This is a true story about my first time with a guy who also happened to be black. My name is Eric and I'm white, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'11', with a lean build from playing a few sports but not trying much at any of them. This takes place my senior year in high school when I joined the varsity football team as a back up reciever. I didn't care too much but it did get me hanging around all of the popular jocks and some of the 'in' people. The school I went to was very white dominated with a few latinos and literally 3-4 black people one of which was a guy by the name of Paul. He was a linebacker and at 6'2' with tons of muscles he was massive and hard not to notice. At this point I had showered and been around guys my entire teenage life and never noticed guys sexually. I was a girl chaser just like the rest of the boys. That slowly started changing without me even really noticing after a few practices with the team.

Like I said I've seen guys naked alot and never gave a shit about looking at the them but one day I noticed Paul walking out of the shower and caught a glimpse of his cock. I'm not totally sure if it was just the size or the fact that I had never seen a black dick before but I froze for a second just from the glimpse I caught. It looked like it was a good 5-6 inches while limp and very thick. Totally erect I'm 6 inches and I hadn't noticed any other of the guys with anything too much bigger so his looked so....different. Either way, now that I had noticed it it seemed that whenever there was a chance I was stealing peeks of Paul's cock not really knowing why other than curosity. It was like they say 'a car accident', you just have to look I guess. This went on for much of the summer practice season and then school officially started. Paul ended up in some of my classes and since we already knew each other a little we became friends. I had grown up around latinos and blacks as a younger kid and 'seemed' to act a bit different than most of the white people at the school Paul and I started hanging around more together since he felt a bit more relaxed around me and since I was relaxed around him he said. At this point we would hang out after school at one of our houses or the mall not really doing much. We were almost always in sweats or shorts so I was still sneeking peeks at Pauls crotch and was getting a bit bolder. It didn't seem to matter though since whenever we were watching TV or reading/studying he never really looked my way so I found myself pretty much staring at the outline of his dick in tight shorts. I often wondered what it looked like hard and how the girls at our school must love it, which from rumors around school, they did.

After a few months of this I had gotten to the point of thinking about Paul's dick way too much and knew something was up with me. I had began fantazing about his dick hard in my hands and me stroking it. That led me to thinking about sucking it and I was having some difficult....feelings. I pushed the desires out of my mind best I could and even slowed down on looking at his crotch but that was about to be a futile effort.

We were at my house alone one day after school as usual and each of us was lying back on couches across from each other reading a couple of magazines. Paul had a copy of one of my dad's Hustlers and was commenting about how hot the chicks were and 'adjusted' his dick a bit in his shorts. It was clear that he was getting a hard-on and his dick outline was easy to see. I couldn't help but stare and this brought my dick to full stance with a quickness. After a few moments my eyes traced back to Pauls face and for the first time I knew for a fact that he was watching me watch his dick. I quickly looked down at my magazine and tried to act cool. 'Hey bud,' he said, 'We're pretty good friends yeah?' I said 'Sure thing, what's up?' Paul smiled and said 'So if there was something you wanted from me you wouldn't mind asking me right? I mean, I've noticed for a long time that you like looking at my dick but have never asked to see it.' I was stunned but tried giving him the truth, or at least part of it. 'Sorry bout that but you've got a huge dick and I was just thinking the girls must love it you lucky bastard!' I said with a nervous laughter. I even mentioned the 'car wreck' joke and he was laughing also. I thought that was it and I had escaped major embarrassment and/or a possible ass beating but he wasn't ready to let it go just yet. He was still smiling and said 'Well? Do you want to see it? I mean get a good look at it?' My mind raced as I thought of my options; say no and maybe that would be ok until he caught me looking again which might be in 5 minutes for all I knew or say yes enter some very akward areas. I said 'yeah sure' as cool as I could thinking that maybe he would pull down his shorts for a second and that would be that. Paul obviously had other ideas as he sat up right on the couch and pulled his shorts all the way down to his knees leaving himself exposed. With a grin on his face he put his hand around his meat and slowly started stroking his semi hard dick. I was in total shock and didn't know what to do but I still held onto the hope that this was going end with minimal embarassment. I sat in awe as he stroked his dick to total hardness. It was dark, thick,at least 9 inches with a slight curve upward to it and a nice fat purple tip. After a moment he said 'you want to see it cum?' Without thinking and in a split second I blurted out 'yes!' My quick response was all the conformation he needed, if any, about what I wanted. 'Well, you should come over here then to get a good seat for the show and I'm gonna need your help.' That was it. There was no longer any doubt what he wanted and what I was about to do. It seemed like a eternity to walk to his couch and sit down. I never stopped looking at his rock hard dick and when I was seated he took one of my hands and placed it on his cock while he let his hand fall to his side. I stroked it nice and slow as he moaned a bit. He was still sitting up on the couch but tilted back while I was sitting next to him facing his dick. I picked up the pace a bit and could see some precum on his tip which I was so focused on that I didn't notice one of Paul's hands move up to my shoulder, then the back of my neck. I turned to look at him and he just kept smiling as he guided my face down to his dick by slowly pushing down on my neck. My heart was pounding when I wrapped my lips around the fat tip to suck at a little while my tounge found his slit and the salty precum. It was warm and salty tasting it turned me on big time. I knew I wanted more and was going to get it. Paul kept his hand on the back of my neck and started my mouth on down his shaft. 'Yeah that's it, you like that big dick in your mouth don't you? I knew you would. I shouldn't have waited so long for this' His talk was driving my nuts and I was starting to work into a rythm sucking up and down his stiff cock licking every so often. He pulled my head up and leaned down to shove his tounge in my mouth. Like his dick it felt huge and seemed to cover my tounge completely. He then stood up and let his shorts fall to the ground. 'Go ahead, get on your knees and get back to sucking my cock' Paul said. I went to my knees quickly and got my mouth back on his dick. His hands were hanging to the side so I grabbed one and placed it on the back of my head. Paul laughed and said 'Ok, ok. I see you want to me to make or tell you what to do. I should have guessed that.' With his hand still on the back of my head to hold it in place he pulled his dick out my mouth. It sprang up straight and he pulled my face into his nut sack. I instantly got one if nuts into my mouth and started sucking on it. Paul was really moaning now and after sucking on the other nut some he put both his hands on my head; one on each side of my head and crammed his dick back into my mouth so hard it hit the back of my throat. 'Oooohhh yeah now I'm gonna fuck that mouth good.' Paul said and got right to it. My lips were wrapped around that black dick tightly while I was sucking like my life depended on it. He started long dicking my mouth from my lips at his tip to whatever he could cram in my mouth. After a few minutes I had relaxed enough that he was fitting most of his dick in my mouth and when rammed it in his balls were hitting my chin. I loved it. He was moaning loudly now and his dick started to 'twitch'. He pulled his dick out a few inches from my face and said 'open your mouth, stick your tounge out and look at me.' I was nervous as hell but did as I was told as he set the tip of his dick on the end of my tounge. He stroked it a couple times and let out a moan. The first squirt hit my tounge and slid straight down my throat. The next one landed on my top teeth and lip while the rest joined the first shot on my tounge sliding down into my throat. I couldn't really taste most of it as it went down my throat so fast but as I licked my top lip I got a good taste of the warm salty goo. 'Close your mouth one second' Paul said as stroked his dick one more time to bring up a nice wad at his tip and wiped it back and forth on my lips.

By this time I was a little out of breath, in shock, and had cum sticky lips. I leaned back but Paul put his hand on the back of my head and brought his dick into my mouth again. 'I've got another load of cum for you to swallow.' With that he began fucking my face again. 'You know that you're gonna be suckin on this dick every day now don't you? You might as well get used to swallowing my cum until I start ass fuckin you.' My heart stopped. Before today I wasn't sure I would have ever done this but just him telling, not asking, me turned me on big time. I was tired but when he said that a bolt of energy shot through me and I was sucking on that dick like I was starving for it again. He laughed and said 'Oh yeah. You're gonna be my little fuck toy aren't you?' I just slurped and nodded a little bit. After a few minutes of my renewed vigor for sucking his dick he said he was coming again and I could feeling the twitches. This time he just kept fucking my mouth when he blew his load. It wasn't as big but I tasted alot more of it before I swallod. He pulled out of my mouth and this time I did the last stroke to get the little wad up to his tip and licked it off. I made sure he knew I liked that by working my tounge up and down his slit a few times.

'Damn Eric! None of the girls crave this dick like you seem to!' I smiled and said 'Not sure what to tell you since I'm kinda new to this.' 'I can't wait to see you ride this dick' Paul yelled. The thought made me very nervous but we both knew I'd be doing whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it.

Part 2 will be soon...



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