I finally got to meet my new friend Jacob, I was a total bottom and he was verstile and so I decided one day to make his and my day. We both made a habit of douching each day, just to be ready in case we could get a huge cock shoved up our butts.

I went to the local sex shop and picked up a very large double headed dildo, it was at least 16 inches long, it was also the vibrating kind but not just any vibrator it had a metal rod embedded in the center of it and it was not straight it was like a spiral. When it was turned on it not only vibrated but it twisted and turned around and so it throbbed. It was a total sex toy.

I had used one like it before and it fucken felt great. It stretched your ass hole this way and that way. Also got a couple of bottles of poppers, a 26er of Vodka, and a couple of prime fine Columbian joints. And then dug into my closet and got out some of my leather gear, tit clamps, two harnesses, two studded leather collars, a couple of pairs of metal studded gauntlets, chaps, arm bands, cock and ball spreading rings and two pairs of leather work boots.

Then I called him up and asked him to come over, I needed to see him and ask him something.

Then I suspended the two slings that I had from the ceiling of my playroom in the basement so that they were end to end.

Then I made sure that my ass was nice and clean. We were going for a trip into fantasy Ville.

I made myself a stiff drink and my head was getting a good buzz on.

Then I stripped down and put on some of the leather.

First went on the chaps, then the harness, followed by the gauntlets and arm bands. Then the boots and the studded collar. Finally on went the cock ring and the tit clamps. Damn I was already feeling wonderful. And just for added measure I gave my ass a couple of good firm slaps. Oh ya I was ready.

I had put a note on the front door that said, Jacob get your fucken butt in here immediately and lock it behind you. Then you are to strip and come to my playroom, it is through the door in the kitchen. Do you understand, you are to obey me, do you hear.

I made a couple of strong drinks and put the joints on the table near the slings.

Then I eagerly awaited Jacob's arrival. He was in for a real treat. We were going to have the sexual fantasy session of our lives.

I had the DVD and the big wall screen TV down there. I slipped in a Leather hard core DVD and turned it on. It was the one where two guys get fucked by a couple of hung masters with 12 inch cocks.

I heard the front door open and heard Jacob hurrying across the kitchen floor.

He opened the basement door and started down the stairs.

I stood at the bottom of the stairs all decked out in my leather and my 8 ½ inch cock was as hard as a rock.

I looked up at him with a smirk on my face and in a masterly voice said. "Get your fucken faggot ass down here boy, you are mine. I am going to make you into a fucken pig. Do you understand pussy boy?"

Jacob got to the bottom of the stairs and I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him to his knees on the floor.

Then I pulled his head forward and forced my rock hard cock into his mouth.

He didn't hesitate. He swallowed my cock to the hilt and then I started to piston fuck his mouth.

"You like that fucken cock Pussy boy. Ya you want it don't you? Swallow it boy." I yelled out at him.

I continued to pound his mouth then after a few minutes I ordered him to get up and get into the same leather gear I had on.

It only took him about five minutes to dress the part. Then I gave him the drink of vodka and lit up one of the joints. As he took a toke of the joint I dropped to my knees and engulfed his huge cock and took it right down my throat, also slapping his ass as I sucked him. He was making whimpering noises of pure ecstasy.

After a few minutes I stood up and pulled him into me and planted my mouth on his and shoved my tongue into it. We hugged and sucked each other's tongues like there was no tomorrow.

Then we parted and I poured us another drink. We were going to get wild and kinky.

We downed the drinks and our heads were starting to really buzz.

I hugged Jacob again and kissed again, and gave his ass a couple of good hard slaps; he did the same to me.

Meanwhile we could hear the DVD and the Masters on it were fucking the hell out of the two bottoms and talking in deep masterful voices, "Take our hard massive cocks you fucking little Slave boys, you want your Masters cock don't you, you were made to be Masters Slaves, right Faggots."

I didn't want to wait any more, it was time for Jacob and I to take the double headed Dildo.

"Get into that sling there Fag boy. " I ordered Jacob. And as he climbed into it I climbed into the other one.

Jacob sneered at me and said, "You're a Fag boy too Dex. You're just as much one as I am."

"You bet your life Jacob, we are a pair of cock hungry dudes." I retorted, "And we are going to have the fucking of our lives. We are going to join together and bond to one another. Just like the good little guys that we are."

We put our feet into the stirrups on the sling chains and the sling s swung together and with the slings end to end our ass cheeks were touching each other's.

I picked up a bottle of poppers and handed it to Jacob and then took the other one myself. Then as one we uncorked them and took a about 5 or 6 deep sniffs.

Then I grabbed the double headed dildo.

"Hey fuckhead," I laughed at Jacob "Are you ready to have that pretty little hole of yours stretched to the limit."

"Oh yes Sir, Dex Sir, I am ready willing and able" Jacob answered me in an eager voice.

We both put our hands into the can of Crisco and took out a handful and applied it to the dildo and to our butt holes With that done I reached down between our asses and Jacob did too. Then as one we placed the ends of the dildo against our butt holes and inserted the huge dildo into them. I hit the button and turned on the vibrator and we pushed against each other Each of our asses took 10 inches of rock hard thick dildo and our butts slapped together. We both let out moans of pure blissful ecstasy.

Then we started to rock back and forth as we let the dildo slip out and then slide all the way back in. The dildo expanded and stretched our holes wide. It was like we were getting a club cock rammed in it. It was glorious.

We were moaning and groaning and thrusting and getting our asses worked over the way we liked it. I took a few more sniffs of popper and our butt cheeks were making loud slapping sounds as the met each other.

We had finally become real Cock Sluts.

Then I had an idea. I pulled the dildo out of my ass and climbed out of the sling. I reached behind me and felt my hole, it was gapping wide open it was so stretched. It was time for the next step. I pulled the other end of the dildo out of Jacob's ass and he let out a groan of disappointment.

I laughed at him and told him not to worry. Then I helped him out of the sling and grabbed the other dildo that I had. Just as big as the one we just had up our butts.

I wrapped my arms around Jacob and hugged him to my chest then I handed him one of the dildos and I reached behind him and shoved the one that I had in my hand back into his butt.

And he did the same to me. Then we started to piston fuck each other. Both of the dildos were the same and

As we fucked each other we started to slap each other's butt cheeks and the pleasure was truly unbelievable. Fuck we were in heaven.

I grabbed the bottle of vodka and took a swig out of it, actually a big swig. And then handed it to Jacob and he repeated what I did.

Then as my head really started to spin, I decided to go one step further.

"Jacob," I inquired in a hesitant voice, "I want to have you fuck me. I know you don't get to fuck because you are so big and most people are afraid of your cock, but with that huge 11 inch cock of yours it needs and deserves to be up my ass. I know you are bigger and thicker than the dildo but I know that I can take it. What do you think dude, are you game?"

He was not only 11 inches long but he was about as thick as a beer bottle.

Jacob laughed and replied, "What the fuck Dex, I am so buzzed I will try anything. Let's go for it, dude. But if it hurts just tell me to stop OK."

We took out the dildos and then I climbed back into the sling. Jacob got between my legs and put the tip of his rock hard gargantuan cock against my butt hole.

Then the insertions began and surprisingly there was no problem, it felt wonderful. God we were doing it and it felt so fucken good no great, he was all the way inside me now, it was the perfect fit.

Fuck Fuck Fuck, it felt so fucken good.

Jacob whispered gently into my ear. "Are you Ok Dude, want to stop."

"Are you fucken crazy, this is amazing? I don't want to stop I want you to pull almost all the way out and then push in again." I begged him.

I grabbed the bottle of Vodka and we both took another couple of gulps, he pulled almost all the way out and then slowly pushed back in. Fuck, it was fucken awesome. I had never felt like this before.

Then he picked up speed and he was madly fucking my ass as hard as he could. Over and over again, each time a little further in. Then I screamed out, "Oh fuck Jacob I can't hold back, I am going to blow my load."

Jacob screamed out as well," "Fuck Dex me too." Jacob gave one final hard thrust and held himself deep inside of me. And then we both started to shoot, and I had never before cum like that or that much. It was awesome. It felt like I would never stop, cum just kept pouring out of my hard cock. And Jacob was filling my ass up with so much cum it was running out of me and down my leg. Then it finally stopped and he slowly took his cock out of my ass, with a loud slurping sound.

But my ass felt so empty now. It felt so damn empty.

I rolled over and gazed adoringly into Jacob's eyes and he did the same to me.

"Fuck, Jacob, Fuck, that was truly remarkably wonderful. I loved it and now dude; I think I have fallen in Love with you. I want you to move in with me and be with me forever. Please become my husband!" I begged him.

"Oh Dex, Yes, a thousand times yes," He cried in my ear with tears of joy.

Jacob moved in with me and we fucked each other constantly both with dildos and he gave me his cock.

I could take the whole length of it and he loved my ass.

We had become a couple and I couldn't be happier.


Dex Darian (SirDragonRyder)

[email protected]


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