My First Time getting Fucked!

It was a warm day in May when my mom came to get me from the bus stop. I was glad that it was Friday, today was long enough because of the school year was ending and the teachers wanted to make sure we did not have too much fun before summer break started, and with no air-conditioning in the school it was brutal. So when I got off the bus (which also did not have air-conditioning) I was drained, seeing mom meant that the car would be nice and cool. When I walked to the car I saw that my mom was not alone, a friend of mine was also with her, it was Mike, he use to be my best friend and lived next door, when we first moved to the east, east bay of California. Now that he had moved to another town 3 city away we lost touch. Being 14 at the time I was not able to just drive over to see him and hang out and the same with him. So my mom took us down to the store and bought us some Pepsi's and some snacks and took us to the house, when we got there my mom said to go in and she will be back in a couple of hours, she needed to pick up my brother and sister from school and take them to a doctor's appointment in Martinez, and not to get into any trouble my uncle and his new wife was down from Texas and they will watch over us while she was gone.

So when we got into the house we both said hi to my uncle and his wife and headed to my bedroom. When we got in there my friend Mike said what do I want to do, and I said I don't care as long as it was cool I don't care, so I told mike that I was going to get a rinse and I would be back, so I got undressed in the bedroom and put a towel on and headed for my parents room and took a quick shower, when I got back Mike was looking at something, not sure what it was I tried to see, he covered it and I started looking for some shorts that were not dirty and put them on.

I saw mike move over to the chair I had in my room and sit and start looking at the mag he had, as I looked I saw it was a hustler that was under my bed and I smiled, thinking that he remembered where I kept them where my mom and dad did not look, since I had a captains bed it had a skinny shelf above the drawer and below the Bunkie board that I would be able to hide things like this in.

While Mike was looking at the mag my uncle came to the door, half knocked and open the door, Mike was almost caught, he was just a shad fast enough to get the mag to his side before my uncle was able to open the door wide enough to look at him then me still naked looking for my shorts. He did a little cat whistle and told me that my mom said that she did some of my laundry and it was in the dryer and I might have some short in there if I wanted to look, so I headed out still naked and got my clothes out of the dryer and brought them to my room and found some shorts and put them on.

When I was getting dressed Mike stated "that was close" and I said "well if you were smart you would have locked the door"

So we both laughed and Mike got up trying to hide that he had a boner and locked the door, I just kinda snickered at him and he said "What" and I told him "it was nothing", Mike sat back down on the chair and started to look more at a page and was quite for a while so I said what do you want to do, its Friday and mom is out, we could go open the garage and get the dirt bikes out and go for a ride. Mike stated that he wanted to just relax in my room where it was cooler, so I said sure if that is what you want to do. Then he asked where my dad was and I told him that he was at one of the schools in Oklahoma he as to go to a couple of times a year to get all the training he needed for his job with the government.

At that point mike started to really get into the page he was looking at in the mag, he started grabbing his crotch and pressing on it. After about 10 minutes

Mike said "do you remember when we were 10 and looking at the mags what we use to do?"

and I said "yes, we use to masturbate to them, and sometimes you would put your hand on my cock and do it for me."

Then Mike gave me this look which usually meant that I was going to get into some kind of trouble.

And said "do you think we can do that now?"

And I said "Sure as long as the door is locked, it should be no problem."

The next thing I know mike is grabbing the towel that I used from the shower and was putting it on the floor along the door and said "just in case your creepy uncle was going to try to look under the door it would block him from seeing us."

I stated that it was a good idea we would not want to get caught and I did not want to have to explain that to my parents (I am sure dad would not be as mad as mom but still)

So I sat on the bed and waited for mike to come over so we both can look at the mag. (it was the only one I had since another friend of mine borrowed the others and got caught with them and his mom trashed them.) after about 3 minutes Mike asked why I did not get a mag and I told him, so he got up and came over to the bed with the mag he was looking at and sat beside me. He turned the mag back a couple of pages from where he was and started the set of pics he was looking at, after a couple of minutes he got to the same page that he was stuck on earlier and it was of a man with a big cock holding at the entrance to the brunets snatch as if he was about to enter. He just kept staring at that page, myself I was ready to move on to the next pics. But he just stayed there staring at that same pic.

So I just stayed there next to Mike and started undoing my belt and then I unhooked the button on my pants and unzipped my fly and tried to bring my cock out of the pants to masturbate like we talked about since it looks like that is the only pic I will see to get off. As I lowered my shorts some mike moved off the pic and started to stare at my cock. Thinking that I did not notice he kept on looking then he spoke.

"Man Ed you have changed a lot since the last time we did this!"

And I stated that "4 years can make a difference, and then I laughed."

(stats about me. I was 6 ft tall had dark blonde hair that went lighter as the summer went on had brown eyes usually but sometimes they would turn either blue or green depending on my mood and I was not that fat but I could use a good fitness program to build up weighing around 165 lbs. Where Mike on the other hand he was about 5'6" and weight around 140 lbs. And had dark curly blonde hair slim figure and green eyes)

Then Mike said "How big is that now?

I stated "I am not sure probably around 5 and ½ but was not sure since I never measured it"

This got mike even hornier I can tell, after about 5 min. Mike started to undo his pants and before long he had his all the way off and stated that it was easier this way and wanted me to follow his example, so I did. The next thing I know mike removed my shirt stating "we don't want to get anything on it or my mom would figure out what we did."

At that time I saw mike, he had a huge cock, just a little longer than mine but it was really fat! That's when I stated "Well Mike you are not that little cock I saw 4 years ago either!" he loved hearing me say that so much he started to bob it up and down in front of me. Finally Mike settled down and we started to look at the mag again. Still on the same page as before, thinking that mike must really like this girl, I just let it be without saying anything more about it.

Finally I had enough so I started to think about other pics I had seen in the mag and started to masturbate. Mike seeing this he started to do the same, and before long he took my cock in his hand just like he use to when we were younger, so I let him do it for a few then I reached over and did the same for him, it shocked him at first since every time before when he would do that I just let him without me returning the favor, this really had him excited he started to leak pre-cum all over, it was like a fountain with a never ending supply, and before long he started to moan, at first just quite ones then they got louder and I had to stop. He looked at me and said why did I stop? And I told him that if he kept that up my uncle would be at the door in no time to see what the hell we were doing and we would be busted and I did not want that. Mike looked at me with a strange look and then spoke "what do you mean he was not making any noise! He was looking at the mag and enjoying the feel of someone else working his cock. At that point I looked into his eyes and saw that he was thinking that I was nuts. So I went on and told him that he was really enjoying the sensation and he must not have notice what he was doing! Mike said that I could be right but he did not think so since he was so into it anything could be possible.

So we resumed what we were doing and Mike stopped stroking my cock and looked at me, stating that he was really, really horny and wondered if I was interested in trying something that a friend of his showed him? I said hell I don't care if that is what he wants to try I guess I could do it also. Not knowing what my friend had in mind I just rolled with it to see where this was going to lead. Heck for all I know he wanted to suck my cock since he was the one that took my cock in his hand and started to stroke me before.

After a couple of minutes of looking at the pic in the mag he asked for me to stand up, so I did, then he lead me to the corner of my room away from the door and stated for me to get down on my knees and hand, so I did, and he looked at me and stated for me to turn around and face the wall. So not knowing where this was headed I did but slowly, when I got turned around Mike started to bend down behind me and started to smell my butt, to me this was something new and I could not think of why in the hell Mike wanted to smell my butt. After a couple of minutes of this Mike started to kiss my right butt cheek and he reached under me and started to stroke my cock. Thinking this was something different but weird I just went along with it, after a while he had my right butt cheek all wet he moved over to my left and did the same, finally he was done with my left cheek and the next thing I know he was licking from the top down the middle of my crack, this was a whole new experience in a way strange but then again it had me excited and with Mike stocking my cock I was not sure what the hell to do other than just stay there and enjoy the sensation. The first 3-4 times he did it he passed my hole completely but the next time he did this his tongue hit my hole and I damn near want through the wall. He stopped for a moment and said "that is some tangy hole and I can tell you liked it when I touched it with my tongue because your ass damn near crushed my face." We both laughed

Then I said "that no one has ever touched me there like that and it felt great!"

Mike said "I figured and I have a whole lot of other things to show you before we are done!'

This had my mind racing thinking what the hell else is mike going to show me? Then he started doing it again this time he started with the hole itself and as he did this, he started to get more into it and man was it feeling great! several times I thought I was going to shoot my load then he did something that shocked me again he started to put his tongue inside my hole and this really got me turned on it was nothing I ever thought would happen, I know that I would have never thought about putting my mouth on someone's ass hole and doing this to them. But man was I enjoying the sensation of this! I hoped this would never end but after a good while mike started to use his fingers and at first he just used one finger and that was a whole-other sensation. Man was he working his finger and working his tongue in my hole and the sensation I was getting was out of this world. After a while he started to use another finger then another after a while I think he had 4 fingers in my ass and for some reason I was totally loving the sensation that Mike was giving me. He was past the second knuckles on his 4 fingers, Then he started to try to spread them open which gave me another sensation that I could not believe as he did this his tongue was back inside the hole licking as much of my insides he could, at that time I was sweating like mad it had me so Horney that Mike could do anything he wanted and I would not have struggled with doing it for him. After a while mike stated that he was going to try something else and I was game for anything! So Mike stood back up and went to my shelf where I kept my toothbrush and brush and other things that I may need to keep myself taken care of, when he came back he said that he had something he was going to use and that I would love the next step in my education for the day! So I just stayed in my position I was in and put my head down. I heard something but was not sure what it was and thought it may have come from the living room where my uncle was and gave it not another thought.

After what seemed like forever mike spoke

"so are you ready to try something new or do you want to just go with what I have shown you so far?"

I replied "well I have loved everything you have shown me so far so why quite now!"

With that Mike came down to his knees and went right behind me, not knowing what he was going to do I just stayed there still, waiting to see what was next. The next thing I knew mike was on my back leaning over me and came up to my ear and said "this may be uncomfortable at first but you will love what I and going to do to you!" then gave me a kiss on my ear He went back to the position he was in before he leaned over me and the next feeling I had was pain. I almost could not make a noise. It was like he put a hot poker in my ass. Then he said "just relax it will stop hurting in a moment and this is something you will want to do every time you see me, and the more we do this the less it will hurt and at some point you will not hurt at all when we start doing this." He has done everything so far that I ended up loving.

then he Mike said "man you are a virgin arnt you?"

then I replied "I am not a virgin I have fucked Jamie a lot in the past couple of years and she can tell you that, she loves to get fucked!"

Mike laughed and said "That is not what I am referring to, I am referring to your ass, it has never been fucked before has it?"

"No, you are the only one that has done anything back there other than a doctor, and that was not fun at all!"

Mike laughed again and said "Well Eddie boy that was just the head of my cock that is in you! Now you are going to get the rest, but I will be slow not like the guy who took my cherry. He just slammed straight in without any thing slick and I hurt for a month, I will never do anything like that to you! To be honest I really like you, every since the day I first saw you and your parents when all of you came to look at the house when it was for sale. I did not know why I thought you were so cute being a guy and all but I did."

Hearing that and having gone through all that I had that afternoon, it warmed my heart to hear him say that, and no matter what happen now I know that he really did care for me and that he was doing this so we could be more to each other.

Just as Mike said he started to go in me a little at a time and stop and give me time to relax as my ass spazzed from him going a little deeper into me. When he was about half way in, he bent over my back and came to my neck and started to kiss me and nibble a little. This turned me on so much that I just relaxed and Mike slid the rest of the way in without having to stop. Mike was surprised that I relaxed that much

and said "I have to tell you Ed I am glad that I was able to get my mom to drop me off on her way back to work, I wanted to tell you originally how I felt about you and since we have not seen each other in a long time, if you did not like me after I told you, it would not be so bad, but I was hoping that you may feel the same if not that you might think of it as flattering and we get back to being friends again."

I turned my head back to Mike and said "well mike if you would have told me that you liked me I am not sure what I would have said. But now that you started this off in the way that you have I can tell that you really do and that is more than I ever thought possible with 2 guys, I just can't tell a living sole at this time how you now make me feel. If I could right now I would have you live with me forever and not care what the others think but in the world according to dad fags have no place in this world so I can never tell them how much I love you at this moment!"

I swear I could see Mike's eyes starting to tear up. But I spoke from my heart and a little lust that was going on. He leaned over me again and with his dick still at hilt inside me he brought my face around and kissed me on the lips. After a while of him kissing me he went back and got into slowly fucking me. Like he said he took his time working my body but after a while he started to pick up his pace and it was feeling really good. Feeling his fat hard cock going in then his pubes on my ass then bringing back out to the head I swear I could feel every piece of his cock as it went in then back out of my ass. At one point I reached back between my legs and I felt his cock hot as it was sliding in and out of me, and I felt my asshole when he went back inside of me and had me between his balls and my asshole it was puckered when he came back out and man it was sensitive just my fingers on it I was causing sensations. So I moved back because all I wanted to feel was Mike not myself.

After a while mike said that he wanted to try something new that he saw in a video that his friend that did this to him showed him. So I said well babe you have not done anything wrong yet so I was game to give it a go. Then he said he was not sure really how to start it off and that when he saw the movie it was where they were already fucking like the way he wants to try with me. So I said well how do you need me to be? And he said on your back. So I said "so just like when you are fucking a girl?" and he said "I guess so," thinking that mike had sex with a girl before I felt bad, and went into position like he wanted.

In just a few minute Mike was lowering his self to me and he had my legs up in the air. At that time I told Mike "it may be better if he got a pillow off the bed and put it under me." So he got it and started to put it under my head. "I told him thanks but I better put it under my back to get my ass a little higher for you." He said "DUHH" and moved it under me. Then he repositioned his self between my legs and started to go in, it hurts just a little bit since it was starting to get tight from Mike not messing with it for a while but it still went in without any trouble, with in no time mike was building up speed. And man did it feel good. I never knew that doing this was something that I would enjoy as much as I did. Growing up I was told that this is something that no man should ever do or get done to. And I don't know why it was amazing! Now I am wishing Mike would have said something back when we were 10 or even sooner!

We were going at it for a while loving the way mike was feeling the way he would bend down and kiss me and the way he was talking so lovingly to me. That I did not notice I was past the point of no return and all of a sudden I had a weird feeling, then I know I was about to shoot. I looked at mike kinda frantic and mike looked at me and he had a scared look on his face thinking that he had done something and I was in trouble. Little did he know he had done something, he had me starting to cum. It was really a first for me. Since I had never touched my dick and the way my body was mikes skinny frame was not touching it, but it blew the most I have ever shot in that point in my life. Mike saw what was going on and the first spit hit the wall behind us. Then the next hit mike between his nose and his lip then the next hit the wall again. And it just kept cumin, seeing this and the way my ass was squashing his hard cock in my ass, this sent him over the top also. The next thing I knew I had his dick swelling even thicker than it was before and I started to feel every squirt of his cum shooting inside me which was even a bigger turn on and caused me to cum even longer I think, he must have sent 10 loads inside me ass. And for me hell I have no clue how much I ended up shooting I just know it was everywhere and I was loving it.

After our orgasms ended, Mike started to pull out. But I stopped him. And told him to stay! that I wanted him to be in me as long as he could. With me saying that Mike looked down at me and all the cum everywhere and said "what a mess we made." I looked at him and smiled and said "it was well worth the clean up."

He stayed inside me well past the time he went limp, but I did not want to get him out of me it was feeling so good.

After a while I started to kiss mike and he started to kiss me even harder then he stuck his tongue in my mouth and we started to French kiss, he was loving it so much that his cock started to get harder and I could feel it growing inside of me, I took my mouth off his and said that as much as I really want to have that cock of his hard again and fucking me for all he is worth, we just did not have time for that at the moment, and that my mother will be home soon I am sure and she will want us in the kitchen to eat dinner, and Mike said "Sounds good to me but would like the first part more" then gave me that look he gives me and I let him finally slide his cock out of my used hole. And I told him since he is going to be here all weekend that he was to stay in my room only not sleep on the couch like he use to do when we were kids or on my floor, but he is to sleep in my bed, and we will lock the door when we get in here and he is to be stripped naked while he is in here tonight, with that said, Mike took a good look around and said that we can change a few things and the first was to put a blanket up over the window so that other cannot look in at us while we were making love. I agreed and started doing the things that mike was suggesting, which made him really happy. As if we were now living together like I had stated earlier.

That weekend we did a lot of fucking, the first night (Friday) Mike fucked me 4 more times before we went to sleep finally




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