When we arrived at the lake house, we crawled out of the van like we were drunk. Mary was especially wobbly booted. She got out still totally naked. She had dried cum on her face and in her hair. Allen halved carried her into the house. Johnny suggested we all go out in the lake for a boat ride. I said that first Mary and I should change into our new bikinis. Johnny told us to go upstairs for more privacy. I really liked the way he took charged and was looking out for me. As we climbed the stairs, Mary was making soft squishing sounds as she walked. There was a cum trail following her. She had cum leaking from her quim, running down the insides of both her legs and dripping on the floor. We picked out a room went in and closed the door.

As soon as we were alone, Mary began to quiz me. I was all smiles as I told her about Johnny's mammoth cock and the two loads of thick cream I swallowed in the van. I asked her if she wanted a turn with him. 'I don't think I will get the opportunity,' she said. 'I think have to spend all my time between Luke, Dan and Allen, especially, Allen!' 'Joy he has the biggest dick I have ever seen or had rammed up my pussy and then there's Dan.' 'What about Dan,' I asked. 'Joy, I didn't even get a chance to see his,' Mary replied with anticipation. 'Allen, is that big?' I asked with enthusiasm. Mary went on to explain that it felt like someone had shoved a baseball bat head up her while he as screwing her. 'Here, try a sample of his mess,' Mary said, as she lay back onto the bed spreading her legs.

I knelt on the bed and lowered my face to her wet, stretched womanhood. I stuck out my tongue and licked the outside clean before digging in for the 'REAL' thing. It was delicious. I started to suck her clit. Mary rose up on her elbows and big, white globs of Allen's cum rolled out and into my hungry, waiting mouth. As I licked and sucked her, I started inserting my fingers into her pussy. I finally touched Mary's 'G-spot.' A moment later, her body began to shake and she convulsed into another earth, shattering orgasm. This time she squealed as her cum squirted out onto my face, hair and into my mouth. At the same time I felt my own man clit harden and release its load into my ass crack, flooding my panties. I didn't even have to touch it! Mary got up and kissed me. Her tongue was tracing the outlines of my face and collecting her remains. She then placed her tongue on my lips. I opened up and she shared herself with me as a reward. Mary pulled out and broke up the moment. She shot me her wicked gin. I responded with a giggle and said, 'We are just a couple of CUM SLUTS!' We both laughed. Then we kissed. 'Let's get changed,' I spoke loudly, 'I don't want to miss any of the action.'

Mary reached into her bag and gave me a 'Kotex.' 'Here Joy, this will help explain your condition.' I put the sanitary napkin into the crotch of my suit. Upon adjusting my cock, I was able to hide it quite nicely. 'Are you ever going to tell him?' 'I don't know,' I replied, 'I'm not going to worry; I just going to let you take the lead.' Mary looked at me disapprovingly. She then smiled and kissed me again.

I put my halter top on and Mary arranged my little, pointy titties. I looked at myself in the full length mirror on the bathroom door. Not bad I thought for being a boy. The suit I chose was royal blue with pink polka dots. The blue in the suit really highlighted my baby-blue eyes. I re-applied my lipstick. I was getting good at transforming. Mary joined me in the bathroom. 'I think I'll clean up before I rejoin the boys,' Mary insisted. I agreed. Mary had that 'Just Fucked' look, raised to the Power of 4. 'I can't count the number of times I have cummed so far today,' Mary announced boastfully. I smiled but I also began to feel a hint of envy. It was then, my thoughts of Johnny's, larger than life, manhood took control. I excused myself and hurried back downstairs to the party.

Let me take a minute to mention the house. It was no ordinary lake house. It was tremendous. The outside was stone. As you entered though the front doors, there was an entrance way which led to a sunken living area. In the middle of the room was a giant round, stone, fire pit. Above the pit was a huge copper collector for the smoke. In the rear of this room, three large French doors opened onto the deck. The whole house set up on the hillside over-looking Deep Creek Lake. There were three bedrooms and three baths upstairs, a master bedroom suite on the first floor, as well as, a study, large dining room, an enormous kitchen, the living room and a game room, with a pool table in the center. Oh, how much I hoped to make use of the pool table!

As I entered the room, I find the four guys lying on the built in sofas. I indicated I had arrived. It was nice because my presence alone made them stir and awake from the stupor that engulfed them. Johnny stood up, came to me, hugged me and gave me one of those 'I missed you' kisses. I asked them what was wrong and they told me that Mary had worn them out. I held back my laugh. I knew what was going to take place when Mary came down. Johnny offered me a drink. I told him I wasn't in the mood for a Coke. He said that he meant an alcoholic drink. I said O.K. and we went to the bar.

Back then when we drank at home we usually drank Vodka. The reason being, if you took your parents Vodka, you could replenish the contents with water and they would not know it. Johnny asked if I'd like a screw driver. I gave him my stern look and said that I wasn't in the mood right then, but in a while I would reconsider his proposal. 'No, knucklehead, I mean the drink made with Vodka and orange juice.' Johnny was back in charge. I nodded yes and he made me a tall one. We went back with the guys and Dan offered me a joint. I told him I didn't smoke and I had never tried POT. He laughed and told me, 'Try it, you'll like it.' I hesitated a moment and then agreed to try it. He lit one up and passed it to me. I took a puff and coughed. They all laughed at me. Now, I was determined to do it. I took another drag and this time held it in. The guys applauded. That gave me the confidence to take a massive toke. Afterwards, my head began to lighten and I had to sit. Wow, I was stoned! I quickly took a big slug of my screwdriver. Between the booze and the POT, I was feeling happy and painless. As we spoke, I noticed I was babbling. Johnny leaned over, kissed me and expressed concern for my state of mind. I rebuked him stating that I was fine. It must be them. They couldn't hold their liquor. That statement brought another round of laughter from my audience. I decided to change the subject. 'How do you guys like my new bikini,' I inquired. One by one I received a critique. I smiled at each of their comments. Overall, the vote was a resounding affirmative. I said that it fit like a glove. At which Dan came close and began to feel my body to see its tightness. I immediately responded to his touch. I reach up and rubbed his crotch. Seeing this, Johnny stood and told Dan to back off. 'Quit messing with my woman,' he said. I look at him and felt a special feeling for my main man. I wanted to take Johnny aside and show him my appreciation. However, right then Mary entered the room and the mood changed quickly.

Mary's bikini left nothing to the imagination. The three triangles hid nothing. It was white and against her tanned body looked absolutely stunning. I even felt my own cock start to get excited.

'I thought we were going out in the boat?' Mary asked. All four of the guys jump up with rekindled energy. I guess I still had a lot to learn?

We walked down to the dock. Johnny took his place at the helm. I sat next to him up front. Mary sat behind me. Luke and Dan took seats behind Johnny. Allen released the lines, pushed off and jumped aboard sitting next to Mary. We sped away bouncing across the water. I turned and watched Mary's tits keep time with the boat's movements. The boys couldn't take their eyes of her. We cruised for several minutes. Rounding a bend, Johnny pulled into a secluded cove.

Dan expressed an opinion, 'It's awfully hot!' With that, he dropped trowel and dove in the water. Allen quickly followed but both Johnny and Luke hesitated.

Johnny turned to me and asked was I going in? 'I don't know,' I replied. I showed him the big bulge of the napkin and he shook his head in agreement. 'I'll stay with you Joy,' was all Johnny said.

Luke just sat there staring at Mary. 'Here,' Mary pushed out her chest a cupped her boobs in her hands. Luke didn't have to be told twice. He lowered his head and started sucking Mary's tit through the suit. As she got turned on, Mary reached for Luke's crotch and was rubbing his bulge. Luke stood up, loosened his pants and dropped them to the deck. Mary wasted no time as she opened her mouth and swallowed Luke's dick.

Johnny and I just watched the show. I looked over and saw that he was hard. I reached out and stroked his cock through his pants. As Luke was cumming in Mary's mouth, I was easing Johnny's wondrous cock out of its holster. I stuck out my tongue and licked the pre-cum of its head. Next, I kissed and licked my way down his shaft. As I reached his balls, I sucked in each of them. Johnny was giving up a low moan. As I went back to its head, I put my lips around it. Immediately, Johnny grabbed my head and forced me up and down. On about the tenth time, he started cumming. I ate the whole thing. I rose up and looking into the rear of the boat caught Mary on her back admonishing Luke for his premature ejaculation. I eased over the seat catch, leaned down and kissed Mary in the mouth, sharing Johnny's cum with her We broke it and looked at one another and just said, 'WOW!'

Johnny had taken off his pants, eased over the seat, spread Mary's thighs and pushed his renewed hard cock into Mary's pussy. Looking at me, he said, 'Well, I can't fuck you, so Mary's pussy looked mighty inviting.' I just smiled.

I leaned over and grabbed Luke's ever growing cock and said 'Two can play this game!' I slowly lowered my mouth on Luke's cock.

With all the action in the boat, Dan and Allen quickly rejoined us. Allen stuck his cock in Mary's mouth. She opened wide and swallowed. I grabbed Dan and was alternating between Luke and his cock. All four guys started cumming at the same time. I tried in vain to suck down their cum. Most of it I just let hit my face and chest. Mary sucked all of Allen's spunk, while Johnny shot his load deep into her pussy.

When they had all finished and sat up, Mary told me to lie down. I did and she crawled over and lowered her cream pie onto my face. I opened my mouth and started eating. 'I thought it was only fair that I share your cum with Joy.' I heard Mary say to Johnny.

I could have cared less at that moment. I was concentrating on Mary's sweet pussy and Johnny's creamed filled topping.

When I sucked Mary's clit she screamed and released another dose of her love juice into my mouth. I cleaned her up and sat up in the boat. The guy's just stared at me. They had never seen 'lesbian' action first hand. 'Did you all enjoy the show,' I commented as I returned each of their looks. Before they could answer I spoke again. 'Why don't you guys give Mary and me a show of our own?' They gave me that quizzical look. 'Why don't you pair up and suck off each other?'

That caught them off guard. None of them were ready for that and they looked at each other and wondered. I think Luke was ready to suck off Allen but Johnny broke up the moment when he got back behind the wheel and started the boat. 'We better get going.'

'I don't want to be here when the state police show up and we are sucking each other's cock!' Everyone started to laugh. Mary looked at me and gave me a wink. I smiled back as I licked my lips.

We arrived back at the dock. I was the only one not totally naked. I got out of the boat and ran up to the house. The others scrambled around sorting out their clothing. As I reached the door, it opened and a handsome older man was standing there. 'Hi!' 'I'm Johnny's dad.' 'Who are you and where's my boy?' I explained that the others were cleaning out the boat. I told him I needed to use the bathroom. He told me where to go and said for me to follow him. I looked back and saw that the others were just starting to put on their clothes. I grabbed Johnny's dad's hand and led him into the house. I didn't realize he had seen the others.

We went down the hall and I went into the bathroom. I dropped my bikini bottoms and sat on the toilet. I was thinking that my quick action had prevented Johnny's dad from seeing the others. Just then the door opened. Johnny's dad slipped in and stood before me. 'Why are all the others at the boat naked?' I looked up and all I saw was that Johnny's dad's cock was rock hard and straining to get out of his pants. 'I can't really tell you but I can show you.' I reached out and fondled his tool. He closed his eyes and softly moaned.

He reached his zipper, opened it and allowed me access. I reached in and released it. His cock was even bigger then his son's. I gushed as I leaned forward. I licked the tip before opening my mouth and swallowing another monster. It didn't take long before I was treated to another large load of male love juice. I licked up the remains and put his cock back into his pants. He patted my head, told me what an expert cock sucker I was and slipped back out of the door. After finishing in the bathroom, I came out to find no one around. Johnny's dad had 'cum' and gone!

I came back to the door and met the gang walking up the hill. I didn't tell them about my latest encounter.

When asked about the plans, Johnny suggested a cook out. Everyone one was for it. Mary and I hustled up the stairs to shower and change. As soon as we got to the room, I told her about sucking off Johnny's dad. 'I wonder if his mom will show up.' Mary and I just laughed.

We already had more fun than should be allowed and the night was still young. I wondered what further mischief we could get into. I was soon to find out.



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