My friend Steve and I were always horny but we didnt know what to do. We would pull our cocks out and push the heads against each other. Some times we would kiss each others cock but didnt realise we could suck the cock. We were in the basement and Steve said lets put our cocks together and I said okay and we are standing there with our pants down and our boners touching when a voice says 'FREEZE!!'. We looked over and saw Steves big brother Brian in the doorway. Brian was wearing bikini breifs with a huge hardon stretching the fabric to the limit. When I looked at Steve he was smiling and I realised this was a set up. Brian walked over and said I am about to show you a beautiful, life changing, thing. Brian said 'suck my brothers cock like a popcicle'. I put my mouth on Steves dick and started sucking on it like brian said. Steve began to moan and thrust his pelvis forward. I had never experienced such a rush before. A hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth was incredible. Why didnt I think of this ? Steve had his eyes closed and began to grunt and said' Oh..OH..Uhn,, and I felt a warm spurt of fluid spray into my mouth. It tasted so good, like nothing before. I realised it must be his sperm ejaculating in my mouth like we learned about in sex ed. I loved the taste and warmth and swirled my tounge around his cock head until he pulled out and rubbed his last few drops on my lips. I looked at Brian and he was smiling and rubbing his cock through his underwear. I crawled over to Brian and hooked my fingers into the top of his briefs and pulled them slowly down. His huge boner plopped right into my mouth and I started sucking it. I could still taste Steves cum as I inched Brians erection deeper into my mouth. He said 'Tickle my balls with your fingers'. I fondled his balls while I sucked his cock. Brian thrust his cock past my gag reflex and I started to choke, but Brian said 'relax and breathe through your nose and kept his hard cock deep in my throat. I got the hang of it and soon was fucking his cock with my throat as Brian moaned and smashed his hairy stomach into my face. Pretty soon Brian began to grunt and thrust hard. I then felt the warm spurts of ejaculate spray in my throat. Brian pulled his cock up so the head was on my tounge and finished spraying his warm sperm in my mouth. The taste was fantastic I loved it. I wanted more. Brians cock quit giving me the warm fluid, so I sucked the tip of his penis and got the last drops. I looked over at Steve and he was stroking his erection. I crawled over to him and put his cock in my mouth and started swirling my tounge and sucking his boner when Brian said 'hold on'. He left the room and came back in with a jar of vaseline. He told me to get on all fours and I felt a greasy finger slide into my butt hole. It felt weird and thrilling at the same time. Soon he had three fingers in my ass at once and I was pushing my hole against his hand. He took his fingers away and I felt his hard erection poking at my ass cheeks then felt his cock head slipping into my butt hole. It hurt a little at first but I loved the feeling of my butt hole being stretched. Brian slowly started slipping his cock in and out, a little deeper each time and I was grunting with each thrust. Steve crawled over and put his erection in my mouth and I was sucking his cock while his brother fucked my ass. Every time I grunted from Brians cock burried in my butt hole I felt Steves cock vibrate in my throat. My cock was rock hard and I loved the feeling of an erection in my butt hole and an erection in my throat. I pulled away from Steves cock and told him to suck me while I suck you. He Laid on his back and squirmed under me till I felt his warm wet mouth on my boner and I had his hard cock in my mouth. Brian was really wailing on my ass now and I could feel his cock head slamming into the deepest parts of me. It felt great grunting from the ass fucking while slobbering all over Steves boner. Brian kind of froze up and did these short shallow thrusts and then I felt his warm sperm shooting into my butt hole. Then I heard Brian gasp and cry out 'OH FUCK YEAH' 'UNHH OH UNH UNH' With each grunt from Brian I felt a stream of warm cum ejaculate deep into my belly. At the sound of his brothers orgasm Steve began to spray spurt after spurt of warm sperm in my throat and mouth and pulled his cock out and sprayed more cum on my lips and chin. I was so hot from them cumming that I humped Steves face and came in his mouth as his brother pushed his now deflating cock in and out of my butt hole. We were still groaning from our orgasms and licking each others sperm when we heard a voice say 'What are you up to here' we looked over and saw Steve and Brians dad in the doorway. I thought we were busted, but I saw a secret smile on dads face and new this was going to be the beginning of something wonderful.

To be continued...... at the glory holes?




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