My First Black Dick

I was nineteen and had a girlfriend, but I’d discovered cruising adult bookstores and their video arcades. Up until the night in question I’d only used the booths to either jacked off or let some guy blow me through the glory hole. But I was intensely curious about going further. 

I was ‘cruising’ a bookstore and its arcade in Kennedale, Texas a suburb of Fort Worth where I lived at the time.  As I was leaving this really good looking black guy saw me.  He was around six-foot three-inches, well-proportioned with strong shoulders and arms, smooth mocha chocolate, brown eyes, dark curly hair and a wide, firm mouth.

He followed me outside and started a conversation with me. His name was Trayvon and it was obvious that he was trying to pick me up. 

I decided to let him. 

I followed him down the street to one of the ‘by-the-hour’ motels there. 

Once in the motel room to my surprise he wanted to undress me. I just watched as he unbuttoned and jerkily unzip my wranglers. He pulled my cock out and started fondling me, slowly jacking me off.  Then Trayvon lifted my t-shirt up over my head and off.  He pulled my wranglers off my hips and all the way down to my ankles. I could tell he wanted me to lift a leg so he could pull them off. I couldn't believe it as I let him take them off me one leg at a time, letting my loafers fall off as he did. 

I was completely naked in front of him. The realization made me shiver for a moment and I felt dizzy.

As I stood there gaping, Trayvon started to slowly unbutton his shirt, one button at a time each. Then pulling it over his shoulders, exposing his muscular chest and his six-pack abs, he let it slide on down his arms to the floor. 

I was so awed and scared I was trembling with anticipation. My whole body was shaking.

When he reached for his waist, I said, "Here, let me do that for you," as I dropped to my knees in front of him. With my face inches from his crotch, I unbuckled his belt, opened the snap of his slacks and slid down his zipper. Then I pulled his slacks down and helped him step out of them. 

Moving with feline like grace, Trayvon moved across and sat down on the edge of the bed. With his legs slightly spread, his right knee bent and his left leg out straight, he leaned back against the headboard.

Climbing on at the foot, I crawled between his legs where I was confronted with a bulge tightly encased in pair tight white jockeys. 

Learning down I nuzzled his crotch and then playfully bit his through the cotton cloth of his jockeys. “Ummmmmmm yesssss," Trayvon moaned as I nuzzled his crotch with my face and started pulling his jockeys off with my teeth.  

He rolled one way and then the other as I nibbled his butt and pulled them down off his hip. With my teeth clamped on the waist band, he raised his hips and I pulled his jockeys on down to his thighs.

I was then face-to-face with a very large and very hard cock. It is a pretty sight. Trayvon looked so young and strong, lying there with that big black thing pointing at the ceiling.

It was standing straight up, giving me a view that made me dizzy…his large low-hanging balls, leading to his glistening shaft, veins bulging in every direction. His dark plum-shaped head with a droplet of pre-cum beading up in his pee-slit and flat, rippled abs above that.

He was bigger than me and really hard.

As Trayvon wiggled his jockeys on down his legs and shook them off his ankles, I licked my lips as I stared at Trayvon’s big black cock. I wasn't exactly sure what I was supposed to do with it, but I did know that it would involve my mouth and tongue. I swallowed hoping to find some moisture in my dry mouth. "It's so…so…big…and black," I whispered, reaching out to touch the swollen head.

I'd wanted to suck a cock for a while so I moaned, ‘Ohh, Ooohhhh, yesssss,” and just dove in. 

“Ummmmm,” I moan as I nurse the tip… hungrily probing and prying at the pee-slit with the tip of my tongue. I licked and kissed the head and run my tongue in circles around the rim exploring. Then Trayvon moaned and grunted, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes,” and arched his back up as I slowly engulfed his cock into my virgin mouth. My mouth moved up and down little by little so I could enjoy and savor every linch of it. I went all the way down to taking the whole thing deep in my throat. The room was filled with slurping sounds as I picked up the pace, my head bobbing up and down faster and faster.

I couldn’t believe it. I was sucking a cock…a black cock. God help me, I was enjoying the feel of his hardness in my mouth. 

Here I was, happily gobbling Trayvon’s rock hard cock. I was moaning, “uuuuuuuummmm,” softly and making wet slurping sounds as I pumped my mouth up and down on his thick shaft. My hands danced sensuously up his legs until my hands cradled his big black balls. I wasn't just suck cock…I was making a serious production of it.  I was making these sexy little murmurs…ugh, ugh, ugh…as I sucked. 

As I stared up at his face, I chewed the head of his cock with my lips. “Goddamn,” Trayvon muttered, “I’ve only seen blowjobs like this in really good porno.”

Then a couple of minutes later he was screeching, "Ooohhhh my godd, I'm cumming! I'm fuckin’ cumming in your mouth! Ooohhhh, Ooohhhh, Ooohhhh yesssss…hell yes.”    

Encircling the head with my lips, i took him into my mouth all the way down to his balls causing Trayvon to let out another, “Ahhhhhhhhh,” and grabbed the back of my head and started pumping his hips...fucking my mouth while he was gently moaning and almost whispering, “Oh yeah suck me man.”

He grunted, “ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes,” as he arched his hips, held my head and buried his cock to his balls in my mouth and held it there for a couple of seconds.

Backing off slightly, Trayvon rammed his hard black cock back into my mouth. This steady rhythm went on for about three or four minutes. Then his moans got louder his pumping more erratic and the head of his cock swelled signalling me he was about to blow his load when he screamed, "Oh shit, here it is. I'm cumming," but it sounded more like bragging than a warning. 

Quivering and holding my head, Trayvon pushed his cock in my mouth as a thick warm blast of cum hit my tongue. Still holding my head, he arched his hips and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth and held still as I felt him finish unloading his balls in my mouth. 

It was amazing...I could feel the swell and flex of six hard squirts and then a warm flow that I was able to hold in my mouth.

I'm here to tell you... you’ve never had a sexual experience like the one when you let another man shoot a load of cum in your mouth and you feel each burst of cum hitting the back of your throat.

Trayvon was moaning and going, "Oh God, I'm gonna...Oh…god…yes…yes…yes…oh YESSSSSSSSSS," the whole time. And then he quieted down and let go of my head. As he pulled his big cock out of my mouth as I savored the mouthful of cum he’d pumped into me. 

"Ohhhhhh, ungh, uuugh," I grunted as I let the cum slide slowly down my throat. Trayvon sighed as i licked a thick pearl drop of cum off the head of his dick.

Out of nowhere, Trayvon pulled me up to kiss me…a bold, no restraint kiss that came at a pause in the action.

It wasn't unpleasant, just surprising…but I really didn't care for it. He was forceful and I felt his tongue licking my lips and pressing inside my open mouth. Despite my reluctance, our tongues darted together and slipped over one another. When we broke I was out of breath and breathing heavily. 

Then Trayvon went down on me, which I did like. He took me in his mouth and sucked hungrily. I could feel his wet lips pressed around my seven-inch shaft. His mouth was so hot and wet that it felt like a pussy. He started moving his head up and down. It felt so fantastic and seemed like such an unbelievable piece of good luck that I couldn’t move. Trayvon slid farther down my shaft with each swallow. I felt my cock crashing into the back of his throat and he seemed to be thrilled by it as much as me. 

He kept banging me harder and harder with his mouth. The thrill was too much for me to handle and almost from the start, I felt an extraordinarily delicious tension in my balls. I just couldn’t believe how good it felt. I’d never experienced such perfection in a blowjob. This guy had talent. 

Taking his mouth off my dick Trayvon moved around and straddled me in a 69 position. Drawing my legs back and tucked them under his arms to give him easier access to my cock and balls, Trayvon quickly positioned his head between my thighs and lowered face down to my crotch and started licking. When he licked the length of my shaft, I clamped my thighs against his head. 

When Trayvon’s tongue found that space between my ball sac and my ass hole, my entire body shuddered with arousal. It was so beyond my wildest fantasy that I could hardly believe that it was happening at first. I was stunned by how good it felt. Trance like, I reached down and caressed Trayvon’s face as I eagerly rubbed my balls against his lips. 

He was so hot and passionate that Trayvon obviously liked what we were doing as much as I did. While his mouth was working its magic on me I returned the favor. It could feel his big black cock throbbing in my mouth with each stroke oh his hips. With my tongue I could feel bulging veins and on my forehead I could feel his swollen balls aching to release a load of hot sticky cum in my mouth.

Soon we were both writhing in orgasmic pleasure. Trayvon’s legs jerked whenever his cockhead hit the back of my throat. His moans increased until they were louder than my own. 

With Trayvon’s body laying weakly on top of mine we slowly caught our breath. 

Eventually we were able to get weakly to our feet and re-dress. After exchanging e-mail address and promises to get together at a later date we left and went our separate ways.

The end…



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