My First time

In 1967 I was a young nineteen year old guy serving in the armed forces, stationed in California. As an athlete I was in incredible shape and had a swimmers body from years of competitive swimming and water polo, large shoulders a perfectly defined chest, a six pack a 28" waist. I was not narcissistic but I knew I looked pretty good.

I think that I have always been a very sexual person; I have always been infatuated by the female form. I certainly spent more than enough time fantasizing about women and my mind was constantly full of thoughts of making love to them. It seems that I masturbated at every opportunity. My sexual experience at that age was not atypical; I think I had intercourse with only two girls by then, one a co-ed from the University of Santa Barbara the other a brief encounter with a young mother of a good friend. I was certainly not what I would call experienced.

I was living in the barracks and was fortunate enough to have a two man room shared with my best friend who was in every regard a great guy. He was a year or two my senior he was about my height and weight and as I recall he had very big shoulders. We worked together, we hung out together and when we were able to get a weekend pass, we would travel to Southern California where our families and friends were to spend our days off. I had a car, so he would always catch a ride with me and share the gas expenses. Rooming with him was great; he was immaculate in his hygiene and always did his share in keeping our quarters immaculate. We never had any issues and all things were what I would describe as perfectly normal friendship.

One night, I had been out to the NCO club having some beer with the guys and listening to a live band. When the band ended their last set I drove back to the barracks and headed for my room to hit the rack. My roommate was already in bed reading a magazine, he kind of laughed when I walked in asking if I was okay. It wasn't too late but I had been drinking, a little buzzed and ready for some sleep. I took my clothes off and flopped face down in my rack bidding him a good night.

Sometime later, I was awaked from my sleep. He was straddling my legs and rubbing my back. This was something that had never happened before. I didn't quite know what to think but it felt wonderful and I for some reason I didn't object. I pretended to be asleep and just enjoyed his strong hands massaging my shoulders and back. A little while later he leaned forward and whispered, does this feel good, do you want me to stop? I didn't respond, slightly adjusting my body under his weight and pretended to remain asleep. A minute or so later I felt him gently kissing my shoulders and the side of my neck. I'm sure I reacted by squirming and perhaps a soft moan but nothing more, I was really enjoying his attentions and for some reason that I can't explain I didn't make any effort to stop him or to even ask what the hell he was doing.

Minutes later, I was aware that he left me and went to his closet. I listened as he opened a drawer and I heard him open what I knew to be a jar of Vaseline that I he kept in his top drawer. I lay motionless as he returned to my bed and once again straddled my legs. He leaned forward and I felt his naked chest brushing against my skin, he whispered, "I love your body, I have been in love with you for a long time". I didn't respond, I pretended to be in a drunken haze but I couldn't help but move under his body as he continued his affections. Minutes later I felt his big thick hands massaging my butt and gently exploring my body. I felt his fingers and I recall the distinct odor of Vaseline.

After what seemed like more than a few minutes with my mind racing in anticipation and excitement, I felt him get up; I sensed that he must be removing his underwear. He then returned to me and I felt his hard cock as it brushed across my leg and moved slowly up the inside of my thigh I remember thinking how smooth his body felt, I knew he had almost no body hair and for the first time I realized that it felt really good, it felt sexy. I didn't make a sound but I know that I moved to make my body more accessible. Ever so slowly he pressed his cock against me, he moved gently and pressed his hips against mine and continued to kiss my back. Over a period of what seemed like minutes he toyed with me, I felt my hips lifting up in reaction to what I was feeling, it was an involuntary response. It was an amazing excitement that had overtaken me, I had never felt anything like this before, I don't think that I had ever imagined being with another guy.

Except for some adolescent sexual experimentation where a male friend and I had shared some sexual curiosities, in our mid teens. We would frequently get naked together we masturbated during sleepovers and gave each other blow jobs and masturbated each other I had never been alone and naked with another man. I knew something was about to change in my life and I was powerless to resist.

With incredible gentleness and affection continued his foreplay, and then finally he moved his cock in between my cheeks and with incredible ease he gently pushed until I felt the thick head of his ample cock enter my body. He didn't rush, he was in total control, withdrawing and then gently pushing into me again and again. I felt my back arch and I lifted my hips into his advances. I was in an amazing place thoughts racing through my head but not saying a word. I could only moan quietly and let him have his way with me.

Eventually with amazing skill and caution gradually entered me fully, I could feel every inch of him I could feel the heat of his cock and remember feeling so full. My cock was fully erect and I felt the pre-cum oozing from my cock and filling my hands which were now under my hips as I masturbated, my hips completely off the bed as I pushed into is body trying to engage him completely.

He continued to have his way with me for what seemed like a very long time, waves of ecstasy and wonderful feelings consumed me. He started to quicken his pace slightly I felt his cock pulsing inside of me, it got larger, I could feel the distinct difference, I knew from my own experience that he was nearing climax and that he was about to cum. I couldn't wait, I wanted to please him. I squeezed my ass attempting to grip his cock, I was attempting to pull is cock deeper into my body with my muscles, I relaxed and contracted and he moaned, again and again I flexed, contracted and relaxed it felt like I was pulling him deeper and deeper as he thrust his thick cock into my body.

I loved what I was feeling, I felt that I had gained some control of this man, I had him inside of me and realized that I could move my body knowing he too was feeling what I was attempting to provide him. I loved the feeling of his thick cock, it was magical, I was fully into this now, I wanted him to cum. I moaned softly and pushed back into him and then contracted my muscles, pulled him deeper and moaned again. Suddenly without warning, he exploded! I felt his hot cum shoot deep into my body; he blew his huge load, his cock pulsed over and over. I felt each squirt of his hot cum filling my ass and it felt wonderful, no... it felt incredible. Cum was flowing from my own cock in incredible amounts as my body convulsed with pleasure. When he was spent we both collapsed, we lay there motionless, his cock still inside of me.

After a few minutes, I began to move my hips, slowly; I tried to again to move my body as I had earlier to see if I could get a response. My ass was soaked in his cum and It didn't take long before he became hard again. We lay side by side and our bodies mingled and squirming as I tried to take him again. It was more than I had ever imagined sex could be and remember thinking that I now knew how a woman must feel when she was properly made love to.

I felt like I was having an out of body experience, that I was standing in our dark room watching these two bodies writhing in ecstasy, it was completely amazing. I was so enraptured that I didn't want it to stop. He slowly began to move within me again and he was once again quite large, his cock engorged. We moved together our hips in perfect rhythm. He held me at the front of my pelvis, pulling me into him, he reached around and gently rubbing my cock masturbating me then caressing my balls and alternately going back to my cock running his fingers around the sensitive crown which was again soaked with pre cum. He knew exactly what he was doing.

I found myself in disbelief, that this man who I had known for almost three years and who I had roomed with for almost two years was literally having his way with me. Our love making, (there isn't another term that would describe or be appropriate for what we were doing), our love making continued for perhaps another half hour when he once again exploded within me. It was just as amazing as the first time perhaps even better because I had completely relaxed and given in to anything he wanted of me.

I must have fallen asleep or more likely passed out; when I awoke, he was back in his bed. As I was gathering my thoughts, trying to take in all that had happened when I realized that I needed to use the bathroom immediately; I was so full of his cum that I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep it in a moment longer. I got up left our room with a towel wrapped around me and went to the barracks bathrooms that was fortunately only a few steps down the hall.

I returned, to my bunk, attempting to get some much need to sleep, my mind was racing and for some reason I started to become agitated. Unable to sleep I got up from my bunk and went to his bedside. I knew he was awake laying there in the dark. I said, "What the hell were you thinking, what makes you think that you could do something like that to me, what the fuck is wrong with you"!! He meekly said," I love you". I was trembling; my legs were shaking so violently that I thought they would collapse. I don't know if it was anger or excitement, I still don't know to this day. I realized that I was standing completely naked right against his bed with my entire body shaking and to my amazement sporting a, very full erection.

Still feeling very confused and angry I said, "If you love me then suck this"! He immediately sat up and without hesitation, pulled me towards him, I struggled but felt incredibly week, as if I were about to pass out. He wrapped his hot mouth around my cock and engulfed me completely pulling me into his mouth and down his throat. It took only seconds and I erupted, cum flooding from my throbbing cock into his mouth, he swallowed, and swallowed again and again until I had nothing more for his hungry mouth. I collapsed on top of him and remained there until we awoke the next morning.

We didn't speak, just showered and got ready for work. He and I avoided each other throughout the day and it wasn't until later that day when we were off duty that he approached me in the barracks parking lot. Very apologetic with tears in his eyes, he asked if he should move out and find another roommate. I responded by saying that it would probably be the best thing to do. We spoke very little over the next few months and then he was shipped out to Viet Nam and I was sent on a temporary duty assignment in Korea to train member s of the South Korean Air Force in Survival Techniques.

We never again spoke of that night, although we remained in contact, we were never physically in close proximity. After we were discharged and back in California, I did help him find a good job and within a month I was married and remained so for more than 40 years.

I have often thought of that night when I am alone or unable to sleep. Now that I am far more mature. I have often wished that I had not reacted the way that I did. I suppose I was very naïve and didn't know how to respond. I wish that I had not asked him to move out; I wish that we had remained close. I never had the opportunity to have him make love to me again and I never had the opportunity to return the favors that he had so generously bestowed on me. I have spent years wondering what it could have been, how it might have felt to make love to him, to be inside of him or have his beautiful cock in my mouth. If only I had been more experienced, more worldly more accepting of what it was that he gave to me.

I will perhaps regret how it ended for the rest of my life...



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