My First Grinder Hook Up.

My name is Josh. I've been working as a contractor for the US Navy after my discharge two years back. I've been working in Italy doing quality control for drinking water for the bases around Europe, and my boss has decided to send me to Virginia Tech to get some training in water treatment to further my understanding in the processes.

I jumped all over this opportunity, I hadn't been in the states in two years and my Italian is pretty week making it very are to communicate with the men here. Did I mention that I'm gay? Its super hard to get laid when you have trouble just talking to someone.

So I went to Virginia. On the plan ride i watched the movie Hit and Run, in it a gay cop talks about this gay hook up app called Grindr and I got a little curious.

After I got settled into the hotel I downloaded the app and gave it a shot. after uploading a few picture of myself i started getting messages from some really cute guys and a few creepy ones too. But one in particular caught my attention.

He was way handsome, tall about 6ft slightly muscular and mixed black. We got to chatting and I divulged to him that i was a bottom and slightly submissive. Which must have peeked his interest because he started asking for fresh pictures of me, which I gladly sent. But then he started asking me for dirtier pictures and I started to feel a bit slutty but in a good way and exciting way.

He told me he wanted a picture of mu cock so i obliged in turn I asked for his and he delivered and oh my damn when I say this was a beautiful specimen 8in long nice and thick beautifully cut cock. my mouth watered. He then requested to see my ass so I sent him the picture he wanted with a little bit of added flare, what he got was a picture of my firm white cheeks with two fingers up my ass. 

That's when he asked if we could meet.

I was stunned, but of course I said yes and immediately started to get nervous. I took a shower and got my self nice and clean and prepped for this hung -caramel god that was coming to see me.

After an hour of waiting he messaged me to let me know that he was in the lobby, I sent him my room number and waited. My nerves were on edge, my entire body was on fire with anticipation.


He was there just on the other side of the door.

I opened it and he was better looking than the photo gave him credit for broad shoulders short curly hair he was wearing a red t-shirt and basket ball shorts.

"Hello, please come in" I said

He walked in and introduced himself."I'm Jessie"

"Josh" I said

"Its been a very long tome since I've done this so I'm am so nervous right now"

"That's ok" he says as he takes of his tennis shoes and empties his pockets on the coffee table. He was so confident.

"So how would you like to start?"n I asked him nervously.

He didn't say a word just stepped up to me and started rubbing on my cock. His touch was electric and I got hard almost immediately. I started rubbing on his member though his shorts and it felt a lot bigger than it looked and it was so firm.

After a few minuets of this teasing game i dropped to my knees in from of him, I could smell him though his shorts  and the bulge was just so prominent. i puled his shorts down to his ankles and revealed the monster that swung between his legs. I gasped. Looking up to him I said " Damn this thing looks so much bigger in person"

He just chuckled a little then put his hand on the back of my head so I obediently moved in taking burst his large heavy balls into my mouth,. They tasted so good and felt to full the skin of his sack  and the cushion of his pubic hair was like a nest for my mouth and I went to work. First licking his left nut then the right and sucking on his sack like I was going to lose it. Then I kissed and licked my way up the shaft of his giant cock until i reached the large head, it was a beautiful sight poking straight at me my hand on the base of his shaft a single jewel of precum formed on the tip, I liked it off with a flick of my tongue then took him into my mouth, only about half at first bobbing my head back and forth on his large inflamed member rubbing and twirling my tongue all over the shaft and head while he held my head in his hands almost face fucking me. 

After about five minuets hell it could of been an hour I don't know I was in ecstasy, I decided to try and deep throat this monstrous thing and found that I could and hardly gagged at all. So I decided to climb upon the  bed and lay on my back with my head hanging off the side. He knew exactly what I wanted and he then came over and put his meat in my mouth and started to skull fuck me driving his large dick into my through and his heavy balls onto my face. then to my surprise I felt his beautiful lips on my cock sucking in rhythm as he fucked my eager mouth.

This must have gone on for about 10 minuets and he stopped stood up and flipped me around and put my legs in the air, I thought it was time that he was ready for the main event but instead he dropped to his knees and start eating my ass while he worked my cock. It was amazing he had a long wide tongue and he worked my hole so good and started using his fingers to first one the two and finally three prodding and twisting readying me for the beast between his legs. He then stood up and put on a condom Magnum that is he pushed up against my eager hole but I had to stop him he was just a little to big and enthusiastic so he climbed on the bed and lay down I got on top of him and eased it in slowly feeling the fiery pain shoot through me from my fuck hole and out into my body but it only lasted a minuet or two and the I was riding that big black dick slowly at first only going in and out about half way until he grabbed my hips and forced me down balls deep oh my god did it hurt but the pain gave way to sheer ecstasy in a flash and i picked up the pace I was bouncing and grinding on his dick while he grabbed and smacked my ass then he took control flipping me on my back his huge rod pulling free from the grips of my boy pussy as he did leaving my feeling momentarily empty but he soon replaced it back to where it belonged and with one leg out beside him and the other on his shoulder he fucked me real good fast paced hard slams every other one hurt but the ones in between sending ripple of intense pleasure through my body making it hard to notice any pain at all.

After a moment that felt like and eternity and an instant he flipped me over and started pounding my white ass from behind gripping my hips with one hand and pushing down on my back with the other ramming and fucking me hard I could feel him rubbing against my prostate as he slammed into me bringing me near to orgasm with just his magnificent cock.


That's when he said "I'm about to cum.


He pulled his throbbing rod out of my used and and stretched ass as I rolled onto my back waiting for my reward. As he pulled the condom off I noticed that he had already start shooting into it and I started to get disappointed until he pulled the Trogan Magnum free dropping it on my chest and still managed to squirt three large spurts of hot delicious cum into my mouth I savored it keeping it in my mouth as i sucked the remaing drops from his softening cock jerking my own while doing so.

He spun me around and took my hard cock into his mouth using his mouth and fist the suck/jerk me off and finger banging my still open asshole at the same time. I swallowed the cum I still had in my mouth then picked the condom up off my chest ans sucked the nice load out off it swallowing that as well. now feeling overwhelmed with the massive load of cum sliding down my throat three of his large fingers in my ass and his strong mouth on my cock I started to feel my orgasm come forth.

"OH GOD IM GONNA CUM! IM GONNA CUM!" I shouted as he pulled his mouth off my cock (very disappointing) and he jerked my cock off onto my stomach a bigger stronger load than I usually shoot. I even managed to get some of it on my own face.

It was amazing and I wanted more but he was already getting dressed as I sat up a little drained but ready for more he said his thanks then left.

I felt kinda used and dirty and you know what? It turned me on even more. I'm totally going to use Grindr a lot in the future.....



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