When my parents and I arrived at the all boys private academy on the first Sunday in September, the headmaster spent several hours with us describing the academic as well as sports features of the academy. During my first three years in high school in Chicago, I had been a star on our school's rugby team. The headmaster asked me to join the academy's rugby team.

After a tour of the campus, the headmaster took us to the residence hall where I met Bjorn, my roommate for the next year. He was a senior and on the varsity rugby team.

The headmaster said: "Bjorn, met your roommate Derek from America. Bjorn, it will be your job to show Derek all the ropes of our school."

"Hi, I am Bjorn. Welcome to the academy. You will like it here."

I instantly became infatuated with Bjorn. I had never seen a more gorgeous and sexually appealing guy. Although I was a very shy closeted young gay man, I had fantasized about gay sex every since puberty.

My parents said goodby and left for the airport to return to Chicago.

Bjorn and I had very different physical characteristics. Bjorn was a swede with light blond hair, sky blue eyes, stood around 5-feet and 10-inches, weighed about 150 pounds and the most seductive smile I had ever seen. I felt my cock began to grow in my pants as I tried to avoid a full 8-inch hard cock.

I, on the other hand, am of Italian ancestry with all four grandparents as immigrants to America from Italy. I have a dark complexion, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, weigh about 170 pounds, stand 6-feet, and very muscled body from workouts and rugby.

The first night at bedtime I got my first close up look at Bjorn's incredible body. He had a smooth hairless body except for his head, underarms and crotch. The key question was what was Bjorn's sexual orientation?

About one week after becoming roommates, one night Bjorn raised up on his elbows in his bed, looked over at my bed and said: "Derek, after this first week as roommates, I want you to know how happy I am to have you as my roommate. We have so much in common including the rugby team.".

"Gee, thanks Bjorn. You have no idea how much I love hearing that and I too love having you as my rommie."

"Derek, can I come over and get in bed with you and have a guy on guy chat about gay sex?"

"Oh Fuck yea, I would love nothing better. Come jump in bed with me. Here get under the covers and get cozy."

As Bjorn slipped under the covers and we faced each other, I felt his warm feet make contact with my very hot and sweaty feet. His smooth legs rubbed up against my tanned legs, our thighs touched, his crotch was up against my hot cock, our stomachs and chests rubbed together and his lips were only two-inches from my lips. His rapid breathing was blowing warm air on my face. He smelt so manly.

Then Bjorn whispered in my ear: "Derek, I am horny as hell and my lust for you is driving me crazy. I have never wanted anyone the way I lust for you."

The erotic touching of our hot bodies and Bjorn's sexy words caused every nerve ending in my entire body to began twitching as I developed goose bumps up and down my spine. I had read in a gay magazine the description that such erotic foreplay was known as orgasmic spasms.

I felt big bulges in both our briefs as our big cocks were expanding. The swollen cocks were attempting to escape the elastic waistbands of our briefs.

In an uncontrollable state of ecstasy, I muttered: "Baby, take away my virginity. Please teach me how to make man on man sex."

"Yes, Baby, ever since my 18th birthday six months ago, I have sucked cock, had my cock sucked fucked and been fucked by three of our rugby buddies. The sex had been awesome. I love gay sex and you are the hottest of all the guys. My whole body is in spasms from the touch of your body."

Bjorn put his hot lips against my wet mouth. Almost immediately he used his thick tongue to part my lips and began a wild french kissing of my mouth and throat. We were sloppy and slurping like wild animals. We began competing to kiss and suck on each other's tongue. At the same time, Bjorn used his velvet hands to make me wild with lust. He played with my rock hard nipples, ran his hands through my hair, fondled my earlobes, ran his sexy hands across my chest and down my stomach and began playing with my ass attempting to finger my asshole through my briefs while still kissing me.

I in turn used my sweaty hands to pinch his hard nipples, play with his wet underarms, slap his bubble ass and finally go up and down his smooth chiseled back.

This erotic foreplay had our two crotches emitting more and more heat that resulted in us engaged in the roughest humping of our crotches and cocks. We pounded one another and soon the presum had our briefs very wet. After some 10 minutes of humping, I felt Bjorn put his hand under my briefs and take them off of me. I soon followed by pulling his briefs off. We were now butt naked and sweaty as two stuck pigs. Bjorn began moving down under the sheets as I lay on my back. Slowly he used his tongue and gobs of spit to suck and lick my cock from the head to the shaft base. WOW, receiving my first blowjob was so great. He teased my cock by kissing it, using his hands to jerk me off, sliding his tongue up and down the big shaft of my 8-inch tool.

Then he threw the covers off and began sucking my balls, tonguing my ass, kissing my scrotum, fingering my ass and finally he took my entire cock down his throat. He sucked me for some five minutes until I was about to come. I felt semen dangling from my piss slit as he used his mouth to suck it out and swallow.

After about five minutes, I warned my buddy that I was going to come. He pulled off my cock, brought his smooth ass up and put it down on my chest, took his humongous 10-inch beer can thick shaft with a purple cock head near my mouth and said: "Derek Baby, now suck your first cock just the way I sucked your beautiful cock."

He slowly entered my mouth with his giant tool until it was deep in my throat. After I succeeded in getting about 8-inches down my throat, the giant cock hit a stonewall. I began a long series of sucking up and down this super hot cock. After several minutes, Bjorn raised his body up in the air, stretched his legs and feet backwards, raised upon his toes and began jack hammering my mouth with his cock. WOW, my mouth was full of cock. Before I could come, he pulled out and we began another long series of hot kisses.

It was then time for my first fuck. Bjorn got up, went over to the desk and got some lube and put it on the night stand. He took me to the bathroom and gave me a douche of my ass until it was sparkling clean. I was learning lots about safe sex.

"Derek, what position do you want for your first fuck as a bottom?"

"Gee, Bjorn, you are so thoughtful. Let me get on my stomach flat on the bed, spread my legs far apart and after you have plunged your man hard cock in my ass, lie down on top of me and drill my ass as our bodies are melted together. I saw that hot position in a gay video once."

Sweet Bjorn put a pillow under my crotch, lubed my ass, lubed his big hard cock and began to enter my virgin ass. The pain was so severe as his cock invaded my virgin young ass. But Bjorn knew how to make the pain go away as he carefully and slowly moved his cock around in my ass, laid his beautiful sweaty body down on my body, began kissing my neck and ears, and whispering sweet hot neat encouragements in my ears. I forgot all about pain. He started a long series of moving his red-hot cock in and out of my man pussy. He began using more force to pound my ass. I felt his big slick cock rub against the walls of my ass, hit my prostate and part the entrance to my colon. Oh shit, he finally managed to get the entire python into my deepest inner ass.

I became wild with homoerotic feelings from my ass being the host to such a beautiful large hot cock. I bucked up and down to meet Bjorn's thrusts as we developed a sexual rhythm that was blowing both our minds. After about 10 minutes of the most glorious fuck, I felt Bjorn's incredible cock stiffen inside my ass, his body jerked and a final thrust of his cock inside me released a volcanic load of cum deep into my ass. He seemed to shoot a huge load until my ass was swimming in a pool of cum.

When Bjorn pulled out, he turned me over on my back, brought his cum covered cock up to my mouth and I sucked him dry. He went down on me and sucked me until I shot a huge load of thick cum down his throat. We kissed and enjoyed all the sweet salty cum.

We spent the night in each other's arms and before going to sleep, we agreed that this was the beginning of a year of great fucking times. We also agreed to go to the same college the next year. We were now hot fuck buddies.



Naughty Eric


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