My First

As my husband, Calvin and I pulled up to the front of the building i was as nervous as you could get. Having heard about some of the things that go on in glory holes I was nervous about who and what i might find.

I was the only woman in there and I felt like every eye in the place was on me.

After walking around and looking at all the myrid of dildos and books, movies and things,

Calvin and I decide to go in the viewing booth area in the back so we paid our money and bought tokens.

Behind the beaded curtain was two hallways, each of which was lined with booths. There were ten booths in each row, totaling forty booths in all. It was very dark back there but as our eyes adjusted that soon faded into a dim light. We could see that above each booth was a little green light that indicated whether or not the booth was occupied. On the wall in front of them was a big glass display case that showed the box cover of the movie that were playing in that video booths at that time.

They started to wander the hallways, where a lot of guys were walking or just milling around, obviously looking for some action. Most of their eyes got very wide when they noticed a female was walking down the hall.

Through the open doors we could see that some had holes in the walls and some did not,

Calvin and I went from booth to booth to see which one had the best looking movie playing. He finally chose an empty booth right in the middle of one of the aisles and we went in one and locked the door behind us. The first thing I noticed was the smell. It was like a slap in the face, a mixture of stale cigarettes, sweat, cum, piss, disinfectant, latex, leather, lube and other unidentifiable aromas.

The booth was bigger than they expected, for you could easily fit three or four people in there. Right away they noticed the glory holes on either side of the booth, and they were waist high from the floor and 4-inches radius.

Now being a woman in this place was not really what the men walking around were expecting. When the door closed the hole was lit up, indicating the next booth was someone in the next booth.

I asnxiously got down on my knees in front of the hole. An act of bravery because I was wearing a mid-thigh length sun dress with no panties or bra. When my bare knees touched the floor it was slimmy with a combination of cum and piss. There was even some cum running down the wall.

At Calvin’s urging i stuck a finger in the hole. And there cames a cock through so fast it almost hit me on the side of the face. It was semi-hard, kind of thick and medium in length, a little over five-inches or so.

When I started playing with it, stroking it and pulling back the foireskin it started to grow.  Since Calvin didn’t care I just had to put the thing in my mouth and suck it. I stroked it a couple of more times and then leaned forward and guided it into my mouth. Calvin watched as the reddish/purple head disappeared between my lips and then as I wrapped them around the stranger’s shaft.

It didn’t take me long to get used to being in this place. Once I got started sucking I forgot where i was and just enjoyed my self,

I sucked this cock for at least ten-minutes before I felt his throbbing cock grow inside his hot mouth.  He started to shake and I knew his anonymous lover was getting ready to cum.

I couldn’t wait to have this lucious cock spewing down my throat so I picked up the pace, bobbing and sucking faster, deeper and harder. I felt the bump as my anonymous lover thrust his hip against the other side of the wall and then the first spasm hit. a gush of thick, steamy cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly but fast enough, the second shot of cum filled my mouth and oozed out from the corners.

With each spasm of the throbbing cock, I found myself enjoying the taste more and more.

Finally, the cock stopped its flow of cum and just twitched in my mouth every time I ran my tongue along the sensitive underside. Thrilled at having a cock in my mouth that wasn’t Calvin’s, I didn’t want to let go.

When I finally let go the stranger pulled back through the hole. I heard the rustel of fabric as he put himself away and the door to his booth open and close,

Calvin’s hand moved to the back of my head and tangled in my hair. Pulling my head back, he lowered his mouth down and kissed me deep, sucking on my lower lip and forcing moans of contentment from deep within me.

Overwhelmed, I sat there a few minutes watching the movie,

And then I heard the door to the next booth open and close again,

As I looked in the hole there was someone that had started playing with his cock. Stroking it slow and easy through his pants.

When I stuck my finger in the hole, I heard his zipper come down and here it came. A big black cock maybe ten-inchs long and thick. It was so big around that I could hardly get my mouth around it. I could only get the head in my mouth. But I must have done pretty good though because he did some moaning and bucking against the wall.

Sucking this cock was great.

It was my first black cock and first glory hole…wow…could it get any better?

As i was sucking Calvin unzipped the back of my sun dress and started taking it off, now naked and still sucking, I pulled off the huge cock and turn around. As I lined my pussy up with the hole, caivin reached between us, wrapped his fingers around his thick shaft and guided his huge black cock into my juicy pink pussy.

As he pressed the head into me I could feel my pussy being stretch further than it had ever been stretched before. I couldn't believe the feeling.  It was different, exciting. Once he had it all the way in I just moaned, “Uuuuugh,” and told him to fuck me over and over. Several minutes past. I looked over at Calvin and he just stared at us, as he stroked his cock.

He’d found my sweet spot and now I was being fucked by a black man for the very first time. And god was he is fucking me. Even with the wall between us he was thrusting deeper in me than anyone ever had before. He was pounding me so hard I had brace my hands against the far wall to keep my balance.

It hurt badly when he first started but now it felt too good to stop,

I felt splinters from the wall bite into my palms as he fucked me. He was driving his cock into my sweet pussy and I could feel my orgasm building.

Calvin’s fingers scrapped my nipples and I knew my moans were echoing out in the hallway.

The scrapping of his big black cock inside my pussy brought me closer to the volcanic explosion that was threatening to consume me. "Fuck me," he growled. "Fuck me like a whore."   

As I pushed back my nails dug into the wall. I screamed, "Oh, Ohmigod! Yessssss,” and cummed for him. I exploded all over his cock and showered his dick with my hot fluids. My muscles clenched around his shaft and I pushed back deeper onto his massive black tool. His body slammed against the wall and I felt myself shake with lust.   

"Ohh…fuck," I screeched as my hand moved between my legs, pulling the petals of my delicate-lips further open. My clit was so fat and erect that its tip poked up like a pencil eraser, rising far beyond the dark folds of my clit hood. As he fucked me I pulled the strip of slippery flesh.

Cascading falls of melted honey flowed down the velvet sides of my pussy. Every joint in my body stiffened. I couldn't breathe, think or speak. For a moment I couldn't see. I just was. I just existed in the black abyss that was void of all feeling and color.

Then as if someone flicked a switch, a blinding shot slammed into me and my eyes shot open. "Oh my god," I screamed as his shot of seed filled my pussy. "Oh fuch,” I groaned as the rapid waves of his hot cum slithered down my body, soaking my lover, dripped down his shaft, through the hole and enveloping his balls and slid over my creamy white thighs.

He kept impaling me. Another river of fire shot from his cock and collided with my sweet nectar. The juices of our sex mingled and while they did I cum over and over as I reached the penical of the mountain and fell back down. He lifted me up, carried me higher and I crashed again. Each climax was unique and when the final one was pulled out of me I cried.

My tears flowed down my face, my head pounded in pain. My lungs hurt. My throat was dry. My lips were sore from the constant biting. The joints in my ankles, knees, elbows ached. Even my fingers tingled.

As he tried to pull back through the hole, I grabbed him, "Wait,” I said, “Let me do that."  Then I got back down on my knees, leaned down and took his cock covered with my juice still dripping off him and him still shooting the last drop into her mouth.

Looking up, I realized Calvin was watching. Stroking between my legs, I raised my fingers towards his face. Smiling, he opened his mouth and sucked them in. tasting our combined cum my husband' sucked his fingers clean.

For my first trip to an adult bookstore and sucking my first…that’s good stuff, I’ll definitely be coming back…believe it,

The end..



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