Ryan is my flat mate, deep voice, lean body, largest dick I've ever seen(12 Inches). I on the other hand am a lean boy, no deep voice, dick 9 inches long.

I had longed to be with him ever since the day I saw him come to my flat to come and ask for a cup of sugar in his underwear. He knocked on the door, not knowing who he was I had to dress up as fast as I could because I was half naked with my girlfriend in the room. As I opened I stared at his dick not knowing that he would notice that I was looking at it. He said to me, "Hey my name is Ryan, can I have a cup of sugar" all I said was "You can have anything!" All he did was laugh with his deep voice that made me shiver. I gave him the cup and he said thanks and left. At the time my girlfriend also left.

Then it hit me! I was bisexual! Didn't believe it at first but tried to ignore it.

It had been a month and Ryand and I were best flat mates! We had seen each other naked yet it was a sight to see his 12inch dick. One day we were just in the jacuzzi at the gym and he said,"Remember the first day we met?""Yeah, I do why?""I remember you staring at my dick for a while""Oh that!" I blushed in embarrassment."Its okay" he looked into my eyes and I leaned in for a kiss, and surprisingly he kissed me. We started kissing intensely and we took it to my flat. He kissed me and sucked me as I was groaning in joy, I was precuming in his mouth and he liked it. Then it was my turn to suck. It was nice and thick. And he told me that I was the best sucker ever. He said"let's change it up" and he fucked me and it was good. My ass was getting hard and he told me that he had a dream about me that made him decide to come and do this and it was destiny. He fucked me and we passed out.

In the morning I woke up in his arms and he told me that I was the best he ever had.

We kissed like it was magic and we swore to do it every night.




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