My first time was back in about 1974, when I was just 24 year old. I hade just graduated from the University of Montreal in Pharmacy and I got a job as a sales manager with a small wholesale pharmaceutical firm. I had only started and my boss sent me to a pharmaceutical conference in Boston. I got to Boston the day before the conference. I got registered and decided that I would take in the trade show. As I was slowly checking into all the trade booths, I backed up and accidentally stepped on another guy's foot. I immediately jumped away and apologized, this was not intentional to step on someone's foot.

As I turned around, our eyes immediately locked. We stood motionless for a split second and then he stuck out his hand and said 'apology accepted' and he introduced himself as Garry. I introduced myself as Lorne. He said he is alone at the conference and we should hang out together, gave me a little wink and we could do 'whatever comes naturally'. I began to have this overwhelming warm feeling come over me, and I agreed that we should hang out together. We continued to check out the trade booths, and every time he was close to me he was rubbing and petting my ass. This was giving me a real hard on.

We completed the trade fair part, and he asked if he could buy me a drink at the lounge. I accepted and said 'lead the way'. I followed him to the lounge, all the time curious to see what is coming next. He chose a place to sit in a dark and secluded area of the lounge, I ordered a double whiskey and he orders just a single whiskey. While we waited for our orders to arrive, he was rubbing and feeling my cock and balls. I was so dam hard, that I had all I could do to sit still. I did spread my legs as far apart as I could to give him room. He liked that and really went to fondling my cock and balls.

As we drank out drinks, he ordered again. all the while rubbing my cock. I told him to take it easy; this is the first time I did anything like this with another guy. He smiled and said, 'I am going to make a hell of a good bottom guy out of you' I asked what I will need to do. He smiled and said' just let my have your ass and cock when I want it. I am a top guy; the top guy does everything he can to make his bottom guy satisfied. We finished out drinks; the whiskey was starting to give me very erotic feelings. He said lets to his room. We got on the elevator and went up the eighth floor. All the while on the elevator he was constantly feeling me, good thing we had the elevator to ourselves. We got off the elevator and walked down the hallway to his room. He opened the door and stepped in. He closed and locked the door, he had a king size bed in his room, lots of pillows. He immediately turned to me and said, I need you right now, and he undid my belt and unzipped my fly and by pants fell to the floor. He pulled off my underwear; my cock sprang out towards him. He stood back for a second, and said, 'you got a nice cock and balls' Before I know it, he had his mouth on my cock and really sucking. I felt myself cuming fast, I stopped him and asked if I would like to let him know when I cum. He said 'yes', he would like to see how far I will shoot. As I was building up to cum, I tapped him on the shoulder and he pulled his mouth away and started to jack me real fast. I began to cum, and I must have shot a quart of cum across the room. He smiled and said 'that is the way big guy, nice going' He licked up a bit of cum that was on my cock. He led me to the bed and said, I want your ass. I said you can have it right now. He told me to get on the bed on my hands and knees. He got some lube and said to me, just relax big guy, just relax, let it all go. I did, and it felt very erotic to have his slippery finger rubbing in and out of my ass. He took off his pants and underwear, and began to lube his big cock. It appeared to be huge at the tip and became small towards the base. He lubed it up; I never thought it may be painful when he put the huge weapon into me. He mounted me from behind, and said again 'relax big guy, just let it all go' I felt the head of the big cock press against my ass hole and before I know it, it popped right in. What a sensational feeling, that big cock was plowing right up by ass hole. I felt so warm and secure being in his grasp. He pushed in as far as he could. He began to pump in and out, and as he got closer to cuming, he sped up his pumping. He only did that for a couple of minutes and he said 'ooooh, god, and began to pump faster, he grunted a couple of times and I could hear him breathing real hard, as I felt his big cock convulse in me.

He leaned forward, where his chest was on my back. He was still breathing hard; I felt his big cock start to go limp in me. He reached around and started to play with my nipples, rub my belly, he slowly worked his way to my cock and found it was almost hard again. He said you are a hell of a good bottom guy. I said thank you. He pulled his cock out of me and went to the bathroom and washed. He came from the bathroom; I was laying on the bed, my cock partially erect. He laid beside me and started to stroke by cock and balls. All the while saying what a lovely good looking cock and balls you have. I was getting hard again; I could see he was too. I reached for his cock, it was so smooth and soft, but yet hard and firm. It made me horny again just feeling it. I asked if I could suck it, his response was no, that a good top guy never lets his bottom guy suck is cock. It is for your asshole He played with my cock and balls, gently sucking me, just playing with me. He then said, this time I am having your ass while you are on your back. He got several pillows and propped up by ass. He lubed me and his cock up again, and began to try and put it in. He was anxious, and was having some trouble, I reached down and took it and guided it into my ass. He pushed it all the way in, he positioned my cock to lay flat against my belly, and he laid on top of me. It felt sooo good. He started to pump slowly, all the while my cock was being worked. He began to speed up and I knew I was going to cum. He went faster and faster, I began to cum, and I began to fuck him as well. I instinctively put my legs around his waist and started to really fuck him. We both came, he in my ass, and me into our bellies. He laid on me for a while, saying what a good bottom guy I am. I said I liked being his bottom guy. He pulled is partially limp cock out of me and went to the bathroom and washed. He came back with a wet towel and wiped me off. I turned me over and wiped around my ass hole, It was getting ate into the night, we had a shower, where he carefully washed me and then dried me off. We cuddled up in the big bed and went to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, he had my cock his mouth, slowly sucking. I was hard right away. He slowly sucked my off and I came very intensely. He turned me over on all fours, lubed me up, as well as his big cock and he fucked me hard and without mercy. I felt so good. We showered and each went out own way for the day. That night was a repeat of what we did before. We were together for 4 days and 3 nights, and he fucked me hard and gentle. He would play with me, toy with me and then fuck me.

Since then over the years, I have had many wonderful experiences with guys, most all very good.



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