Hi I'm Andrew I'm 18 years old and have just finished mourning the death of my Ex tom. At the funeral the whole company was there looking smart in their black suits and dresses. As I stared at the coffin I noticed the boss, Luke peering over me He leans in for the kiss and I accept greedily. As our tounges dance with each other it started raining so we broke the kiss and went our seperate ways.

The next few days were rough but me and Luke were on fire. We were in his office rubbing each others bodies together when his assistant arrived. He was a man of 21 and he looked quite like a teen. He had red hair freckles and some glasses. As I finished my 'business' with my boss I walked out.

I heard a knock on the door and went to answer it. Tje man of my dreams was their wearing a t-shirt and some nicely snug jeans. I walked up towards him and squeesed my fingers into the jeans and dragged him to my bedroom.once in there i decided to throw him onto my bed and staryed removing my clothes. As he was drooling i shoved my cock through his mouth. 'Awwwwwwwwww' he moans.As he keeps sucking me i use my one hand to take off his clothes but thankfully he had helped me. He is now bent over my coffee table i dive into his hole with my face. Lapping up his hole. He instantly fingers my ass as well. We both start groaning except for i replace my tounge into his hole for my stiff cock. 'How'd you want me' I ask him.

'Give it to me long and hard' he replies forcefully.

We then start our ignition. The sex is now here!! As we fuck each others brains out i can hear next door neighbour banging their fists at the wall.

'FUCK OFF' I shout aggresively. As i make my lover moan like a whore on a friday night.

The next morning me and Luke wake up naked and sticking to the sheets.

'Wow you were amazing' I say with a groggy voice

'I get that quite a lot' he says with a smirk on his face. And we slowly return to sleep as we cuddle up not wanting to go to work the next morning.

I awake with Luke sleeping by my side. I'll give him a treat I thought. So I slipped my sharp nails under his humungeous balls and start scratching. His eyelids open and he starts cunning. I see the pool of cum on the sheet

'Jesus Christ' I say.

'thanks for making me have a wet dream@ he says whilst stroking me torso. We then interwine our bodies whilst playing tounge fighting as we dart in and out of our mouths


We enter work holding hands and we get evil glares coming towards us

'Ignore them' Luke whispers in my ear then licks it like a starving peasant.

'Steady on, otherwise, my trousers will end up sticky again'

He kisses me whilst squeezing my buns and we enter the It department. The room is not as busy as usual. My boss goes to one worker and start whispering and looking at me. Questioning me. I start to panic so I walk out the door and enter the toilets.

I take off my glasses and put them aside the sink. There's a guy next to me urinating. I take a peek at the size. 11'

Omg I say to myself. He then washes his hands in the same sink as me. Wow the legend is true. Big hands, big cock.

He then winks at me and beckons me to the stalks. I enter with him and he lifts my shirt

'Nice Muscles' he oggles me and mutters.

'Why don't you go further down' I say as I flirt with him a bit more.

He unzips my trousers and pops the button off my tighty whities and my cock hits him in the face.

' I'm bi and because of limited space we can't do much on here but here's my number. He says as he hands me a note

' You know this cock needs a good seeing to' he says in another lustful voice that I love.

He goes down on me and starts using his mouth as a vacumm and starts auctioning my cock like it was dirt. I moan as quiet as I could. I then warn him I'm cumming. He then jerks me off and my cock does it's magic and shoots across the wall. I then notice him licking it up.

'Ring me if you want more' he says in a sexy voice.


I return to Luke's office. He has a worrying look on his face

'Er, Andrew you do know your shirts ripped?

I look down and see the middle of my suit t-shirt torn out.

Shit I thought

'Andrew are you being unfaithful to me' he questions me.

'Yes but it's because of you and Richard talking in the It department so I met a random stranger who was as fit as Brad Pitt and he sucked me and jerked me to the ultimate climax I ever had'

'Well Andrew I'm sorry to say your sacked'

'And I'm going to evict you out of my flat' I reply with more force. I storm out the office hoping to bump into that man again


The moon is shining out in the sky looking towards my now silent flat. I look at the note with the mans phone number. I call it and he answers.

'hey' he says

'Hey, I've been thinking about you all day, and I was wondering if you wanna be roomates?'

'Sure let me get changed and get a shower and I'll be at your flat with a surprise'

'ok' I say

'goodbye roomie' I hear him say.

The End.




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