I am a Caucasian Gay man who had never had an interracial sexual encounter until a year ago. This encounter took place in a western city in the United States.

Just after my 29th birthday, I decided to attend a multicultural civil rights parade and rally in our downtown business district on a very beautiful sunny day.

As an owner of several commercial office buildings, I am known for my charitable gifts to our cities' civil rights programs.

On this particular day, I decided to participate in the annual civil rights parade and rally. I invited two of my office staff to join me. Doris, my administrative assistant, and Yvonne, my communication's director, joined me for the event.

AS we lined up on the street to await the start of the parade, Doris and Yvonne ran into some of their friends and decided to join them for the march. As I waited alone for the beginning of the parade, this very handsome young African American stud was standing next to me. He smiled and extended his hand and said: "Hi, my name is Landon. I see you are here for the diversity parade and rally." I responded: "Hi, I am Tad and it is so nice meeting you." Landon asked if he could join me for the march and of course I agreed.

Landon was about 5'6" tall, weighed around 150 pounds, had very black curly hair, dark brown eyes, and beautiful teeth with a sexy smile. As he was wearing a sleeveless top and a pair of shorts, I noticed his smooth hairless muscled arms, hard biceps and legs. He looked like a model from "Playgirl" magazine.

I am a 6' tall, 175 pound hard body, blond hair, light blue eyes, handsome smile and a light tanned mostly hairless body. During my senior year in college, I was chosen for a man's calendar for the month of July.

During the march, I learned that Landon was a 28-year-old university student activities staff coordinator. I also learned that he holds both B.A. and M.A. degrees in sports training and programs.

I not only enjoyed our conversation during the march but I found him very hot. Although somewhat shy, I got up the courage at the end of the parade to invite Landon to a future dinner. He agreed that he would very much like to have dinner with me. We set a dinner date for two weeks from this Saturday event. We exchanged phone numbers.

I drove to Landon's university on the set date to pick him up. As he approached my Jaguar, he seemed to be very sad. As I got out of the car to greet him, he gave me a tight hug that he seemed not to end. I felt the heat rising in my crotch. Could he be Gay?

As we drove to the restaurant, he placed his hand on my shoulder and said: "Tad, I hope you did not mind my long hug. I just got word today that my fiance has called off our wedding and that she is moving out of town. I really needed that hug. I am so grateful for our new friendship. Thank you." I responded: "Landon, I too am grateful for our growing friendship. I am hear for you." Landon looked into my eyes with tears flowing down his cheeks and said: "Tad, thank you for being here for me."

We had a great dinner and I took Landon back to campus. In the weeks and months that followed, we did many things together including long walks in the park, dinner dates and attending sporting events together.

After about six months, I receive a text message on a Friday afternoon from Landon asking me to call him. I reach him around 4:00 PM. He asked if I am free and can I come over to his apartment on campus this evening. I arrive around 7:00 PM. I can see that he has been crying as his eyes are very red.

I knew he had a new girlfriend for the past three months. She is a graduate student at the university. Landon tells me that she has dumped him earlier in the day for a star athlete. Poor Landon, he was having very bad luck with women.

We take a seat next to one another on the couch. Landon moves very close to me and begins rubbing his leg against my upper thigh and says: "Tad, I seem to not be able to keep a girlfriend. I am giving up on women." I get an instant hard on as my cock creates a huge bulge in my pants. Landon notices my hard on and it is too late for me to try to hide my monstrous rise in my boner.

Although I had not told Landon I was Gay, his coming on to me gives me the courage to make my move on this gorgeous African American stud. Will this be my first interracial Gay experience? I have never been more lustful for sex with any man.

I boldly take our clasped hands up to my mouth and begin sucking on Landon's beautiful warm fingers. The smell of his smooth fingers is totally intoxicating. I utter the words: "Landon I am Gay and I really have fallen in love with you. Please do not be upset with me. I can no longer hide my love and desire for you."

Then the most wonderful thing happens to me. Without a word, Landon crawls on top of me and begins wildly humping our crotches together. We both are now sprouting rock hard cocks as they rub against each other. I feel our crotches getting very wet. My dream is coming true of having raw sex with this stud.

Landon pulls his fingers out of my mouth and starts placing soft kisses on my hot lips. Soon he plunges his hot and wet tongue deep into my mouth. As we French kiss, we produce gobs of spit that creates sloppy and loud noises. Our faces are covered in the wet spit pouring out of our mouths. Our cocks are now as stiff as steel. We engage in a long session of humping and kissing. We are wet from our faces to our crotches. The smell of precum, salvia and body sweat is filling the room. I love the man odors.

Landon gets off of me, takes my hand and says: "Tad, I have never met anyone as kind and loving as you. I am giving up girls and call it whatever you wish but I have fallen in love with you. I am wild for your body. Lets go to my bedroom. I want to make love to you and have the hottest sex of my life. I have never been this horny."

I instantly feel precum oozing out of the piss slit of my raging hard cock. The front of Landon's shorts are soaked with his precum as we move to his bed.

I remove my clothes except for my briefs. Landon is now down to his briefs. I hook my thumbs under the waistband of his red briefs and jerk them off. Landon does the same as he removes my blue briefs. We are now two butt naked studs with raging flag poles sticking straight out. Landon says: "Baby, I may be a small man but I have a 9" smooth dark boner for you." I smile and say: "Well, buddy, look at my hairless smooth 8.5" red-hot cock. We will experience huge cock fucking." As I am a Gay man who is a connoisseur of huge and beautiful cocks, Landon's big dark cock is the winner.

Landon puts me in a bear hug and says:"Tad, baby, no woman has ever been able to take all my huge cock down her throat or up her pussy. Of course, I have never had a cock in my mouth or up my ass. But I want us to devour each others' cock and take it all the way down our throat and man pussy." I have never been hotter hearing these words.

Landon moans: "Tad, please take me, suck me and fuck me. Let me suck you and fuck you. We are in for a night of unbelievable sex."

We get on the bed and move into a 69 position. We start kissing, licking and sucking on each others rock hard boners. Our cocks are now wet with spit and cum dripping all over our mouths. As we speed up the blowjobs, the act becomes more and more sloppy. The sounds of slurping from the blowjobs becomes so hot and exciting. The taste of each others' cum is driving both of us near a climax. We both begin fingering our partner's asshole thus making the sex even hotter.

We are so aroused that we can not stop sucking and fingering each other. Our lust is so powerful that we are able to deep throat each other. The smell of the spit, cum, man pussy odors and body sweat is about to take us over the edge. After about 20 minutes, I feel Landon's cock head swell and his cock veins pulsate in my mouth. I can feel my cock doing the same in his mouth.

All at once, we both erupt with huge loads of thick white semen in each others' mouth. The loads are huge forcing each of us to swallow our buddies warm seed. I relax and say: "Landon, baby, I have never had a more erotic smelling and tasteful meal from any guy. You are incredibly sexy." Landon says: Tad, me too. You are so hot." We kiss and share the taste of our cum.

We take a break and mix some vodka drinks. We are both feeling good after a couple of drinks. We start making out on the couch as we have remained butt naked. I put Landon on his back and start sucking and eating his beautiful shaven dark pussy and fingering his pink hole. Landon begs:"Baby, please eat me. I have never had my pussy eaten before. I love you."

When I finish, Landon puts me on my stomach and devours my blond ass. He loves the taste and he wildly sucks and fingers my pussy. When he finishes, we kiss to taste the smells of our asses.

We return to the soaked bed for a fucking session. Landon has me stand up and bend over the bed so he can fuck me doggie style. He lubes my ass, lubes his raging cock, puts on a red condom and lubes the condom. I have never had a 9" cock up my ass. Can I take this huge cock? I guess because I am so horny and all the lube, Landon plunges his monstrous cock all the way into my waiting and eager pussy. I can feel his huge balls bounce against my ass as my balls become hard. He fucks me in this position for the longest time. The lube and our juices provide for a sloppy and smooth pounding in and out of my ass. I have never felt more sexy and serving as Landon's bitch. I beg him to fuck me harder and harder. I can feel his huge cock rub against my prostrate. I feel his hot breath against my neck.

I feel him pull out and he orders me to get on my left side on the bed. He gets behind me and inserts his large tool into my ass as his body melts into my body from my head to my feet. The heat from out bodies adds to the thrill of the sex. I reach around at one point and place hot kisses on Landon's wet mouth.

All at once Landon yells: "Baby, Baby, this is my favorite position. I feel my hard cock all the way up your ass. I feel our bodies intertwined. Our bodies feel as if they are on fire. Oh I am so horny. My cock has never felt better. I cannot hold back any longer. I am cumming. I am cumming." Landon explodes burst after burst of cum into the condom. When he is spent, he pulls out his now gradually softening cock, pulls off the cum filled condom and puts it under my nose so I can smell his man seed. This causes my cock to throb and jerk wildly. He smiles and says: Tad, honey, this is the first time my 9" cock has ever been all the way in a pussy. I love your pussy, man."

I am rock hard and lust after Landon's pussy. I order him to get on his back and place his legs and feet on my shoulders. I lube his ass, my cock, put on the condom and lube it. Landon moves his ass up toward my cock and says: "Tad, I want you to fuck me but I am really afraid it is going to really hurt. Please be careful. I could be sore for days." I respond: "Baby, I will be gentle. I will use my fingers to open you up and lube the inside of your ass. You will be fine. You will love my cock up your pussy." Landon becomes excited and says: "Baby, we can do it, can't we? I want your cock in me so bad. Go for it."

I slowly enter Landon's ass. First one. then two, then three, then four and finally I slide all 8.5" of my aching cock into the deepest part of his wet pussy. The lube, my spit and his ass juices provide a slick channel for my cock to plunge in and out. Landon bucks up and down as he pants, moans and breaths hard while loving my cock drilling his ass. He yells: "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, Oh, it feels so good. Oh, I love your hard cock. I feel a part of you, baby. Keep fucking me."

The dirty talk does it for me. My balls rise, push the cum up my cock shaft, out my piss slit and into the condom. I ejaculate at least seven major bursts. I pull out, take off the condom and empty its load onto Landon's face. I lick off the cum and share it with my lover, Landon.

We hug as our wet cum bodies are in a tight embrace for a long time. We share our new found love that is both emotional and physical. As we get ready to shower, Landon looks at me with a beautiful romantic stare and says: "Tad, my lover, I am so glad that those women rejected me because I have found true love and the best sex ever. Please never leave me."

I kiss Landon and say: "Landon, darling, you will never be able to get rid of me. Our bi-racial union is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can hardly wait until we get you moved into my condo. Will you marry me? Please say yes."

With joy in his face and tears in his eyes, Landon grabs me, kisses me deeply and says: "OH, YES! I will marry you."

We both begin feeling a hardening of our cocks from this excitement and love.



Naughty Eric


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