she knew his grandparents just down the street from her house. I watched them quietly and it was like Mom had gained another son. He was so attentive to her and she ate it up. She held his hand when he talked about his Mom and her struggle with Cancer before she passed away. I poured the three of us a bit of brandy and Mom protested loudly but drank every drop.

It was nearing eight p.m. when she decided she should get back home, I went to get her coat and Jerry helped her into it and he walked her across my back yard and into hers. When he came back I met him at the door and it wasn't closed good before I was kissing him, we were nearly the same size and our bodies molded nicely together. I thanked him for seeing her home and asked if he wanted to stay here tonight or we could go to his place.

"Let's stay here Robbie, finally I get to sleep in your bed instead of being put into the guest room!"

"Well, you'll be in the bed but I'm not sure how much sleeping you'll get to do. I'm gonna be all over your gorgeous self all night."

"Maybe we should run over to my place and let me get some things, clothes, shaving gear and stuff. Then we can come back here; we haven't had time to think about it but where do you want us to live. I like this place and I know we can be a great help and comfort to your Mom. By the way, she told me when I walked her home that she would be my Mom now. I guess she doesn't have any problems about us."

I laughed out loud.

"Jer, do you remember us running into you at church a week or so ago? On the way home she told me that you and I would make a great couple. I told her that I didn't even know if you were 'like me', meaning Gay but trying to not say the words to her. She looked me straight in the eyes and told me; 'Robbie, Jerry is Gay, I see the way he looks at you.' I was surprised that she knew, she even told me she has known since I was 12 that I was different. The funniest thing though is when you first kissed me in the bar last night, the first thing I thought of was "Mom's right, he is gay.' Crazy I know."

He pulled me in for another long steamy kiss that left me wobbly kneed and reached for his coat and said let's go to his place and get his things.

So much for those magic moments. I had to rearrange my self in my jeans and grabbed the keys and my coat and we piled into his car and were off.

Later after a steamy shower and in bed we took our time, cuddling, kissing, talking and playing with each others body. I found out he was very ticklish in several places and the places that were his hot spots that turns him on.

Once I just sat up on my knees and looked at his naked body. The hairy chest and treasure trail were big turn ons for me. My cock was standing tall just looking at his beautiful body, he gave a chuckle and that silly crooked grin as he wrapped his palm and fingers around my very hard cock. He looked up to my eyes.

"You know how crazy I am for you don't you Rob. It's like I just started living last night. I don't ever want to be anywhere but by your side. I love you Babe. I know that for certain, I'd marry you this minute if it was legal here. Just know that I'm yours now and forever. You've made me the happiest man in town."

I stretched out beside him and kissed that handsome face.

"That goes double for me Jer. You and me forever."

The End


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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