Hello everyone. I appreciate your time in reading my story recalling my first time delving into the world of bondage and edging.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lex. I'm 19 years old, Pacific Islander, 5'9 and 165 pounds. I have black hair, brown eyes, brown complexion and pretty smooth body.

It hasn't been long since I started exploring my sexuality. My eyes and world have been opened via the BBS (bulletin board system).. yes, this happened before the Internet, where a modem was the newest technology and text based bulletin board systems were the means to meet other gay people, for me anyways.

I was fairly trusting and innocent. When I think about it now, all I can say is 'What the fuck was I doing?'

So, I was chatted up by a guy on my favorite BBS. We talked for a bit and I mentioned my interest in getting tie up and played with. The guy I was talking with, let's call him Jim, had experience doing such a thing and was interested in helping me fulfill my fantasy. He was in his 40's, about 5'7 and 200 pounds. He had dark curly hair and wore glasses. We set up a date to meet where he would pick me up and we would play at his place. I lived in the Bay Area Peninsula and Jim lives in Walnut Creek.

The day came and we met late morning. Jim picked me up and we drove through the Castro. Jim knew that I was just coming out and wanted to show me the gay part of San Francisco. While waiting for a green light, we saw a Lexus and we both was curious to see if the ads were true about it being able to block out all sound. Jim motioned to the driver to ask and he said yes. Only after we continued driving to his place did it dawn on us that the guy driving the Lexus may have been Bobby McFerrin.

We finally got on the freeway and on his way to his house. I dozed off for a bit and Jim woke me up when we got to his place. His house was pretty nice and private. He invited me in and asked if I wanted something to drink. I wasn't really thirsty so I just said I was ok.

After some pleasantries, he proceeded to invite me to his bedroom. It was pretty big and at the center was a large four poster bed. The mattress was made and looked very plush, soft and inviting.

By now, I was feeling very nervous and excited at the same time. My hormones were taking over and the most important thing in my mind was to satisfy my urges.

Jim slowly came up behind me and started to rub my shoulders, trying to make me more comfortable and relax me. It worked and I was starting to feel good and horny.. Jim reached around me and started to feel my chest through my shirt.. he started nuzzling behind my ear and my neck..

He proceeded to slowly unbutton my shirt and slip it off my back.. he turned me around and started to remove my pants.. as he pushed my pants down, I could feel his hands gliding down my legs.. I stepped out of them and he stepped back to see me standing there almost naked, just in my underwear and socks.

Jim asked me to lie on my back on the bed and he would proceed to tie me up.

I lay myself down on the bed, just noticing how soft it felt cradling my body. I shifted myself so that I was at the center and positioned my arms and legs in a spread-eagle position, taking my cue from what I have seen on television. I was nervous and excited.

Things didn't actually seem real until I felt Jim start looping the rope around my wrist and pulling them tight as the tied that other end of the rope to the closest bed post. He proceeded to secure my other wrist, then my ankles after removing my underwear. When Jim was done, I was stretched out, boner hard and pointing straight up to the ceiling. As a final preparation, he put a blindfold on me so I could only focus on what my body was feeling.

Here I was.. stretched out.. spread-eagle.. naked and blindfolded.. my heart beat was racing through nervousness and excitement, waiting to see what Jim would do to me.

I felt Jim get on the bed and move closer to me.. I'm trying to guess what he is going to do.

Suddenly, I felt something cold drop on my chest.. after feeling a few more drops, I feel the same sensation on my stomach.. some kind of liquid.. lotion.

I then feel Jim's hands on me.. spreading the lotion over my body.. caressing lightly.. giving me a nice massage.. his hands gliding over my smooth chest and stomach was erotic. I jumped when he stimulated a ticklish area, but tried not to make a sound.. didn't want Jim to start tickling me.

I felt more drops go on my legs and the slow strokes and massage continued.. I wanted Jim to stroke my cock so much, but he was intentionally leaving it along. I was hard and my cock wanted attention, but was denied.

I was getting really relaxed and enjoying the attention. Caught by surprise, I felt drops on my cock.. it was cold but my cock throbbed in anticipation since I knew that it would finally get attention.

Jim wrapped his hand around my dick and slowly stroked, spreading the lotion, helping it glide more smoothly up and down.. It felt great.. I was in such a heightened state of arousal that I was getting close quickly. My breathing started to quicken. Jim noticed this and started to slow down.

After getting stroked for a time, I felt a new sensation.. my cock felt like it entered something warm.. humid.. moist.. Jim was sucking me.. and it felt awesome.. he was also licking the underside of the head like a lollipop.. that part of my cock is super sensitive and I felt myself getting close again.. he put my dick back in his mouth but slowed down the sucking.. I felt him completely swallow my cock.. it felt so good, like it was home.. even without the sucking motion, I felt my cock swell and throb.. I could feel myself getting close even with this minimal stimulation. Through my increased breathing, Jim released my cock from his mouth. It was both good and bad.. I wanted to cum, but I also wanted it to last a bit longer.

The next sensation I felt was a bit uncomfortable. I felt something rubbing against my piss slit.. slightly penetrating.. I tried to endure it for the experience before asking Jim what he was doing. Jim told me that he was using a QTip, trying to fuck my piss slit with it. I expressed that I did not find it pleasurable and my losing arousal emphasized the statement, so Jim stopped.

Jim started to stroke me again, slowly.. I felt him lie down beside me, continuing to stroke my cock. Then, I felt a sensation on my right nipple.. it felt soft and smooth... I realized he was licking my nipple.. never had that done before and it was an interesting feeling.. this was getting me really close.

It's been about an hour now since we started.. I really wanted to cum and I think Jim wanted me to cum as well.. I felt him increase the speed he was using to stroke my cock, lingering on the head.. I was going crazy since it felt so good.

Then, I felt him start to suck me again.. alternating between rubbing the head of my cock and swallowing it deep. My breathing increased.. I was sweating a lot.. I was getting so close.. Jim kept sucking and stroking..

I felt the little tingling on my right leg which signaled that I was about to shoot.. gasps were escaping from my lips.. I gave Jim a warning.. Jim did not slow down.. instead, he swallow my cock deep and just kept my cock close to the back of his throat.. this was all the stimulation I needed to bring me over.. with a loud grunt, I came in Jim's mouth. I could feel the pressure of my cum going through my cock and escaping out. Jim kept sucking, draining me.. swallowing every drop of my cum.. I was shaking.. my cock was getting really sensitive, but Jim continued to suck..

When Jim was convinced that he got all my cum, he stopped sucking but kept me inside his mouth. I felt light licks which made me spasm involuntarily.

I was spent.. tired, but very satisfied.

Jim removed the blindfold and my eyes had to adjust to the light. I saw my body glistening with sweat. Jim left me tied up, but pulled the covers over me so that I wouldn't get cold as he positioned himself to lie beside me. We cuddled in that position, with him roaming his hands over my body under the sheets.

We probably cuddled for another half hour before Jim finally released me from my bindings. I stretched my arms and legs.. Jim gave me a brief back and shoulder rub before I got dressed and prepared to drive me back home..



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