As I got into the store I really wasn't sure what to do so I walked and looked at magazines loaded with pictures of women sucking men's cock and men sucking men's cocks.   This just caused my own dick to stir.  I saw a sign that said $5 minimum to enter the booth area so I bought my $5 and entered.  There were several men just loitering around so I quickly entered a booth and dropped my coins into the machine and on the screen were 2 men having sex.  I was fascinated watching as 1 man has his cock up the others ass and they both looked as though they enjoyed.  As I watched I realized my own dick was straining inside my pants.  I just quickly dropped my pants and shorts and began to stroke my hardened cock.  

As I sat on the bench watching the screen I noticed a square hole beside my left shoulder.  I didn't think much of it until someone entered it and dropped their coins.  Curiosity got and I looked into the hole as he dropped his shorts revealing  a shaved cock and balls  of average size.  My neighbor turned towards the square opening and moved against the hole so I could see clearly.  Having been watching my own screen i reached out to touch his dick which had some precum oozing out the tip.  

As a kid my friends and I would jack off together and once in a while someone got the nerve to put their month on one of our cocks so I knew what to do in this booth.  I hesitantly licked the end of his cock and held it in my hand.  My lust just carried me away and i held his balls and sucked on his cock.  My own dick was so hard it hurt.   After a couple  minutes my neighbor pulled back and stuck his hand through the hole and I stood up and did as he had done.  I love my wife and she can give a good blow job.  But what I got from my neighbor was soooo much better and I show my load in  just a few minutes.  I don't consider myself gay but what I experienced that evening,  I'll return for more.



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