This story, to the best of my ability and memory, is completely fictional.

It was the same as any other summer night. I was bored and I was horny. So after work, I hopped online and looked at the list of guys online. One guy in particular had been drawing my eye for awhile now. His only pic was of his chest but that really was enough to catch anyone's eye. His profile said he was 37 and that he lived about half an hour north of me. I guess he must have seen the numerous times I had viewed his profile. I just didn't have the balls to hit him up. In my eyes, this guy was way out of my league. For his comfort, I will change his name to Bryan.

I decided that I would summon up the courage eventually but not today. I left my profile signed in and turned in for the night.

I woke up the next morning and started getting ready for work. Quick note here: I am a college student, living with my parents for the summer. I will be a senior this upcoming year. I'm about 5'10' around 165lbs with brown hair and brown eyes that I inherited from my father. I'm not feminine but not real butch either. I'm fairly content with my looks and my behaviors. So anyway, I was getting ready for work when I noticed that I had a message in my inbox. I didn't really have to time to respond, but I decided to read it real quick. Imagine my shock when I saw that it was from this older hunk, Bryan! Well, you can bet that I took the time to read and respond to his message.

His message read, 'Saw that you checked my profile. Maybe we can get together this week?'

'Hell yes!' I said to myself. I quickly fired off a response, 'Sure, when is good for you?' Then I ran downstairs and out the door, already late for work. It was one of the longest days of my life. I really wanted to meet this guy and see if things went somewhere. After a grueling 8 hour shift at a dumpy fast food restaurant, I sped home and checked my mail.

'Tonight works. How about you? Can you travel?' I stared at the screen for a few minutes before responding.

'Sure; tonight is great. And yes, I can come to you if I can get directions.' I ran off to the shower. As I was lathering my body I realized that tonight wasn't great. Today was the 4th of July and my family was going to see fireworks. 'Damn it.' I groaned. 'I need to get my own place.' I finished in the shower and went back to my room to find another message. 'This guy is fast at responding,' I thought.

'Cool, then I'll see ya tonight?' Bryan also gave me his address and phone number. 'Text me.'

Shaking with excitement I punched his number and sent him a text, 'Hey it's Tim from online. How are you?'

'Good. You?'

'Good. Looking forward to meeting you!' I had decided that this guy was worth the wrath of my mother. Fuck, I was 21. I was gonna do what I wanted to do.

'Me too,' he responded. 'When can you be here?'

'Well, I have to make an appearance at this family thing tonight but I could be there between 8 and 9.'

'Sounds good, man. I'll have some beers ready. You drink?'

I was getting excited. This was sounding good for me. 'Yeah I like beer,' I told him.

'Good. See ya tonight then.'

'See ya.' I really wanted to ask how big his cock was but I decided that that might be moving a little too fast. I went back to my computer and pulled up his profile. He had unlocked his private picture. I took a look and found a face picture. I stopped dead. This man was gorgeous! I realized that my cock had grown rock hard in my pants. I readjusted myself and moaned a little. If things went the way I wanted them to, this man was going to be inside me tonight. I smiled and closed off my computer.


I had just told my mom that a friend was having a 4th of July party and that I couldn't stay at the firework show for long. She kind of just stared at me for a minute and then shrugged. 'Ok,' she said. That was easier than I had thought it was gonna be. So I left the family function right on time and started out toward Bryan's house. I was nervous; my hands were cold and my whole body was shaking. This guy was so hot; what if he wasn't interested in me when I showed up at his front door?

The half hour trip dragged on. This entire day had felt like that and it was all because of Bryan. Well, him and my lust for him. I finally pulled into his driveway and climbed out of my car. A shadow came to the screen door and waited while I made my way up the sidewalk. He pushed the door open as I got close and the light struck his face. He was so fucking hot! His hair was long and kind of curly. His sharp jaw line was covered in some light stubble. His prominent nose was offset perfectly by his luscious lips and high cheekbones. Overall, I thought that I had just stepped into the house of some Adonis. I smiled as I made my way past him.

'Hey,' he said. I swooned at the sound of his voice. I know that sounds so lame, like something that is in those stupid romance novels that your aunt reads. But his was perfect for his features. God really hit perfection with Bryan. He led me to the kitchen and handed me a beer. 'How was the drive?'

'Not bad. You live in a really nice neighborhood.'

'Thanks.' We finished our beers in a semi-awkward silence. He had a comfortable presence but not really knowing him kinda ruined that.

'Well, wanna go upstairs?' he asked. I smiled at him and nodded. We made our way upstairs. 'I have two dogs but I put them down in the basement. I didn't know how you'd handle them.' He laughed. That too was a perfect sound. Who was this man and why had I never met him before!?

We got to the bedroom which was really spacious; in fact, the house in its entirety was really nice. I made a comment and he smiled. 'Thanks.' This was probably the most awkward point in any hookup. A dozen questions are always hanging around. Is kissing alright? Who takes which position? Will he like it if I do this? How about this? I took a tentative step toward him. I wanted this so bad that I was willing to embarrass myself. Our lips touched...gently at first. Then it evolved into the most savage, animalistic kiss I have ever had, even to this day. His hands clawed at my clothes and I think that if I hadn't quickly pulled them off he would have ripped them right off my body. His lips clamped on one of my nipples and I moaned. I wanted him naked. He was a hundred times hotter than me; me with my slight amount of extra weight that was only beginning to go away (stupid high school days of no exercise but lots of chips and such). I got him down to his underwear and I paused. His cock was making an exceptional tent in his boxers. I was already on my knees on the hardwood floor so I figured I might as well go the whole way.

I tugged his boxers off and got my first view of the world's most perfect cock. There was not a single flaw with that baby. It was long, maybe 8' and thick, but not too thick that it would cause severe discomfort. The head was a perfect mushroom and in perfect proportion to the thickness of his shaft. A few faint veins could be seen but nothing prominent. I inhaled that beast. I wanted it in my mouth or my ass from that point on, for the rest of my life.

Bryan inhaled as I took half his monster into my mouth. My jaw was straining with just that. Then a transformation occurred. This kind, quiet man become dominant. His hands wrapped around the back of my head and he shoved his cock further down my throat, causing me to gag. He had to have heard me gag but he didn't let up. I had to push at his legs to get away. I coughed a couple of times but my determination and my desire to that perfect cock was too strong. I went back down on it. I think he knew that I couldn't resist him. I slurped on that cock for a good ten minutes and at the end I could pretty much take the entire thing, though I was still gagging; it was just that big.

He pulled me up and sat me on the edge of the bed. 'Do you mind if I smoke?' he asked. I thought it was a funny question. It was his house so why ask me...then it hit me. He meant pot, not a cigarette! I had never experienced pot at all, but like a lot of people I was very curious.

'Uh, no I guess not,' I told him. I watched as he lit a pipe and inhaled. He saw me watching him and motioned at me with the pipe. 'Oh, no thank you. I've never done that,' I laughed uncomfortably. Here I was, in a strange 37 year old's house, naked and he was smoking a controlled substance. How do I always get myself in these situations? I was actually very uncomfortable with drugs but it wasn't my house.

'Alright,' he said. 'It loosens me up and makes me more comfortable.' He took another hit and fell to his knees in front of me, engulfing my cock in his very warm mouth. I cried out feeling the smoke swirling around my cock head in his mouth. He pulled back, exhaled and then went back down on me. He didn't stay on my cock long. From somewhere he pulled out a condom, a small bottle of lube and an even smaller bottle, which I assumed were poppers though, like pot, I had never experienced them firsthand. I was a bit of a goodie-goodie and was 100% drug free until I met Bryan.

'Get on the bed, on your knees,' he told me. I was a little turned off with the way he was talking to me. I wasn't into the whole being-talked-down-to thing that I knew some other guys were.

'Well,' I thought, 'just go with it and see what it's like; try new things.' I crawled up on the bed on my knees. His hands roamed over my ass.

'Nice ass,' he moaned. I felt his finger plunge into my ass. I gritted my teeth against the intense pain. He could be rough but I would not give him the satisfaction of seeing or hearing my pain. 'Real nice ass,' he said, inserting a second finger. He pulled his fingers out after a short finger fuck and I heard the condom being ripped open. Bryan rubbed a good amount of lube on his wrapped cock and then drowned my ass in it. He then went for the poppers. 'Want some of this?' he asked. I debated with myself for a minute as he watched me.

'No, I don't think so,' I finally responded.

'You sure? They'll take the edge off the pain.'

'Yeah, I'm good.' I figured that I would try them eventually, but I wasn't ready to break my 100% drug free claim. I felt him line up his cock to my ass.

'Get lower,' he demanded. This pissed me off a little but I tried to get lower to offer him a better angle at my ass. I was really hoping he made this worth the time and embarrassment. 'I said lower!' he growled.

'I'm as low as I can get,' I snapped. He either didn't hear the anger in my voice or chose to ignore it. He placed one hand on my lower back and pushed down while pushing my legs apart with his knees. With me finally in a good enough position, Bryan rammed his cock home. I screamed. I had never had anyone just simply shove their cock into my ass. The other lovers I had had were always gentle and took their time. Bryan didn't seem to care. He wanted my ass and he took it. He dug his giant cock into my ass and I moaned, screamed and whined. I was his bitch and we both knew it. He was stronger than me and I couldn't push him off if I wanted.

'This is humiliating,' I kept thinking to myself. The pain, of course, finally faded away and a tiny amount of pleasure seeped in. I was uncomfortable though and the pleasure was kept away by this fact. I was so out of my element. I don't know how long he fucked me for. It was for over an hour, I know that. When he grew tired of doggy style, he dragged me to the edge of the bed where he could stand. He was really able to put some power behind his thrusts that way. The entire time he continued to talk dirty and talk down to me. When he grew tired of the second position, he effortlessly spun me over so that I was laying on my back.

'Hold your legs up,' he told me. I grabbed my calves and spread them. I felt so vulnerable and so disgusting. However I also was discovering that the pleasure was growing to an almost unbearable point. My prostate has never been serviced so well. My cock was hard and dripping all over, and I precum like a fiend; I had a pool forming on my stomach. Bryan ran his hand thru it and smiled down at me. He pulled his cock out, rubbing my own precum on it, and then thrust back in me, hardly missing a beat.

'Fucking hot,' I managed to moan out between thrusts. I finally allowed my hands to wander over his body. His chest was amazing: large chest muscles, covered by a light layer of golden hair. His stomach wasn't too bad either. He didn't have Abercrombie-model abs, but his flat, tight stomach was just as good. I brought my hand down and lightly touched my cock. To my absolute surprise and horror I began to erupt. Cum shot up and over my head, drenching the bed cover in three area before I managed to get a hand over my cock head. The rest of my cum (about 8 more super-charged shots) collected on my hand and dripped off onto my stomach. Bryan continued pumping viciously. Sweat was covering his body. He had never looked hotter. After another dozen thrusts a vein popped out on the side of his neck and a roar started in his throat. He pounded me faster and harder than he had previously. I had never experienced such savagery before in my entire life. My ass felt destroyed. Bryan shoved in one last time and held still. I knew he was filling the condom and, wanting to please him to the best of my abilities, I shoved back on his cock and squeezed my ass muscles. He cried out and grabbed my chest in an attempt to make me stay still. I continued to pulse my ass muscles, draining that gorgeous cock of any last remnants of cum.

'Wish you had cum in my mouth,' I told him. His head was hanging as he was trying to catch his breath. He looked up and laughed.

'You do that, huh?'

'Sometimes.' I smiled back. Even after he had ravaged me to the brink of death, I liked Bryan. He was cute and had a great body. His cock was perfect, he fucked like an animal and out of the bedroom he was a pleasant, calm guy. Looking back it did seem like he was a bit bipolor: crazy in the bedroom and calm outside. But don't we all want an animal in the sack?

As I was dressing Bryan slipped a $20 into my hand. I glared at him for a minute before remembering that I had told him, offhandedly and with no intentions, that I was short on gas and money. 'I can't take this,' I told him.

'I insist,' Bryan said, smiling. I managed to waddle to the bathroom, where I fixed myself and made sure that I didn't look like...well, like I had just been fucked. My parents would probably still be awake when I got home. Then I looked at my phone; 2 hours had gone by! 'Bryan is a great fucker,' I thought.

I left the bathroom and found Bryan downstairs in the kitchen with another beer. 'Guess I'll take off. Thanks. I had a great time.' I turned to leave, but Bryan caught my arm and gave me a hug. It was touching, but also odd for a simple hook up. He led me to the door and we said out goodbyes. I never imagined that I would hear from again...but I did, the very next day.

If you liked this and would like to hear more of my encounters with Bryan, let me know.



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