A yellow stream, glistening in the bright lights of the large, tile-lined shower room, splattered into the indented trough that encircled the floor of the room. The urine mixed with shower-water runoff as it headed for a drain.

"Geez! Brad's pissing!" Kent hissed in surprise.

I glanced over my shoulder at Brad, a student newly transferred into our high school senior class and the newest member of our varsity swim squad. He grinned at me, widened his stance, causing his cock to bounce and the urine stream to waver, put his hands on his hips in a bold gesture that made him look even sexier, and said, looking directly at me, "So what?"

I only blushed, but was unable to pull my eyes away from his long, thick, tubular cock. Unconsciously, I turned my body to face him.

"It's sterile, you know," he added, still looking directly at me.

"Uhh... What is?" I managed to ask haltingly, looking up into his face.

"Urine. Piss is. It's sterile, clean, when its healthy, like mine is. Didn't you know that?" he asked haughtily, as if implying that the group of us knew nothing.

"Oh," I responded.

"And besides, it's going into the same drain as the urinals."

I nodded, looking at the drain and then back at the stream and that big dick.

"All you sexy guys starin' at my dick, is gettin' me horny," Brad said boldly, and then added brazenly, "Guess I'll have to jerk off!"

It was electrifying. I'm sure we all looked as stunned as I felt.

'Shit! Why look so startled?" he exploded. "Don't you guys ever jack off? Look at you! You're just watchin' me standin' here takin' a leak and you're listenin' to me talk about jackin' off and you're all sproutin' hard-ons."

I glanced down at myself. Sure enough, my meat was on the rise - not standing, mind you, but in those obvious initial stages of puffiness and elongation. I quickly glanced around and saw that the others, Kent, George, Joe, and Ivan, were all having the same reaction. They were showing obvious enlargement, too. It was electrifying.

"We never jack off," Kent announced dramatically, but in a stage whisper. No one wanted us to be overheard.

"Why the hell not?" Brad asked. The stream diminished and, then, ended with a few sexy spurts and a wiggle as he seemed to flaunt the big cock at us. He turned to face all five of us, his hands still on his hips, elbows out, in a defiant, yet powerfully sexy, pose. His dick was swelling as we stared; growing even longer, now stretching down well below his huge balls.

"Coach won't allow it," George explained grimly, shaking his head. 'Says it saps a young man's strength and impairs peak performance in sports. The five of us are all on Coach's wrestling team, too, so he says we're doubly obligated to conserve our natural energies."

"What bullshit!" Brad huffed knowingly.

I was startled by his self-assurance.

Under his breath, almost to himself, Brad added, "I wonder why he lets us senior boys swim in the nude if he's such a prude?"

"No. No," Kent insisted. "George is telling you the truth. The five of us have been teammates together under Coach for three years, now, and just about every single day, Coach has been warning us not to jack off, demanding, in fact, that we not jack off. He watches us like a hawk when we wrestle or swim, shower and dress, saying that he'll be able to spot any boy who's been 'playing with himself' just from the way his balls will hang down. He insists us eighteen-year-old seniors swim together in the nude, and wrestle in practice with only jocks on, so he can keep a close check on what's going on."

"That's even bigger bullshit!" Brad snorted, chuckling about something to himself.

"What's so funny?" Joe asked, so quietly he was hardly heard.

As I glanced over at Joe, a handsome, lithe, redhead whom I had always secretly desired, I noticed that as a group, as if of one mind, we had all moved towards the center of the room, sort of semi-surrounding Brad, although, shyly, still keeping our distance. Each of us seemed equally aroused by the sexy talk; fascinated, indeed, to be so openly talking about anything to do with sex. It seemed exhilarating yet mischievous at the same time.

"Well, look at yourselves!" Brad said grinning. He seemed older and more mature than the rest of us. "You're all just a couple of heartbeats away from full hard-ons just from watching a guy take a leak and from talking about jacking off. You guys gotta change your habits. You gotta start jackin' off. You gotta get into it. Jacking off is good for you."

"'Good for you'?" Kent repeated questioningly, honest curiosity evident in his voice.

"Well, for one thing, you'll stop havin' sleepless nights and wet dreams..." Brad instructed knowingly, pausing to look around at each of us as if waiting for confirmation, and then grinning when he saw Kent's face turn red, again. "...And, for another thing, when you jack off routinely your dick becomes 'sensitized' and orgasm is reached more slowly, sensuously, so by the first time you seriously try making out, touching an ass or a tit, (he squeezed his own dark, hard, nipple erotically as if in demonstration) you won't be shootin' all over the place, prematurely, before even gettin' it touched. I mean, look at you guys! You're all hard, now, just from talk."

It was true, we were all hard, I could plainly see, to my delight. But so was he! His giant cock had been, in fact, leading this group surge to arousal. And, since everyone was showing the same degree of arousal, I felt I could relax. I found comfort in being part of this group, not having to feel that anxiety I had always felt when erotic thoughts caused me to get a hard-to-conceal partial erection. I had feared being taunted for displaying obvious arousal, although I had often seen other erections during swimming classes, in locker rooms, and showers, and had even felt a good number of them when wrestling. But everything was covert, hidden, and not commented on. And Coach was always hovering nearby.

I also found it overwhelming stimulating that Brad avoided gender when talking about making out. He didn't say making out "with a girl," or touching "her" ass, or "her" tit. He didn't say getting "it" touched by "her." I got the feeling that he understood me. That he was talking to me.

"I don't even know how to jack off," Joe whispered. He was the most muscular among us, with a shapely, sexy body and an extremely large cock standing tall over immense balls. I was surprised by his admission, having imagined him jacking himself off. In fact, my mental picture of him playing with himself had often been a favorite fantasy of mine.

"Hell, it's called beatin' your meat," Brad told him with a friendly smile, "and it's as simple as this." With that, he took hold of his own cock at mid-shaft and began an easy up and down motion with his fist. The smooth movement was obviously well practiced. His expression turned to pure pleasure. "Ya just stroke it, man, that's all there is to it." he sighed, and when he added, "Yeah, man! That's it!" I looked at Joe.

My fantasy had come to life. Joe's entire body was taut with sexual excitement, gleaming in the bright lights, each muscle group well defined. But it was his giant cock that captured my attention. His fist was slowly raising and lowering itself on the thick, long organ as he fulfilled my fantasy, beating his meat in front of me.

"Geez! Look at Jack," someone whispered. I looked down at myself. I was beating my meat with the same steady stroke being demonstrated by Brad and reflected by Joe. It was awesome! I hadn't realized that my hand had found its true purpose until that very moment. I loved jacking off from then on! I almost shot off, then and there, immediately, but I wanted to concentrate on seeing what else would happen.

Instantly, George and Kent joined in the rhythmic pumping, keeping pace. They both looked spectacular.

All eyes seemed to turn to Ivan. He was dark-eyed, with jet-black hair and pale skin. His dark, straight, tall, erection stood proudly in front of generous, shiny black pubic hair. An enormous cockhead flared above a necklace of drawn back foreskin. Ivan hesitated for just a moment, as if wanting to continue watching all of us as we jacked off together, but then his fist moved knowingly to the heavy shaft and he joined in, too, beating his meat.

"Geez!" someone sighed.

We moved into a tighter, full circle without another word.

"Fellas," Brad suddenly announced huskily, "we got ourselves a genuine Circle Jerk!"

"Wow, a Circle Jerk!" someone else repeated in awe.

It is one of the most memorable moments of my entire life. The six of us were beating off together. It was magical, erotic, thrilling, and overwhelmingly sexual. Six big cocks being beaten in unison! I wanted to take it all in, trying to capture into my memory the sight of each and every one of these sexy guys. I felt great pleasure from the jack off and from being part of the circle, yet also felt a true sense of relief and gratitude that I had been allowed to be an accepted part of this tremendous sexual adventure, no questions asked, no aspersions cast. Just pump away and enjoy it. I knew I would come quickly.

I was about to be lifted up onto the balls of my feet, about to send jets of come into the air, when I heard the hoarse whisper of a familiar voice behind us:

"My Gawd, look at the six o' you!"

It was Coach!

I froze. Orgasm was put on hold. Instantly, I glanced at Brad, only to find him nonchalantly continuing to pound his big pecker, unconcerned.

I tore my eyes away to turn to look at Coach. To my amazement, he was smiling. An impressive bulge tented the white towel wrapped around his otherwise naked loins.

"I knew I'd catch you five fuckers together, one day," he announced, quietly, to our amazement. "I guess it took my new man, Brad, here, to get you guys started. Move aside, there, and let a man join in on the fun."

With that, he dropped his towel and shouldered his way into the circle between me and George, grabbing a hold of what was developing into a mammoth cock and joining in the meat beating. With his serious strokes, we all renewed our pumping.

"Look at all this fantastic meat," Coach sighed. "I've been waiting a long time for this day to come."

"You mean you wanted us to jack off together?" Ivan asked in wonder.

Coach raised and lowered his eyebrows in a sexy affirmative.

"Why didn't you tell us?" someone asked.

"I figured if I told you not to often enough, you'd keep thinking about jacking off, and thinking about it, until you'd do it. And I had hoped you'd do it together. Like this. I was right, but I had hoped this would happen sooner."

"You've got a nice one, Coach," Brad ventured.

"Man, look at us," Coach retorted, staring around obviously at each cock. "We all do!"

I had to agree. Coach, at about twenty-seven, looked in fantastic shape and had a fat, arching, shiny cock that gave me the impression of being well used. As I stood next to him, almost looking down directly onto the head of his huge cock, the idea of sucking it occurred to me, and my orgasm hit me immediately.

I rose onto the balls of my feet. My left hand grabbed a chunk of Coach's meaty buttocks for support, and I soared into orgasm. A massive explosion of white semen launched itself into the air and sailed higher than my head. It arched and sped downward, landing on Brad's flailing fist. His eyes opened wide and a shot of cum squirted out of his swollen cockhead and almost immediately landed on my chest with a loud splat.

That's all it took. Those two cum-shots. Instantly, all seven of us were caught up in a massive mutual orgasm, spewing jism in every direction, coating flesh all over the place. It just never seemed to end. I'm convinced that the sight of all these cocks shooting simultaneously caused each of us to pump out record volumes of semen. It was incredible!

* * * * *

The next afternoon, there was a note taped to my gym locker telling me to report to Coach's office.

Coach was standing on a wrestling mat in front of a large mirror in his office. He had explained to us that he likes to keep a mat there in order to demonstrate a particular hold or throw when discussing progress with his athletes. Now, covered only by skimpy nylon gym shorts, his near naked body looked particularly arousing as I entered the office. My heart did a flip-flop on seeing him standing there and I flashed back on the circle.

He motioned me over with a friendly gesture. "Jack," he said quietly, almost in a whisper of confidentially, "I really enjoyed that circle jerk yesterday. Didn't you?"

I nodded, smiling.

"I hope we do it again, often. Don't you?"

I nodded, again.

"I liked the touch of your hand on my ass as you came," he admitted, boldly.

I frowned.

"Don't you remember?" he asked.

I shook my head, dumbly.

"You were pumpin' so diligently that when you went up onto your toes to shoot your load, man, your left hand grabbed onto my asscheek and clung on for support."

"Oh! I remember, now," I admitted.

"Frankly, your touch brought me off," he told me.

"Gee!" I blurted, impressed at his admission.

"Yeah, and I liked the way you were oglin' my dick."

"I... I..." I stammered, not knowing what to say, and embarrassed at being "found out" about my interest in cocks.

"I thought you might like to take a closer look at it, today, privately, with just the two of us," he volunteered, running a hand down over the crotch of his shorts.

'A closer look..." I repeated.

"Sure. Com'on, slide these shorts down for me, okay?"

As if hypnotized, and overcoming what little reluctance I may have been feeling, I reached out and did as I was asked. As I pushed the garment downwards, my head got closer and closer to Coach's waist. The cock that came into view, dangling down but obviously puffed up with interest, looked spectacular up close. Its enormous knob was well-flanged and deeply-hued, looking spongy and fleshy. Big balls, larger than I had noticed before, seemed to be moving in the large nut-sac. As I stared, I saw the beautiful penis moving through its erectile process, filling out, and stretching first downwards and then lifting itself slowly, as if planning to aim itself at my mouth. I couldn't move, staying in this bent over position near his waist.

The shorts dropped out of my hands as they reached his knees, but still I stayed bent over watching the erection develop. The cock was now poking straight out. I figured it was a good ten inches in length, of which a good two inches was cockhead. So, as it continued to climb to full engorgement, the head got closer and closer and closer to my lips. I froze in awe, aware of heavy breathing from above. A hand was placed gently on the back of my neck, silently urging me to stay put.

When I didn't move in reaction to the hand, the big cock surged quickly to full erection, completing the process and standing a mere fraction from my lips. I could feel the heat of it on my skin, and smelled, for the first time, the arousal of another male. It was a powerful  aphrodisiac. An overwhelming feeling of lust surged through me.

"Why don't you..." He paused. "Wanna..." He paused, again. "Just touch it with your..." He stopped talking but his hips shifted his cockknob upwards and it grazed my lips.

The touch of the hot cock on my lips enflamed me. I licked out with my tongue, sliding it roughly over the smooth skin of the large cockhead. It felt satiny smooth, very hot, and surprisingly hard.

"That's it!" Coach sighed, applying slight pressure to the back of my neck, urging me to go down on him.

My lips parted and the huge knob entered my mouth, partly forced by his enthusiasm, partly drawn in by mine.

"Oh, yeah, Boy, suck it!" he hissed through clenched teeth.

I sucked liked the natural born cocksucker I am.

"Man! You can suck!" he enthused. "Geez, this feels tremendous! Oh, man, look at yourself!"

It hadn't occurred to me to try to see myself, but the moment I heard him say it, I knew I could look over into the mirror and see my reflection. And his!

What a fucking sight! My lips were ovalled around his mammoth cockshaft. My eyes looked wild with excitement. My cheeks were drawn in as I applied suction to the huge cockknob. My hand was hefting his great nutsac, tugging gently. His muscular body was strained with lust, looking sharply defined and truly magnificent. The sight was amazingly arousing.

"Slip out of those shorts," he whispered. It was a sexy command.

"That's it," he sighed, "you've got the sexiest body of the bunch."

I reveled in his flattery. My cock throbbed.

"That's it," he repeated, "beat that big meat!"

Startled, I glanced back at the mirror. I surprised myself. I was jacking off, almost absentmindedly, I was so absorbed in sucking his great cock.

"Stand up, for a moment," he ordered quietly. "Let me show you exactly how it feels to get your cock sucked," he added.

Immediately, my cock stood vibrating with enthusiasm, thrust out and up at him, waiting for the thrill I knew would come.

Slowly he bent down over my cockhead. I felt his hot breath on it and shivered with excitement. His tongue touched it. I almost passed out with pleasure.

Suddenly, the entire cockhead was immersed in radiant heat and sucking moisture. It was exquisite. Every nerve cell in my body fired off simultaneously. I was lifted immediately onto an awesome  plane of orgasmic bliss that stiffened my entire body, raised my balls up against the base of the shaft, and caused me to ejaculate instantly into his sucking mouth. I shot at least as much cum into him as I had pumped out during the circle jerk. It was a memorable orgasm.

Brad had been right! Had I jacked off routinely, I might have had more time to enjoy the encounter. But, then, Coach said just the right thing:  "I love it when a hot guy comes quick! Here, take MY load! Now!"

I dove back onto the hard column of male energy and sucked diligently. Coach humped cock into me and I allowed it to flow into my throat. I expected to choke, but I didn't. I loved what I was doing. I learned immediately that I love sucking cock!

He didn't come quickly, but I thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing as I stared at the thick shaft pushing into my mouth. Suddenly, without warning he pushed down hard on the back of my neck and started blasting off into me. It was heavenly! I rose up on the shaft and spurt after spurt filled my mouth as I swallowed quickly to keep up with the urgent flow. I loved it!

"Man, you're swallowing it! You're gonna be a great cocksucker! And you're still hard. Here, let me suck it again!"

I knew that by calling me a cocksucker he meant it as a great compliment. I was thrilled! And I immediately thought of Brad's big cock, and of Ivan's, and Kent's, and George's, and Joe's! I thrilled at the thought of showing each of them how great a blowjob feels! I came again as soon as the coach's mouth sucked in my cockhead! It was spectacular!


Jack Sofelot


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