Finding True Love Saturday April 6th, 2013. 5:00 AM Dear Diary, This morning when I went to the 24hr gym at about 2 or 3 in the morning since there are very few if any other guys there at that time in the morning.

Overnight there are no staff members there to monitor the place; I have a pass that opened the doors to use the gym.

I had just finished my workout. There had been one other guy there working out but he had gone to the showers and I had assumed that he had left and gone home.

I entered into the change room and thought no one was there.

So stupid me I start singing a tune to myself and stripped down and went into the shower area.

My soft dick was hanging its usual six inches when it is soft. It was swinging between my legs as I entered the shower area.

I turned on the shower and stood under it letting the warm water course over my firm body.

As the water was coming down over me, I continued singing.

I am embarrassed to say that I had revised the words to the song and sang my own.

"I love my big dick. And I can give myself a blow job. My mouth feels so good on it. Hey Hoo wanna see, wanna see."

Then I started wanking my cock and when it got hard and to its full ten and a half inches I bent over and started to suck my cock. I can usually get about four inches into my mouth. I started licking around it and going as far down on it as I could.

I was wrong though the other guy had not gone home yet. I heard him clear his throat; I stopped sucking and quickly looked up. He was standing in the doorway watching.

Then he clapped his hands and said "Hey that's pretty good man. I can suck my dick too. You look so hot there doing that. Have you ever fooled around with another guy?"

"Hey no way man, I am straight." I exclaimed

He was just in his underwear; he pulled them off and dropped them on the floor.

Then he sauntered over to me. He also had a big cock too. And as he came over he was wanking it and it was getting hard. He was just as well built as I was.

And dang I was getting turned on. But my heart was beating loudly.

When he got right up in front of me he looked me in the face and then looked down at his cock, it had grown bigger that mine. It was at least eleven and a half inches and thick too.

"What do ya think man? I got a nice cock eh." He said to me smugly.

Then he did what I wasn't expecting, he dropped to his knees and before I could stop him he had my cock in his mouth and had it all the way down his throat.

"What the fuck are you doing Dude," I yelled at him.

He took his mouth off my cock and looked up at me and replied, "I am doing what you want and need me to. You know you like it. What me to stop?"

I thought a minute, actually it had felt pretty good and he was doing it better that most of the chicks I had sex with. Because my cock was big and thick they could usually only get the head of it into their mouths.

This guy not only could get the head in but took it all the way down his throat.

Well I made a decision and put my hands behind his head and pulled him back onto my cock.

He gave a wonderful blow job and I couldn't hold back. I moaned and then screamed out, " Oh Shit man, I am gonna blow."

He picked up speed and I lost it, my seed just started filling him up. Fuck it was great.

I was kind of in a daze because suddenly he stood up and before I knew it he had planted his mouth on mine and shoved his tongue inside.

I could taste my own cum. I tried to pull away but he was strong he wrapped his arms around me and held me in a tight grip.

But I was actually enjoying it and I relinquished and gave in. After all I gave myself a blowjob all the time and always swallowed my seed.

I wrapped my arms around him in a bear-hug and we French kissed for a good five minutes.

Then as we parted lips, he put his hands on my shoulders and started to push me down to my knees.

"You're Turn Dude, suck Daddy's big cock."

I struggled a bit but he was really strong, I went down to my knees and his huge pole was staring me in the face.

I had two choices either I sucked him or we would fight, and I really wasn't in for a fight.

Besides how bad could it be, I mean I gave myself blowjobs? So I went to it. And I gave my first blowjob.

It didn't take long before he shot his load. It was so sweet tasting. I liked it.

So that is when I realized that I must be gay or at least bisexual.

He asked me if I wanted to get together with him this evening and maybe come over to his place for dinner and some fun.

Saturday April 6th, 2013. 5:00 PM Dear Diary, Well I am leaving shortly to go over to Jakes place. I am looking forward to it.

I hope that he is a good cook. He is a good cocksucker and he has a nice cock as well.

Since I gave him that blowjob at the gym this morning I couldn't think of nothing else. Damn, I really enjoyed it. Have I turned into one of those Homo guys?

Well really doesn't matter, it was a great experience and I wanted a repeat of it.

I have decided to show him another secret side to me. I love dressing as a cowboy the whole nine yards.

Cowboy hat, Cowboy boots, Plaid shirt, tight faded 501 Denim Jeans, a pair of my well-worn distressed Chaps, and my belt with rather large metal buckle in the shape of the head a bull's skull with horns.

Distressed leather is leather that has been well worn and roughed up. It's not as shiny as most leather. I liked it a lot better.

Jake had given me his address; he lives just outside of town on a small hobby farm.

Gonna Climb in my Jeep and head out Sunday April 7th, 2013. 11:00 AM Holy fuck am I ever exhausted. I finished off spending the night with Jake at his hobby farm.

Fuck I have a lot to think about. But I have come to a decision, I need more of Jake and after last night I think I want to take him up on his offer of moving in with him.

I have been through a totally new awesome experience. I don't think that I will ever be the same.

Although my ass isn't sore it feels weird. I got fucked for the first time last night and it was great. My ass kind of feels like it is falling out. And it is tingling in a good way.

Jake wants to see me again. I told him I would think about it, and now I have decided, damn you could keep me away from him if you tried.

It is like I am a new man. I want him to fuck me again, I really really liked it. No I loved it.

He taught me a lot last night. What have I been missing all these years when I could have been having this much enjoyment all along.

OK, I think I should Document everything that happened. I am going to start at the beginning.

I had arrived at Jake's Hobby farm at 6:00 PM sharp. He was sitting on the front porch waiting for me.

I climbed out of my Jeep and walked over to him.

As I approached him, he stood up and let out a wolf whistle and howled out in his deep sexy baritone voice,"Damn Emanuel don't you look good enough to eat. Fuck you are so hot. Come here, lay those lips of yours on mine and give me a big fucken man kiss."

I reached him and we wrapped our arms around each other and held each other in a great big bear hug.

Our lips entwined and tongues started to dance together.

Fuck it just felt so fucken good to be in his arms again.

As we kissed he dropped his hand to my butt and gave me a few firm slaps on it. Dang, it actually felt good.

"Well Emanuel, are you in for some training tonight? I am going to show and do things to you that you will hardly believe is possible. You will feel so good and find that you want to submit to me. First let's go inside and I'll make you a drink. Maybe you would like to smoke a joint as well and maybe get high." Jake stated to me.

He took me by the hand and led me inside, led me into the den and sat me on the couch.

"Emanuel, you ever do any recreational drugs ya know like Magic Mushrooms and Marijuana? "Jake inquired of me in a quizzical tone.

I replied to him in an amazed voice, "Yes I have actually done Magic Mushrooms before but they are so hard to come by. I haven't enjoyed them for a few years now. You really have some?"

"Sure do, just reach into that drawer there by the couch and there is a baggy with some in it. Take some and put out some for me. I want to get nice and high so we can cut our inhibitions." He told me as he glanced over his should and smiled at me.

Damn he had a hot smile.

I reached in and got out the bag. I saw a small spoon inside for scooping out a correct amount to take. If I remembered correctly it was two spoons.

Jake came over to me and handed me a drink. He had made us a double Vodka and OJ. I took the glass from him and he clinked his to mine in a toast and said, "Here's to a night of fun and games."

Then we both raised the glasses to our lips and gulped down the contents.

Jake made us another one each and this one we relished and just sipped it slowly.

Then Jake took the baggy of Mushrooms from me and opened it and took out two spoonful's and handed them to me.

I popped them into my mouth and started to chew on them. Dang, I remember that taste, it was awesome.

Jake repeated and followed what I had done. We chewed the mushrooms for a while to get them nice and moist and then swallowed them.

Jake stood in front of me smiling and spoke at in his sexy voice, "Damn Emanuel, I just can't get over how fucken hot you look. You look amazing.

He sat beside me on the couch and put his arm around me. Then we fondled each other and snuggled and kissed and just got close.

After about fifteen minutes the mushrooms were starting to take effect. I was getting high.

Jake looked at me and then spoke to me, "Emanuel, I want to show you a lot tonight and do a lot to you too. Number one thing is that I want to fuck you. What do you think, do you want to try?"

"But Jake, I answered him, isn't there a bunch of crap up there, won't it be messy?" I asked him in a curious voice.

Actually I didn't even think of the ramifications of my getting fucked, I guess I was getting high and my inhibitions were breaking down. And besides I was curious and wanted to see what it would be like to be fucked. I remember one of the chicks I had dated had stuck her finger up my butt while I fucked her and it actually felt quite good.

But then again Jake's cock was a lot bigger than a finger. But as I got higher I got more intrigued and wanted to try it.

"You mean you actually will let me try and fuck you. Oh fuck that would be so awesome. Most guys are afraid of my man pole. I keep getting told it is way too big and have only been ever able to put just the tip inside of them. Even Chicks are afraid. So I have never had a full fuck before and damn I wish that I could have one." He said almost in a whimper.

"Hey man, as long as you take it easy and stop if I tell you to I am game to try" I told him. "Besides I hate to admit it but I am curious as to how it will feel!"

I told him about the experience with the Chick putting her finger up my butt and how I liked it.

"But again Dude as I said, won't it be messy?" I inquired again.

"Have you ever douched before; ya know given yourself an edema? I have a special bag in the washroom that has a hose attached to it. You fill it with warm water and then hang it on the wall beside the toilet then stick it up your butt and release the water and it cleans you out.' Jake informed me.

Well I thought a moment and then stood up and said, "Which way is the washroom. I'll go get my ass ready for you."

Jake pointed to the hallway and I went down it to the washroom. I took off my clothes found the bag and then did what he said and cleaned myself out.

When I was done I reached behind me and gently felt my hole with my finger. I was a bit surprised when my finger just slipped in. And it felt fucken good. I started to finger fuck myself and my ass started to twitch. There was a strange sensation going throughout me. Wow, maybe I could get fucked.

I returned to the Den with just a towel around my waist.

Jake was sitting there without a stitch of clothing on. He had is cock in his hand and was playing with it.

I was really quite high right now and my head was spinning pleasantly.

Jake motioned me over to him and then he said in a compelling voice, "Turn around Emanuel, drop that towel, I want to see your pretty hole!"

I did as he asked.

Jake reached up with his hands and parted my cheeks then let out a low whistle and said, "Fuck Emanuel that sure is one nice looking hole. It looks so wonderful and look its open a bit wanting something in it."

Then he leaned forward and placed his mouth against it and stuck his tongue and started to rim me.

I let out a low moan, fuck that felt so good. Then he stuck his tongue into my hole, my body started to quiver and shake with excitement Then as he rimmed me he put one of his fingers in beside his tongue and started to finger fuck me. He was driving me wild.

"Let's go to the bedroom" Jake told me in an authoritative voice.

Wow, was he actually ordering me and being dominant? Cool I guess because I was so high, it turned me on. A hot stud like him taking control, my cock got very hard.

He led me to the bedroom and pushed me down on the bed. Then fell on top of me and pinned my arms down and started to kiss me and nibble on my ears. Then he moved his mouth down to my large nipples and started gently chewing on them. Holy fuck was he ever sending goose bumps throughout my body. It felt so damn good.

Then he looked me deep into the eyes and in a studly dominant voice growled out, "Emanuel, I am going to release your arms but you keep them there, do not move them. Do you understand?"

I nodded my head.

He released my arms and then he started to lick down my chest, over my washboard abs and then paused at my rock hard cock. He gently blew on it. Damn that was exciting. Then he touched the tip with his tongue and my cock quivered. He placed his hands on each of my legs and raised them into the air and brought my butt up high to his face. Then he plunged in with his mouth and tongue.

First he nibbles on my outer hole with his teeth. Not hard but kind of gentle like. Fuck Fuck Fuck, what was he doing to me. I had never felt so good before. Then he started to stick his tongue into me as far as it would go.

He kept it up for about ten minutes. My cock was so hard it was pulsating.

He took his mouth away from my ass.

Then he looked at me and purred out to me in a seductive voice, "I am going to make you my little Fuck Bitch. You're going to beg me to use your ass any way that I wish to. First I am going to secure your legs so I can keep my hands free to play with your ass and get it ready for my big hard cock."

He leaned forward and there was a rope at each side tied to the bedposts. He put first one rope around one of my ankles and raised that leg up and over beside my head, then he did it to the other ankle.

Then he got up off the bed for a minute and went over to a chest of drawers. Opened the top one and took out some lube and a dildo.

It was kind of strange looking. It was about ten inches long and had a little hose attached to it with two round rubber balls at the end of it.

Later I was to find that when it was inside of your ass, as you fucked with it, you squeezed one of the balls, it pumped air into the dildo and made it grow bigger.

The other ball was filled with warm liquid lubrication. When squeezed it shot a load of it deep into your ass. It almost felt like cum.

Jake came back over to me with the dildo in his hand. He waved it at me and laughed as he spoke to me, "You know what I am going to do with this, Emanuel, you want your Daddy to stick it up your Virgin hole and make it a Fuck Shute? Make you into his obedient Love Toy? Eh, talk to me, tell me want you want!!"

I was really getting excited now and was so turned on. Damn I would play the game. My head was roaring with highness and I felt like I was on top of the world.

"I want you to make my ass into a Fuck chute Daddy, your Fuck chute, make me feel the delights of becoming your plaything. Show me how good my ass can feel; I beg of you Daddy, I want you to train me!" I pleaded with him in the most docile subservient voice I could manage.

"MMmmm Good, Good, that's what I want to hear. This is going to be fun; I always wanted to tame a Virgin before." He seductively told me.

Then he got back on the bed up between my legs and lubed up the dildo. He dangled in front of my face and told me how it worked and what the rubber balls were for. Fuck, I didn't think that it could happen but I was just getting more excited by the minute.

He placed the tip against my butt entrance and then looked deep into my eyes and told me in a hot sexy authoritative voice, "I am now going to shove this up your hole and pump it bigger as I fuck you with it. It will help to stretch your hole out and make it ready for my huge cock. All that you need to do is say ready Daddy, in a willing voice and then say Take away my Virginity Please. I will then know you are ready."

I took a few deep breathes to relax a bit and get ready, my head was spinning and I was so high.

Then I opened my mouth and out came the words in a strong needful voice and I said, "Please Daddy, I am ready. Please take away my Virginity. I want to give it to you as a present. Make me into your Fuck Bitch."

He took the queue and Started to push the long thin dildo into my ass. I thought that it would hurt but all I felt was pleasure. It really felt good. It was like an extra-long finger.

Once the dildo was all the way inside me, he started to move the dildo around inside of me.

I had never had anything up my butt before and it felt so damn good. Fuck I never knew what I had been missing all my life.

With his other hand he grabbed one of the round rubber ball thingy's and started to squeeze it.

Then I felt something strange.

The dildo was getting thicker.

When it was back all the way inside of me, he pumped the other rubber ball and I felt my ass filling up with warm lube. Fuck it was an awesome sensation He started to pull the dildo out of me and then push it back in. He did this a few times then he pumped it up a bit bigger and repeated the thrusting into my ass.

Fuck it was amazing, it felt so good. My ass felt so good, no GREAT!! He was building up speed as he pulled out and pushed in and every time he pushed all the way in he would hold it there for a moment and pump it up bigger.

Then pull it almost all the way out and shove it back in to the hilt. Pump it up some more and repeat.

Fuck my ass was getting slowly stretched. I was in pure ecstasy.

"You're doing good Emanuel; you're taking it like a man. I am going to keep this up until the dildo is at its full width. Then you will be ready for the real thing. Tell me you love it Bitch."

I screamed out in rapture, "Oh God, Jake I feel so good. I love what you are doing to me. Take me, I want more. Please take me."

I was becoming very obedient. And I loved it. He kept it up for almost fifteen minutes pumping and fucking and pumping and fucking.

Then he suddenly pulled it all the way out. Damn I felt so empty, "NO PLEASE NO." I cried out in an imploring voice. "Why did you take it out Jake? My ass feels so empty now."

"Because Emanuel, your ass is ready for my huge cock now. I am going to give you the real thing. I know that it can take my horse cock. You will be the first ever to take my gargantuan man meat. I want that hot hole of yours so badly. And I know that you want my cock, your Daddies cock. And you should see your hole; it is wide open and inviting me to come on in. So I will oblige you." He groaned out in his masculine manly voice.

I braced myself, and then sheer delight penetrated my anus. Total, ecstatic wonderful marvelous delight!

It was like the feeling when you take a cool dip in the river on a hot summer day.

The feeling of like when you win a trophy for being the best on the team.

It was all that mixed with a tingle of sexual energetic electricity that infused my whole body and I felt magnificently warm and full and complete!

"You like that?" Jake asked me passionately as he drove right into the deepest part of my ass.

"Oh, Fuck yeah!" I moaned, "It is unbelievable what you are doing to me. I never want you to stop."

"Isn't it the best sex you ever had?" Jake asked me as he laughed and took my Virgin hole to the extreme.

All I could do was moan and whimper in full ecstatic rapture. I loved every minute of it. I had become a true bottom. My ass was meant to be fucked.

He kept fucking me and he reached up and released my ankles from the ropes, then buried his cock all the way into me and then grabbed me under the arms and with one strong quick movement, flipped me over onto my stomach. Pulled me to my knees and started to fuck me doggy style.

"Oooh, yeah, Fuck my butt, Daddy Jake!" I moaned. "Please Fuck me, it feels so good, Please Fuck me."

Jakes hands clenched tightly around my waist and I felt his finger nails gripping me. Then he started to piston fuck me. Hard and deep. His heavy balls were hitting hard against my ass cheeks making loud slapping noises

"Ooh, oh, Ohhhhh! Bloody fucking hell, FUCK ME DADDY. FUCK YOUR BITCH!!!" I moaned in Rapturous Bliss until I almost couldn't take anymore, I was almost passing out there was so much pleasure.

There was nothing more I wanted now except Jake's monstrous cock deep inside of me using me, making me his Love Slave. That wonderful, powerful, superhuman godly man meat! It slammed into me and my prostate was mauled with Nirvana.

Then he changed tactics, he would pull it all the way out, I felt horribly empty, but then he would lunge forward and enter me again with it driving all the way in to the hilt. Then he repeated by pulling out to the furthest withdrawal and then...whammmmmmm! Completely full again, marvelously and wonderfully full again!

I let out a low building moan/howl, it got louder and louder I was approaching a tremendous climax, it was too soon, I didn't want it to end, but it was no use, I couldn't hold it back any longer, I really tried, but Jake's cock owned me totally. An unbelievable Orgasm built inside of me.

My dick started to pulsate and I clenched my ass as tight as I could around Jake's plunging cock.

He felt my Orgasm coming on and let out a howl like an animal and slammed hard into me and then shot his load deep inside of me. As he shot he slammed the cum out of me. My cock exploded and my white creamy seed went everywhere all over the bed and on my face, my chest, everywhere.

The Intensity of it was unbelievable. I was Cumming like I had never done before. My body was racked with explosive orgasm.

Jake collapsed on top of me and I feel off my knees flat faced onto the bed. We lay there panting in deep struggling breathes. We were so spent. We both passed out and when I woke back up Jake was still buried inside of me.

I moved a bit and Jake came awake, he pulled his cock out of me with a loud slurping noise and rolled off of me onto his back. He looked at me and his face was glowing. He was so damn fucking handsome.

Suddenly my ass felt so empty.

"Damn, Emanuel." Jake said in a compassionately romantic voice, "Damn, that was unbelievable. You are fucken so hot, man. I can hardly believe that I took your Virgin hole and you willingly gave it to me. You are my first and I want you to be my last and only one. I have fallen in Love with you. Please say you will be mine, forever!!"

Then he started to weep, tears were flowing down his face. He looked so distraught so needful.

I reached up my hand and wiped the tears from his face. Then I licked them off of my fingers.

I too had a glow about me I smiled warmly at him and choked out a reply in a stuttering voice "Oh God, Yes Jake, and Yes. I am no longer a Virgin you have possessed me. I have also fallen in Love with you as well, I want you, and I need you. I have always wanted a man like you. So Yes, I am yours forever."

Then I started to weep tears of joy. I had really truly found true Love for the first time in my life.

Jake grabbed me and pulled me into him in an inescapable bear hug. I wrapped my arms around him and we cherished each other. It felt so good, so right.

So Dear Diary I am going to move in with my new Love and start the rest of my life in total happiness. I am back here only to tie up some lose ends, Sell my house and pack and move in with Jake. My Jake. My Love.


Dragon Ryder

[email protected]


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