Let me introduce myself. My name is Jared and I'm 19 years old and I've played sports all my life. I stand at 6', have a lean athletic build, I have black hair and, medium-dark brown eyes. I've enjoyed rading gay erotic stories and now I want try to write some. Hope you enjoy it.

I was a starter on my high school baseball team along with my best-friend Nathan. He stood at 6'2" with a chiseled body, dark brown hair, and pale blue eyes. Ever since I was 14, I had had a crush on him. I would always looked forward to our workouts in the gym so I could see his nice round ass and his sweaty chiseled body whenever he took his shirt off. And I could never help at look at his cock while we were taking our showers. I always struggled with trying to hide my boner around my other teammates.

We had just finished with our practice that day and we were headed back to the locker room to take our showers. As I was opening my locker Nathan came up behind me,"Hey Jare. You wanna stay after practice and go workout at the gym?" he asked.

"Sure, It'll give me another chance to beat your ass at the bench press again!" I said, flexing my biceps.

"In your dreams boy!" he said back laughing.

We headed to the workout room where we did the Circuit me and Nathan had set by doing biceps and triceps, abs, thighs and calves, and last but not least bench presses. As we were finishing up our calf workout our coach came in and told us that he was gonna start locking up and that the locker room was still open for us. We told him good-bye and headed over to the bench press,"Ready for me to kick your ass again?" I asked laughing. He smiled,"Ha! We'll see about that!"

I always started as spotter first for one reason. So I could place my cock up as close I could to his face without him getting suspicious. When it was my turn, I wiggled as far up as I could go on the bench to get my face as close to his cock possible.

I could smell the extremely intoxicating and erotic smell of his sweaty nutsack through his sweatpants and I was trying hard to fight back a boner. I was staring up where I could see a slight bulge in his pants that seemed to be getting bigger every second. Losing focus, I stopped lifting. He stared at me beaming,"Yes! I beat the "almighty" Jared!" he exclaimed. I was too distracted looking at his cock to say anything back. My cock began to grow again, so I made an excuse,"We'd better take our showers now. My mom will kill if I'm late for dinner."

We walked silently back to the showers and wasted no time on getting under the hot shower heads. I refused to look at his naked body to dodge getting an erection, but I couldn't help myself. I looked down at Nathan to see him staring at my dick, while he was rubbing his already semi-hard manhood. My cock began to grow rapidly. He noticed and he looked at me,"Like what you see? Because I know I do," he said blushing. I stared at his beautiful greek god-like body. I wanted to say 'Yes, yes I do' but it only came out a moan. I started to rub my 8 and a half inch cock. Looking at his full erection, I noticed how hung he was. He cock was atleast 10 inches long.

He leaned forward we began to passionately kiss. Our tongues exploring each other mouths and then he got down on his knees in front of me,"Relax, let me take care of you," he said. He then shoved my manhood in his mouth and began to move his head back and forth. I let out a moan as his began to stroke my solid cock off at the same time. I watched him as he began to begin moving his head faster, making me moan louder. I couldn't help but notice he was jerking his monster cock off as well. I closed my eyes, letting the erotic sensation consume me, "suck... me... off... Nate...don't...stop...," I said in between shallow oants and soon came to a roaring climax as I spilled all of my seed into his mouth. He didn't waste one drop as he hungrily swallowed it all.

He was still sucking the head of my cock off when I finally told him,"That was amazing, but now it's your turn." He smiled in anticipation as I layed him down on the shower floor. I began sucking on his nipples and he let out a loud moan. I licked and lightly kissed my way across his chiseled chest, down to his wash-board abs, and then slowing making my way down to his colassol balls. I gasped in pleasure as I began sucking on both of his balls. After 5 minutes I grabbed his monster 10 inch cock and began licking the head and bottom. He let out another loud moan as I began to deep-throat his humongous manhood, shoving my face into his sweaty pubes, that still gave off the his intoxicating erotic sweaty musk. He grabbed the back of my head and started face-fucking me,"yes...yes Jared! Don't stop!" he gasped. I ferociously began sucking as hard as I could, whipping my tongue around his colassol rod. As soon as I felt beginning to shoot his load, I stopped,"What's wrong?" he asked in between pants. I slowly got up stood over him and bent down. I grabbed his cock and shoved it in my ass hoping the pain wouldn't come as bad, but it still did. Nathan let out a roar of pleasure as i began to ride his cock, slowly at first. The pain was terrible, but soon I only felt pleasure as I began to ride him harder and faster. He moaned louder and louder as I increased my speed saying,"oh yeah... ride me Jare... ride me hard..." After about ten minutes he said,"I wanna try a new position, get on all fours." I obeyed as I got in doggy position and he shoved his dick into my man-pussy and began to fuck me again. I moaned loudly as he fucked me harder,"Fuck me, Nate, Fuck me!" I exclaimed. He fucked me even harder, his colassol manhood pounding into my ass like a jackhammer. Soon he yelled,"I'm gonna CUM!" His giant load filled my asshole, making me scream in pleasure as I felt his warm seed run through me.

I turned over and we kissed passionately again before we cleaned up and headed back to our houses. We would suck and fuck each other almost anyday we could from that day forward.

--------------The End-------------------

Thank you for reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it.



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