I geared up for my usual day at the glory hole in the park. Kneepads, lipstick and butt plug. I am in the stall 20 minutes when I hear someone come in to the next stall. I look through the hole and its my friend Tom from high schools dad! I had fantasized about sucking Toms cock and his dads but they are straight and dont know about my glory hole hobby. Toms dad pulls down his pants and much to my surprise he is sporting a 9 inch throbber of a hard on. He sits on the toilet and starts stroking it. I put my red lips up to the glory hole and whisper looks delicious can I have some. In three seconds I feel the head of his cock slowly slipping into my mouth. I sucked the precum wetness out of the tip and reached into my pocket and turned on the remote for the vibrating butt plug in my ass. I start to slowly suck the head of his cock in and out of my mouth inching it closer to my throat. Soon I am deep throating his beautiful cock till the hairs at the base are tickling my nose. I hear him start moaning and he begins to fuck my throat faster until I feel and taste the first jet of sperm hit the back of my throat. I move my face back because I want the rest of his cum in my mouth so I suck the head while stroking his shaft. The next warm spurt hit the roof of my mouth and ran down under my tounge. As I swallowed my first mouthful of warm sperm I heard someone going into the stall on the other side of me. Toms dad heard it to and pulled his cock out of my mouth and through the glory hole but not before one last rope of warm cum landed in my mouth. I heard Toms dad breathing hard in the stall and watched as he sprayed the rest of his cum in the toilet. Damn! Who the fuck interupted us!? I looked through the glory hole and in the other stall was TOM! I still have his dads cum in my mouth and here is the son with his pants down and stroking his cock. Like father like son I guess. I tap on the partition and put my mouth up to the glory hole and Tom immediatly shoves his dick through the hole into my mouth and starts spurting warm cum in to my mouth. I now have the father and the sons warm sperm sloshing around in my mouth. Toms cock spurts a few more ropes of cum in my mouth and I slowly suck his dick until he finaly pulls it back out through the hole and is gone. I sat on the toilet slowly stroking my cock feeling the vibrations in my ass and the warm sperm from a father and son still on my tounge.




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