On the football field we sat; the graduating class of 2011 at Ridgeway High School. The ceremony was getting ready to close, but I knew when it did, it would be the last time I would see many of my friends. Sitting to the left me was my best friend since the 1st grade, Joey Attison. He is a fit white Irish guy, 173 pounds, 6'4, ripped muscles, blue eyes, dark brown hair, straight, engaged to Tasha Hansley, very intelligent, and athletic. I was not so fit, 193 pounds, 6'1, fairish muscles, kiwi green eyes, black hair, gay, single, very smart, and a tennis player. We were both honor graduates and he beat me out by .0223 of my G.P.A., but I didn't care. All I ever wanted to do was kiss him ever since I saw him. He basically knew everything about me, except for one thing, that I'm gay. I found out that I was into guys when I got into 7th grade. He made me this way because every time I saw him with his shirt off, my mouth goes to drooling. When I see a chick with no shirt and bra on, I wanna yell, 'Put something on ya nasty!'

'Please help me congratulate the 2011 senior class of Ridgeway with applause!' yelled our Principal, Mr. Whon, the hottest thing on the planet after Joey. Everyone started hooting and screaming and caps filled the dark sky as we ran. The first person I ran after was Joey. I didn't feel like throwing my cap way up so I did a little toss in front of me because I did not feel like finding it in a sea of 704 caps. Joey was standing there with his fiancé; Tasha and boy were they arguing. She wanted to leave the scene right away so they could, you know, do it, but he wanted to talk to his friends. She stomped off into a group of other guys while Joey was staring at me disappointed. 'I told you, all she wants is your penis and her dad's money. She's a gold digger.' I told him. 'I dunno, I just wanna talk to some friends and then get out of here. Where are you going tonight?' He asked me. 'I dunno, go home I guess and get ready for tomorrow. My parents and I are going on a cruise and we have an extra ticket we are trying to sell. We haven't had much luck, so my parents are trying to get someone else to come along.' I exclaimed. 'Oh you mean this ticket?' He jammed the ticket in my face. I stared in disbelief of what I saw. I hugged him and boom our lips met. I felt embarrassed and I didn't know what had just happened. Everyone around us started clapping and cheering... I don't know what just happened.

The next day I was sitting in my room depressed about what had happened the night before. Joey was taking a shower in my bathroom and my parents where gone to Wal-Mart to pick up some stuff before we flew to Miami, Florida to catch our cruise. Joey walked out of the bathroom in my favorite towel which looked really good on him. I stared at the gigantic bulge in that yellow towel and got pretty hypnotized. 'Oh my God, Andy, I left my suitcases in the car.' It didn't register to me what he had said until his towel fell while he was looking through my closet. He turned around and all I saw was a pulsing 10 inch pencil stick cock with enormous veins popping out vigorously. I didn't waste a second to spill my drink all over my pants. I had a book entitled, How to get Joey Attison Gay and this was attempt #3. Joey instantly runs over to me and takes off my wet pants and hands me the pair he was about to wear. 'Here you g......' He stares at my cock as it whips him in the face. 'Ummmm!' he whispers. As awkward as I felt, I sat there waiting for something to happen. In my favor, Joey's hand brush against my balls and I began to moan like he had licked them or something. 'Are you alright?' he asked.

I tackle him to the floor and starts sucking his massive cock. He tried fighting me off, but my persuasive look on my face lured him to know that it was alright, that he shouldn't feel afraid. I just couldn't believe I was getting my wish after all these years. I keep sucking his massive load and could taste the pre-cum juices running around in my mouth. They tasted really sweet and made me crave more. He thrust his cock even further down my throat and clutched my head into his strong man hands. After a while, I lay him on the table and guided his legs into the air. I began licking him on and under his balls making him moan and squirm with excitement and pleasure that he had never felt before. 'This is better than having sex with Tasha!' He moaned, which made me feel pleased. I began jerking his cock and continued licking him trying to find a perfect pleasure spot. He pushes me with his legs and starts jerking off my cock with his feet. Staring at his ripped abs and muscles made me think that I was in some sort of fantasy, but it was all real when I realized he had pulled out a condom. I don't know what I was afraid of; my parents walking in on us or his 10 inch penis up my ass.

He promised me it wouldn't hurt, but really, this was the first time for me having a guy this huge in me before. I laid across my bed as he pushed in and pulled out his cock. I felt nothing, but pleasure caressing his big muscles. He could tell that I am enjoying his ten inches, so he started getting faster and faster almost creating a certain rhythm. It was the best feeling that I had felt in my life.... SLAM, went the car door in our garage which caused his to cum and opps, he forgot to put on the condom. I looked at him and he seemed as if he was alright it. He began to kiss me when all was forgotten that someone had just gotten home and it wasn't my parents, it was Tasha, mad as hell. He kept kissing me and I believed he didn't care, so I just enjoyed my moment while it lasted and I jizzed happily.

To be continued.....


Andy Thomas

[email protected]


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