I'm a white guy in my early 50's and had been what you might call a 'Flamming Hetrosexual'. I have had numerous relationships with women (both long and short term) and had never thought of what it might be like to be with another man. However, sometime in my middle 40's, I began to fantasize what it might be like to submit to a guy and though I did not act out my fantasy I could not stop thinking about what it might be like.

Finally, I worked up enough nerve to buy a gay porno flick and after viewing it over and over, I found that I was becoming increasingly excited about 'giving it up' to another guy. Having absolutely no idea of how to go about it and being the logical methodical guy that I am, I began surfing the web and eventually settled on a couple of chat rooms where I set about to get as much info as I could.

Most of the guys that I chatted with were extremely helpful giving me the lowdown on about everything that I needed to know. Most of them were pretty unamimous on a couple of things. First, each guy was careful to tell me that it was best to find a top guy with plenty of experience. Second, for a first timer like me, it would be best to be opened up by a guy with a small to medium-sized cock.

Of course, I was a bit incredulous at this second piece of advice: How the hell do you know a guy's cock size before the Moment of Truth? (Though many guys who advertised on the web showed pictures of their cocks, many did not.) Still, I knew that the time had come for me to act on my fantasy.

After about two weeks of looking at and answering ads on the various gay websites, I was beginning to get a bit discouraged. Most of the guys that I spoke to or eventually had a drink with were just not what I was after. Some were too young, some were macho to the point that I was turned off, and some just did not seem to be interested in a first timer like myself.

Finally, I answered an ad by a guy, like myself, in his mid-fifties. I was pleasantly surprised when I met him for drinks as he was in great physical condition, like myself, had a pleasant, easy going attitude and exuded a self confidence that really appealed to me.

I did not wish to give away my status as a 'virgin' so I acted as if I had been doing this for awhile. I could see that he was attracted to me and when he asked me if I wanted to come over to his place, I readily accepted.

When we got to his place, we sat down in his living room for a glass of wine. At this point I guess my nervousness began to show. He smiled easily at me and casually mentioned that I had a great body and that he was really glad that I had accepted his invitation to come over. I tried to be as cool as possible and told him that I needed another glass of wine.

When he brought the wine, he sat down across from me and casually rubbed his crotch saying, 'You know, I haven't gotten off for over a week'. Trying to appear as cool as possible (even though I was nervous as hell) I replied, 'Well, you really should take care of that problem'. He smiled back at me and said, 'It's been a long day for me and I need to take a shower; how about you?'

I thought to myself, 'Well, it's time; you may as well go through with it.' WIthout speaking, I nodded to him and followed him to the bathroom. As I took my clothes off, he watched me approvingly and I stepped into the shower. After the shower I stepped out and he began disrobing. Again, trying to appear cool, I watched as my own feelings of excitment and nervousness built.

As he stripped down to his underwear, he smiled at me and casually lowered his briefs. As I saw his cock, I knew that I may have made a bad choice for my first time. Although his cock was far from erect, I could see that he was extremely well hung. He was considerably bigger than me both in length and thickness and for some reason this tremendously excited me.

He stepped into the shower and I numbly watched him while he lathered up his cock. He caught me watching his big piece of meat and smiled broadly, obviously enjoying putting on a show for me. He then stepped out of the shower and casually dryed himself, again enjoying the fact that I could not take my eyes off his cock. When he wss dry, I started to walk back out into the living room but he stopped me and casually said, let's take of something first.' At this, he had me bend over and place both of my hands on the sink. He then produced a large tube of lubricant and, after slowly spreading the cheeks of my ass, very gently eased the long nozzle on the tube up into my extremely nervous, tight asshole. I shivered as the cold nozzle went up my rectum and shook even worse as he squeezed the lubricant into me. Although he was very gentle, he was very firm in pressing down on my shoulders while he completed the task.

When I stood up, he took my hand and we walked back to the living room. We both sat on the floor, across from each other, drinking our wine. Again, I couldn't keep my eyes off his cock. It seemed twice as big as mine; long and thick, draped casually across his leg. I was fighting the urge to grab my clothes and run when he again smiled that great, easy smile of his and said, 'So, you're going to help me out, eh?' I nodded numbly, wondering what the hell I was going to do.

At this point, he gently lifted my arm and helped me to my feet. I was trembling as if it were freezing in the room but he firmly took my arm and led me into the bedroom. He took a pillow off his bed and threw it on the floor at my feet. 'OK, lover, get down on your knees.' Although I was still nervous and badly scared, those words strangely excited me. I was now at the point that I had fantasized about: On my knees, staring at a cock, only inches from my face. 'OK, lover, show him him how much you like him.' Again, his words excited me. Trying to remember what I had seen in the porno movies, I gently took the large cock in my hands and gently pushed back the skin to expose the cock head even further. I began to gently lick the soft head, first on the front and sides and eventually running my tongue around the head as if it were an ice cream cone.

His breathing began to increase rapidly and I could tell that he was pleased with what I was doing. At this point, I put the entire head inside of my mouth, and begin to gently move the head in and out of my mouth with gentle popping noises. At this, he began to breathe even more heavy and the already large cock began to grow, becoming even more long and thicker. At this point, I became even more excited, just at the thought that I had brought about this change and that I was submitting to this great guy.

I continued working on his cock and stopped for a moment to take a closer look at what I was servicing. I was both amazed and frightened at what I was holding in my hands. Although I had seen plenty of guys naked in shower rooms and the like, this was the first time I had seen a guy (outside porno flicks, of course)fully erect and ready for business. I don't know what I could compare his cock with; it was as hard as steel and heavily veined. When I had started working on him, his cock hole had been tightly closed; almost imperceptable, now it was partially open. His cock head was a rosy pink and shiny to look at.

But I did not get to look at it very long. He placed one hand on the back of my head with the other hand gripping one of my ears and began to gently fuck my face. It was all I could do to open my mouth wide enough to take in the enormous piece of meat. Although he could have probably strangled me, he was very careful to only put the cock in to the back of my throat and I don't believe he caused me to gag once.

Although I was excited, I could not help but be concerned as to what I was going to do if he had his orgasm then. I was gripping his hips while he fed me that huge cock and I knew I was going to be helpless when he did orgasm. I remembered the advice that I had gotten on the web, that when a guy would cum, it was best to take the cockhead in as much as possible and let the cum slide down the throat. Little did I know that this would have been the least of my problems.

Suddenly, he stopped pumping my face and slowly took his cock out of my mouth. Again, he smiled at me and said, 'OK, lover, I know what you need.' Without giving me a chance to respond, he reached back on the bed and produced a condom. He slowly tore it out of the wrapper and very deliberately put it on his swollen member. All I could think to myself was, 'No Fucking Way'. I remembered that back in the chat room I had asked the specific question to my experienced chat mates, 'What if the guy's cock is just too big to accomodate?' Most of the replies were along the lines of, 'Give him a good blow job and get out of there!'

It was too late for that now. Again, I was absolutely terrified and contemplating getting my clothes and getting the hell out of there. However, it was too late. He gently lifted me to my feet and pulled me to the bed. At this point, all I could think of was, 'I'll pretend to try to accomodate him; tell him I can't; blow him and get out.' It was a nice plan, but it didn't work.

He positioned me on the bed, doggy style, spread my legs and, with one hand, gently spread my cheeks. With the other hand, he positioned the head of his cock against my asshole. When that big head pressed against my tightly puckered rectum, all that I could think of was again, 'No Fucking Way.' He gently tried to push the cock head into me. Each time he tried, I involuntarily moved away. At first, he was very gentle in attempting to penetrate me but finally, Smack! Smack! He hit me twice on my ass telling me to quit moving. All I could say was, 'I can't take it, I can't take it.'

At this point, he roughly jerked me up from the bed. At this point, I thought that he would be satisfied with a blow job but, instead, he threw me across the back of a large chair in the bedroom, and told me, 'You're going to take it, lover.' I knew then that it was all over.

Because of the size of the chair and the angle that I was bent over, I was totally helpless. I had absolutely no leverage and all that I could do was to grip the arms of the chair. I was totally terrified; I was certain that I was going to be injured in some way. Again, I hearkened back to my conversations in the chat room and remembered that almost all my chat mates had advised that the best thing I could do during my first time was to relax my anal muscles and to not tense up. I knew that escape was out of the question and that it would be best for me to follow that advice.

He stood behind me, utterly confident, knowing that he was in complete charge. He gently massaged my ass cheeks and began telling to relax and enjoy it. 'OK, lover, spread your legs for me.' Although I was still terrified, his words again strangely excited me. I spread my legs and waited for the inevitable. Because my legs were widely spread, he placed one hand on the small of my back. WIth his other hand, he placed the head of his cock up against my helpless little asshole.

When I felt the giant head press against my rectum, my eyes probably looked as if they would come out of my head. As he penetrated me, all I could think of was 'relax, relax'. Slowly, gradually, my rectum gave way and I felt the head slide into me. Finally, I felt my asshole close around the ridge behnd his cockhead. Although I had expected pain, instead I felt a strange please and the previously unexperienced excitement of being penetrated. At this point, my lover began talking dirty to me which contributed even my to my excitement. 'You like it don't you? You needed this didn't you?' I could only answer his talk by some inaudible whimpers. 'I think I'll head fuck you for awhile' he said and then proceeded to move his cock head in and out of my asshole; never taking it completely out and putting it back in to the point of my rectum again closing tightly behind the ridge of his weapon.

I can't tell how long this went on. He was an absolute master. Still talking dirty to me and moving that cock head in and out of me. Gradually, my asshole relaxed to point that I was accepting him easily. He seemed to sense this and told me, 'OK lover, let's feed your tight little asshole some cock.' With this, he began putting more of his massive cock into my now more-compliant asshole. He would ease in a little more, move it in and out for awhile and then give me more. Again this went on for a period that I can't even estimate. All I knew was that I was getting my cherry utterly busted and there I was nothing I could do about it but bend over and take it.

The dirty talk never ceased. 'It's almost all in lover. How do you like getting your brains fucked out?' Again, I could do nothing but whimper. He was really enjoying himself, telling me, 'I'm going to fuck you good boy; you'll be coming back to me wheneve I want you.' And, again, nothing out of me but whimpers. It seemed at this point that all I could think of was, 'Where in the hell are his balls?' I knew that when I could feel his balls against my ass, I had accomodated this cock and that was what I was trying to do. Finally, he said, 'Hey lover, one more inch and he's all in. Ready for it?' All I could do was to nod my head. He very deliberately spread the cheeks of my ass and with one good shove drove the rest of that monster up into my ass.

The quick move surprised me. At this point, I let out a yell; the first time that I had done so. The feeling of having the entire length of my lovers cock inside of me was indescrible. He must have been reading my mind when he said, 'What's it like lover, what's it like having Nine and a Half inches up your tight little ass?' I moaned softly and said, 'I don't know how I took it.' He laughed and said, 'OK lover, are you ready for it?' I had no idea what he was talking about but in the next instant I found out.

My lover repositioned his feet and put his incredably strong hands on my ass. He again spread my butt cheeks as wide as they could go and said, 'OK lover, know you're really going to give it up.' With that, he began fucking me, hard and fast. For the next ten minutes, my only sensations were his body slamming against my helpless ass. All the noise in the room was the smacking of his flesh next to mine along with my moans. Again, the new feeling of being totally conquered excited me to a degree that I had never imagined.

Suddenly I experienced a new sensation. During the entire session, my own cock had remained limp, due to my own fear I suppose.

Now I became conscious that it was as hard as a rock and that as my lover's balls hit mine, I was about to have my own orgasm. When it hit, I cannot possible describe the sensation. Wave after wave hit me and it seemed to me that I would never stop coming. The jerking of my cock hitting the back of the chair went unnoticed by my lover; He was too intent on pounding my asshole ('breaking me in' he laughingly told me later.)

Finally, his frantic slamming against my poor asshole slowed. He slowly pulled is cock out of me and pulled me up. He slowly pushed me to my knees and said, 'Lover, you're a great piece of ass; How'd you like a nice facial?' Without waiting for a reply, he pushed me to my knees and tore off the condom. He then pushed his cock into my mouth holding on to both sides of my head. I was too exhausted to resist. After only a few seconds, he took his cock out of my mouth telling me only, 'Take it lover' I put both of my hands around the cock when he moaned 'Here it comes'. Freezing, I could only wrap my hands tightly around the cock. Suddenly, the hole at the end of his cock opened more. Then four or five drops came dribbling out. For an instant I thought, 'A cock as big as this and this is all the cum that he puts out?' Then it hit. As he moaned, the first stream of cum came out hitting me directly in my face. I couldn't believe the force of it. Then came the second, a third, and even a fourth stream of hot sticky cum directly into my face. I simply couldn't believe how much semen came out of the guy. Finally, he finished. And, finally, that huge cock began to go soft. I kept it in my hands while I gently wiped the cock head into the pools of cum dripping from my face and then licked the head off. Although I didn't know how I would react to the taste of cum, I discovered that it was not too bad and that I would probably become accustomed to it.

My lover was pleased at my reaction and handed me a towel to wipe my face off. He sat down on the floor beside me and said, 'You are one great piece of ass, you know that?' I could only smile numbly and nod my head thank you. He suddenly laughed and said, 'Looks like you had a good time too' pointing at the chair that I had jus been drapped across. When I looked I couldn't believe it. Down the back of the chair was the longest stream of cum that I think I have ever shot in my life. We both laughed and he said to me, 'You know, I'd like to see you again.' I nodded my head. I knew that I wanted the same thing. Then I did something that surprised even me. I asked him if he always shot that massive amount of seman. His reply was that his first shot was always heavy but that subsequent shots were much lighter. I knew what I wanted. I asked him if I could suck his cock, all the way, before I left. He smiled and said to give him an hour to recover.

We each had another glass or two of wine and he said that he was ready for another session. I then got back on my knees and began sucking his cock until he was hard and ready again. I looked up and told him, 'When you're ready to shoot, don't worry; I want your cum. Put your hands behind my head and shoot it down my throat.' He smiled and told me that he believed that he could handle that. I began sucking him; holding his ass firmly in my hands and him holding my head firmly in his hands. Within five minutes, I finally realized the last of my fantasies concerning another guy. His hips began to jerk followed by the jerking of his beautiful cock. Again, with a 'Here it comes', he poured his load into my mouth, down my more than willing throat. I took every drop, having the exquisite feeling of having that huge cock go limp in my mouth. We were both utterly exausted. It had been a hell of a day.

Since then, my lover and I have established a schedule of at least once a week that I go over to his place and satisfy him with both my ass and mouth. I believe that he would like to have me more often but since I walk like a cowboy after each one of our sessions I don't think I could take him any more than that. At any rate, it appears to be working and I will always be grateful that I found a guy such as him for my first time.

As for all of you out there who are still waiting for your first time my advice is to take your time and get a top who is patient and experienced. As for cock size, well, its your preference but for me, once I got past the fright, bigger did turn out to be better.


Victor Anderson



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