Tony... Tony was around forty-two years old and had salt-and-pepper hair. His chin was donned with a sexy goatee the hair on his head was shaved into a trim crew cut. When you met him for the first time, your attention was always drawn to his warm, hazel eyes. They were so inviting and seemed to embrace your whole body with warmth and love. His mouth was always drawn open in a big smile, flashing his pearly whites. This smile had the same effect on you as his eyes. The second thing you'd notice was his body.

He always seemed to be wearing an either white or grey wife-beater with tight, denim jeans, which showed off his impressive thighs and package. The straps of his tank top rested on his muscled shoulders and the upper section of the top bulged out from his massive pectoral muscles. His nipples were always erect, so you could always catch a glimpse of the delicious body parts through his shirt. Every time I saw him chills raced throughout my whole body. On the days that he's wearing a tight shirt, you could see his well-defined abs and as usual, his scrumptious nips.

On this particular day, or actually night, he had decided to wear a tight shirt and as always, his trusty jeans. That night my father had thrown a party to commemorate his third year of owning the business that he had created himself. The celebration had a casual dress code and everyone in the office was invited. Thankfully Tony had recently been hired as an assistant to none other than my father.

The party had originally been planned to be hosted at the convention center, but my father had booked too late and there was a wedding going on at the time that he had wanted. So he had to host it at our house, which was a bit snug but still comfortable. At least I had my room to myself.

With every minute that passed, more and more guests spilled in through the door and I waited upstairs watching each person pass through the hall, searching for Tony's face. After around five minutes my eyes finally landed on the grey crew cut and buff body, my cock instantly twitched in my tight briefs. Even from all the way upstairs I could see his upright nipples. He shook my dad's hand to greet him and then made his way to the living room, flashing me a slight grin and a nod of the head. We'd known each other for a bit, but only when my dad would bring him home to work on some project or other. We were more of acquaintances than friends.

Finally the last guests trickled in and my father was able to shut the door. He locked it behind him and then ambled into the living room to give a toast to the successful three years of the business. I stayed upstairs in my hiding spot, listening to the speech as it droned on and on. Finally I heard champagne glasses clinking and a chorus of peoples' voices saying, "cheers". There was a slight pause of silence as people took sips of their drinks, but then one by one people began to converse and have small talk. This was my chance.

I stood up, smoothed my shirt and fixed my hair, and then casually strolled down the stairs into the living room where everybody was situated. My eyes danced across the room until they found a subject to rest upon, in this case, Tony. I confidently marched into the room and with an outstretched arm, went to greet him.

"Hey, Tony!" I said as I shook his strong hand. "I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Jeff's son."

Tony's eyes lit up and his mouth curved into a smile.

"Yeah, I definitely remember you!" he exclaimed, still holding onto my hand. "You would always bring me drinks while your father and I were working on the France project!"

"Yep," I beamed. "That's me!"

"Hey listen," he said, his eyes sparkling. "I gotta' take a quick restroom break, but then maybe we can find a more private place to catch up with each other. I'm sure your father won't mind or even notice."

My heart skipped a beat and my dick rose a few more inches. I instinctively grabbed my crotch and readjusted my member. Tony winked and grabbed his package with a cheeky grin.

"Sure!" I replied in a daze, wondering if this was really happening.

He rose from his chair and pulled his pants up as he strolled over to the restroom which was opposite the stairwell. As soon as the door locked with a click, I scrambled up the steps and waited for his return on the very top step. I heard the toilet flush, the faucet run with water, and after a short pause, the door open. He was wiping his hands on his jeans and looked up to wink at me. I just smiled and fantasized about everything that I wished was going to happen next. I hoped that there'd be more than just catching up.

I stood up and beckoned him to follow me to my room. He readily trailed behind me, his dick straining against his tight pants. I stared at his bulge and licked my lips. He nonchalantly rubbed it with a firm squeeze.

Since I was ahead of him, I held the door open to let him enter without having to do any work. After all, I was going to be his slave... or at least I'd hoped.

He strolled on in with a nod of the head as a thank you, and plopped himself right on my bed. Wanting me to sit with him, he patted the empty space next to him on the bed. I chuckled and jumped onto the plush bed. As a friendly gesture, he playfully wrapped his arm around my neck and ruffled my hair.

"Hey you," he laughed as he messed with my hair.

"Hey," I chuckled in reply.

"So, how've you been buddy?" his masculine voice questioned.

I just now noticed that my face was literally three inches away from his crotch, and I could smell the intoxicating man-scent wafting from his zipped pants. I needed his cock inside me right then.

"Let's skip the greetings and fuck," flew out of my mouth. I was surprised I'd even had the courage to say that.

As soon as those words left my mouth, his cock twitched and he chuckled with surprise.

"I was thinking the same thing," Tony admitted as he pushed my head closer down to his dick. "Suck it, boy."

With trembling hands I unzipped his jeans, reached inside and pulled out his massive cock. It was at least nine inches long and had the width of a soda can. My mouth watered at the sight of the organ. I gripped it in my fists and admired it with lustful eyes, taking my time to appreciate every vein and the coloring of the enticing body part.

"I said, suck it!" Tony ordered.

"Yes sir," I exclaimed as I wrapped my soft lips around the pulsing dick.

My tongue sculpted the head and wrapped around the tip, framing the first few inches of flesh. With a burst of courage, I pushed my head down further and I felt the head of his cock brush the back of my throat. Becoming impatient, Tony forced my head down all the way until my nose was filled with the scent and feeling of his full bush. My eyes stung with tears and I choked and moaned. It felt so good to have my face stuffed with man-meat.

"You like that?" Tony asked as he pushed my head up and down his dick.

I choked out a muffled mhmmff and continued to service his sexual needs. My tongue slurped and licked every inch of his rock-hard cock and he loved every bit of it.

After a few minutes of fellatio, Tony ripped his shirt, and jeans off, exposing his blue jockstrap. He crawled onto his elbows and knees on the bed, pushing his bubble butt into my waiting face. His ass was the perfect mixture of muscle and fat, so it rippled with every move he made.

"Lick it," Tony commanded.

"Yes sir," I replied with much enthusiasm.

I then got down on my knees and grasped his ass with both of my hands. After pausing for a moment to admire its beauty, I brought my face to his sweet hole and began to eat him out. The tip of my tongue flicked back and forth over his tight asshole. He was loving it. His back arched and he moaned for more. I wasn't going to let him down.

With much more force, I forced the tip of my tongue into his hole, tasting every last bit of his sweet ass. I grabbed each cheek and began kissing and softly biting them. He groaned with pleasure.

"You're so good at that," he breathed as he pushed my face further into his ass. "I've been wanting this from you for a long time."

I chortled and continued to eat him out.

Without any warning, he flipped me over onto my stomach, ripped my shorts down and began to do to me what I'd done to him.

"Oh FUCK!" I shouted as his tongue went in and out of my itching hole. "Holy fuck!"

I felt him grin as he kept on servicing my ass.

This continued for quite a while until Tony felt he'd had enough. Once again with no warning, he rose up and shoved his thick, pulsing cock into my tight, virgin ass.

"Oh, shit!" I exclaimed as my ass welcomed his warm member.

"I'm surprised you're not crying," Tony grinned as he played with his nipples. "This is bareback."

Tears welled up in my eyes, but I didn't release them. This felt way too good to ruin it with crying.

I grabbed his hairy arms and begged for more.

"Faster, faster!"

Obeying my commands, Tony upped his speed and began to pound my ass. He was completely inside me. His huge balls slapped against my bare ass, making one of the hottest sounds I'd ever heard.

"Oh yeah!" I exclaimed as his head massaged my prostate.

I reached up and clasped my hands on his twitching pecs. He threw his head back with gratification.

"Oh, yeah, massage my tits boy!" Tony exclaimed as his thrusting gained more and more speed.

I grabbed both of his nipples with my two hands and twisted them back and forth.

"Fuck yeah," Tony growled.

I began to moan profusely. I couldn't contain myself. My dick felt as if it were about to burst.

"I'm getting close," I warned Tony as he continued to fuck my begging ass.

"But you haven't even touched your cock!" he exclaimed in surprise.

I just grinned and continued to enjoy the ride.

Tony's speed increased once more until you could barely even see his hips they were moving so fast.

"Argghh!!!!" Tony screamed as he threw his hands into the air. "I'm cumming!"

I felt my ass fill up with thick, steamy ropes of cum and my eyes rolled into the back of my head with delight. My own cock began to pulse and it shot my sticky load all the way onto the ceiling. I moaned aloud as my dick spurted out its last few ropes of seed onto my face and chest.

"Thanks," Tony said as he pulled out and began to spoon me.

"No problem," I replied with a wink, fantasizing about our next adventure.



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