I was sleeping over at my friends house, when his brother came home from a date, and he was desperate. He had a look in his I and a bulge in his pants and a wet spot. He said 'you gotta help me here'. I rushed over and dropped to my knees and undid his jeans and pulled down his pants and underwear. His boner sproinged free and plopped right into my mouth. A big pink hardon and my lips and tongue swirling around the head. His brother started licking the balls while I stroked and sucked the cock. Big brothers cock was so warm and hard in my mouth. I sucked and stroked and swirled my tongue for all I was worth. Then I heard him moaning and bucking his hips and felt a warm wet fluid spray into my mouth and his warm sperm ejaculated all over my tongue. The next shot sprayed the roof of my mouth and then jet after jet of warm cum shot down my throat and all over my lips. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and he sprayed warm sperm on his brothers face and lips. I kissed him and we shared the warm cum, swirling our tongues. I was so horny I could not stand it. I pulled my pants down and said 'somebody please fuck me'. Younger brother stripped and bent me over and slid his beautiful wet cock right into my hungry butthole. Oh my god it felt good. A really hard cock slamming in and out of my ass. Big brother had recovered and was stroking his big boner when little brother pulled out and we switched to a sixty nine. Big brother jammed his big warm pink cock right into my hungry butthole and started pumping in and out like he was drilling for oil. It felt so good sucking one brothers cock while the other brothers cock was fucking my asshole like a jack hammer. I soon felt the cock in my mouth start to spray warm sperm over my tongue and I sucked and savored every drop as the cock in my ass began to shoot rope after rope of warm cum deep into my belly. That was all it took and I felt my cock ejaculate warm sperm into my friends mouth while his brother was still slowly pumping his beautiful pink cock in and out of my ass.




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