Many years ago I did a longer walk in England. Everything was prepared well, the route had been worked out and the places for staying overnight on the route had been booked.

On my walk I then arrived one day at a youth hostel on the mound of a river into the sea and I was told by the couple who ran it that only one more person would be there for the night.

After a long day's walk I needed a shower first and I went to the bathroom. The other person obviously had arrived before I did and wow, what a man was that. He was standing naked in front of the mirror and shaved his head. He was about my age and he looked stunning with his shaved head.

I took my cloths off and went past him to the shower. I couldn't help that my cock got bigger and bigger and I turned round that he could only see my back and started masturbating under the water that fell down on my long hair. I shampooed my hair and my cock got even harder and now I was shampooing and masturbating at the same time.

When I turned my head to see if that beautiful sexy man was still there I saw that he was still shaving his head but he was also serving his cock at the same time. We didn't talk at all to each other in the bath, he finished his business and disappeared and I finished mine and thought about the sexual effect of shaving my head as well.

When the evening meal was served he came to my table and asked if he could sit down. We then had a nice talk about the walk we were doing and what we did for our livings. After we had finished our meals he asked if I would like to join him down to the beach and we had again a good conversation about everything and nothing.

We were the only people at the beach and we sat down on a rock. I couldn't resist telling him how much I liked his shaved head. He said: 'I think I realised that when you were standing under the shower and I got horny as well when I saw you.' I asked him if he would allow me to touch his shaved head and when he agreed and when I touched his wonderful smooth head I felt my cock being just seconds away from an explosion. He smiled and opened my trousers and took my cock in his hand.

Now it took us only a few seconds that we found ourselves completely naked lying on the beach and hugging and kissing each other. I could not stop caressing his shaved head and his cock got bigger and bigger. I took his cock and he took mine and finally we both had wonderful orgasms.

When we were lying relaxed on the beach I said: 'I think I would love to have my head shaved as well. It makes me horny just thinking about it.' He said that he would love to do that for me and the next half hour we made the plan how to do it. We would go the same way the next day and the path would be along the coast. We decided that we would look for a quiet place where he then could shave my head.

I had grown a full beard then as well and I had a beard trimmer with me which ran on batteries. I also had shaving cream and razor with me because I had intended already to shave off my beard after the walk.

After we returned to the youth hostel I made sure to charge the battery of the beard trimmer. Thinking of my head being shaved the next day and after an orgasm I had in bed I fell asleep. We had a good breakfast the next morning and then we took off.

A few miles away from the hostel we found a nice quiet place and we decided that it should happen here. He asked me: 'Are you sure that you want to be shaved completely bald like me? We could cut your hair shorter first and you can have a look if you like it.' - 'I'm sure that I want it and I don't want to have a look at myself before I'm completely bald.' I said.

We both took off our clothes and he sat down on a rock. His cock was standing upright already and I sat down on his lap feeling his cock in my ass. I handed the beard trimmer over to him and took my own cock in my hands.

He started the engine of the trimmer and guided the blade to the right side of my head and started to shave off the hair above my right ear and down to my neck. I felt the cool blade on the skin of my head and now he shaved the next track and I saw my hair falling down on our bodies.

After a while the right side of my head was shaved and he took one of my hands away from my cock and guided it to the shaved part of my head. It was such a good feeling that I had to move my cock faster in my other hand.

My new friend then started to shave the other side of my head and he did it very slowly track by rack until only a Mohawk was left on my head. I touched both sides of my shaved head now with my hands and he grabbed my cock and masturbated it and his own penis movements got faster as well.

Now the rest of my hair had to come off as well. Again I took my cock into both my hands and as I felt that all hair on my head had gone I ejaculated and caught my sperm with both hands and rubbed it into the shaved skin of my head.

He moved his cock then out of my ass and pushed me down. His ejaculation landed on my shaved head as well and he massaged my head with his and my sperm.

We rested for a while and then he looked into my face and said: 'Your shaved head does suit you very well but we should do something with your beard.' He took the beard trimmer again and started shaving my face. He gave my beard the shape of a goatee and then he was satisfied with my new look.

Both our bodies were covered with my long hair and it was time to wash it all off. We went into to water and dived under. It was a wonderful feeling not to have to care about drying my hair anymore and I went back to our rock to get the shaving foam and razor.

My beautiful friend was standing in the water, his cock and balls were above the water surface. He asked me to kneel down in front of him and began to apply shaving cream on my head. As his cock was getting hard again I took it in my mouth and sucked it while he started shaving my head with the razor. I masturbated my own cock at the same time under water and we had our orgasms nearly at the same time. My sperm was taken away by the ocean and his sperm again landed on my head - this time shaved completely bald.

We went back to direction beach and sat down in the water and he finally shaved my face. Back on our rock I wanted to see the result of my transformation now. I took a mirror out of my backpack and had a look at myself. I screamed of joy seeing the new me in the mirror. I asked my friend to hold the mirror for me and I couldn't stop masturbating seeing my image in the mirror until I had my next orgasm.

We had spent several hours at the beach and now it was time to continue our walk. We got dressed again and left. During the whole way I couldn't resist touching my shaved head again and again. It happened very often that day and during the next days that I touched both my shaved head and my cock while walking to that day's end point.

My new friend I met again a few days later and we took the opportunity to shave each other's heads and having fun together. Since that first time I shave my head regularly standing naked in front of a mirror and I always have an orgasm then. I'm also quite inventive to find new methods of shaving my head and sometimes it can take up to six hours for my head shave celebrations.



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