I was invited to a party at a friend's cousin’s house. Anyway, at the party, I noticed it was all guys! My friend told me his cousin is gay, and that's probably why. Hey! I'm fine by that! lol.

Anyway, after a while my friend had to leave the party, but I stayed. Soon, I noticed this big heavily muscled man staring at me. He was an older guy. I found out later he was 42 years old. And according to the rules of this site, I have to say that I was 18. Anyway, he winked at me. I smiled back to him. I walked to where he was and he whispered in my ear that he loved my tight little ass. I was wearing very tight short jeans. The kind that shows a bit of your ass cheeks. I was kind of shy, and didn't say anything back to him. And it was a bit crowded, and there wasn't much room to maneuver, and I had a few drinks, and so my ass brushed against his bulge as I was walking away. He followed me, and told me to do that to him again. OK. So I did. He was leaning against a wall, and I backed up into him, and slide my ass up and down along his bulge a few times. Which you could definitely see. And I could feel how hard he was. He told me that he enjoys tearing twinks assholes apart. Yes, I was a twink back then. But, then I walked away.

Yes! I was being a tease! lol. Then he came over to me, and took me by the hand, and led me up into a bedroom. Then he took off his shirt, and there I was looking at the biggest biceps I'd ever seen in person! They were huge! I felt them and he had me kiss them and slide my tongue along them. And that turned him on and me too! Then he took off his pants, and underwear, and I was kind of in shock! His cock was so fucking huge and thick, I couldn't believe it! He laughed, and told me that for teasing him earlier downstairs, he was going to rip my asshole apart with his massive 13 1/2" cock! I don't know if that was his real size, but I've seen cocks that big in magazines! I was both turned on and scared! Then he took my shirt off, pulled my shoes off, and slid my jeans off. I told him I've never had sex before. And to be gentle with me.

Then he grabs me by the neck with one hand, and completely lifts me about 3 or 4 feet off the floor. I was dangling in mid air, and his hand was like a vice grip slowly crushing my throat! He laughed and told me, what am I going to do about it? Then he threw me on the bed. He was standing at the end of the bed, and he then dragged me by my legs towards his waist. He spread my legs wide open, and lifted up my ass towards his cock, and grabbed my waist hard and he thrusted his cock hard into my ass. He was also pulling my waist towards him at the same time, which helped get his cock further and further inside my ass! I was in so much pain! It literally felt like his cock really was going to split my asshole apart!

But then I found myself enjoying it! I was turned on by how strong and powerful he was, and looking at his flexing biceps, and how his massive cock felt dep inside me. I wanted more! But I acted like it was too much for me, because that turned him on! The total domination he had over me. I didn't care at that point if his cock really did split my asshole apart! He really did pound me like crazy!

Then he stopped thrusting, and I could feel his cock throbbing inside me. Then his whole body tensed up, and I could feel his cock pumping and pumping cum deep inside me. And I soon felt a warm liquid feeling deep inside my ass. And I could hear the slurping sound of his cum as he began thrusting again inside me. Some of his cum squirted out between his cock and my ass. He was still rock hard! I didn't know if that how it is. After all this is the first time I've been fucked. But, he was fucking me hard again! Just pounding and pounding away on me like a pile driver. And he had every inch of his cock inside me, and I could hear and feel his big balls rapidly slapping against my ass. That turned me on! Then he blew another massive load deep inside me! After a while he pulled out. And that hurt! And there was a popping sound. It was air pressure from his thrusting back and forth inside my ass. I've only experienced that with men that had very thick cocks. Anyway, there was cum dripping out of my ass, and down my legs. 

My ass was so sore! It hurt for a few days! I checked for blood. But luckily there wasn't any. But, you know what? He told me to come over to his place anytime I wanted. And I did. And many times! 

There was only one other time I was with a man with a cock that big. He's an ex boyfriend of mine, who has a 13 1/2" cock, and very thick! I even measured it! And I used to tell him that he should send pictures of his cock to porn sites. But he didn't want to. He had to move away for a job. But I do still get to see him from time to time. And he still gives me an incredible pounding!


Larry B

[email protected]


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