It was my first day of school and was not looking forward to it. My name is Josh I'm 18 years old, I'm in my last year of high school and of course I was new to town and not to mention openly gay. So I was always worried about how kids at school would treat me. My parents had moved us to Long Beach in California. My Dad is a C.E.O. of a very successful company and my mother was a lawyer who owned three firms in L.A, Boston, and Washington. So they did not take money lightly. We did have a big home in a wealthy neighborhood, but they never let it get to their heads. If I wanted something or needed money they would make me do chores to earn it. While when it came to my education my parents would do checks on the nearest schools and pick the best one and spare no expense. But I am getting of the topic.

As I drove to school I was just worried about making friends, not many people are as accepting as some so making friends is not always the easiest thing. As I arrived, I headed straight for the main office. It was my first time in a private school so things were different. As I was walking I became distracted by the look of the school and crashed into someone dropping my transcripts. Oh sorry about that. No it was my bad I was distracted. Ahh so you must be new. You could tell? Every new kid gets that way. By the way my name is Cameron. Josh. How old are you? 18. Cool I'm 19 I got held back a year. Oh, Let me help with that. As he helped me pick up my stuff I could not help but stare. I quickly caught myself hoping he did not notice. But that was not the case. At that moment my heart started to race as I thought I was about to get chewed out. So how about a date? I was overly surprised at what he had just asked me. What? You heard me a date. Sure okay. Great here's my number text me your address and be there at six, see you then. My heart was racing even louder than before this time with excitement.

Through my first two classes things had been fine but I couldn't keep my mind off of Cameron. I never met someone like him, but then again I wasn't new to dating so this was rare. As I entered P.E. my thoughts became interrupted when all of a sudden my hand was grabbed by the person I was thinking about. Hey there cutie miss me. I just gave him a light laugh. It felt as if we had been a couple since ninth grade. As P.E. went on we began talking. I got to learn more about him other than the fact he was the first person to talk to me. As school ended Cameron had escorted me to my car. As I said my goodbyes all I could think about was think about the date.

It was six and no one was home dad fad to fly to Boston to meet with a business associate of his, and mom would be pulling an all nighter at her new firm. Seeing how it was one of hers. All of a sudden the door bell began to ring. When I opened the door I was happy to see Cameron, and before I could even greet him I was surprised with a kiss. As we went on the kiss got deeper and more intense. It felt as if I were melting in his arms with no regards. We then stopped as I closed the door and led him upstairs to my room. As we got to my bed he began to take my shirt off kissing down my neck to my now erected nipples. As he began nibbling on my nipples I began screaming in pure ecstasy. I then kissed his neck even as I removed his shirt. He then returned back to my lips to play with my tongue some more. As he started taking my pants off kissing down my torso finding every sensitive spot he could until he reached his goal. Without any hesitation he devoured my now fully erected 7 inch cock, which made me go wild. I'm so close. Upon hearing that he picked up the pace to the point I could not take it anymore. I-I'm Cumming. It felt like I had exploded cum as he gave me a taste of my own seed in a passionate kiss. I then followed suit and began swallowing his 10 inches drooling all over to get it nice and wet. Wait I don't want to cum just yet. I then stopped as requested. Do you have any lube? I then went to my drawer and pulled out a tube of the stuff as he spread it all over his fingers. As he began to finger me he added a second and then a third followed. When he felt that I had been loosened up he then spread lube on his cock and without warning shoved all ten inches in me. The pain did not last long and he began pounding away at me. Oh god oh god yes fuck me harder give it to me. I want you to cum in me. With that his pace picked up hitting my prostate sending me into overdrive. He then released his cum into my waiting ass with me right behind him. As we came down from our sex high he just asks, so what do you want to do for our second date?

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