I wake up alone, to the sound of my alarm going off. I smile to myself, cause today's the day my beau is coming home. I slide off the edge of the bed, and stand up as the 1200 thread count sheets slide off my naked body. I walk along the wall to the bathroom, and turn the lights on. I start the shower, stopping to look in the mirror. I've gained a few pounds, and I've let my pubes grow out a little thick. I quickly grab the clippers from the cabinet and trim them down to a light fuzz. I get hard in the process, but I don't touch myself. I have to wait til tonight. Joe made reservations at the Carlton tonight. I walk into our closet and grab a pair of Diesel jeans and a Rugby Ralph Lauren pullover. I walk downstairs, and grab a yogurt, while I quickly check, to make sure everything is tidy and neat. I try to stay busy all morning, I go grocery shopping, pick up the mail, and go tanning. I have the Range Rover detailed, and waxed. It's his baby, well I'm his baby, but it's the vehicle he bought a few months ago. He told me after the signing, that we were going to have babies, and I needed safe transportation. I laughed at the time, but now that he's coming home, it seems more a reality.

Okay, so here's the thing. I'm 6'2" and nearly 190. Joe is 6'4" and 250, and naturally assumed the dominant position from the day we met. I was a business major and bartending at night at a club downtown. I had seen an advertisement in the wanted section, and I was old enough to serve. I wore the tightest jeans I had, from H&M, some Margiela boots, and a deep v-neck. I don't want to say I have sex appeal, but the manager was like 50, and I think I made him horny. I had been working there a few weeks, when this brutally handsome soldier walked by. He flirted with a go-go boy for a few minutes and then finally came over to the bar and ordered a beer. I gave him a look like "what?!" He laughed and said "fine, I'll have sex on the beach...with you." I laughed and made his drink, on the house. He gave me his number after lights on, and told me to call him. I remember getting his voicemail, and leaving a message like "Hey it's Lex, from the club, just obeying orders. Have a good night." Turns out he was on active duty, and I wouldn't hear back from him for 3 months. He called me while I was going to the bathroom, and I almost dropped the phone in the toilet. We talked for almost 2 hours the first time, and he asked me out the next week. My first gift from Joe, was a leather and chain link bracelet. Joe told me I had to wear it to work, so whenever someone hit on me, he'd be "watching" through the invisible camera in the bracelet. Okay, stupid, but it was cute to me...

I'm waiting at the amtrak station, with the windows down, and the moonroof open. My Carrera shades keep slipping down, so I take them off and close my eyes, enjoying the sunshine. I doze off, and awaken to a brush against my cheek. I jump a little and squint my eyes open, to see the outline of my man in the sunlight. "Hey blue eyes, did you miss me?" I quickly open the door and step out. He drops his bag and wraps his arms around me. I hug his neck and try to hold back the tears. I feel him shake a little, and as I pull away, I see he's crying a little too. I put my hands on his shoulders and tell him I've missed him so much, and I love him. He keeps a hand at my waist, and brushes my tear streaked cheek with the other. I turn away embarrassed, and he pulls my face close. Our lips lock, and I feel his passion ignite. He tongues me lightly inside my lower lip, and I bite at his tongue playfully. He pulls me close and presses against me. I feel his arousal rub against me, and I giggle. "You bad boy, at least wait til we get to the room and you shower." "You don't like my stank ass?" "I love your stankass, but it's a thin line between sexy musk, and b.o. Baby you are crossing the line." He laughs and slaps my ass. I crab his bag and put it in the back seat. As I close the door, Joe's getting in the driver's seat. I walk around and get in the passenger side. I put my sunglasses back on and Joe grabs my hand. He fills me in on all the action he's experienced. He tells me about finding a toppled building with a crowd of children he had to rescue. I'm so amazed by this man.

We check in early, and go up to the room. I open a bottle of dom perignon and relax on the sofa. Joe walks over and drops his bag on the bed. He takes his shirt off, and works on the buckle of his belt. I stop sipping wine, and watch, feeling myself becoming aroused. Joe turns and laughs at me, "Like what you see babe?" I wink and purrr "oh Joe, you know I do." He starts to slowly undo his belt buckle and button fly, letting his pants drop to the floor. I can see his semi-hardon through his Polo boxer briefs. I adjust myself on the couch, and set my glass down on the side table. He turns to me and walks over. I watch his muscles flex, and the sexy hairline from pecs to abs. His semi-hardon is shifting from side to side. The englarged polo pony looks like it's in full motion...he tugs at the crotch and waistband, teasing me with a flash of pubic hair and dark tanline. I cover my eyes with my hand in pretend shock. I feel him slide his now erect dick against my wrist and forearm. I drop my hand, and I stare directly at his dick. I get a whiff of his musky crotch, and I laugh, as I tilt my head back, and away. "You stankass!" He pulls me up by my hands, and presses his body against me, while his hands are around the back of my neck. He softly kisses my cheek, my nose, my lips, and my forehead. I wrap my arms under his, and pull myself closer, resting my head on his shoulder. He runs his hands up and down my back, and I can feel his heat against me, his dick twitching against my jeans. He pulls me back and lifts my shirt over my head, and I'm loose, allowing him to take charge.

He's kissing at my neck and down my chest, nibbling on the right nipple, and then the left. He pulls at my button fly, and let's my jeans fall, exposing my ecitement in Papi bikini briefs. He tugs them down, and slides his hands around to my ass, grabbing and tugging at my cheeks, probing inside of them, feeling my heat, and passion. His lips are around my dick, and he fingers me dry. I have my hands around his head, running my palms over the shortly buzzed hair. I can feel his stubble against my balls and shaft as he sucks at my dick, making me moan and waver at the knee. He pulls me closer to him, allowing me to balance against him. He slowly lifts my left leg over his shoulder, while I'm inside of his mouth. He's pleasing me so well...mmm...it's been so long. He leads me down, til I'm on the edge of the sofa, while he moves my other leg over his shoulder. He releases my dick from his mouth, and softly, but moistly kisses his way down my balls, to my ass...I immediately clench in anticipation. He's kissing the inside of my thighs, down to my asscrack. He slowly starts to push his tongue inside me, as I open up for him. My hands are now behind me, bracing against the tuffted cushions of the sofa. He works his tongue and lips inside and around my hole, while I moan and writhe, trying to fight him, but lusting for more...He pulls away and moves up my body, to bite at my neck, his chain and tags clinking against my erect nipples. I feel his lips against my ear, "Baby, I wanna be in you so bad." I whimper back that I want him inside of me. He presses a slick, wet dick head into my welcoming hole. He waits a moment, and feels me clamp around him, and then slowly works himself in. He's panting and moaning in my ear, and I wrap my arms around his neck, and whimper in pleasure. He eases deeper and deeper, until he hits up against my prostate. I almost cum just from him entering me. I've almost forgotten how endowed he is. He's almost a perfect 7 1/2, with enough thickness, but not too much length to be no good. My man has the perfect size dick.

He starts to rock in and out of me, while kissing at my neck and face. He has his hands around my face, as he looks in my eyes and tells me he loves me. I'm so lost in all the moment, I just want to be with him forever. He slows his pace down, and as he moves away, I feel the air against the moistness of our sweaty bodies. He pulls me up, and sits on the cocktail table. I slide down on him and close my eyes. He kisses my mouth, and I taste my sweat on his lips. I start to ride him, while I try to stifle my moans of pleasure. "You're the man Joe, you're my man...You feel so good inside of me" He grunts and bites at my lower lip. "You're so big Joe, you make it feel good baby." He let's out a "Fuck baby, fuck" and I see his eyes roll a little back. He leans back on one arm, and wraps the other one around my waist. "Baby I'm cumming hard boo." I watch his eyes and smile as he let's go. We keep eye contact, even though we're both intense and the moment is so strong. He loses focus on me and bites his lip, while his eyes squint. I can feel him throbbing and bobbing around inside of me, releasing his sperm to absorb into me. I keep riding him, while my ass is clenching around him. He leans forward, taking me in his arms, and holding me still. I feel his breath against my neck as he buries his face in the nape of my neck. He's still throbbing inside of me, and he's whimpering about making love to me, and that I'm all his.

It's been a few minutes, and we've been making out on the cocktail table. We're drenched and breathing softly. I can feel Joe slowly softening in me, and I feel wet all inside and around my ass. He plays with my wet, tossled hair, and I study his face. The way his bushy eyebrows compliment his forehead. His long lashes, and green eyes. The splatter of freckles along his cheeks to his stubbly jaw. His perfect lips, and slightly crooked teeth that I love. He tells me in a husky voice, he's been waiting to do that to me for quite some time now. I giggle, cause the last time we had sex was the morning he went away. We had actually scuffed the wall with the bedposts making contact so rapidly. I hug his neck, and hold onto him. He pulls me away from him, and takes his dog tags and chain from around his neck, placing them around mine. I feel the tears well up. He wipes his thumbs over my eyes, and kisses each lid. "You're my boy, and I want you for the rest of our lives." I nod slowly and open my eyes. "Will you be mine?" I speak a raspy yes, and he passionately kisses me. He makes a joke about the mess, and I slowly get up, feeling him slide completely out of me. As I turn to go to the bathroom, he slaps my ass playfully. "That's my ass boy, don't you ever forget." I laugh and walk into the bathroom. I start the water, and turn to see Joe leaning against the door frame. His chiseled body glistening in the light, his sexy body hair plastered against his tan skin, from pecs all the way down to his dick, which appears to still be semi hard. A sexy tanline shades the hair above his crotch line, and contrasts the hair around his dick, that spreads to mid thigh. I open the glass door, and he steps toward me. He leads me in, behind him, and presses me against the tiled wall. His lips meet mine, and we're lost in a cloud of steam...



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