I first realized I was different from the other boys was when I was almost twelve, until then I played sports, got in a few fights, pretty much acted like the other boys. I joined a youth league to play football and they had showers in the clubhouse and the first time I took a shower with the other guys, I had an extremely hard time not looking at all those wonderful cocks. When I got home, I went right to the bathroom and jerked off thinking about all those pricks bouncing around in the shower. I got really good at checking out the bouncing cocks without getting caught and I wanted to hold one so bad, I would get a hard on, but nobody thought anything about it as the rest of the guys had hard-ons from time to time and it was always a big joke. I went out with girls to keep the illusion up and always made sure I dated the virgins and they always thought I was just being respectful of their feelings by not trying to touch them in a sexual way. Well I turned seventeen, my parents had a party for me and one of the guests was a young man of twenty-two my father worked with and seemed lonely, so my dad invited him. I really liked him, he was funny, very attractive and articulate and we hit it off real well, at the end of the night he asked me if I would like to go see a movie or something with him the next night and I almost jumped into his arms I was so happy he had asked.

I must have changed outfits three times getting ready for my date and when he finally got there it was all I could do not to run to his car. He came in, made a bit of small talk with my parents and we left, after he pulled away from the curb, he said he wanted to make a pit stop if I didn't mind and of course I told him I didn't mind. We drove to an industrial center; he pulled the car behind a dark building and parked. He turned to me and said he had wanted to do this since last night when he first met me and he took my face in his hands and kissed me. Now I knew what heaven felt like, his lips were soft and felt so awesome on mine and when he put his tongue in my mouth, I came in my pants. He kissed me so passionately for at least four or five minutes I think, I was moaning and shaking and had both my arms wrapped around him. When he came up for air, he looked at me what such a lustful look and told me he was going to make me his and all I could do was moan a yes. I was so hot, I didn't realize he had taken his dick out until he grabbed my hand and put it on his hot, hard cock and I was shaking because I finally had a cock in my hand. It felt so good, hard but kind of soft on the outside and I was almost delirious with joy just holding his cock. He said in a real sexy voice, open your shirt and make me cum on your belly honey, show me how much you like my cock. I held that magnificent muscle in one hand while I opened my shirt with the other. I rubbed his big hard cock on my stomach, at the same time caressing it gently and my first lover kissed me again and said to me, ' Pump harder baby, do my cock like you do yours, show me what a good girl you are' and I took his balls in my free hand and pumped his cock for all I was worth. He was moaning loud now and saying, 'Yes baby, yes, make daddy cum baby.' and then I felt his cock growing bigger in my hand, I thought my cock was going to break through my pants and it ached so bad, then he stiffened up, moaned like a girl and I felt his red hot cum splash all over my stomach.

After a few minutes my new lover opened his eyes, kissed me and told me how wonderful I made him feel, took my face in his hands and said to me, 'I want to see you naked sweetheart, get undressed so I can feel your naked body next to mine.' He told me to get in the back of the car after I stripped, he stripped, got in back with me, got on the floor on his knees between my legs and took hold of my raging cock in both his hands, I moaned like a little girl and shot my load all over him. He got up so that he was standing over me and told me to lick him clean and being his good little girl, I licked all my cum off of him and was wondering while I cleaned my cum of him, what his cum tasted like.. By the time I had him clean, his cock was rock hard again and he was rubbing it on my face and I couldn't believe how good his hot hard cock felt on my face. I was in heaven feeling his hot cock on my face and then he was rubbing it on my lips, my cock was rock hard again that fast, I was in another time zone feeling his cock on my lips. Then he said, 'Open up baby, daddy wants you to make love to his prick and show me how much you love my cock' and my mouth opened all by itself. When he slid his hot sweet cock into my mouth, I thought I died and went to heaven, it was hard but felt so silky and it was all mine to suck. I sucked and licked his hot prick for a while, my cock was aching so bad again, but I was not going to let his cock out of my mouth and then he put a hand on each side of my face and fucked my mouth like it was a pussy. He said, 'Oh yes baby, show me what a good pussy you are and fuck my cock, and his cock was bouncing off my tonsils. After a few minutes of having my mouth used like a pussy. He grabbed the back of my head, held me so his cock was buried to the hilt in my mouth. I felt his cock expand in my mouth and then he flooded my throat and mouth with his hot, sweet, sticky cum and I swallowed every drop of his nectar and hardly choked at all. He didn't pull his cock out right away, so I kept sucking on it and thinking how wonderful it was to finally taste a sweet prick.

He pushed me down onto the seat, got on top with his half hard cock still in my mouth and took my aching cock into his mouth and it was all I could do not to cum right then. He squeezed the base of my cock hard while he licked it and that kept me from shooting my load right then. I kept on working his cock over but it was too soon after and when he started sucking my cock and running his tongue under the head, my ass came off the seat and I exploded in his mouth. He turned around, laid on top of me and I could feel his whole body pressing into mine, and I was sure I had died and gone to heaven. He kissed me, put his tongue in my mouth and it had some of my cum on it, so I sucked his tongue clean. We lay like that kissing, he told me to wrap my legs around him and when I did, it really made me feel like a little pussy and I loved it. He said to me, 'You know you belong to me now, don't you baby' and I said yes I knew, he said, 'You are going to be a good pussy for me aren't you baby and do whatever I say.' I told him I would do anything he wanted, he smiled and told me he knew I would be a good girl for him. On the drive home, I lay on his lap with his cock in my mouth, playing with my cock and when we pulled up in front of my house, he filled my mouth with his sweet cum again and I came all over myself. He told me to get some KY jelly for tomorrow night because he was going to take me to a motel and take my virginity and I hardly slept that night I was so keyed up and turned on. He picked me up the next night, I had a jock strap on to keep my hard-on from showing and the KY jelly in my pocket and his cock was hanging out, so I kissed it and licked it. We drove to a motel, he checked us in and when inside, he made me do a strip for him and jerk off for him and while I was playing with my cock, he told me what a good sub I was and I realized he was right, I loved being told what to do. He told me he was going to fuck me missionary style so he could see my face while he fucked me and I could also wrap my legs around him like I was a girl. He put me on my hands and knees first, worked the KY jelly into my asshole and I liked him fingering my asshole so much, I was almost in a frenzy waiting to be fucked for the first time.

When he was satisfied I was ready for him, he turned me over, told me to put my legs in the air like a good pussy, got between my legs and rubbed his dick over my asshole, making me moan. His cock was only about five inches, so when he put the head of his cock to my asshole and pushed, it went in very easily and he stooped with just the head in me. He asked if I was okay, I said I was fine and he pushed his cock all the way up my ass. I couldn't believe how fucking good his cock felt in my ass, it was sliding in and out with ease; my cock was rock hard again and rubbing against his stomach. He pinned my legs back like I was a woman and started slamming my ass just like it was a pussy and I had never been so happy in my life, I was even moaning like a girl. He fucked me like that for a while and was also telling me that I was the best fuck he ever had, how pretty I was and how happy he would make me as long as I spread my legs for him. He told me to hold my prick against his stomach and when I did, it was rubbing that spot under the head and I came all over his belly and when my hot cum hit his stomach, he shot his hot load up my ass and that was the second greatest feeling of my life, the cum in my mouth the best. After we recovered, I got him hard again, licking and kissing his sweet prick, he put me on all fours, lubed my asshole and slid his hard cock into my ass again and doggy fucked me, only this way, he had hold of my cock and jerked me off while he fucked me. He rode me like I was a dog and I loved it so much, my face was buried in the pillow and I was crying because it felt so fucking good to be used like this by my lover. When I felt his cock growing in my ass and I knew he was about to fill my asshole with his hot cum, I howled like an animal and when he came in my ass, I almost passed out it was so fucking intense. I was his little pussy after that night, he would pick me up on Friday night, take me to a motel, strip me naked and spend the night fucking my ass and mouth or we would lie on the bed, kiss and play with each other and I was never so happy in my life.

I loved being his boy toy, I loved lying on my back with his cock buried in my ass, my legs wrapped around him and hear him tell me what a good pussy I am. After being together for four months he had me so well trained, I did whatever he said without question or hesitation, so when he said we were going shopping to get me some suitable woman's clothes I just took it in stride. He took me to a small boutique that specialized in dressing men in women's clothes and he bought me a black mini skirt, black bra and panties, cobalt blue silk blouse and three inch heels to match the blouse and black thigh high stockings. We went to our favorite motel, he shaved me which was an easy job as I haven't any hair on my arms, legs, chest and very little around my cock, dressed me in the new clothes and I don't know why, but I felt very sexy being dressed like a girl and it didn't take me very long to learn how to walk in the heels. While I was learning to walk in the heels, he got naked and his cock was so hard you could have hung a load of wash from it and once I was able to stand comfortably in the heels, he bent me over and fucked me so hard I had a sore ass from being pounded but he made up for it all when he shot the biggest load he ever gave me up my ass. The next night I dressed in my girls clothes in the car and he took me out clubbing and it was so nice, he treated me like I was a girl, opened doors for me, pulled my chair out, got me drinks and fussed over me. I made a pretty convincing girl too, quite a few guys hit on me and asked me to dance but my lover kept me at his side all night. All through the night he would put his hand up my skirt and fondle my cock so my cock had that ache all night and he would bring me to the edge and back off. My cock was like a raging inferno and when we left the club as soon as we were out of the parking lot he told me to strip and I set a record getting out of those clothes and when my cock hit the cool air, I came like a fountain and he laughed, saying his little pussy was really hot tonight wasn't she. He drove to the Industrial Center, made me put the stocking and heels on and fucked me like I was a girl and I squealed like I was a girl when he came in my ass.

The following Friday night instead of going to the motel, he had me dress in my girlie clothes and took me to a house party and when we walked in, there were about ten guys and two 'Girls' dressed like me, except one had a red blouse and the other a yellow blouse, with shoes to match. My boyfriend told me this was going to be a really fun night for me and just do what I am told and don't embarrass him. Music was playing, one of the men came over and asked me to dance and remembering what my boyfriend said, I danced with him. It was a slow dance and this man told me my boyfriend told him I was the best piece of ass he ever had and he couldn't wait to fuck me and the realization hit me that's what the three 'Ladies' were doing here, we were going to pleasure all these men. Another man cut in, pulled me into him by my ass and told me he had a hard-on for me that needed taking care of and he led me up the stairs to a bedroom, pushed me onto the bed, coated his cock with a lube, pushed my legs back, pushed my panties aside and drove his cock home up my ass. I couldn't believe how much I loved being taken like I was a little whore and he had me panting and moaning like a porn star and when he grabbed my stiff prick, I came all over him. He didn't seem to mind in the least, he just kept slamming his cock to me and making funny noises until he stiffened up and let loose with a really big load of hot cum in my ass. Another man came in, told me to undress but leave the stockings on and when I stood up to undress, I could feel the cum running out of my ass and I just loved that feeling. The man had undressed to, put me on all fours at the end of the bed and stood on the floor as he slammed his cock up my ass and made me moan real loud. We were both enjoying him fucking me when I felt somebody get on the bed and when I looked up, there was a hard cock in front of my face. I opened my mouth and the owner of that magnificent beast slid it into my mouth and I now had the exquisite experience of having both my holes fucked at the same time.

I knew for sure I had died and gone to heaven now, two hard cocks to fuck and suck, what more could a young man want out of life and when I felt the cock in my mouth swell up, I knew I had to cum too, so I stroked my cock and we both came at the same time. It was so fucking intense having him cum in my mouth when I came that I collapsed onto the bed and the cock in my ass never missed a beat. It just kept pounding my ass until it swelled up nice and big and then exploded shooting red hot cum all the way up my ass and before I could even get my breath, hands had pulled me back to my hands and knees and another cock was shoved into my ass and one in my mouth. This time after both cocks emptied their precious loads into my waiting fuck holes, I was turned back over and I could feel the cum running down from my ass and collecting around me as I lay there. Before I could take a deep breath, there was another cock in my ass and one in my mouth and I know it sounds kind of brutal, but I really loved being used like this, when one cock came in my mouth or ass, I could hardly wait for one to take it's place. I don't know how many gallons of cum I swallowed or had in my ass but I do know the guys sent the other two ladies home and concentrated on just me. I loved being their little whore so much they had a party every month with me as the star attraction after that and I still can't get enough cock to satisfy me, so I see all ten of these men during the rest of the month.



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